With vacations just around the corner and cravings for amazing meals, for that perfect tea time with a perfect view, most of you must be thinking about how you could make those endless memories and that too within your budget.

So here are some basic ideas/ tips which can help you enjoy your vacations within the desired budget or maybe cheap.


Those unplanned journeys are undoubtedly beautiful, but when it comes to spending your money, it may be a pain, as unplanned journeys may also lead to unplanned spendings. So, try planning your vacations in advance, this could help you start saving some money for the planned tour and would definitely result in going with a budget.


Mostly booking hotels is cheap on weekdays as compared to booking on weekends. But this is when you travel in your working days, so if you’re able to take a tour on weekdays, you’ll definitely be able to travel cheap.


Going away for a vacation doesn’t necessarily require going way too far from your place. You Can Explore your surroundings, you never know what your own place has to serve you.


Now this has some add on benefits. If you travel with a partner, you definitely will have a good company to enjoy with( unless you’re a I LIKE MY OWN COMPANY type of a person). Secondly, the costs can be shared. This is a huge advantage, the more people you travel with, the more division of expenditure can be done. Hence, you can travel cheap.


If you’re a ZINDAGI NA MILEGI DOBARA kind, you know how amazing road trips are. Yes, it would take more time comparatively, but you’ll surely enjoy it. Also, you might meet new people, it would be a whole new experience, then taking those boring flights.


The airline selection also plays a great role. There are a lot of airlines out there with different packages. It all depends on you.

Also, the seat you choose is again an important factor. It may cost you more while selecting the type of seat you prefer. Decide smartly!\


Now, when reach your vacation destination, don’t waste your money in renting cabs. Prefer taking walks and exploring the place. But again, it will depend on your destination.

And obviously, you don’t have to go overboard with walking miles and miles, you don’t want to become a lame person travelling, no?


You all must have heard of those contests and lucky draws proving you with travel package to a destination, as a price. If you ever come across such chances, give it a shot. Who knows you get lucky enough.


Today, you can get information every single thing, like anything. You can also purchase maps and guidebooks. Don’t waste your money on hiring a Travel Guide. Explore in advance the destination you’re visiting, wonder if you’re a better guide than the actual guide.


If you don’t have good skills in creating contacts with people, start from today, like right now. Being connected with people will help you a lot.

Consider one of your known people, has a relative living at the place you’re planning to travel. You can ask him/ her if there’s a possibility house sitting. There you go, no more hotel booking charges.

Many of you may be aware of the above-mentioned things, but this how we are right? we don’t easily step out of our comfort zone. Be it taking flights as it’s more comfortable or not willing to travel with someone. But there’s another level of new experiences when you step out of your comfort zone, isn’t it?

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By Abhishek Saraswat

Abhishek (@himalayan_gypsy) is a travel photographer and blogger known as Himalayan Gypsy over the internet. Academically from an engineering background and born the Himalayan valley of Dehradun, he found himself in love with nature and ever since he has been on a journey to travel India and showcase the beauty of the country through his pictures, motivating and encouraging people on the go to feel the same and also take responsibilities to conserve our rich heritage, culture and environment. He is a Certified Digital Marketer and a Travel Influencer who is efficient to create visually appealing content for Travel Brands, Property Owners, Cafes and other Product Shoots. He also specializes in running Facebook & Instagram Ad Campaigns for Brand Awareness, Brand Promotion and Online Reputation Management.

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