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Goa, as we know is the smallest state in India, situated in the west coast, is known for its beautiful landscapes, mesmerizing monuments and churches and never-ending nightlife. 

It is situated on the coastal Konkan region and on the bank of Arabian sea. It is bounded by the state Maharashtra in the North with State Karnataka on the East and South.

Having a coastline of around 101km, it houses some of the beautiful beaches and scenic beauty to go with it.

Goa, being in the tropical zone, it has weather which is usually pleasant being moderately sunny weather most of the time with no clear demarcation between 2 seasons except in monsoon, which lasts for 5 months, from June to September.

History of Goa

GoaGoa was liberated and became a part of India after being ruled by the Portuguese for about 450 years which were the most successful rulers to rule Goa.

Before Portuguese, many other rulers like Silharas, Kadamdas, Chaukyans, kings of Deccan, kings of Vijaynagar, Adilshah of Bijapur ruled Goa.

Portuguese were the first Europeans to step in India which was around the year 1498.

For the sole purpose of trading spices and cotton, a trading company was established, but when the Portuguese admiral Alfonso de Albuquerque defeated the ruling Bijapur kings on the behalf of a local sovereign, they started ended up ruling.

Popular languages of Goa

Before Goa was finally liberated from the Portugals around 1961, mostly the language spoken by the inhabitants was Portuguese.

But Goa now, itself has people with a fusion of languages. Konkani, Hindi, English, Marathi, Urdu and Kannada are some of the other languages spoken by the people in Goa, among which, Konkani being the local language of Goa.

Capital of Goa

Panaji, also known as Panjim, inherited from Portuguese, is the capital of Goa. It is the biggest city of North Goa

Chief Minister of Goa

Pramod Pandurang Sawant is the 11th and current Chief Minister of Goa.

Governor of Goa

Satya Pal Malik, appointed by the President Ram Nath Kovind, is the 18th and the current governor of Goa.

High court location in Goa

The high court of Mumbai is the common high court for both Maharashtra and Goa.

Goa Tourism

Goa is a place of paradise on earth, blended with some beautiful sandy beaches, warm sunsets and an atmosphere filled with energy and joy to keep you hyped up all time.

And these all properties are what makes Goa a popular place for a tourist destination. And that’s not it, the pleasant weather also adds up perfectly to help you explore every part of Goa.

So many adventures like water sport activities, visiting churches, nightlife, casinos, dolphin sightings, etc which attractively lure you to an ultimate unforgettable experience for life.

Goa tourism not only has adventures but also has got us covered with tranquillity in spirituality. It gives a divine insight into the temples and mosques, present in Goa namely Mangesh Temple and Safa Shahouri Mosque.

Wildlife sanctuaries are also an attractive tourist destination for the wildlife travellers hopping around the state, sighting the different species and varieties of flora and fauna to keep you excited throughout.

Best 50 Places To Visit In Goa In 2020:

1. Calangute Beach

The queen of beaches, it is the largest beach in goa, where you can lie down the beach and just enjoy the soothing ambience.

2. Fort Aguada

Dividing the Sequerium beach and the Candolim beach facing the Arabian Sea, it was one of the prized possessions of the Portuguese, now a famous sightseeing place for the travellers.

3. Tito’s street

If you’re a party lover, then you have to visit Tito’s street, which is one of the best clubs located on the party hub Baga beach, because of its location and the service it provides. 

4. Baga beach

The place is the most famous sightseeing place of Goa, where so many activities going on simultaneously not giving you time to think. If you are in Goa, you can’t miss this beach.

5. Anjuna beach

Anjuna is a small village in the north coast of Goa. The beach here has some beautifully picturesque background to enjoy.

6. Dudhsgar waterfalls

The four-tiered waterfall structure is one of the tallest in India, of about 1017 ft,  which is located on the Mandovi River on the Goa-Karnataka Border. 

7. Club Cabana

Located in a remote location on top of the Arpora hill in North Goa, it is called the “nightclub in the sky”. With dance floors, a swimming pool, lounge and the revolving flashlights have been attracting a lot of party-goers.

8. The church of Our Lady Immaculate Conception

This is the most frequently visited place for Sightseeing in goa. This is a tourist attraction for a lot of devotees which stands for its spiritual and geographical beauty.

