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Haryana is a North Indian state surrounding New Delhi on 3 sides. The Yamuna River runs along its eastern border with Uttar Pradesh.

Lying in the foot of Aravalli, this historic state stretches over 44,000 square kilometers in North India.

This state has seen the rise and fall of many empires but got its individuality in 1966 when former Punjab was split into two smaller states, Haryana and present-day Punjab. 

The name Haryana has many historical stories about its origin. Haryana means “worship of the Hari, Lord Indra” Since the area is majorly dry, people worship Lord Indra.

During the olden period, this region was known as Brahmavarta, Aryavarta, and Brahomoupdesa. 

History of Haryana

Haryana has a major historical backstory and is one of the most important places. It was on this soil that Ved Vyasa wrote the greatest epic, Mahabharat.

It is almost 5000 years ago that this soil witnessed the great war, sacrifices, and the greatest teachings of Bhagwad Gita.

The Mahabharata knows Haryana as the land of plentiful grains (Bahudhanyaka) and immense riches (Bahudhana). 

Indian traditions regard this region as the matrix of creation of northern altar’ where Brahma performed the pristine sacrifice and created the universe.

This theory of creation has been confirmed to a large extent by archaeological investigations carried out by Guy E. Pilgrim in 1915, who has established that 15 million years ago, early man lived in the Haryana Shivaliks.

The Vamana Purana states that King Kuru plowed the field of Kurukshetra with a golden plowshare drawn by the Nandi of Lord Shiva and reclaimed an area of seven Kosas. 

Apart from this, Haryana witnessed many great wars as it was a gateway to prosperous North India. As years rolled by, successive streams of the Huns, the Turks, and the Tughlaqs invaded India and decisive battles were fought on this land. 

Popular languages of Haryana:

The official languages of Haryana are Hindi and English. People here majorly speak Haryanvi and Punjabi. Haryanvi is a dialect of Hindi.

Capital of Haryana:

Haryana shares its capital with Punjab. Chandigarh is the capital of both the states and many government offices are located here. Chandigarh isn’t a part of any of the states and it is directly governed by the union government.

Chief Minister of Haryana

 Manohar Lal Khattar is the present and 10th chief minister of Haryana.

Governor of Haryana

Satyadev Narayan Arya is the current governor of Haryana. 

High Court of Haryana

Punjab and Haryana have a common high court which is located in Chandigarh.

Haryana on Map:

Haryana Tourism

Haryana is renowned for its ancient temples, impressive architecture, and lush greenery, which attract a large number of devotees and holidaymakers from all parts of the country.

Best Time To Visit Haryana:

Haryana can be visited year-long but October to March is considered the best time due to the favorable weather conditions. It is chilly and pleasant around this time.

Places To Visit In Haryana:

1.Brahma Sarovar

Considered one of the largest man-made tanks in Asia, this place in Kurukshetra holds religious importance.

As per the religious beliefs of people, a single dip in the Sarovar is equal to performing an Asvamedha Yajna which is why this place is very popular among devotees especially during the solar eclipse.

It has separate bathing spaces for men and women.

2.Krishna Museum

Located in Kurukshetra, this museum is dedicated to Lord Krishna. This holds various artifacts and statues of Lord Krishna and various incarnations. It is based on the descriptions mentioned in the Bhagwat Gita.


Jyotisar is associated with the legend of Mahabharata and is a sacred site in Kurukshetra.

It is where Lord Krishna recited the Bhagwad Geeta under a Banyan tree to Arjun, to prepare him to fight the war against Bhishma and Karan.

The tree is believed to be the same tree that still exists in the town.

4.Bhadrakali Temple

Bhadrakali Temple is where Pandavas were believed to perform prayers and rituals before the final battle against Kauravas. One among the Shakti Peeths, the shrine is home to Goddess Kali and her incarnations.

5.Sannihit Sarovar

Measuring up to 550 ft in width and 1500 ft in height, Sannihit Sarovar is believed to be the meeting point of seven tributaries of Saraswati River and the home of Lord Vishnu.

6.Sthaneshwar Mahadev Temple

This is the temple where Pandavas obtained the blessings of Lord shiva. The water in the tank on the premises is believed to have healing properties.

7.Lakshmi Narayan Temple

Lakshmi Narayan temple is an 18th-century shrine dedicated to Lord Narayan and Goddess Lakshmi built during the reign of the Chola Dynasty.

The temple has great religious significance. It is believed that devotees wouldn’t have to go on the Char Dham pilgrimage if they visit this temple and complete seven circumambulations around the shrine.

