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In this post we will be looking into how to be a smart traveller!

Do you want to travel the world with minimum expenditure and fewer requirements? If you are a student or a person who does not want to spend much on travel, then you are in the right place. We will give you some useful tips for smart travel! No doubt! smart travel can help you save your time and money.  

Today I will share my personal experience on how I managed to travel smart and saved some money in my pocket. I had a tour to Visakhapatnam and Hyderabad. Smartly, I managed to save around INR 2000 on each day of my travel. Here is how you can explore smart travel tours.

Tips to be a Smart Traveller:

GPS assist in smartphone

To be a smart traveller,  you must know the art of using the internet wisely. The skill of using the internet on the go will help you make smart decisions. You need to be capable of doing online booking; even if you are not able to book online then relax and just Google it or you can surf Youtube. There are lots of tutorials available. 

  • Grab a Smartphone/Smart Gadget:   

A smart device like smartphones (Not necessarily expensive one). Just check if it has GPS or other positioning hardware, compass and such basic sensors (most of the smartphones nowadays have these features, so don’t worry.You can easily check it by installing ‘CPU-Z’ or other hardware info software).

  • Have an internet pack : 

An internet connection (I prefer on the go solutions like mobile/cellular data as it has more mobility than wifi).

  • Do research about the place before visiting:
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Before visiting the place do some homework about the best way to reach, how to reach, best hotels for food and lodging.  You can also read some smart tour reviews to get an idea of it from experienced people. If you are on tour or vacation then also research about the best places to visit nearby (sightseeing).

  • Plan your trip itinerary:

two indian trains parked next to each other

If you are planning a long journey by A.C bus or train then I suggest you go and check for flights. Believe me, nowadays the flights are cheaper most of the time than A/C bus or train. While I was returning from Hyderabad to Kolkata my friends’ suggested to avail an A.C bus as we already had a 9-hour long journey.  The train price was INR 1700 for 3A. Then I suggest them for flights.

And to your surprise, I got the flight for Rs 1800 only. Of course, it was Economy class which does not matter to me. Apparently, it was Rs. 100 more than the train but the train journey was around 27-30 hours long whereas, the plane journey was of only 1.5 hours. We successfully saved 24-28 hours of time. Our bodies got more rest. This is called smart travel!

  • Manage your time efficiently:

Plan to reach the destination by morning if you can as it will give you more time to explore the place.

How to save money while travelling:

traveller taking pictures using phone

Use your smartphone to check the Flight or Rail prices on the go on different websites or you can also use some smart travel apps that will compare the prices and availability across all the online booking portals. It will surely fetch you the best price.

  • While travelling to an unknown place don’t hesitate to use Google maps. Now you can use that in your smartphone. And the GPS in your smartphone will show your position on the map.
  • Pro Travel Tip: Try to catch night time flights for a cheaper fare. I can not assure you but it might help you.
  • Check the Hotels’ prices online and offline both. Again in Vizag, I got the room for INR 1800 (offline) in INR 1369 (online). Don’t panic the room was the same as offline. While booking the hotels online make sure to check the address on Maps if it is really worth the discount. Make sure the hotel’s location is close enough to your destination.
  • traveller on a grasslandIn Hotels or Restaurants to use digital wallets (PhonePe, PayTm, GPay, etc.) if possible as it will fetch you extra cashback. Every time when we paid through PhonePe in Restaurants we got Rs. 10 as cashback. 
  • Again, you can order food online using Swiggy, Zomato etc. Here, also check for payments through e-wallets. Again, not to worry you can get your food from the Restaurants of your choice. At Hyderabad, we had Paradise’s Chicken Biryani at INR 230 but Restaurant offline price was Rs 270.
  • Always take your ATM/ Debit card with you. And make sure to take those cards that have free withdrawals in your travel destination. One of my friends had to suffer for this reason.
  • Always take at least 2 pairs of footwear. On a long trip, your footwear eventually becomes dirty and smells very bad. So I will suggest taking an extra pair of footwear if possible.
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Smart gadgets for smart travellers:

gadgets on a desk

  • Smart backpack: A smart backpack will surely make your smart travel a lot easier. It also includes power bank built-in so you never run out of juice.
  • Smart portable travellers’ washing machine: This kind of things can wash your dirty clothes on the go. It will make your trip a lot easier.
  • Power banks: Nowadays battery backup of our loved gadgets becomes very frustrating so it is essential to carry a power bank with you while travelling.
  • Bottles with pill organiser: Need to take some pills? Then try this kind of things. While travelling often we forget to take the necessary pills in time. So it will remind you every time while drinking.

I hope my personal experience will help you with your travel and to become a smart traveller. These tips on smart travel will definitely help you save some money and time too!

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