In this Guest Post by Navneeth Venkatesh we look into the pros and cons of staying at backpackers hostels in India.

Backpackers hostels in Mumbai, India

Before staying in the backpacker’s hostel, I had to check websites that offer cheaper accommodation, and I’m like, who will spend so much amount on accommodation when we use it for sleeping or recreating ourselves.

I often found it difficult to get a hotel that is within my budget. But after I found about Backpacker’s Hostel, it was a wish being fulfilled. Cheaper accommodation and meeting new travellers have become a USP of these hostels.

I have stayed in backpacker’s hostel in 7 cities and you are going to explore my experience in staying at backpacker’s hostels, before that, a quick overview of Backpackers hostel.

Hostel World is a prominent website to find and book hostels around the world. I had made my bookings through the same.

Top companies which are in the backpacker’s hostel business in India are:

Location of Backpackers hostels in India 

Backpacker’s hostel is slowly growing in different parts of India, where tourism is the main business. They are Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Goa, Chennai, and Mumbai.

Why prefer Hostels over Hotels?

Cheaper accommodation:

Backpackers hostels in delhi

It was cheap and worth staying in the hostels as they charged the amount per dorm, Which means I can share the room with my fellow travellers. This helped me to gain new friends and exchange our travel stories. There were common rooms where I can relax, watch tv or read books that made my stay interactive. Had I stayed in a hotel, I would be just watching tv or sleeping for 1000 INR/day.

Meeting new people: 

That is the best thing about staying at the backpackers’ hostel! you get to meet like-minded travellers who you can go out with them to explore their interests, exchange our ideas and whatnot, become friends on facebook. This type of perk has made my stay complete and memorable.

Cook on your own: 

Except for breakfast, there are no restaurants or food service available in the hostel. You have to either cook on your own or eat outside. That is an advantage for you, you don’t have to spend a bomb on food that you are paying in the hotel, you can cook on your own by just buying groceries, which saves you from being overcharged. 

Drawbacks of Backpackers hostels in India:

Lack of Private space:

 There are private rooms available in the hostel but that charge higher price, which made me concerned about my privacy. This is the greatest advantage when staying in a hotel, where it is “your room, your wish”. But not in a backpacker hostel, you will be under surveillance 24X7, so whatever you are doing, will be watched by others staying in the dorms. This is the only drawback of staying at the backpacker’s hostel.

It was a great experience in staying in backpacker’s hostel, I would highly recommend it to the travel enthusiasts.

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By Abhishek Saraswat

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