8.Bhishma Kund

This place is believed to be the place where Bhishma laid on the bed of arrows. During this, Bhishma requested Arjun for water, so Arjun shot an arrow and let water out of the land for Pitamah. It is in Kurukshetra.

9.Kurukshetra Panorama & Science Center

This center was established to educate people about the role of science in Indian traditions. Interactive and functional exhibits of technology merging with the culture are displayed at the center including the legendary battle of Kurukshetra in a life-like panorama.

10.Kalpana Chawla Memorial Planetarium

This was established in the memory of Kalpana Chawla and contains exhibits and models that explain space and also has informative short films. It is located in Kurukshetra.

11.Sheikh Chilli’s tomb

This complex has Sheikh Chilli’s and his wife’s tomb, a mosque made of red sandstone, madrasa, beautifully maintained lawns, and an Archaeological Museum making it a perfect tourist attraction in Kurukshetra.

12.Appu That

This is the first amusement park in the country. Located in Gurgaon, this is a perfect place to spend a fun day with all the rides and water park.

13.Vintage Car Museum

Vintage Car Museum, Gurgaon was established to explore the history of transportation in India.

It exhibits a stunning collection of actual pre-mechanized and mechanized transportation including automobiles, railways, aircraft, etc.


Sohna is a municipal district in the Gurgaon district of Haryana located on the Delhi – Alwar Highway.

Interestingly enough, the town derives its name from the word “Sona” (gold), which refers to the gold dust that blows in the area, especially after heavy rainfall. It is a popular getaway as it has many popular attractions around it.

15.Damdama Lake

Located in Gurgaon, this is an ideal location for picnics.

This lake also has about 190 different species of birds and also offers various activities like hot air ballooning, parasailing, kayaking, rock climbing, and angling.

16.Aravalli Biodiversity Park

If you wish to spend a day out amidst nature, this is a perfect location. It has numerous plants and animals and spreads over 1.54 sq km.

17.Kingdom of Dreams

Kingdom of dreams in Gurgaon is a live entertainment zone that brings to your knowledge the rich cultural heritage of India through many events.


If you are a beer lover, there are numerous breweries in Gurgaon that you can visit.


Cyberhub in Gurgaon is a place for foodies and party animals. It is known for its nightlife.

20.Morni hills

Morni Hills is a refreshing hill station situated on the outskirts of Panchkula in Haryana close to Chandigarh.

Being the only hill station in Haryana, it is also a popular picnic destination for locals and tourists alike.

It is also a great place to engage in trekking and birdwatching.

Popular birds sighted here include Wallcreeper, Crested Kingfisher, Bar-tailed Treecreeper, Blue Peafowl, Kalij Pheasant, Red Junglefowl, Grey Francolin, Quails, Himalayan Bulbul and Oriental Turtle Dove.

21.Cactus Garden

Located in Panchkula, this garden has a variety of cactus. It is a unique place and a must-visit.

22.Nada Sahib

Perched upon the Shivalik Hills, Nada Sahib is a Sikh Gurudwara frequented by followers of Sikhism as well as by other travelers.

It is believed to be a place where Guru Gobind Singh halted while he was traveling after the Battle of Bhangani in 1688 from Paonta Sahib to Anandpur Sahib.

23.Yadvinder Garden

This garden is also known as the Pinjore garden and is a popular garden. It is situated 20 km off from Panchkula.

24.Garden of Silence

Situated in Bhagwanpura, Garden of Silence is a meditative space that houses a massive idol of Buddha.

The garden swears by its name and it offers a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere for meditation amidst lush green surroundings with a beautiful view of the Shivalik Ranges in the backdrop.

25.Chattbir Zoo

If you wish to see the famous white Bengal tiger, this is a place to go. It is also known as Mahendra Choudhary Zoological Park and is a zoological park in Zikarpur near Chandigarh. It has numerous animals and reptiles.

26.Chokhi Dhani

Situated on Highway NH22 near Panchkula, Chokhi Dhani is a quintessential village that has been designed to encourage the rural art and heritage culture of Rajasthan.

It has its counterpart in Rajasthan also and this one has also been based on the same.

Aside from the mud thatch dwellings, to traditional and authentic Rajasthani food, every tiny detail in Chokhi Dhani has been designed keeping in mind the rural culture of Rajasthan.

27.Baba Farid’s Tomb

Situated in Faridabad is this tomb of the famous Sufi saint Baba Farid. Faridabad is believed to be named after him. Pilgrims from all over come to this tomb year long.