9. Dona Paula Beach

Named after the tragic history of love and suicide of Dona Paula, this place is one of the attractions for tourist travellers. Being a small beach, it also provides water sports for the adventure seekers in here.

10. Chapora fort

Constructed on the banks of river Chapora, it gives the opportunity to see some of the beautiful views in its surroundings, the reason for which many battles were fought, to get the possession of this fort.

11. Grand island

Searching for one place to be a basket of water sports then this is the one,  a place which provides water sports from snorkelling to scuba diving to many more. Come and explore.

12. Candolim beach

You can host a lot of activities in here, at the time to spend here with reasonable price or just relax your eyes with sights you get to see.

13. Bom Jesus Basilica

A central landmark for Catholics, it is in this place where the body of St Francis Xavier’s kept, which is the main reason for being a tourist attraction. 

14. Palolem beach

One of the beautiful beaches, with his peaceful waters bordered by the headlands. This is the calmest beach you can be in where you can go metres into the water and feel the soothings right by your feet.

15. Butterfly beach

Called the secret beach, this is the best to be enjoyed when you go in-season when the bloomy lush green is all around you and you can see the paradise on earth.

16. Curlies 

A must for the youngsters and an all-in-one beach shack, this beach is popular for its food, services, option to stay for a day or two and most importantly the view.

17. Mambos 

Considered to be one of the best night clubs of Goa, this is again a must place for the youngsters to party with a bunch of people who want to party as well.

18. Vagator beach

Compared to the Anjuna beach, this is the quieter one. This is gaining its popularity among the Indian ravelers with beautiful red cliffs making a lovely place to enjoy the sunset.

19. Anjuna flea market 

There’s this wild nightlife of Anjuna beach and then comes its flea market which is bit different. It is one of the quintessential part of goa making a must tourist attraction.

20. Arambol beach

Situated in the north goa, this is perfect place if you want to enjoy some water sports along with some peaceful relaxation, also perfect for paragliding and kitesurfing.

21. Sunburn Goa

The largest kind of gathering in the whole Asia, this is an annual electronic dance festival which is organised for a span of 3 days with lots of performances with renowned DJs to get the party going on the floor.

22. Ashvem beach

As it is not frequently visited, this is one of the quietest and serene beaches to visit, making it perfect to visit with your family or on a honeymoon. You can swim in the water or just relax in the silence.

23. Galgibaga beach

It is the cleanest beach, which is situated in South Goa and is not known to many people, where you’re sure to enjoy the yellow sand and the turquoise blue water.

24. Benaulim beach

This beach is made up of white sand, which lets you just sit back and relax under the sun. If you also want o get involved in some activities, you can go to water sports or go to paradise island.

25. Mobor Beach

The southernmost tip of Cavelossim Beach, this is the active part of the beach. With the coconut trees lining and the sand dunes, it makes a beautiful spot to pay a visit.

26. Colva beach

The lovely stretchy white land and the glimmering sea to go with it makes it one of the famous sea beaches of South Goa being the right balance between the commercial and quite.

27. Sinquerim beach

It is connected to the Candolim beach, hence the tourist visiting here is almost the same as in Candolim beach, though it is quieter and cleaner that the Candolim beach.

You can enjoy the view from the lighthouse of the Aguada fort guarding one of its shore or simply explore it.

28. Bambolim Beach

Want o see a little gem hidden from the sight of the popular travellers then this is the beach which has maintained the serenity of a natural beach. Its amazing view and peace is to keep you mesmerised.

29. Shiva valley

If you want to be part of a long party and want to be enjoying the crowd moving and jumping u to he beats then this club is just for you waiting to be visited by you.

30. Love Passion karma

This club gives the best vibe to called the best party club in town, with amazing music, lightings, and a hyped-up DJ is sure to give the experience of dancing all night.

31. Sinq night club

laid-back lounge, a chic nightclub, a contemporary tavern, and poolside deck is here to gift the joyful times in Goa.

32. Club fresh

Getting drunk amidst a lot of music, dance, along the shoreline of Arabian sea which remains open round the clock. Club fresh is the ultimate party spot.

33. Hill top

Get out of the monotonous routine of the daily grind and throw yourself to the party which goes on till late night, a frequently visited club for both Indians and international tourist.

