Ali Bedni Bugyal is a beautiful alpine meadow situated at 12,500 ft (3,500 meters) within the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. The gigantic twin meadows- Ali and Bedni Bugyal lay on the border of Kumaon and Garhwal. The place is known to be ‘Asia’s largest grass field in the Himalayas’, thus adorning it was a famous tourist spot. The Ali Bedni trek should be a must-do on every Indian trekker’s bucket list.

What Does Ali Bedni Bugyal Trek Offer?

Ali Bedni Bugyal Trek

The step into the green stretch of Ali Bedni is after an unmatched journey through the dense forest covers. Once you get past the canopy of trees the green acres stretching before your eyes are Ali Bedni Bugyal, mesmerizing beyond any nature photos that you saved as your wallpaper.

On the background of the frame of Ali Bedni is the most unbeatable image of Mt Trishul. And this trek gives you views of this mountain like no other. There is no doubt as to why it is a trekkers and photographers heaven after you get a glimpse of the most captivating grasslands of India.

As you walk on the green earth of Ali Bedni the resisting urge to take off your shoes will be a burning desire and at last, a one you will comply with. The smell of the earth and the lush grass fill your senses and plunge you to move forward.

Besides this, the trekkers explore the alluring valleys and the gratifying view of ‘Trishul and Nanda Ghunti’ that stand tall and high. This streak is to die for -to capture a picture of the peaks of the valley are covered with snow that gives a fairytale-like scenery!

Things You Need To Know About Ali Bedni Bugyal:

Ali Bedni Bugyal trek is full of amusing experiences for children as well as adults, it gives each one a refreshing moment of happiness and serenity! The trek is considerably easy and relaxing, those who wish to view mountains and trek as well are most welcome. The soul rejuvenating trek to Ali Bedni is enchanting with diverse scenic beauty.

The Ali Bedni trek is graded easy by our experts and invites all freshers to join too.

Children under the age of 9 years are not allowed under any circumstances.

Ali Bedni Bugyal Base Camp – Kathgodam to Kathgodam

Trek Duration- 6 days

Trek Difficulty– Easy to Moderate

Best Time To Visit Ali Bedni Bugyal- Any time of the year especially summer and post-monsoon season

Maximum Altitude– 12,550 Ft.

Requirements For Ali Bedni Bugyal Trek:

Ali Bedni Camping

  • Id proofs
  •  Warm socks (3 Pair)
  •  Trekking shoes is a must!
  •  Back-pack 40-60 ltr.
  •  Snow sunglasses
  • Synthetic hand gloves
  • Woollen cap 
  •  Water bottle
  •  Hiking poles
  •  Trekking pants/trousers/t-shirts/ warm clothes
  •  Headlamp 
  •  Plate, spoon, tissue paper
  • Plastic covers
  •  Camera (optional)
  •  Personal medication (if any)
  •  Poncho/Raincoat and rain cover for backpack 
  •  Cold cream

 Ali Bedni Bugyal Best Trek Itinerary 2020:

Day 1: Departure

Ali Bedni Base Camp

Kathgodam to Lohajung – The Ali Bedni Bugyal trip starts from Kathgodam and ends at Lohajung the first day. We travel toLohajung via Mahindra bolero or tata sumo cabs on a sharing basis (6-7 members per cab).

The arrangement of transportation will be done at the station, however, charges for the facility will apply. Once you reach Lohajung, you find yourself face to face with the beautiful Nanda Ghunti peak.

As we reach before sunset, the colours of the setting sun lighten your day-end. Lohajung, as the locals say, is the place where Goddess Parvati had a war (Jung) with the demon, Lohasur. Hence, the name translates to ‘War with Lohasur.’