Surajkund which means ‘Lake of the Sun’ is an artificial reservoir built in the backdrop of the Aravalli hills with an amphitheater-shaped embankment built in semicircular form.

This place is a dream come true for birdwatchers and photography enthusiasts, as several species of local flora and fauna can be spotted here on a regular basis.

29.CITM Lake

This is a famous getaway among the locals. Located in Faridabad, this lake is formed by rainwater collected in stone mines. It is a treat for photographers and nature lovers.

30.Dhauj lake

Dhauj Lake is a naturally formed water body situated amidst the scenic Aravalli Hills.

It is famous for being one of the best sites for adventure sports in the region thereby drawing adventure seekers in large numbers. Its scenic beauty and the tranquil atmosphere also attracts nature lovers.

31.Panipat Museum

Set up by the Battle of Panipat Memorial Society, Panipat Museum has been specially established for disseminating information about archaeology, history, art, and crafts of Haryana with special emphasis on the Battles of Panipat which marked the turning point in Indian history.

32.Tomb of Bu- Ali Kalandar

Standing deftly for seven hundred years, this tomb is also known as Dargah of Shah Kalandar Khizar Khan, the son of Allahu-din Khilji. Bu-Ali-Shah Kalandar was a saint born in 1190 A.D.

33.Sheikh Musa

A fine blend of Muslim and Rajput style of architecture, Sheikh Musa is famous for its shaking minarets of the Tomb of Sheikh Musa.

This man-made marvel is also known for its brilliant engineering techniques such as – if a person shakes one pyramid, the other person can feel the vibrations in the next one. It is located in Nuh.

34.Kotla and Shiva Temple

About 7 km from nuh is a village named Kotla. It is believed to have ancient ruins. As per folklore, the Pandavas stopped here for a brief period in the Shiva temple during their 14 year-long exile on the way from Hastinapur.

35.Karna Lake

Known as Karna Tal, this is a beautiful man-made lake named after Mahabharata warrior Karna and so is the place Karnal.

It looks spectacular during the sunset and is famous for its boating activities. It also has a garden for children and a tourist complex alongside.

36.Babur’s Masjid

Babur’s Masjid is an architectural marvel that is a must-visit in Karnal. Built-in 1528 by the Mughal emperor Babur to commemorate his victory over Ibrahim Lodhi, this mosque stands testament to the prowess of the legendary king.

The walled mosque was home to a stunning garden too. At its peak, the mosque boasted three octagonal towers and domes in addition to the central dome, but only one remains now.

The resident well is still replenished by cold water, although the outer structure is in ruins. This site is a perfect history lesson and photo op combined.

37.Gurudwara Manji Sahib

The Gurudwara Manji Sahib is one of the top attractions in the Karnal district of Haryana. It is a place of great historical and religious significance. It is associated with the Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the first Guru.

38.Durga Bhawani Temple

This temple is devoted to female cosmic power called Shakti. It is a beautiful temple in Karnal.

39.Sita Mata Temple

This temple situated in Karnal is the temple dedicated to Goddess Sita in the whole country. The intricate architecture catches the eye and makes you marvel at the elaborate carvings on the bricks.

It is believed that this temple is the exact spot where Mother Earth is said to have taken Lady Sita into herself when she was asked to prove her chastity to Lord Ram.

40.Miran Sahib’s Tomb

Miran Sahib’s tomb celebrates the mystic saint Miran. Syed Mohammed or Miran Sahib was a mystic saint who was hailed for his unique compositions and philanthropy.

Interestingly, only his head is believed to have been buried at Karnal. After he was killed in battle, his body was buried at Muzaffarnagar in neighboring Uttar Pradesh, while his head was brought to Karnal.

The stunning mosque within the tomb complex is worth a visit too.

41.Asthal Bohr Math

Asthal Bohr is a well-known Math located 7kms from Rohtak in the eastern outskirts of the city. It serves as home to followers of Guru Gorakh Nath who is a fervent devotee of Lord Shiva.

42.Rohtak Zoo

The Rohtak Zoo, Rohtak is known for maintaining a beautiful balance of biodiversity with its wide variety of flora and fauna. It is extremely well maintained and caters well to the visitors as well.

43.Gurudwara Bangla Sahib

Gurudwara Bangla Sahib is devoted to the Sikh Guru Teg Bahadur. This spiritual place is located near Mata Darwaja Chowk in Rohtak.

