10 Reasons Why Responsible Tourism Is Better For Everyone !

10 Reasons Why Responsible Tourism Is Better For Everyone ! 1

The tourism industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in today’s world. With the current growth rate, it is very necessary for the industry to promote Responsible Tourism. To preserve the beauty and the culture of destinations.

Let’s Understand What does Responsible Tourism Mean?

Responsible tourism basically means travelling to a place in a way that minimizes the impact on nature and preserves it more. Generates Employment and Economic benefit for Locals.

10 Reasons Why Responsible Tourism Is Better For Everyone ! 2

How Responsible Tourism Benefits Everyone?

  1. Responsible Tourism helps in preserving culture. When you visit a place with a culture different from yours you suddenly started getting more attracted to it. You visit different places to understand the culture. You talk to locals about the place and its history and also tries to fit in it too.  Therefore the culture of the place is required to maintain to attract more tourists and to preserve its importance.
  2. Preserving Environment is one of the major objectives of Responsible Tourism. People/Tourists are understanding climate change and the importance of reducing Carbon Footprint. They are taking steps either minor or major on their behalf to save the environment in which the industry is running. Walking instead of driving, minimising or eliminating the use of plastic, etc.
  3. Generating employment is another factor in Responsible Tourism. This factor goes with any kind of tourism because if a tourist is travelling to another destination, employment will be generated in one way or another. 
  4. It gives a feeling of proud while travelling. Furthermore when you travel with a thought of avoiding every possible thing that harms nature or environment in any way you enjoy more.
  5. Saving destinations from Overtourism.  There are many destinations in the world those are limiting tourists, eg. Barcelona, Amsterdam, Santorini etc. This is the only way to avoid over-tourism and to save destination from getting destroyed.
  6. Act responsibly by using resources with a sense of Sustainability. Careful use of Natural Resources is very necessary with respect to present and future times.
  7. Avoid luxury. Travelling is one’s time to experience luxury and comfort. Prefer staying in lodges or small guest houses, you are benefiting the local economy a lot.
  8. Travel less-Traveled Path. Responsible tourism founds the hidden gem at any destination. Interact with locals, inquire more about the unknown paths.
  9. Benefits to monuments, destinations, environment. By paying tickets at various monuments one took a big step towards responsible tourism.  Most Importantly it helps in the preservation of monuments.  Even Various organisations work for many tourist destinations those are in danger now or will be in soon.
  10. It is a Life-Changing Experience.
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