Many places in Andhra Pradesh are underrated and less explored. We came here with a new post introducing them to you. Mostly known as “Food Bowl of India” (The more production of rice), Andhra Pradesh is the prominent state of South India in many terms. These places can definitely provide the best experience and race to heart.

Tirupati is the place which draws more people to Andhra Pradesh. Andhra Pradesh Tourism is a perfect blend of Adventure, Beautiful beaches, Mighty hills and Temples with rich cultural and historical heritage. Here are the top 10 places of Andhra Pradesh under different categories:

1. Araku Valley – Hill station with enthusiastic waterfalls and coffee plantations

Splendid deep valleys and pristine scenes are definitely a feast for nature admirers and photography enthusiasts, isn’t it? One such place in Andhra Pradesh is Araku Valley. It is one of the lushest hill resorts in India. And is best known for its coffee plantations and its serene aroma.

Araku Valley which is popularly called as “Ooty of Andhra,” lies 120 km from the Vishakapatnam, widely termed as Vizag.

The must-visit place of Araku Valley is Borra Caves –These one million old caves are the major attraction along with the Araku Valley. They hid an interesting story of their discovery.

2. Tirupati – The most popular pilgrimage centre

If your next tour is to be a spiritual and also a bit of nature, then Tirupati is to be your next tourist destination. Tirumala–where the most famous and pristine Balaji temple is located, is an epitome of gorgeousness. Rich Heritage, Green and dense forest, Number of Temples with a rich history are the highlights of Tirumala. Tirumala resides in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh.

Tirupati is the town which is at the foot of the Tirumala hills, is for accommodation. This smart city is not only spiritual but also developed. It possess divine temples like Govinda Raja Swamy Temple, Kapila Teertham waterfalls, Tiruchanur etc.

3. Lambasingi – Compact village with majestic hills

Snowfall in South India is a dream. The chances of Snowfall in South India is almost zero. There is only place in South India, where you can experience snowfall (If you’re lucky enough) is–Lambasingi. It is located in the Chintaplli mandal of Vizag, Andhra Pradesh.

Lambasingi, also called as Kashmir of Andhra Pradesh provides a beautiful setup for photographers. Be it trekking, Mountain Biking, Hiking, Camping, Lambasingi is the perfect choice for it in AP.

Other enchantments for this place would be Kothapalli Waterfalls, Susan garden, Thajangi reservoir.

4. Lepakshi – Reflection of artefacts

Lepakshi would be the ideal representation for the best architecture of the prehistoric times in AP. It has resided in the border for Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, Anantapur district.

The Shivling, The Nandi, Kalyan Mandap, Sita’s footprint are the special attractions of this place.

This land of the sculpture also has must-visit temples like Basavanna Temple, Veerabhadra Temple etc. It is the land of ancient tales connecting the epic Ramayana.

Veerabhadra temple in Lepakshi is famous for an engineering wonder–the Hanging pillar. The base of the pillar doesn’t touch the ground where we can pass thin sheet-like objects.

5. Ahobilam – Temple in the flourishing Nallamala Forests

Ahobilam is the adventurous pilgrimage of Andhra Pradesh. It is also bridged with and rich history related to Sri Vishnu. It is the middle portion of the picturesque Eastern Ghats.

Ahobilam has dwelled in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh. Aho-Bilam translates to Wonderful caves in which deities reside inside.

Ahobilam is a wonderful choice for trekking. It is a must-try for all adventurers. The notable mention after the trekking definitely would be its waterfall. The mighty hills of Ahobilam is a true eye feast.

6. Vizag – The heart of Andhra Pradesh

Visiting Vizag, also known as Visakhapatnam, is the best option which has all kinds of touristic spots: religious places, serene landscapes, forests, wildlife, beaches.

Visakhapatnam is the largest city of Andhra Pradesh, is one of the oldest port cities in India. Over 6 notable beaches in Vizag of which Yarada Beach could be the best scenic and remote one. It is enclosed by the Bay of Bengal on one side and hills on the other three sides.

Simhachalam temple is the significant holy place of this region. The temple is perched on the hilltop which owns the deities of Lord Narasimha Swamy–an avatar of Lord Vishnu.

7. Srisailam – Dedicated to Lord Shiva

Set on the banks of river Krishna, Srisailam is located in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh, is packed with lush green environment. It has many prehistoric temples also including a Jyotirlinga.

Srisailam hills lie in the proximity of Nallamala forest. The dense and mesmerizingly thick Nallamala forest is a land of great flora and fauna. The ropeway ride in Patala Ganga is the must-try experience in Srisailam

Srisailam is the home of mighty Bhramaramba Mallikarjunaswamy Temple, which is devoted to Mallikarjuna Swamy which traces back to ancient times.

8. Mantralayam – Holy town on river Tungabhadra

Mantralayam is one of the pilgrimage places in Andhra Pradesh. Manchale, preferably called Mantralayam, is located in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh. Mantralayam is on the banks of the river Tungabhadra and is known for the Vaishnava saint Sri Guru Raghavendra Swami.

The other worth visiting sites near Mantralayam is Lakshmi Venkateswara Temple and Hanuman Temple.

The evenings of holy elephants carrying deities around the temple during festivals and the holy river Tungabhadra is pretty beautiful.

9. Pulicat lake – SHAR, Sanctuary etc…

Pulicat lake is typically a nosh-up for bird watchers. The climate, The proximity to SriHariKota (where SHAR is located), Charming aquatic birds, Sanctuary, rich flora are the real assets of Pulicat lake.

This lake is spread across Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu where its major chunk in Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh. The coastal climate of Pulicat lake is the advantage for tourists to enjoy more.

Lake is an en-route for migratory birds. Besides, Over 15,000 flamingos and few birds reside here for a short period. Since the lake is a home for many birds, it has turned into a bird sanctuary.

10. Horsley Hills – Charm of Andhra Pradesh

With a dense forest and lush greenness, Horsley Hill is an ideal place to tour in summer. Hill resort standing at an altitude of 1000m, offers the relaxing, and hostile temperatures to the tourists.

Horsley hills’ hill resort is located in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh, being Madanapallle is the closest town. Proximity to two metropolitan cities makes it a perfect option for a day or two-day trip.

Other tourist attraction could be Koundinya Wildlife Sanctuary, Environment Park, Mallama Temple. The panoramic views of Gangotri lake offer picturesque scenes. Further, It is a perfect destination for sports activities such as Shooting, Bow and Arrow, Swimming Pool etc.

Thus we wrap up. And these are the prominent few in Andhra Pradesh. There is an umpteen number of places with a wonderful treasure hid behind them with beautiful backwaters, pleasant climate, and rivers. Andhra Pradesh is the perfect-go place to experience all kinds of travel pleasures.

So which one did you choose? Write down in the comments which place you planned to visit in Andhra Pradesh. Will meet there! Happy Travels! 🙂

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