8 Best Places To Visit On Your Trip To Melbourne In 2020

8 Best Places To Visit On Your Trip To Melbourne In 2020 1

Melbourne is one of those cities known for its culture, dinings, laneway and amazing street art. From luxury living to the coffee capital of the world here, we bring the top 8 breathtaking places that you must visit on your next trip to the topmost livable city in the world!.

1.Great Ocean Road: A Tryst With Nature

8 Best Places To Visit On Your Trip To Melbourne In 2020 2

One of the most popular road day trips is to Melbourne’s Great Ocean Road. Approximately an hour’s drive away from Melbourne to get to the start of the scenic route. The Great ocean road as the name suggests offering some exquisite views to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It stretches about 243 km in the south of Australia. The clear blue water surrounded by limestone rocks calls for a swim. Considered to be the world’s largest war memorial Great Ocean is something that you must check out for.

Major Tourist Attraction:

One of the most famous and important sites is the Limestone Rock Form. Formed by weathering they are popularly called 12 apostles. To all the surf fans out there the Bells beach is considered as a hub of surfing. As for wildlife lovers, koalas can be spotted only in few parts of Australia and one of the best ways to find them is in the Kennett River at Great Ocean Road.

How to reach the Great Ocean Road?

A One-hour train journey followed by the bus is one of the ways to reach the Great Ocean Road. Apart from that, the best is to pick a car and its time for a long drive and enjoy some marvellous sea views alongside the road.

2.Yarra Valley: Wine Tour

8 Best Places To Visit On Your Trip To Melbourne In 2020 3

Yara Valley is a home for dairy, fruits and vegetable farms that have more than 100 wineries. With a perfect combination of wildlife, good food, wine and ranges Yarra valley is sure a good way to spend a day. Wines like cider and sparkling sharaz are something to look out for.

Major Tourist Attraction:

The punt road, Balgownie estate’s sparkling sharaz, Yering farm, Domaine Chandon are some of the most famous wineries that need to be checkout. If you are a wildlife and wine fan this place is surely your getaway.

How to reach Yarra Valley?

The best way is to go around with a car as it takes usually an hour to reach from the city and with that one can enjoy beautiful views alongside. But buses and trains are always there at your service.

3.Mornington Peninsula: Hot Spring Fun

8 Best Places To Visit On Your Trip To Melbourne In 2020 4

Along the coast of the south of Melbourne, another place for beach lovers is the Mornington peninsula. Famous for beautiful and colourful buildings Mornington is worth to spend the whole day.

Other than beautiful buildings and beaches something to look in the Mornington Peninsula is the Spa with hot tubs and pools. The hot springs definitely are worth going.

Major Tourist Attraction:

Mills beach is the most popular beach in victoria during summertime. Blairgowrie jumping rock is considered Melbourne’s most incredible jumping rock pool. Cape Schanck is a must to go place which offers some really amazing view of the sea.

How to reach Mornington Peninsula?

Metropolitan trains followed by a bus ride and taxi is the sure short way to reach Mornington Peninsula. But for a better and good experience try to go by a personal vehicle.

4.Ballarat: A Look At Melbourne’s History

8 Best Places To Visit On Your Trip To Melbourne In 2020 5

Located around 100 km to the northwest of Melbourne Ballarat is said to be the third-largest city of Victoria. Ballarat happens to be one of the finest places to take a day trip on weekends.

Ballarat the city that is linked with the history of Melbourne and can be a fun place for history and culture enthusiasts. Considered as the “Golden City” in the 1850s visiting Ballarat is something which can actually make up your day.

Major Tourist Attraction:

Sovereign hill is an amazing town that has been recreated to imitate what Ballarat looked like during the gold rush of the 1850s. It is basically an entire gold rush city and its really cool because you can in or act in the whole city and experience the gold rush period.

Gold pour and visiting red hill mine are must-visit places in sovereign hill if you are visiting with your kids. Another amazing place to a lookout in Ballarat is the Gold museum if you are a history buff this will definitely a place for you.

How to reach Ballarat?

If you live outside the city then you can go to Southern Cross station and catch a train to Ballarat that takes around 1 hr and 45 mins only. Other than that it is only a 1 hr 20 min drive from Melbourne City.

