Cost of Ecotourism vs Cost of Regular Travel

Cost of Ecotourism vs Cost of Regular Travel 1

It’s high time that we human beings have to realize the importance of protecting mother earth. There are many solutions that people are coming up with to conserve the divine nature. Its time to awaken the green panthers within us. One of the solutions to protect the environment is ‘Ecotourism’.

Cost of Ecotourism vs Cost of Regular Travel 2

Having benefits such as minimizing the impact on environment, building environmental and cultural awareness, ecotourism is also cost-effective. In addition, it also provides financial benefits for conservation and for the empowerment of local people. There are many ecotourism articles giving you information about sustainable travel.

This article gives you a comparison of the cost of ecotourism and the cost of regular travel which helps you to make a wise decision that is beneficial to both you as well as the environment.

  • Transport:

Traveling in private transport like cars may give you comfort for a while. But in the long run, the gases released from them harm the environment which in turn is a loss to us human beings as these gases are harmful to human health. In addition, car transfers are often 50 percent more expensive.

Choosing public transport like buses and trains would benefit the environment and are also cheaper in terms of rate. For example, the cost of the car to travel to Munnar, Kerala from New Delhi exceeds above Rs. 20,000 whereas if you choose a combination of train and a bus, it would cost much less.

  • Food:

Cost of Ecotourism vs Cost of Regular Travel 3

Meat is one of the main factors contributing to the current sixth mass extinction. Meat production leads to fossil fuel usage and land consumption. And also eating meat in a restaurant is often 20 % more expensive than vegetarian food.

Therefore, choosing vegetarian food in a restaurant during your ecotour can ensure you a lower cost, better health, and finally a better planet.

  • Accommodation:

Arranging your accommodation in big restaurants during your travel can be costly and there may be chances of you spending all your money at the restaurant itself. Choosing local hotels and rooms at the destination can help you to save your money and also helps the local people as they get financial benefits which help them to improve their services as well as protect the area they live in.

Cost of Ecotourism vs Cost of Regular Travel 4And in addition to saving your money, you can interact with the local people to know the best practices they are adopting to protect the environment around their surroundings.

  • Agency:

Planning your travel through a regular agency is a costly affair as the main objective of these agencies is to make money. But planning your travel through an agency that is responsible, ethical and promotes sustainable travel will help you to have a great experience at a reasonable cost.

  • Shopping:

Shopping is all we look for wherever we go. In regular travel, shopping might be costly and the shops include items made of plastic and other materials that are harmful to the environment. Whereas in ecotravel, the shops include biodegradable and handcrafted materials that one can afford. And also items at these shops are unique and remind you of your travel.

Besides, the above advantages of the cost of ecotourism, travelers of ecotourism increase their awareness of the importance of protecting natural resources and avoiding waste. This helps them to reduce the cost of daily activities too. Also just like two sides of a coin, there are also ecotourism issues and challenges.

Facts about Ecotourism

Cost of Ecotourism vs Cost of Regular Travel 5According to sustainable travel report:

  • Travelers who choose ecotourism are more likely to stay 7 or more days than the regular travelers who stay was less than 3 days.
  • And also eco-travelers are more likely to travel with friends than others.

The other benefits of ecotourism are:

  • Sustainable travel planning is easy than before
  • Protection of animals
  • Reduction of our carbon footprint
  • People become sensitive through ecotourism.
  • It promotes economic stability.
  • Ecotourism is a learning experience
  • At last, ecotourism is of much importance to people as well as the planet.

Therefore, ecotourism apart from being cost-effective and pocket-friendly have a bunch of other benefits to both living things as well as the environment. So, choose eco-tourism and protect mother earth which protects our coming generations.

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