All About FASTags! : Good bye Queues, Hello FASTags.

All About FASTags! : Good bye Queues, Hello FASTags. 1

Do you know that over Rs.12000 crores are wasted in the form of fuel and man-time at the toll plazas every year in India? Yes, it is so true. Also, it is very abominable to waste hours of our precious travel time at toll plazas which are magical. To help you with that FASTags are introduced.

The unintended speed breakers on Indian highway roads are because of fellow drivers, few animals and toll plazas. But the toll plaza is unavoidable. Because of that you have to stop, wait, pay and then leave. By this time, your coolness will totally be lost. To avoid that endless hours of waiting, FASTags are introduced.

All About FASTags! : Good bye Queues, Hello FASTags. 2

This is an introductory post to FASTags.


What is a FASTag?

FASTag is a contactless toll collection system at the toll plazas. It enables to make payment directly from our prepaid account without waiting in the toll plazas. A FASTag will only just take 2-3 minutes to wait instead of a long 40 minutes.

FASTag employs Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology for making payments at the toll plaza.

After buying a FASTag, simply affix it to the windshield. Pass through the toll barriers at the toll plaza, The reader will electronically read directly deduct the toll from your bank account. You’ll get a message notification regarding it.


How to get it?

FASTag is available online and you can obtain it through banks like AXIS, ICICI, SBI. There are a total of over 22 banks issuing FASTags. It is available on e-commerce platform like Amazon.

How to Activate it?

By self-activation:

You can activate your FASTag by downloading My FASTag app. For Android users, it is available on Google Playstore and for Iphone users, it is available on the Apple store. You need to link the FASTag with the existing bank account by using the My FASTag app.

There is also an option of prepaid wallet. You can recharge your wallet and toll will be deducted from there instead of directly from the bank account.

Activating by visiting certified bank branch:

You can visit your local bank branch to get a FASTag. Available banks are ICICI, AXIS, HDFC and many more. There your account is linked with the FASTag.

  1. You need to complete the Know-Your-Customer (KYC) process before the application for a FASTag. Different banks have different KYC plans and you need to follow that.
  2. Along with that, you need to submit your Registration Certificate (RC) while documentation.

Fees and Charges

Tag issuance fee depends on the platform and the bank you are purchasing.

Visit bank’s official website to know the prices of the FASTag and their issuance and reissuance fees.

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How to affix a FASTag?

Just stick your FASTag to windshield and you are done. No one can stop you! Yeah, speed-breakers do.

Can I link one FASTag to two different vehicles of mine?

No, you can’t. You need to get two FASTags and use it for each.

What if my FASTag is worn and torn and it is unable to get scanned?

Don’t worry, if the reader is unable to read the worn and torn. You can pay cash if there are any wrongdoings. You’ll get a new one at the bank at an additional cost.

Documents needed to apply for a FASTag?

Registration Certificate (RC) and also KYC required documents such as Driving License, Aadhar Card. And you need a photocopy of the customer.

How will I get to know how much toll is deducted?

After passing through the toll barrier, you’ll receive a message notification to your registered mobile number. To get a periodic statement, you can visit the online portal.

How can I report an inappropriate deduction from my FASTag?

This doesn’t, actually. You can report it to the bank where you got the FASTag. Or you can contact the Customer Care Helpline number.

Can I get a monthly pass?

Yes! You can. Monthly pass is available and it is specific to the toll plaza. Visit the NHAI website or Toll plaza to get more details.

Do I need to purchase a FASTag for my tow-wheeler?

No, you don’t need to purchase a FASTag for your two-wheeler currently.



Soon, all payments at the Toll plaza can be done by using FASTags. So, immediately get one, if you are owning any vehicle. You can save time, Online recharge, save fuel, No handling of cash, you can track your spending and many advantages of getting it.

And more importantly you can travel hassle free! Don’t let your travelling thunder taken away from you. Happy travels!

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