Ecotourism – Top states promoting Ecotourism in India

Ecotourism - Top states promoting Ecotourism in India 1

Ecotourism is the most promoting word in the world of ‘Tourism.’ Tourism is getaway from daily chaos of life. In India, it is important to promote Ecotourism because, in the mind of having awareness over fresh start, people are looking over places to get their minds relaxed.

Whenever people involved in large numbers, it is always a mess. Though it better involved in less carbon footprint(pun intended), The damage is always right there.

Ecotourism promotes everything done with no damage in the tourism industry. Ecotourism(say sustainable tourism) helps to protect natural habitats and pristine places by not exploiting them and by exploring them. Ecotourism has benefits like being cost-effective, providing positive experiences, increasing cultural awareness.

This article provides you the top states that are promoting Ecotourism. Good thing is that every state government is promoting Ecotourism. Let’s go for a journey through these ecotourism promoting states of India:


Ecotourism - Top states promoting Ecotourism in India 2

  1. Amidst the green palm grove plants and paddy fields, backwaters has its own charm slashed from the Western Ghats. Kettuvallam, navigate the area’s winding backwaters and offer a relaxing stay.
  2. Munnar is definitely a bolthole for ecotourists. Enveloped with superabundant trees, tea plants, grasslands, Munnar is home for a wide variety of flora and fauna.
  3. Thenmala in Kollam district of Kerala, is the first India’s planned ecotourist destination. This small place allows people for forest trails and night camps. What else more is needed!
  4. Thodupuzha is the least explored Western Ghats’ gem. Thodupuzha is the gateway to the Thomankutthu waterfall which is quaintly seven-step waterfall.


  1. The gushing streams gutting through the woods and winding lanes cutting through mountains, the Nilgiris is the best part of TN. Nilgiris is the second highest mountain after himalayas. There are a variety of wildlife such as Nilgiri Tahr, Gaur, mouse deer, Sambhar and many species.
  2. Annamalai sanctuary is a home for elephants, tigers, panthers, variety of birds of bears. It is located on the border of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. It is famous for diverse range of flora and fauna, spectacular scenery.
  3. Kodaikanal is set in the Palani hills of eastward spur of Western Ghats. This summer retreat emerged as a eco-major place. The Bryant park, Bear Shola Falls, Guna Caves, Dolphin’s nose and many places are in the steps of Ecotourism.
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  1. Coorg is home to the tribe named Kodava. This picture-book place is profusely supplied with great amount of flora and fauna.
  2. Nagarhole National park is a part of Nilgiri’s biosphere which contains over 47 streams. It also has the highest number of herbivores and is recognized as a UNESCO Heritage site.
  3. Bandipur National Park is established as a tiger reserve under Project Tiger. It has animals like four-horned antelopes, Gaurs, sloth bears, muggers. Reptiles like langurs, lizards, squirrels, pythons, vipers. This is a great escape for a refreshing restart.

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  1. Pulicat is the name that comes into my mind whenever there are terms like AP, tourism, ecological. Pulicat is such pristine and picturesque thatEcotourism - Top states promoting Ecotourism in India 3 you can’t get your eyes off. It is at its best in practicing ecotourism. Bird watching, fishing are done here by the locals.
  2. Talakona is the nature’s gifted waterfall. It is a weekend getaway for a restart. These waterfalls are placed amidst forest surrounded by greenery. There are endangered species like Sambhar, cheetal, squirrel, loris in Talakona.
  3. Kambalakonda ecotourism park can give the deep jungle experience right in the within the city with green dense forest. This evergreen forest is designed to continue and keep upon the natural habitats of wildlife and also for the people to enjoy nature’s beauty.



  1. Chilika lake is the only place in India where large number of different types of bird species can be seen with proximity. In this destination flyaway, every year, around 200 species of different birds migrate here.
  2. Saptasajya is the famous ecotourist of this Odisha. It is because of the history saying Lord Rama stayed here for 7 days. In Dwapara yuga, Pandavas had spent a few days here. And the hospitality, the animal life is great here.
  3. Similipal is famous for tigers. There are also other animals like Sambhar, Porcupine, Chital and many more. Similipal offers Bird watching, Jungle Trekking, Farm visits too!
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These states are only the top 5 states in India. Still there are many many states of India practicing Ecotourism. Every state has its own Ecotourism department promoting ecotourism in every way possible. Best thing is government is trying constantly to promote Ecotourism which is a good sign.

Word to mention: It is not always someone’s “Task” to protect every component of Nature.

Think like this, If you are reading something, you inhale, inhale, inhale, inhale, inhale, inhale, but you don’t exhale. Odd, isn’t it? Same thing with the nature too. don’t always take give it too!

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