Stands proud in the beautiful valley of Dehradun, Uttarakhand since 1906 is the Imperial Research Institute popularly known as the Forest Research Institute (FRI) of India.

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It is a premier institution in forestry research in India. It is a home for hundreds of trees and a vast lush green campus.

Apart from its scenic beauty and great ambience, this place holds a lot of wonders. It has beautiful buildings and museums that keep the National Heritage alive of India!

About the Architecture of Forest Research Institute:

Himalayan Gypsy-Best Traveller Blogger India-Best Travel Photographer India-Abhishek Saraswat

Forest Research Institute spreads around the wide area of 450 Hectares. This place has buildings, museums, roads, and cottages spread across the vast area.

The buildings in FRI are one of the rarest assimilations of Indian Architecture. They serve as an ideal example of the Colonial masterpiece that left impressions of the British Architecture in India.

With its pure and beautiful aura, it provides its visitors with a perfect place to be in and enjoy with family and friends.

Moreover, here, you not only get to know about the history and knowledge imparted by its museums but also get to be a part of our ancient heritage.Β  FRI has become a synonyms term with evolution and development in scientific forest research not only in India but across the globe.

Inside the buildings of FRI:

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This is the main building of the lush green campus that serves as the offices of the forest Instructors. Inside this building is the secret for the administration and research work on FRI.

Viceroy Freeman Thomas the then Viceroy of India inaugurated the main building of FRI in 1929. No wonder! FRI is now the National Heritage site.

Forest Research Institute is probably one of the best places to visit in Dehradun.Β  This place is a perfect blend of British Architecture in India along with our own Indian Architecture.

Interesting Facts aboutΒ Architecture of FRI:

Himalayan Gypsy-Best Traveller Blogger India-Best Travel Photographer India-Abhishek Saraswat

FRI is the oldest institute of its own kind that has gained recognition at the world level. Forest Research Institute is listed in the Guinness Book of Records, as the largest brick structure in the world.

Monochrome Architecture is the reason for its unique style as all the magnificent buildings represent the recurring patterns of bricks.

All the buildings of this institution are inspired by the Greco-Roman and the British styles of architecture. The institute has a developed infrastructure of all equipped laboratories, library, herbarium, arboreta, printing press and experimental field areas.

This large infrastructure helps in conducting forestry research, quite in keeping with the best of its kind anywhere in the world.

A glimpse of the Monochrome Architecture:

Himalayan Gypsy-Best Traveller Blogger India-Best Travel Photographer India-Abhishek Saraswat

The beautifully styled buildings of FRI are in the hybrid architecture of Greek, Roman and Colonial influence by C.G. Blomfield. No wonder,Β  why such an amazing and massive architecture took seven years to get completed.

The Roman Architecture building plans of FRI follows the Monochrome Architecture style that makes the walls more vivid.Β  According to the colonial architecture of the building in FRI, the big windows are down and the smaller ones on the upper side. This gives a magnificent look to the buildings.

Generally, the beautiful combination of red bricks aligned so perfectly with symmetry makes the buildings of FRI Β look like another wonder of the world.

The British architecture includes the wood and bricks interiors that give the building a rational layout. The beautiful gardens, arcades and the airy corridors of Forest Research Institute will make you last a little longer at this place.


Explore the Museums on FRI:

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However, FRI has all the good vibes and beautiful ambiance, this is also a great place for learning. There are six central courtyards that surround the wide corridors on all sides of the building.

These are the way to different museums, washrooms and official rooms of the Forest officers and other staff in FRI. Β Most of the forest officers are a part of this institute and serves their tenure here.

The buildings of FRI are also a house of many Botanical Museums where you get to see a huge variety of flora and species from around the world.

Himalayan Gypsy-Best Traveller Blogger India-Best Travel Photographer India-Abhishek Saraswat

The Six museums around the courtyards are:

Silviculture Museum

The Entomology Museum

Pathology Museum

The Social Forestry Museum

Timber Museum

N.W.F. P Museum

Breathtaking symmetry of the building:

Providing a breathtaking look to the building,Β  Red bricks are arranged in a beautiful symmetry in all buildings of the Forest Research Institute.Β  Inspired by the British Architecture FRI is potentially the main attraction of Dehradun.

The heart of this place is its beautiful gardens that give you all the peace and comfort to sit down and mould yourself with the blissful surroundings.

Therefore, before you plan to go to other places in Dehradun, visit FRI once.Β  Explore the Magnificent work of British Architecture in India. Come and stay here for a while.

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