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Sky dine restaurants are the chance for people to have their meal in the sky. The restaurants are held by a crane, easily 50 metres over the ground. The sky dines restaurant in India is a global food and experience service. It has been brought to Bangalore by Jumpking. It houses 24 people around the table and a staff of 4 people at its centre.

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Fly dining is located around the beautiful nagavara lake in Bangalore which promises to be fulfilling and out of box experience that will leave you tingling with adrenalin as well as leave you with a belly full of delicious food. With the capacity to seat 24 people around the table, the fly dining structure is a high-grade metal frame platform. The restaurant has aircraft standard safety belts. The seats with the safety belts can rotate 180degree. The complete fly dining structure will be suspended by a state-of-the-art, 200-ton telescopic game at a height of 50 meters(160ft) which will be handled safely and professionally by the high-trained staff. The concept and design of fly dining are according to the German norm EN13814 and international norm ISO 17842-1-2015.

How Does The Setup Work?

SEATING ARRANGEMENTS:Best Sky Dine Restaurants In India 2020 3

A maximum of 4 guests can be seated around the table at any one time, but larger groups can be accommodated by dividing an event day into several lifting sessions, enabling more than 350 people to access this exceptional sky restaurant.


Fly dining is lowered to the ground for quick and easy access to restrooms.


The table can operate with 4-5 persons in the platform work area ( ex: chef, entertainer, bartender, speaker, waiter, security, etc).


The organiser can offer to set up a non-transparent roof to give shadow and to install AC fans.


The organiser can offer the infra-red heating system as an extra option. 


Fly dining is not age-related but height related since we need to be able to secure every one safely in their seats. Minimum height is therefore 135cm.


The food will be served during the four sessions organised every day( between 4:30, am and 9:30 pm). It also offers mocktail sessions with snacks for half an hour and cuisine including grilled chicken. Also, fruits filled bowl is available.

TYPE OF EVENTS:Best Sky Dine Restaurants In India 2020 4

The sky has no limits and Fly dining certainly knows how to expand. Fly dining does not limit to dinners. Besides dinner, they organise lunch, breakfast, meeting with clients, VIP seats for a game show, press conference, VIP treatment for guests, birthday parties, anniversary dinner, Christmas, new year eve dinner, and many more events like interviews etc.


There is no age bar at fly dining but height certainly is!


It costs a certain amount for weekdays and for weekends and also slightly different amounts for dinner sessions.


The mouse of life, nagavara, Bangalore, Karnataka, 560024.

TIMINGS- Dining in the sky Bangalore offers you a fabulous experience during several lifts starting from morning tonight. Currently, they are running the only mocktail sessions and dinner with 6-time slots.


To experience air dining you can book either online or make a call to the management. For online booking, you need to select a time slot, the number of seats you want to dine and then you should give your name, mail id, and mobile number. Or by using the given contact number you can book.


First, in India Bangalore is the only city to start dinning in the sky at which you will be taken 20ft above from the ground with well structure design show up the whole view of the silicon city. The sky dines restaurant in Bangalore offers a  wonderful experience for the foodies to enjoy their favourite food amidst the sky and earth. It is well designed by engineers according to german norm DIN flying structure guidelines. So you will be safe with no fear. And also keeping safety issues in mind, fly dining has issued a certain set of criteria that guests have to fulfil. The guidelines include-

  • the height as 4 feet,
  • maximum weight as 150kg 
  • minimum age of 12 years
  • pregnant women and heart patients are adviced not to come abroad.

In case of an emergency, the entire setup is brought down in just a minute.

Fly dining was never an easy journey for everyone. It has taken several years to get this technology to India. And still, the working has been going on to provide the best of the experience. Currently, it is providing exhilarating experience to the customers.

Fly Dining In Noida

The concept of fly dining has been fairly new to India and so more to Noida

So have your-next-meal-mid-air-at-fly-dining-in-Noida

WHAT IS IT?Best Sky Dine Restaurants In India 2020 5

Fly dining is a captured experience where the thrill of adventure as well as fine dining has been brought together. Here you are made to be seated in a structure that can accommodate about 24 people along with 4 servers. The structure is suspended from a cane and you are elevated to a height of 50 meters above the ground level and then the dining begins.


The structure of fly dining has been made from a high-grade metal platform that is secured by aircraft standard belts and seats and also the staff members who are serving you are also been secured by a harness.


The table layout and the food offered matches a fine-dine experience. Even though they have a standard menu, they make sure that it suits every palate.


The duration of the fly dines experience is between 30 minutes to 1 hour. There is also a provision of taking a toilet break for which the structure is lowered.

The restaurant is ready to expand in multiple Indian cities like Mumbai, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Chennai, Sorta, Goa, and Pune. The works for the sky dine restaurants are already going on in these places and we will be having fly dinning in these cities of India soon.

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