  • Departure time: 6:30 am
  • Travel time: 7-8 hours
  • Distance- 250 km

Day 2: Lohajung to Didina

 We start our actual trekking from Lohajung, our main base camp for Ali Bedni Bugyal trek. While we move towards Didina in the trail through the forest we will come across Raun Bagad, this place is known for having an iron bridge over the river Ganga. From Raun Bagad it will take around 3 hours of a zig-zag climb to reach the final destination of the day, Didina.

  • Lohajung to Didina
  • Altitude: 8100 ft
  • Distance: 8.5 km
  • Travel Time 5 hours

Day 3: Didina to Abin Kharak

Ali Bedni Bugyal

Didina is an ideal campsite with refreshing cool streams. Behind you, high above is your highlight for the next part of the trek – the meadows of Ali Bedni Bugyal. On this third day, we trek from Didina to Abin Kharak, covering a distance of 10 km. 

Abin Kharak is situated near Aali Bugyal and is covered with oak forests. The trek may seem effortless for a few meters, but further, it gets steep and exciting!

  • Didina to Abin Kharak
  • Altitude 12,200 ft
  • Distance by trek – 10 km
  • Travel Time 6-7 hours

Day 4: Abin Kharak to Gairolipatal via Ali Bugyal

On the fourth day, we will visit Ali Bugyal on the way to Gairo Lipatal. After the leisurely walk the undulating meadows of Ali Bugyal opens up before you.

The distance from Abin Kharak to Gairolipatal is about 5 km, less as compared to other days of the trek.

  • Abin Kharak to Gairolipatal
  • Altitude 10900 ft
  • Distance by trek – 5 km
  • Travel Time 3 hours

Day 5: Gairolipatal to Ghora Lotani via Bedni Bugyal

Ali Bedni Bugyal

Once you have seen the beauty of Ali Bugyal, you won’t be able to resist the serenity of Bedni Bugyal. A heavenly strip of green overlooking the western valley unfolds before you.

On the fifth day, we climb back and forth to Gairolipatal from Ghora Lotani. However, we will pass through the exquisiteness of Bedni Bugyal.

The reflection of the majestic Trishul peak in the clear waters of Bedni Kund. Bedni Kund holds religious values among the local people. The Bedni Bugyal weather can be fluctuating with wild sunshine and anxious clouds so do not forget to keep your rain cover close.

  • Gairolipatal to Ghora Lotani
  • Altitude: 13,000 ft
  • Distance: 10 km
  • Travel Time: 6-7 hours

Day 6: Gairolipatal to Lohajung via Wan Village

Ali Bedni Bugyal

On day 6 we head back to our base camp set up in Lohajung. From Ghairoli, it is a steep ridge descent to the Neel Ganga. The water is cool and refreshing and an ideal spot to clean off the dirt.

From the river, after a short climb we reach Wan Village. Passing through the wan village, we take the route to Kasar Bagad following a steep descent. Then we drive for some time and reach Lohajung.

Car services can be provided, however, they will be chargeable.

  • Gairolipatal to Lohajung
  • Travel Time – 4-5 hours
  • Distance- 9 km (trek) and 15 km (car)

Day 7: Lohajung to Kathgodam

The end day for this trekking in India tour includes driving back from Lohajung to Kathgodam, cab service will be provided (additional charges).

  • Lohajung to Kathgodam
  • Travel Time – 7 hours
  • Distance- 250 km

And so the mind-blowing Ali Bedni Bugyal trek comes to an end.

Trip Inclusions:

  • CampingTents
  • Kitchen tents
  • Toilet Tent
  • Sleeping bags
  • Carry mats and Tourist huts
  • High calories meals all day (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
  • Experienced and local area staff
  • Guide
  • Cook
  • Helper and Trek Leaders
  • Tented Accommodation
  • Basic first-aid
  • Forest permission charge
  • Technical equipment like crampon, rope, ice axe, oxygen cylinder, etc

 Trip Exclusions:

  • Porter for carrying extra luggage
  • Food during transportation
  • Transportation from Kathgodam to Lohajung and visa- versa (chargeable)
  • Accommodation in Kathgodam

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