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Chattisgarh the ninth largest state of India which is located in the center east of the country.

This state consist of a total of 2.55crore population and the total area covered by this beautiful state is 135,191km². This is one of the fastest developing states in India and currently it comprises 28 districts.

The state is bounded by Andhra Pradesh in the South, Maharashtra in the Southwest, Jharkhand in the Northeast, Odisha in the Southeast, and Madhya Pradesh in the Northwest. 

History of Chattisgarh:

Earlier Chattisgarh is known as Southern Kosal. The meaning of Chattisgarh is ‘thirty-six forts’. This state also finds mention in Hindu epic literature such as Mahabharata and Ramayana.

Sarabhpurias, Panduavanshi, Somvanshi, Kalchuri, and Nagvanshi are the rulers who ruled this region between the 6th and 12th centuries.

From 980 to 1791AD Chattisgarh Haa been ruled by Kalchuris rulers. During the Mughal era, the region was called Ratanpur Territory and during the rule of Marathas, the word Chattisgarh gained popularity.

This beautiful state is carved out from Madhya Pradesh and on 1 November 2000, it is recognized as the 26th state of the Union.

Popular Languages of Chattisgarh:

 The official language of Chattisgarh is Hindi. Also, there are 98 languages and dialects that are spoken in the state of Chattisgarh. The mother tongue of Chattisgarh is Chattisgarhi with high vocabulary and phonetics from Dravidian and Munda languages.

The main Munda dialects are Korba, Korku, and Kharia. The main Indo-European language dialects are Sadri. Gondi is another main Dravidian dialect that was spoken by the people of Chattisgarh. 

Capital of Chattisgarh:

Raipur is the former capital of Chattisgarh but later Naya Raipur /Atal Nagar is recognized as the capital of Chattisgarh.

It is one of the major business hubs in central India and is also famous for handicrafts and handloom products. 

Chief Minister (CM) of Chattisgarh:

The Chief Minister of Chattisgarh is Bhupesh Baghel from Indian National Congress Party. He is also the President of the Chattisgarh Congress. 

Governor of Chattisgarh:

Anusuiye Uikey is the current governor of the Chattisgarh. She is from the Indian National Congress Party. 

High Court of Chattisgarh:

Chattisgarh High Court is situated at village Bodri, Bilaspur, Chattisgarh.

Map of Chattisgarh: 

Chattisgarh Tourism

Chattisgarh which is also known as ‘The Rice bowl of India ‘ is famous for its rich cultural heritage, vivacious dance, melodious music, lively people, and marvelous art and crafts.

Tourists can enjoy the view of old historic places, waterfalls, exquisite Wildlife, rock depictions, regal residence, beautiful temples, etc.

This state made itself the destination ‘full of surprises’ and therefore it has created a niche on the tourist map of India.

Chattisgarh tourism also offers several opportunities for Eco-Ethno, Adventure, and Cultural tourism.

Top 12 Must Visit Places In Chattisgarh:


Bilaspur is a city which is situated at Chattisgarh. It is one of 5ye 3rd cleanest and 4th longest railway station in India. This place is known for rice variety and Kosa silk saree. Bilaspur derives its name from a fisherwoman named ‘Bilasa’.


It is a city in the Bastar region Situated on the banks of Indravati River. It is also known as a tourism city.

Kailash Caves, waterfalls, and Kanger Ghati National Park these are some places which are visited by several tourists. 


It is a town and its holy mythological city is the Adishakti Mahamaya Devi. This place is also known by Chaturugi Nagri.

This place is popular as a religious center. Budha Mahadev and Ramtekri are some of the temples which are situated there.

4.Bade Bacheli

It is also a town and Nagar Palika in the Dantewada district. The celebrated Ghadi Chowk exhibiting all the ancestral and social abundance of Bastar.

HighTech Park Baludyan and Ambedkar stop with all the advanced sort of beguilement exercises and enhancement in the city. It is also famous for the finest iron ore of the country. 

5.Danteshawari Temple

It is a Hindu religious temple and one of the 52 Shakti Peethas, shrines of Shakti, spread across India.

Danteshawari Temple is situated at Dantewada and its architecture resembles the South-Indian temples. Bastar Dussehra takes place here every year and it is the most visited tourist destination in Chhattisgarh. 

6.Chitrakoot Waterfalls

The Chitrakote Falls located to the west of Jagdalpur in Chhattisgarh. It is often called as Niagara Falls of India.