34. Chronicle Goa

Looking for partying as well dinning by the Arabian sea, this club is a must after you have visited the Vagator beach.

35. Chapora river

This river is present in the northern part of Goa, which is famous for the right reasons. It has the right current that is perfect for river rafting and other water sports like Kayaking and even can enjoy some cruise rides.

36. Spice plantation visit

Oa is n bout only beaches and nightlife but there also a par hat brings us to his other side. Talking about the plantation, many of the exotic or expensive varieties re grown here, which is definitely a place one should pay a visit to.

37. Verna springs

Also known as Kesarval springs referring to the eagles who had their nesting ground near the springs. Except the eagles who no more have their nestin grounds, the waters still beautifully gushing out through the rocks is a thing to be admired and enjoyed in Goa.

38. Mapusa Friday market

A market in a small town in the Bardez district is a must place to buy your food essentials, if you have plans to explore Goa for a longer period of time.

39. Todo falls

Todo falls is one of the prettiest waterfalls in Goa and the thing which makes it more attractive is the trekking which is thrilling as well as tiring but ultimately it is worth the shot.

40. Divar island

It is difficult to believe that such a pristine and simple place exists in Goa but you need to visit it in order to believe this truth, which is sure to make you smile and satisfied to your soul.

41. Arvalem waterfall

This is must place if you’ve kids jumping around you because this is neither as huge as the Dudhsaga waterfalls nor that far. It is also er to the other popular beaches of North Goa.

42. Mandovi River Cruise

This is for those who want to have a calming experience amidst the adventures and parties. This is to feel the peace of breeze teasing your hair while you sail through the water around you.

43. Museum of Christian art

The love for art by the residents of Goa can be seen by visiting any of the states in Goa and this museum is one of the famous and unique ones in itself.

44. Church of St. Cajetan

This church of St. Cajetan have a strong resemblance with the church of  St. Peters Basilica church located in Rome and hence is sone of the famous churches of Goa.

45. Lamgau caves

Constructed of 2 manmade caves, this shows the transition from Buddhism to Hinduism. This cave was originally built as a residence for monks and is of huge importance o the Hindu community of Goa.

46. Corjeum Fort

This makes a perfect spot for the tourist who wants to take a break from beaches and all-time parties, which has been an attractive possession mainly because of its strategic position.

47. Mangueshi temple

If you want to get an insight of the traditional side of Goa other than the western part, then this temple is a must to visit, a temple which is devoted to another form of Lord Shiva i.e. lord Mangueshi.

48. Bats island

To experience some marine life in Goa with very fewer visitors even though it’s a gem in itself, Bats island is a perfect place to visit, which even provide watersports like snorkelling.

49. Fort Tiracol

Since this fort has seen a lot of victories and defeats during the struggling time of freedom, this is regarded as the symbol of bravery of all the freedom fighters of Goa, which is a huge tourist attraction.

50. Naval Aviation museum

This is a must-visit for both the parents and the children. Being one of the 2 military museums, it houses to show various out-of-commission aircraft that served in the navy.

Famous National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries in Goa:

1. Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary

Starting from the smallest Wildlife Sanctuary of Goa, it is situated in Ponda region.

Students, as well as tourists, have a huge attraction towards this sanctuary because it houses a variety of species like Indian Bison, Malabar Giant Squirrel, Sambar deer, and lots of types of snakes and deer.

Also, a 100 different species of birds, reside in the lush green environment of this jungle. To add on to its attractiveness, it also has a zoological park, a botanical garden, a rose garden, etc. 

2. Molem Wildlife Sanctuary

It is the core area of Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuaries, which is one of the largest Wildlife Sanctuaries. Animals that can be spotted here, to be named a few will be Bengal Tiger, White Panther, Wild boar, Leopard, etc.

This sanctuary is a delight to the eyes of bird watchers or bird overs because it consists of around 120 different species of birds like three-toed Kingfisher, Drongo, wagtails, Great India Hornbill, etc.i It is also famous for its trekking trek in Goa as a part of the adventure.

3. Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary

This is a paradise for those who are tree lovers, hence, this 105 sq. km. The park is also known a the tree lovers paradise, which is located in Canacona taluka, South Goa.

