Green Ambassador

An initiative to promote & showcase our Green Heroes who have been working to save environment & its related causes. 


What is it about?

Through this program we wish to associate with individuals and businesses who are working towards the protectection & conservation of nature & its resources. 

Businesses in travel industry following green practices & promoting ecotourism and responsible travelling are our main focus of this initiative.

We wish to talk about them and promote them through our blogs & social channels to get due exposure, reach & appreciation they deserve from the society & government. 

How do we plan to do it?

If you are a Green Hero, please connect to us through email or whats app so that we can know more about you and your business that is based on eco-friendly practices. 

We will start with creating a unique page on our blog about your business and would add all details of your green products or services which will be promoted through all our channels on a minimal profit sharing basis to cover our cost of advertising and promotion.

This will help your business to get access to a wider audience of like minded people which will reflect into your sales & revenue with time as well.

Write to us at [email protected]

Whats App: +918954103995

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