The Queen of Silk Sarees is known as the Kanchipuram Silk Sarees! Also known as Kanjivarum, Coonjeevaram, Kanjeevaram, etc. 

This city is known to most of the world to still be the only place producing beautiful, hand-woven, and durable sarees that are still encrusted with gems and gold.

Despite that fact, it is pretty light to wear and is a tradition to wear on important festivals and marriages. 

What Are Kanchipuram Sarees?

Kanchipuram Sarees are sarees made of silk which are very popular in Tamil Nadu, India.

These are exquisite pieces of traditional clothes that are often worn during weddings and special occasions. 

How Are Kanchipuram Sarees Made & What Are The Designs Used? 

How are they made, you ask?

Well, it sure isn’t an easy task. They are woven by masters at hand. Pure mulberry silk is used by the weavers to weave the sarees by hand.

They come from South India itself, while all the Zari material comes in from Gujarat.

A unique point about these sarees is that the border colour and the design are different from the body.

The pallu is a different shade from the saree. 

What Makes Kanchipuram Sarees So Popular? 

The shine, the rich look, and the durability that they have are what makes them so unique not only in India but also all over the world.

It is widely appreciated all around the world by everyone despite the country or the culture they are from.

It is worn as a tradition and culture in the village of Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu.

How Much Do The Kanjeevaram Sarees Cost? 

This saree can cost anywhere from around 20,000 to even 40 Lakhs. It has been recorded that the world’s most expensive saree was recorded at Rs. 40 Lakhs in the Guinness Book Of World Records. 

A Kanchipuram saree remains one of the only sarees which is still made today with gold-encrusted in them. 

Did you know?

The border and the body are often woven separately and once completed, they get interlocked together. 

These sarees are prestigious and hold a lot of value, it can also be called the perfect gift of respect to elders as it carries tradition and culture.

They use designs like leaves, florals, birds, temple architectures, and animals. This saree requires intricate and unique craftsmanship and therefore, results in high costs most of the time.

However, it is widely appreciated and spoken well.

Bollywood And The Obsession Over Kanchipuram Is Real!  

Kanchipuram Sarees can be seen to be worn around the Indian Film Industry as well as in Bollywood! For instance, there is the famous film actress Rekhaji who will never be spotted without a Kanchipuram saree draped around her. 

Moreover, Aishwarya Rai, Sridevi, and Vidya Balan can both be seen to be wearing a Kanchipuram saree for their wedding. 

Can You Buy Kanchipuram Sarees In Mumbai? 

Yes! You can buy them in your city too! 

Best 5 shops in Mumbai where you can buy Kanchipuram sarees are:


This store is the place one can expect to find South Indian sarees and can choose from a variety of them too! 

This store has all the options for you to choose from! 

And that’s not all, the store offers jewellery for you to purchase too! 

What more can one ask for? 

2.Sundari Silks

Sundari Silks are known to be famous for their sarees as well. 

They started  13 years ago as a shop in Tamil Nadu in India. This extremely famous saree shop now has a branch in Mumbai and covers all different types of Kanchipuram sarees.

This is especially known for creating Bridal wear Collections. 

Currently, the store is at Alaknanda Building, Nepean Sea Road, Mumbai. 

3.Balaji Silks

This is another shop in Mumbai providing the famous Kanchipuram sarees from Kanchipuram themselves. 

This shop is located in Bhandup, Mumbai for its customers. 

There are beautiful bridal collections available here. However, other sarees are also available for purchase here. 

4. New Mahalaxmi Silk House

This is THE destination if you are looking for South Indian sarees! 

From heavy bridal sarees to lightweight cotton sarees, a huge variety of sarees is available here. 

Directly coming from the city of Kanchipuram, you will get a taste of the city and its beautifully weaved sarees right in your city at Mumbai! 

This shop is in Matunga, Mumbai. 

5. Sri Padmavathi Silks

Well, you do not have to travel to Nepean Sea Road because this shop is situated in Dombivali! 

One of the best 5 shops to provide Kanchipuram sarees to its customers right from Kanchipuram is the Sri Padmavathi Silks store in Dombivali. 

The shimmering zari and the gold enriched sarees will make you fall in love with the store. 

The sarees are brought directly from Kanchipuram to be sold here. 

Kanchipuram Sarees For Wedding

Kanchipuram SareesA wedding is incomplete without at least one Kanchipuram Saree. It is considered as an auspicious element as well as denoting the beauty quotient. 

The colours and patterns in these sarees have a very diverse and colourful pattern to them which contributes to a majority of people liking them for this reason. 

A wedding without women in silk and gold cloth? A wedding without women in jewellery? Or a wedding without women in Kanchipuram Sarees in India is a weird sight in India. It simply does not exist. 

These sarees embrace a woman’s beauty, dignity, and elegance to make you look like an angel from above on your auspicious day! 

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