With thick deciduous trees covering the area, it houses species like Flying Lizard, Golden Back, White-bellied Woodpecker, etc.

The forest department organizes for a trek within the greenery and if some want to spend a night with nature in an ultimate style is also provided with necessaries.

The uniqueness of his sanctuary comes from the watchtower balanced solely on the trees, which helps to peak at the water body where the animals come to pay a visit often.

4. Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary

This Sanctuary is rich in biodiversity and is also being considered as a Project Tiger Reserve as the Royal Bengal Tigers are one of the Inhabitants. It is highly renowned for the waterfalls like Vajra Sakla and Virdi falls. 

As a delight to the animal lovers, there are spottings of Barking deer, Asian Palm Civet, Black Faced langur, etc. There are also rare sightings of leopard, Black panther, Jungle cat, etc and the endangered Slender Loris.

Been awarded as international bird area, it also gives them opportunities to spot birds like Malabar Parakeet, Grey-headed Bulbul, Malabar Grey Hornbill, etc.

5. Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary

Situated in the Sanguem Taluka of Eastern Goa, it is the newest wildlife Sanctuary, which derives its name from Neturli, an important tributary of the river Zuari, a significant source of freshwater of that particular region.

It is mostly covered with moist deciduous forest fusing with semi-green and green scenic beauty.

Its sightings of Fauna range from Panthers, Cobras, Giant squirrels, Slender Loris, etc to sightings of various species of birds and butterflies too like Gaudy baron, Malabar Tree Lymph.

It’s also a place to try out scuba diving.

6. Mahaveer Wildlife Sanctuary

Located in Sanguem taluka, it is the biggest of all the wildlife sanctuaries in Goa. The Kadamba Dynasty and the famous Dudhsagar Waterfalls are one of the numerous temples, which adds up to the flora and fauna of this Sanctuary. 

It is home to a plethora of birds and animals because of the blend of different lush green trees in the sanctuary with numerous perennial water streams and also is house to the Dhangar Nomadic Buffalo hunters.

You might spot animals like Panther, barking deer, Bengal tiger, Sambar, etc with the birds namely Common Mormon, Blue Mormon, Plain tiger, etc.

Night safaris, Jungle safaris are also one of the exciting adventures provided in here.

7. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary

 Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary is a mangrove swamp, which is also known as an ornithologist’s paradise, it is located at the western tip of the Chorao Island along Mandovi River.

This place epitomises for the bird watching buffs of the rare and exotic kinds. If required, boat rides are also available to take to you to places where you have spottings o such species. 

The birds which can be found in here are Eagles, kingfishers, Kites, Curlews, Sandpipers, Redshank, etc.

Goa Is Famous For:

1. Fantastic beaches

The whole length from the North to the South, you get to see a beach every 5 minutes and each beach is beautiful and unique in its own way.

2. Goa Carnival

With the Catholics in charge, every February people come out to celebrate a Portuguese era carnival where people dressed up in traditional or fancy dresses, get up to the party.

3. The festive atmosphere in December 

With lots of churches and Catholics and churches, Goa is a must on Christmas, with decorated streets, carol singing, Christmas Parties, etc.

4. Water sports

With so many beaches, it goes without saying that they provide water sports. Paragliding, Banana Boat sailing, Snorkeling, etc are some sports you can enjoy.

5. Cheap alcohol

Which party goes without alcohol right? And when the cost is one-third of what it costs in Mumbai, then what better you could ask for?

6. Portuguese Influence

Since the Portuguese ruled the place for many years, it is obvious to see its influence in many areas including the houses built in Goa.

7. Headphone Parties and Trance Parties

These kinds of parties one of the unique parties of Goa which makes it to be wanted by the fellow travellers who are party lovers.

8. Seafood

With so many beaches and obvious fishes to catch there have to be lots of seafood restaurants and delicious seafood to be served.

9. Casinos

There are many cruise ship casinos who host gambling activities, drinks, music, etc for a perfect evening.

10. Bike rentals 

With just 200 rupees per day, for non-geared scooters which keeps increasing depending on the type of scoters you want, these two-wheeler rides are convenient, easy and enjoyable ones to explore Goa.

11. Churches and Old Goa

This is the essence of real Goa. Diving into the architectural beauty and the world of divinity is sure to blow anyone’s mind with awe.

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