Chitrakote Falls on the Indravati River is the widest fall in India and a major attraction below the fall is the shrine of Lord Shiva with many small Shiva linga.

One in all Chitrakoot is perfect for day picnics, stunning panoramic views, or just some time away from the commotion of the cities.

7.Mahakoshal Art Gallery

Mahakoshal Kala Vithika which means the art gallery is situated near Mahant Ghasidas Museum of Raipur. It showcases different styles of art. Visitors enjoy the taste of arts decorated in the gallery.

It is open every day except on Sundays. 

8.Kailash and Kotumsar Caves

These caves are located within Kanger Valley National Park. There are three caverns named as Dandak Cave, Kutumsar Cave, Kailash Cave.

Kailash Gufa is the most alluring hole beside Kutumsar Cave. Kotumsar cave is a major attraction for people because of ecotourism. 

9.MM Fun City

This place is known for fun and entertainment which is situated on the outskirts of Raipur city. It is the largest water amusement park.

It offers various facilities such as fun water slides, family pool, wave pool, rain dance, a restaurant, and even an exclusive kids zone. 

10.Bhoramdeo Temple

It is a complex Hindu temple which is situated at Kabirdham district. It comprises a group of four temples among which brick-temple is the earliest temple.

The main temple is the Bhoramdeo temple built in stone. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and it is known for its architecture. It is also called as Khajuraho of Chattisgarh because of the similarity of Madhya Pradesh temple. 

11.Chirmiri Hill Station

It is one of the beautiful hill stations in Chhattisgarh with sprawling land, replete with a soothing green cover, mountains, and rivers.

In 1998 Chirmiri became an independent district. Jagannath Temple, Amritdhara waterfall, kalibadi, Gufa Mandir, Hasdeo River are some of the spots nearby Chirmiri Hill Station. 

12.Ghatarani Waterfall Temple

It is a big waterfall located 25km from Jatmai Temple. Here Navratri festival is celebrated with much enthusiasm and devotion.

After the monsoon, it is the best time for a visit. The beautiful waterfall flows near the temple enhance the beauty of this place. 

Famous National Parks & Wildlife Sanctuaries in Chattisgarh:

1.Indravati (Kutur)National Park

Indravati National Park is situated at Bijapur district, Chattisgarh. It is famous for the last population of rare wild buffalo. This National park derives its name from Indravati River.

It is one of the two tiger project sites in Chattisgarh. It is also one of the most famous tiger reserves in India. 

2.Kanger Valley National Park

Like Indravati National Park, Kanger Valley National Park derives its name from Kanger River. It is declared as National Park in 1982. This place is famous for Bastar Maina which enchant everyone with their human voice.

Sal, Teak, Saugaun are some of the tree species which are found in this National Park. This Park is also home to three exceptional caves. Safari Gypsy is available for tourists to explore the beauty of the park.

Bhainsadhara is famous for Crocodile Park. Tirathgarh waterfall, Kutumbasar, Kailash, and Dandak are various spots inside the National Park. 

3.Python forest

This is a small Wildlife Sanctuary situated at Durg district. It provides shelter to a variety of wild animals and plants. Indian bison, leopards, deers are some of the species that are spotted here. 

4.Sitanadi Wildlife Sanctuary

It covers the total area of 550sq km. It is located at Beladula road, Devgaon.

Leopards, Jackals, Tigers, Flying Squirrels, Jungle Cat, Bison, Four-horned Antelopes, Porcupine, Striped Hyena, Chinkara are spotted here. 

It is home to several bird species such as Crimson Breasted Barbet, Bulbul, Parrots, Teeter.

5.Achanakmar Wildlife Sanctuary:

According to the Wildlife Protection Act 1972, the Achanakmar Wildlife Sanctuary is established in 1975. Bamboo, Saja, and Bija are some of the species that are found here.

The area around this wildlife sanctuary is mostly hilly.

The Achanakmar Wildlife Sanctuary boasts of a rich fauna such as wild animals such as Leopard, Blackbuck, Chital, Tetracerus Quadricornis, or four-horned antelope, Wild Boar. 


Chattisgarh is Famous For:


Chattisgarh is also famous for its rich tradition of food. The diet of Chattisgarh people is incomplete without rice.

The staple diet of the Chattisgarh population comprises Wheat, rice, millers, Bajra, Pulses, Lentils, etc. 20,000 variety of rice is grown in this state therefore most of the dishes consisting of rice.

