Guess what? The amusing walk through flora and fauna, in which sunlight is trying to penetrate. It’s hard to reach through the feet of trees. Hearing the pleasant sound of flowing water, birds chirping and animal growlings. Finally, we exit through the awesome waterfall called  “ Sea of milk ”. Yeah!!!! We are talking about the state Karnataka, which allows us to canopy walk from a Uttara Kannada to Karnataka-Goa border.   

  Work has started so that tourist can enjoy the ecotourism and also take some fresh breath, without pollutants and smoke. Now if we talk about the distance and on way scene, those are quite fascinating. The total distance covered which is about 30 feet above the forest is approximately 243 m long. This canopy walk passes through the western ghats, kali tiger reserve which is also a part of Great Cannara Trail.

As it’s India’s first longest canopy walk, people must be very excited. When it comes to the people who love to wander around for the search of diversity and environment love. Who loves to travel around the world for such experiences. Of course, the work wasn’t so easy, many environmentalists were against this.

Environmentalists don’t want to see garbage around the forest. They don’t want to turn the kali tiger reserve into an amusement park. On the other hand, listening to the forest general official’s statement was like music to my ears, as he said that this project is done to create awareness among people about the importance of trees and wildlife in western ghats. 

About what we heard from the source is, the amount of 84 lakh has been granted for the first leg of the project.  The walk has been inaugurated on February 18 and will be thrown to the public soon. Children above 14 years and adults are allowed with some nominal fees of 30rs and 50rs respectively. 

More Exciting Information About Karnataka’s Canopy Walk

Of course, it’s fascinating to see the forest from 30 feet above. It would feel like you are more close to heaven as imagining yourself with a clear sky. Hearing the melodious sound of birds chirping, water flowing, insects katydid, cicadas making noises by rubbing their forewings.

We surround ourselves with many trees that are either too tall or too thick. They seem too old and some seem to newly grow with the greenery leaves. Consider yourself under their shadow so that the sun can’t penetrate its sunlight to you.

The structure is so that, it can take 10 people at a time on the walk and show them some eye-catching views.  We can just take a halt from our life and live in that moment, enjoy the vastness and depths of the forest that it encompasses. There will be a guide with you who tells you about the flora and fauna that is Malabar tamarind, cinnamon, bamboo, eucalyptus, teak & Jamba trees to name a few, now you can see them up close in all their glory from a higher position.

Plus with Malabar squirrels, lion-tailed macaque, hornbills, white-bellied treepies, bison & the oriental kingfisher amongst the many species that are visible in this part of the region, every nature, wildlife or bird enthusiast is going to be delighted and give you a whole new perspective on our forests. 

Picture Your Ecotourism 

India is still rich in flora and fauna, but as everything is under the tag “Endanger”. Activist thought of designing India’s first canopy walk. Of course, there may be many obstacles that we have to overcome.

Another side of the coin it’s full of tremendous adventurous and excitation, doing the camping under the blanket of stars, doing a bonfire dance and sharing their life stories sitting on the log, those all will be like the new page to your memories. Washing your morning faces with the cold water coming from the mouth of the mountains.

The fresh air penetrating through minds of ours and creating a fresh aura of positiveness. Although it will also be like a romantic date for a couple. Getting so many chances to get closeness to each other and picture themselves in the camera and then to their memories album. 


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By Abhishek Saraswat

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