Dubai 2020: Things To Do & Places To Visit


There are many countries and places present across the globe to visit. These places are full of excitement and other special things. And among these places, if you plan to visit Dubai then here is everything you should know about Dubai.      

Dubai: An Engineering Marvel 

 Dubai is different from the rest of the countries in terms of people, culture, traditions, skyscrapers, etc. It holds a good amount of population and thus has a variety of religions. Their natives are mostly Arabs but they are also known for their hospitability. Apart from the people, Dubai also has many varieties of food as well.

There is no doubt regarding the taste of items there. The meat and rice are their native food items. The buildings here are very huge and have eye-catching structures. In fact, the tallest building is also situated in Dubai which is known as ‘Burj Khalifa’. You should visit Dubai at least once and should enjoy all the famous things there. Some of their famous places are as follows so that you can plan your travel more easily: 

Burj Khalifa:

Burj Khalifa

Who hasn’t heard this name? It is also known as Burj Dubai. With a total height of 2,722 feet, it is the tallest building in the world. Therefore, it must be visited while visiting Dubai. You can go inside the building and can enjoy the splendid view of the whole city including various markets, deserts and much more.

Here is the tip, while visiting the Burj Khalifa, just pay for the 128th floor(recommended) because it will cost you 100 AED or 27.23 USD. Moreover, you will be charged 500 AED or 136.13 USD for visiting the 148th floor which has almost the same view as of the 138th floor! At night, the building is sparkled with the light show of fishes and the fountains feel like the stars in the sky.

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Global Village:

The Global Village in Dubai is surely an amazing place to stun anyone’s mind. It consists of the blend of the cultures of over 90 countries. And thus, it is the best-known spot for tourism, entertainment and shopping in Dubai. Every year it has over 5 million visitors.

Various honourable artists have performed here as well. Some of them are Jason Derulo, Liam Payne, Shahrukh Khan, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, and Samira Said. The admission or entry fee here is 15 AED or 4.08 USD which is not a bad deal, I guess!

Dubai Miracle Garden:

 The miracle garden is located in Dubailand, Dubai. The beauty of the Miracle Garden can attract visitors even from far. This Garden is full of different varieties of flowers and hence is the World’s largest natural flower garden.

Here you can get a variety of over 50 million flowers and 250 million plants. This garden was formed on Valentine’s day in 2013. The good thing is you can also carry your camera for capturing this view. The admission fee for this Garden is 40 AED or 10.89 USD.  

Grand Mosque:

Dubai 2020: Things To Do & Places To Visit 1

This Grand Mosque is situated between the textile souk and the Dubai museum. It’s about a 2-hour drive from Dubai. It will cost you about 290 AED (78.95 USD) by taxi and 40 AED (10.89 USD) by bus.

Be sure, you will be in full clothing while visiting the Mosque,i.e, No skirts and trousers are allowed above the ankle. Well, there you can also find some stuff to cover yourself in case you forget to do so. There is no entry fee for inside

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Dubai Museum:

Along with the latest technology, fashion and tourism spots, you can find the famous Dubai museum here as well. Here you can find all the important and unique information regarding the people, places, and deserts of Dubai.

In 2008, it used to attract about 80,000 visitors monthly! It is located in the Al Fahidi Fort and the admission for the museum is around 3.67 AED or 1 USD.

Desert Safari:

Camel ride

The desert safari of Dubai is well famous. People who visit Dubai never want to miss this opportunity. In desert safari, you will be able to ride a camel, so that you can explore the desert. Moreover, you can have traditional food items there. If you want to enjoy the full safari experience then you will be charged around 315 AED (85.76 USD).

Other Things To Explore:

Despite these famous places, Dubai is a self-travel place to explore. You can find the great malls in which you can shop for the best items and can play games there, which may be a different experience for you. Also, you can visit the movie theatres, if you find any movie of your choice and language. The night- view of Dubai is also very fascinating. You can have the best experience there if you explore more. You can well explore Dubai if you will plan a visit for at least 3 days.

 Have you been to Dubai? Do you have some other suggestions which must be added in the list? Drop in the comments.

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