Hampi is a UNESCO World Heritage Site! Located in Eastern Karnataka, this is a centre for the devotees of the Hindu religion. The ruins and artefacts leftover by the Persian and European settlers and travellers can be seen here.

“THE FORGOTTEN EMPIRE”, parts of the epic Ramayana are believed to take place in the city of Hampi from the medieval era.

A haven for a curious mind digging into history! If you want to visit a UNESCO site and be a part of this adventure, so make sure to give the city of Hampi a visit for sure! 

Hampi History 


Did you know?

Being the historic capital of the Vijayanagar Empire, the city of Hampi was the richest and second-largest in the medieval era after Beijing.

In 1565, the city was conquered and destroyed after which it remained in ruins. However, there are many surviving sculptures or pieces of history that remain there that are worth a visit one should not consider missing! 

How To Reach Hampi?

This historical city is well-connected to different places of the country via roads, rail, and air. This makes it a viable tourist spot to visit as they can reach here without much hassle. 

By Air: 

The nearest airport to Hampi would be the famous Belgaum Airport in Karnataka which is approximately 270km away from Hampi. 

The Bangalore Airport is only 300km away and is connected to the major flights coming in from Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, etc.

There are taxis and cabs also available for people to hire. 

By Rail: 

The nearest train station is in Hospet which is nearly 13km away. There is no railway station in Hampi. 

Buses and taxis are available at Hospet for travelling to Hampi as well. 

By Road: 

KSRTC buses are known to operate on a regular day basis between Hospet and Hampi. Moreover, the roadways from Bangalore and other places are well connected.

There are many options to reach the destination comfortably. 

The distance of Hampi from Bangalore is 342km.

Best Time To Visit Hampi? 

The number of beautiful temples that Hampi has will take you nearly a properly planned day to see, but one should not miss this! After all, it is not a World Heritage Site without a reason.

The best time to visit would be from October to February since the weather is quite pleasing in these months. 

Travellers can wish to visit in the monsoon seasons as well, but the boulders can be found to be slippery. 

Popular Places To Visit In Hampi:

1.Virupaksha Temple


This is the pride of Hampi. This is a temple built in the 7th century and what makes this a UNESCO Heritage Site. 

It is said to be the home to Lord Shiva. The walls are decorated with stone carvings which date back to the 7th century.

It is made in a south-Indian architectural style. 

2.The Elephants Stables

This served as the stables for the royal elephants to be kept back in the days of the medieval era with the rule of the Vijayanagar Empire. 

3.Hanuman Temple


Just 2km away from the famous Virupaksha Temple, this 500-year-old temple is also known as the monkey temple and is found inside a cave.  

4.The Lakshmi Narasimha temple

Here, Narasimha can be seen sitting on a seven-headed snake. It is a place of visit and worship for most Indians.

It has been affected through the years but is still standing! 

5.Achyutaraya Temple (Hampi Temple)


The temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is also known as Tiruvengalanatha Temple. 

Many carvings can be seen here of mythological characters and deities. 

6.Hazarana Rama Temple

This temple is dedicated to Lord Rama and is located in the village of Hampi.

The view and the carvings are exquisite and bring travellers from all over the world to visit this site. This temple can be noticed from far away under the light blue skies. This temple dates back to the 15th century.

7.Hippie Island Hampi

While most visitors remain in the south of Tungabhadra where the bulk of the ruins and temples are placed, some favour the opposite side of the river, in the vibrant hippy culture of the Hippie Island in Hampi.

Virapapur Gadde or Hippie Island is located on the opposite side of the Tungabhadra river, dividing the historical element from an area with a smooth cadence. Hippie island is the perfect place to kick back and relax, surrounded by the beauty of nature.

Hotels in Hampi:

There are numerous hotels to enjoy your stay in this ancient city. The most popular hotels are:

Things to do Hampi:

1. Try Bouldering


These boulders are said to be some of the first creations of the Earth. The ancient Vijayanagar Empire has shaped them in various unique ways and one must not miss this sight! 

These boulders form everything in this city. From the rivers to the valleys, to the hills and so much more! 

Interesting, isn’t it? 

2.Stay in a hut

Whether or not you would agree to call yourself a hippie or not, one must travel to the other side of the river to the island called, “Hippie Island!”

A hammock and a hut give you the extreme pleasures of enjoying life peacefully and simply. 

I wouldn’t want to miss out on this opportunity of cutting away from the rest of the world in such a serene and divine place! 

3.Climb the Matanga Hill


There are many hills in this region. However, Matanga Hill is known to be the best one that offers the best view of the landscape from the top. 

On the very top, you will find the Veerabhadra Temple, a sight to behold. 

4.Ride a ferry on the Red River of Hampi

The Tungabhadra River does indeed have red water just like its name suggests! 

The interesting thing about this river?

Other than the fact that the river is red, every rock that peeks out of this river has a statue made on top of it. A sight where most travellers are left astonished!  

5.Rent a scooter

As travellers, the best way to get a feel of the real city is to see the city through the eyes of a local living there. Now, we do agree it is hard to do that in just merely a few days. 

So why not rent a scooter and ride around town checking out the rice paddies, the local cafes, the local children playing and so much more? 

The roads are usually empty and it is so much easier to ride a mo-ped than a scooter in real life! 

6. Jump off a cliff?


Yes? No? Well, it is an adventure most tourists go for without hesitation.

Sanapur Lake is a beautiful reservoir and it is hard for one to hold themselves back from jumping.  

7. Take a coracle ride:

While you are in Hampi and you can get a coracle ride, do not miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity! 

The exciting experience will make it memorable forever!

8.Visit the Hampi Bazaar: 

A list of famous artefacts and traditional designs are found here. It is right next to the Virupaksha Temple in Hampi and hence the name. 

FAQs About Hampi:

  • How long should we go to Hampi? 

I would suggest a minimum of four days to enjoy the extreme beauty of this landscape. 

  • How is the weather like in Hampi?

The weather is usually hot, even in the winter seasons.

  • Which is the nearest railway station to Hampi?

The nearest railway station is Hospet Junction.

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