Canada which stands second in the world in terms of area is unique for its culture, tourist attractions and heritage sites. Canada is not famous for just one possession but many different aspects. It is known for its snowy-white peaks, national parks, cuisines, historical sites, natural attractions, art galleries and more. The important cities of Canada are Ottawa, Quebec City, Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto. Moreover, according to recent studies, Vancouver is the friendliest city to visit. One must visit this amazing country of Canada and enjoy a memorable experience of their lifetime.

Here are the tips for you to make your Canada tour and planning hassle-free. In the first instance, one must approach a trusted and authorised Visa consultant. Authorised officials will carry out the process of Visa application and procurement lawfully. The applicant can rely upon them in this regard. The visa can also be applied through a Canada visa application online. One applying for a tourist visa to spend their holiday in Canada must bear in mind that the visa is applicable only for tourism and travel. Particularly, this visa cannot be used for the purpose of a job, business or applying for a job, education, settlement, etc.

Requirements for Tourist Visa to Canada

Any individual can apply for a Temporary Resident Visa to visit Canada. This Visa is the visitor visa for visitors, students or workers. But remember that the conditions include different provisions for each category of visitor. Canada visa requirements are as follows:

  1. This would be silly to mention but one must possess a passport to apply for a visa to Canada. An individual should have a Passport for any international travel.
  2. Secondly, one who wants to visit Canada has to prepare an application providing the acknowledgement of the same along with the reason.
  3. One must furnish records of their earlier and recent medical status while applying for the tourist visa.
  4. The applicant should be free from any criminal record and be aware to maintain a lawful existence in the national society.
  5. The applicants should ensure that they have and maintain adequate funds in their accounts. The amount must be sufficient for the stay, travel and support of the individuals visiting Canada.
  6. Every person applying for the Visit Visa to  Canada should abide by the rules, regulations and law of both India and Canada with regards to the procedures.
  7. Also, the visitor must ensure that the Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) obtained is only for the purpose that was mentioned while applying for it.
  8. Documents required for Canada tourist visa from India also include proof of the residency in India and nationality.
  9. Also, the applicant must ensure that he would reside in Canada only temporarily and for the purpose mentioned earlier through the application.
Summary of the documents required for Canada tourist visa

Application form, fees, photos, passport, proof of sufficient finance, copy of return ticket and other documents if any asked by the authorities.

Important Tips for Tourist Visa to Canada

  1. An individual needs to be clear about his or her health status. This is more of a tip or advice than being a requirement. Being confident about one’s health is for one’s benefit as this would help in avoiding inconveniences. Estimate your health status based on the travelling conditions, travel hours, the climate of Canada, the food that one would consume and other related factors to health.
  2. Also one must make sure to carry all the medical necessities i.e. antibiotics, pills, respective copy of reports if one has a chronic disease or is prone to any allergies.
  3. Unless, it is the matter of regular visits for specific reasons (eg: higher studies, business), one is not a friend of any new country. Hence, one must seek help from a trusted Tourist Guide for one’s tour in Canada.
  4. Keeping oneself alert is a mindful thing to do. Take care of your valuables, important documents and luggage. Secure the original copies in lockers and carry photocopies of them while travelling. Do not leave your things or luggage unattended.
  5. Indian visitors are required to possess an International Driving License or International Driving Permit to drive vehicles in foreign countries. This license can be applied in the home country’s RTO. The traffic rules should be followed.
  6. Distant yourself from activities that are not of your concern. Do not violate rules and law of Canada.
  7. Remember that tip is expected from you when you are rendered a service. Do not be ungenerous by not tipping for the service. Be kind enough to tip for the service by taking the first initiative. The tip would range between 10% to 20%.

Other Tips:

  1. Make yourself prepared for the climate conditions of Canada. Your baggage must include the necessary clothing as Canada is mostly cold throughout the year.
  2. Another suggestion is to get basic and general details about banks, ATMs, currency, exchange rates, cards and other ways of making transactions in Canada. The knowledge of these aspects would help to know when and where one should carry cash.
  3. Seeking help from a Tour Guide would also help in eliminating communication gaps in Canada. First-time visitors can save their time of travel, expenses and keep track with places to visit by approaching a Tour Guide.
  4. The orientation of electronics, plugs and their usage in India is different from Canada. So, it is advised to switch to flexible gadgets. One may have to access new contact number and sim cards if needed. The roaming charges would apply on calls and messages in case of the existing phone number.
  5. The Tourist Visa to Canada is valid for 6 months. So, plan your tour period in a way that you can experience different seasons and natural beauty of Canada.
  6. It is unavoidable to shop for various things when you are in a new place. But, keep in mind to shop in the limit as too many things would add on to your luggage. And it is known that extra baggage cannot get through the inspection at the airport. So, keep the ‘to-buy’ list short.

Places to visit in Canada

Some important tourist attractions of Canada are Niagara falls, Old Montreal, Stanley Park, Banff National Park, Garibaldi National Park, Vancouver Island, Gros Morne National Park, Yoho National Park, Lake Louise, Whistler, Quebec City, etc.

Finally, plunge into the best cuisines and savour the delicious dishes.



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