Travel credit cards are those cards that offer lucrative offers and deals related to travel.

It is the best option to save the penny while you are travelling. From air ticket booking to the accumulation of reward points everything comes with benefits when done through travel credit cards.

In simple terms, TCC gives you points or miles as a reward to its user which he can encash for payments of his air-ticket bookings and Hotel stay.

Are Travel Credit Cards A Good Idea?

A good travel credit card helps you earn free trips, comes to your help in travel-related exigencies and doesn’t charge you extra fees for using it overseas. If you know what to look for, you can more easily find the travel credit card that best suits your lifestyle.

Best Five Travel Credit Cards If You Are Travelling Across India:

We have handpicked the top five travel credit cards for you when you are travelling in India:

1.American Express Platinum Travel

2.HDFC Diners Club Black

3.Yes Preferred Credit Card

4.SBI Air India Signature

5.SBI Elite Credit Card

1.American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card

The no. one spot has been captured by American Express Platinum Travel and so why Amex Platinum Travel credit card is the best travel credit card in India as the credit card offers complimentary lounge access and travel gift vouchers.


You can enjoy 4 complimentary lounges visit per year. You would also get additional travel vouchers worth Rs. 17, 000 and Taj Hotels gift card worth Rs. 10,000, if you spend more than Rs. 4 Lakhs in a year.

2. HDFC Diners Club Black Travel Credit Card

The second spot has been reserved by Diners Club Black from HDFC.


Diners Club Black is a super premium credit card that offers unlimited airport lounge access. You can visit 700+ lounges in India and worldwide without the need for a separate priority pass.

You will also get 5 reward points worth Rs. 5 on spending Rs. 150. A direct saving of 3.3% on your every day spends.

3. YES Preferred Travel Credit Card

The third option we have for you is the Preferred Credit Card from YES Bank.


Yes Preferred card offers complimentary 12 domestic and 4 international lounge access every year.

You can also earn up to 36000 bonus points in the very first year. 15000 points as a welcome gift, 20,000 milestone points on spending Rs. 7.5 Lakhs, 1000 points on every YES PayNow registration.

These reward points can be redeemed for flight and hotel bookings.

4. SBI Air India Signature Travel Credit Card

The fourth is the Air India signature from State Bank of India.


SBI Air India Signature card is best if you travel frequently on Air India Flights.

You can earn up to 30 reward points per Rs. 100 spent on AirIndia tickets with Air India SBI Signature Card (30 points for self and 10 points when booked for others).

You would also get 8 complimentary domestic airport lounge visits per year. For the International airport lounge, you have to pay $27 per visit using Priority Pass Program.

5. SBI Elite Travel Credit Card

The last but not least is Elite Credit Card which is again from the State Bank of India.


SBI Elite credit card is a premium credit card that offers 8 domestic and 6 international lounge access every year. You would also get 10 points per Rs. 100 spent on dining, departmental stores, grocery & international spends.

These travel credit cards are the wise option to choose from which will be your friend in need and also yields some lucrative benefits out of your travelling.

Are you using one of these cards? or have a better option? Do share with us in the comments.

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