Faraa, Muthia, Aamat, Chola, Bhajia, Khurma, Bafauri, Dubki Kadhi, Chousela, Tilgur, Moogdal ka  Halwa, Bara, Lavang Lata are some of the famous traditional cuisines of Chattisgarh. 


Chattisgarh is a diverse state on every aspect such as ethnic group, food, culture, tradition, language, etc. Like every state have their own traditional dress, similarly, Chattisgarh has its own attire both for men and women.

Women usually wore Kachhora style saree, it is a knee-length or full-length saree that is made up of silk or cotton fabric and it is also painted with liquid wax.

And men of Chattisgarh generally wear dhotis, Ghotuls, Abhuj Marias, Murias, etc. They also wear headgears like a cotton turban to save themselves from harsh sunlight. 

3.Dance & Music

Chattisgarh flaunts its own unique dance and music. In this state, folk dance forms are performed as a part of rituals, denote pray to God, or to indicate the changing of the season.

Saila dance, Karma performed by God’s, Baigas and Oraons, Sua Nacha or parrot dance, Pandavani, Panthi dance performed by Satnami community, Gendi, Raut Nacha performed by cow herders of Chattisgarh are sone of the dance forms which are performed by different tribal groups.

Sua folk song, Goura folk song, Pathoni folk song, Danda folk song, Faag folk song are some of the folk songs sung by the local people on different occasions. 

4.Art & Craft

Gonda art, Kosa silk, Bell metal art, lost wax art are art and culture of Chattisgarh. People of Chattisgarh also make Toran, place Mats and boxes with the help of shells, mirrors, and fabrics.

The other traditional crafts of people include painting, woodcarving, bamboo ware, and tribal jewelry. It is also known for agriculture tools, bow and arrows, and its handloom product such as Dhruva Patta and Dhruva sari. 

Fairs & Festivals of Chattisgarh:

1.Rajim Kumbh Mela


Rajim Kumbh Mela is a Hindu pilgrimage that is held at Rajim. This place is dedicated to Vaishnavism.

The famous Punni Mela which was held every year at Rajiv Lochan Temple. Lots of temples and ashrams are scattered at this place. 

2.Bhagoriya festival

This is the most interesting festival ever seen in India. At this festival one is officially given permission to elope with the girl whom he liked. He applies some gulal on the girl whom he liked if she reciprocates then he has complete freedom to elope with that girl.

Bhagoradev, the god of dancing is worshipped by the people of the Bhil community. Sweets are offered to God and later it was distributed among bhakhts. This festival is celebrated just before the festival of Holi. 

3.Goncha festival

Goncha or Chariot festival is celebrated when Hindus observe Rath yatra.

Many tribal from various parts of the Bastar region took part in this festival. There is an age-old tradition in which people make a pistol using tukki and bamboo and use fruit Goncha as a bullet.

Then they use pistol and bullet to strike each other but to just be a part of a mock encounter. This is really thrilling and exciting festival of Chattisgarh. 

4.Kajari festival

It is the Hindu festival which was celebrated with great pomp and show. Kajari Teej festival denotes the coming of monsoon season and also indicates the spirit of womanhood.

The woman used to fast for the longevity and prosperity of their husbands. This festival is important for farmers and celebration begins on a ninth day after the Shravan Amavasya.

This worship is religiously repeated for seven days till Kajari Purnima or full Moon Day. 

5.Madia festival

This festival is celebrated by the people of the Gond community. This was celebrated in a large ground where it is possible to have a large gathering.

There are several rituals and customs which are associated with the Madia festival. People sacrifice a goat in honor of the tribal gods.

Lots of eateries, craftsmanship shops, several cultural programs, tribal dance, and music make the ambiance cheerful and joyful. 

Navakhana festival, Sheorinarayan fair, Rajim Lochan Mahotsav, Chakradhar festival, Fagun Wadai, Koriya Mela, Ganga Dussehra are some other festivals which are celebrated by the people of Chattisgarh. 

Best Time To Visit Chattisgarh:

The month of October and March is the best time to travel Chattisgarh. Chattisgarh has a moderate climate throughout most of the year is best. 

Summer: In months of March and early June here temperature is around 45 to 49 degrees Celcius which is ideal for Wildlife and nature tourism. 

Winter: In months of November to February here temperature is cooler ranging from 25 degrees Celcius to as low as zero degrees. This season is best for sightseeing, waterfalls, greenery scenes, mountains, etc. 

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