Charminar is located in the heart of the old city of Hyderabad. The construction of Monument by Muhammad Quli Qutub Shah marks the end of the deadly plague in 1951. This beautiful monument of Hyderabad is alluring for not just people of our country but for people across the world to date. It is one of the top places to visit in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. It is also said that it was built in the memory of Prophet Muhammed’s son in law who lost his life at the battle of Karbala as its design is in the shape of Shiya Tazias. Some also believe that the location of Charminar is the place where Sultan had seen his then future wife Bahgmati for the first time. Old_Charminar

The structure also appears on the Emblem of Telangana State representing the city of Hyderabad. It is also the landmark for the city of Hyderabad. This article will provide you with all the information both about Charminar and things to do when you visit.


How to Reach Charminar?

By Roadways

Telangana State Road Transportation Corporation runs many buses that connect Hyderabad to different towns in the country. Once you reach Hyderabad, there are many buses running from the bus station.

By Railways

The Nampally Railway Station also known as Hyderabad Deccan Railway Station is the nearest railway station located about 4 kilometers away.

By Airways

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Shamshabad is the international airport located in Hyderabad. The airport is about 20 kilometers from Charminar.

Brief History of Charminar

Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah built Charminar in 1591 when he moved his capital from Golconda to Hyderabad city. Why was Charminar built? is the most asked question. There are many theories explaining it. However, the most known reason is – It was built to mark the end of the plague. The word “Charminar” in Urdu means four pillars in English.

Architecture of Charminar


The architectural style of this monument is Indo-Islamic. Limestone, granite and pulverized material are the materials used in constructing this monument. The four minarets attached to the four arches; a bulbous dome is present on the top of each minaret.

There is also saying that there is an escape route in the form of an underground tunnel connecting Charminar to Golconda fort, built by Muhammed Quli Qutb Shah. However, the location of the tunnel is not found yet.

Timings to Visit Charminar

The monument is open on all days of the week and the visiting hours are from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm. It can be captured into photos by photographers by standing on the street till late at night as the street is always bustling.

The entry ticket is Rs.25 for Indian travellers and also for travellers from SAARC and BIMSTEC countries. The entry ticket for foreigners is Rs.300. There is no entry ticket for children under the age of 15.

Things To Do at Charminar

  • Shopping


Have you ever asked a Hyderabadi, what excites them about Charminar? I am sure you would have heard the answer, shopping at Laad Bazaar. There is a belief that Laad Bazaar had around 14000 shops during the Qutub Shah dynasty. Lad Bazaar is famous for staggering glass and lac bangles, jewellery, perfumes, clothes, spices, etc. You can also relax by having the hot tea at various Irani chai stalls that the streets of Laad Bazar.

  • City View

By reaching the first floor of monument, one can have a beautiful view of the city Hyderabad. It is certainly a battle to arrive at the spot through thin bylanes of the bazaar however at that point in the event that you visit Hyderabad, you need to get your pic illuminates regarding this stunning piece of Islamic Architecture. ️ The impressive landmark stands grandly tall in the midst of the brilliant bangle shops in the twisted Laad Bazar of the old city and presents a delightful sparkling sight after dusk.

  • Relish The Street Food

As you walk in the streets nearby, the aroma of delicious kebabs, biscuits, biryanis will attract you towards them. And the best part is you can have all these delicious foods at bargain prices. Shah Ghouse, Pista House, Akbar Fast Food corner, Hotel Rumaan, Nimrah Bakery, Agra sweets, Govind Dosa, Kebab-E-Jahangiri, Hotel Shaharan, Royal Fish, Mashallah Ghawa, Hotel Shadaab and also Hotel Nayab a  Charminar Indian restaurant, offer you the tasty foods at affordable prices.

Sight Seeing at Charminar

The Must-See Places to visit near Charminar are:

  1. Mecca Masjid


Mecca Masjid is one of the famous mosques in India. The bricks of the central arch of the mosque are made from the soil of Mecca.

  1. Char Kaman and Gulzar Houz

There are four arches to the north of Charminar. The four arches were built in the 16th century along with Charminar.  Char Kaman or Charminar Kaman or Kali Kaman are other names to these arches. Gulzar Houz is the fountain in the heart of the Char Kaman.

Besides, Golconda Fort, Nehru Zoological Park, Hussain Safar, Ramoji Film city, Salarjung Museum, Birla Mandir, etc. are other places that can be visited near the monument.

Interesting Facts About CharminarCharminar_Daylight

  • In 2010, Lindt chocolatier Adelbert Boucher planned a chocolate copy of Charminar weighs fifty kilograms. It was shown at The Westin, on 25th and 26th September. This was done as a tribute to the famous monument.
  • It is said that the monument was the principal working of Hyderabad which had more than one story. It is considered as the absolute first multi celebrated structure of this city.
  • The name was given to symbolize the four minars of the landmark. This landmark grandstand four in its different angles too. For example, it has four vaults. There are four little curves on each side of the principal arch. These curves are likewise worked in four ways. Every one of the four minars are additionally partitioned into four portions. There are four-doors to the landmark. Indeed, even the exhibitions on each floor is additionally four. What’s more, the most intriguing part is that Mohammad Quli Shah who was the developer of this landmark was additionally the fourth Sultan of the Qutub Shahi Dynasty.
  • It is likewise known for the delightful conjunction of various religions. Here you can encounter the quietness of strict agreement. You can perceive how Mecca Masjid and Bhagyalakshmi Temple have been assembled so close yet remains with their individualistic strict criticalness.
  • It is accepted that this monument was worked to satisfy the mystery guarantee Md. Quli Qutb had made to Allah in his petitions.
  • It is said to have endured a wide range of intrusion. It is said that in 1687, Mughal head Aurangzeb had devastated the greater part of the structure of Hyderabad during the attack. Nonetheless, inferable from the nearness of mosque on Charminar’s highest floor, he had left the landmark immaculate

Stays near Charminar

You can plan your stay nearby at

  • Hotel Mina Grand
  •  Rajdhani
  • Hotel Haveli Inn
  • Tara International or also at other hotels.

FAQs Related to Charminar

Q1. Where is Charminar located?

Ans. It is located in Hyderabad, Telangana, India.

Q2. Which materials were used to build Charminar?

Ans. Charminar was entirely built using Rocks and Marbles. Granite and Lime-Mortar were majorly used.

Q3. Which Market is nearby?

Ans. Laad Bazaar is located near Charminar, people can shop for various articles, have Famous street food and have a sip or Irani Chai.

Q4. What are the other places to visit in Hyderabad?

Ans. People can also visit the Salar Jung Museum. It is one of the most famous sightseeing places in Hyderabad. There’s also Bhagyalakshmi Temple. The temple is located adjacent to Charminar.

Q5. How far is Goloconda fort from Charminar?

Ans. It is around 10kms from Charminar. Goloconda is known to be the early capital city of the Qutub Shahi Dynasty located in Hyderabad.

So, don’t miss out on this astonishing attraction and pride of the City of Pearls – Hyderabad.

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