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Be it going for a long holiday or even a simple weekend getaway we always make sure to pack up some products that are really important to us. 

Best Sustainable Travel Packing List In 2019 2

But then when you travel, you need to make sure that you don’t leave behind any non-biodegradable objects at these beautiful destinations. Here we are giving you a list of eco-friendly products you can use that will help you protect the environment in a pocket-friendly budget (These products sure are healthier and most of them are reusable). 

Most of the countries are just moving to a systematic garbage system, so we have to make our site clear and keep away from such wastes when we are traveling. 

Here is a list of sustainable travel packing items.

  • Copper water bottles

Best Sustainable Travel Packing List In 2019 3

It’s always better to carry your own water bottles and fill it up when you have to. When you are buying packaged drinking water mostly you are paying for the plastic water bottle for the water.

Why pay your way into environmental destruction? 

It’s also scientifically proven that water kept in copper bottles helps in better digestion, immune system, and many more health benefits.

  • Mason jars and stainless steel containers

Energy drinks are a main when you are traveling. And when on long road trips you will surely need something to snack on while you listen to music and chat with your loved ones.

You can carry your smoothies or fresh juices in the mason jars, as you can easily wash them and use them again. And in your containers, you can carry dry fruits or other candies you like to munch on while you travel. 

  • Reusable straws and travel cutlery 

Best Sustainable Travel Packing List In 2019 4

Stainless steel or are a must-have for any responsible person in both daily lives and during traveling. Bamboo straws are also an option but they won’t last that long as compared to the steel straws.

Take along with you a reusable straw, a cleaner and some travel cutlery which you can clean up and use again later. If you can’t take steel forks along then buy some bamboo or other wooden forks. 

  • Shop local

Every time you step out for a trip you pack up a lot of clothes and other accessories to match your mood. But it’s always better to shop for some clothes from the local stores as this will help you take along some of their cultures and treasure it all along.

This will also help in the economy of the destination you are in and will help the community thrive. 

  • Beeswax food wrapper

Best Sustainable Travel Packing List In 2019 5

When you are traveling local you always carry some homemade food for everyone to enjoy in the calm atmosphere. But you sure have to wrap them up with something to protect it. Now we have an alternative to the old plastic wrappers. 

Beeswax!  Yes, beeswax food wrappers are the new eco-friendly alternative you can use to wrap your food. The wrap is moldable, grippable and tacky. It can be shaped around containers and food products perfectly. 

  • Zero waste snacks

Best Sustainable Travel Packing List In 2019 6

Here are some zero waste snacks you can take along with you to munch on:

  1. Melon cubes
  2. Bananas
  3. Citrus fruits
  4. Carrot sticks or Broccoli
  5. Berries 
  6. Snap peas
  7. Rice crackers. 
  • Eco-friendly toiletry bag

Best Sustainable Travel Packing List In 2019 7

These are the most basic items that you can’t step out without packing them along.

These are the items that were mostly sold on plastic base but now we have a lot of options available for us to switch to. 

Keeping a jute bag to keep it all organized is the best way to keep it all in one place and never forget any one of them. Here is a list of toiletries that is eco-friendly and reusable.

  1. Natural toothpaste
  2. Bamboo toothbrush
  3. Compostable dental floss
  4. Compostable hair elastics
  5. Natural makeup remover ( you can use coconut oil if your skin is comfortable with it. It’s the best alternative and will keep your skin moisturized too) 
  6. Natural and vegan makeup products
  7. Cloth cotton rounds
  8. Menstrual cups or washable menstrual pads
  9. Non-toxic sunscreen
  10. Natural sunscreens and deodorants.

Using reef safe and natural sunscreens are the best way to help protect all the underwater life if you are diving in and enjoying the view inside. 

Although all these alternatives may seem expensive, you have to remember that it’s a one-time thing and most of these are reusable and you won’t have to buy them again.

Both land and aquatic life are in danger due to all the plastic wastes and all other micropollutants. Let’s make changes in the way we live and teach our next generation to live in a sustainable way and protect our earth. 

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