5.Grampians National Park: Engaging With Wildlife 

8 Best Places To Visit On Your Trip To Melbourne In 2020 6

Created over 2000 acres wilderness bush Grampians acts as a perfect place for an outing in the daytime. With various lookout points and waterfalls, Grampians is one the best place for hiking. Also, kangaroos are something which is found in this area so if you are lucky you might see one!

Major Tourist Attraction:

The Boroka Lookout which offers a beautiful view of the distant lake in a valley. Other than Boroka Lookout something which you shouldn’t miss while you are in the Grampians is Mackenzie Falls. Mackenzie falls is an absolutely beautiful place that has a large waterfall with a trail that goes along the river from which Mackenzie Falls came from.

How to reach Grampians National Park?

It is a 2 and half hour bus or car ride along Western Freeway. Also, train service is definitely available in this region if you want to avoid the bus or train.

6.Phillip Island: Fairy Penguin Magic

8 Best Places To Visit On Your Trip To Melbourne In 2020 7

A small island off the southern coast specifically famous for its fairy penguins is Philip Island that is the place where nature can be seen and felt in its best form. From koalas to penguins to seals and highland cattle it is one of the most extravagant sites for a day trip.

In Phillip island, you can wander the extensive trails and wetlands of koalas who can be seen munching Eucalyptus leaves. In Phillip Island, you can experience Australia’s largest fur seal colony. The greenery in Phillip Island is very distinct from mainland Victoria.

Major Tourist Attraction:

Penguin Parade is the must-watch and highly recommended show. Thousands of fairy penguins emerge out of the sea almost at the time of sunset and climb to the land to find their shelter specifically their nest. Other then fairy penguin parade fur seal colony is the very important and enthralling site for visitors where they can see the fur seal colony through riding a motorboat.

How to reach Phillip Island?

Phillip Island is about 74 miles away from Melbourne and a train to Dandenong Station can be taken which takes about 45 mins to reach Phillip Island. And Phillip island bridge takes approximately 1 hrs 45 mins to reach the main island whose distance can be covered using a bus.

7.Wilson’s Prom: Dating Nature

8 Best Places To Visit On Your Trip To Melbourne In 2020 8On the southeast peninsula of Melbourne Wilsons’s Promontory national park is located precisely called Wilson’s Prom by the locals. Famous for its beautiful wildlife, beaches, and mountains Wilson’s prom is something which you should definitely visit if you are in Melbourne. It is considered as the state’s best park and is a hub for hiking and camping enthusiasts.

Major Tourist Attraction:

Mount Oberon is something you must visit if you happen to be at Wilson’s prom as it provides lovely scenic views of the ocean and park. Another place to check is the Tidal river that raises and lowers with the tide.

Apart from that Squeaky beach where you will be able to find wombats if you are lucky enough. Except that squeaky beach is made up of very very fine white sand that squeaks between your toes and acts as an essential point for relaxing and indulging into nature.

How to reach Wilson’s Prom?

Various trains are employed at various stations of Melbourne to help tourists reach Wilson’s prom the time taken usually depends on the number of stations between you and your destination. If you are going by car then it is an approximately 3hrs ride.

8.Mount Buller: Skii Love

8 Best Places To Visit On Your Trip To Melbourne In 2020 9

For all the Ski and snow lovers out there Mount Buller is a destination that has to be on your list! Spread over 300 acres Mount Buller is something that has perfect snow, parks, and ski. 

Mount Buller is considered to have the largest lift network in the whole of victoria consisting of 22 lifts. Having 4 T-bars,  two ropeways and four magic carpets mount Buller definitely something that deserves your attention Afterall it’s skiing in Australia.

Major Tourist Attraction:

The thing you must look for are slopes obviously no ski trip is complete with slopes. A terrain park, rail park, and half pipe act as some gook ski points.

If going with kids tobogganing is definitely something you must look for. Apart from that snow sledge dog tour is something you should try where you sit on sledge ad dogs act as your tour guide.

How to reach Mount Buller?

Mount Buller is somewhat 230 km away from the heart of Melbourne. The bus service is there to reach the mountain apart from that you can go in your own car too.

We hope you got what you were looking for and all the best for your Melbourne Trip! If you think we missed something or if you would like to share your own experience, do share it with us in the comments.

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