44.Durga Bhawan Mandir

This is a temple in Rohtak dedicated to Goddess Durga. Many people visit this colorful temple throughout the year.

It has special importance during the Navratri festival.

45.Ashoka Chakra

Ashoka Chakra’s tallest replica is installed at Topra Kalan. Topra Kalan is a Mauryan Empire-era village in Yamunanagar district of Haryana state in India.

46.Tilyar lake

The most mesmerizing 132 acres variegated stretch of Tilyar in Rohtak is a loud call from nature to everyone who seeks peace. Tilyar Lake itself is spread over 20 acres of the area surrounded by water shrubs and forests.

The lake attracts a vast array of birds along with their admirers and also the general crowd which craves for a picnic all the while.

Famous National Parks & Wildlife Sanctuaries In Haryana:

1.Sultanpur National Park

This National park is 25 km from Gurugram and spreads over 142 hectares. Common hoopoe, paddy field pipit, purple sunbird, little cormorant, etc are the major wildlife supported here.

2.Kalesar National Park and Kalesar Wildlife Sanctuary

These two are adjacent to each other and are contiguous to Simbalbara National Park in Himachal Pradesh and Rajaji National Park in Uttarakhand.

Located in Yamunanagar district of Haryana this place is an abode for leopards, panthers, elephants, and numerous exotic birds. This park is closed in the month of September.

3.Bhindawas Wildlife Sanctuary

It is located in Jhajjar District, about 15 km from Jhajjar town. It stands out for its birdlife and is hence declared a bird sanctuary.

4.Khaparwas Wildlife Sanctuary

Spread over 82.70 hectares of land, this wildlife sanctuary is located in Jhajjar district as well. It is an important ecological corridor along the route of the Sahibi river.

It provides a natural habitat to numerous birds like Neelgai, Geedar, Blue Peafowl, etc.

5.Nahar Wildlife Sanctuary

It is situated in the Rewari district of Haryana, India. It is 36.9 km from Rewari. It is spread over an area of 211.35 hectares. This lush green space homes various animals and plant species.

6.Saraswati Wildlife Sanctuary

Saraswati Wildlife Sanctuary, also known as Seonsar Forest, is situated in the Kaithal district of Haryana State, India. It is spread over an area of 4,452.85 hectares (11,003.2 acres).

It is also a home of numerous archeological remains.

7.Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary

Asola-Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary covering 32.71 sq km area on the Southern Delhi Ridge of Aravalli hill range on Delhi-Haryana border lies in Southern Delhi as well as northern parts of Faridabad and Gurugram districts of Haryana state.

This place is a dwelling for about 193 exotic species of birds and a large number of medicinal plants. It’s also a home for more than 80 species of butterflies.

This is an important habitat for the Indian leopard and many other mammals.

Endangered Species like a red-headed vulture and Egyptian vulture is found and protected here. Many other rare birds like black francolin and a grey-headed fish eagle can be observed here.

Popular Fairs & Festivals of Haryana:

1.Surajkund International Crafts Mela

Haryana Tourism

Celebrated during the first half of February month, this mela takes place in Surajkund at Faridabad district. It showcases rich crafts and arts which are regional and international.

It has millions of visitors and is one of the largest art festivals in the country.

A large number of renowned national and international folk artistes and cultural groups present day performances at both the Chaupals, the open-air theatres, located in the Mela premises.

Also, enthralling cultural evening programs are held at the main Chaupal during each of the Mela evenings. The multi-cuisine Food Court provides ethnic cuisines from all over the world, which are immensely popular with visitors.

2.Baisakhi Mela

This mela is organized to celebrate the Baisakhi festival with pomp. There are various events organized and food here is outstanding. There are Craft bazaars and evening performances to engage the audience with enthusiasm and happiness.

3.International Gita Mahotsav

Celebrated at Kurukshetra, this Mahotsav takes place around November or December. The festival is very sacred to Hindus and is celebrated with immense religious fervor and dedication.

The venue of the festival adds to the sacredness of the event. Kurukshetra is the land where the celestial song ‘Bhagwad Gita’ is believed to have been delivered by Lord Krishna to Arjuna. The place also holds significance as the famous sage Manu wrote Manusmriti here.

The Rig Veda and the Sama Veda were also composed here. Apart from Lord Krishna, the land was visited by divine personalities like Gautama Buddha and eminent Sikh Gurus.

The weeklong festival is celebrated with major attractions like shloka recital, dance performances, Bhagwad Katha reading, Bhajans, Dramas, Book Exhibitions, and free Medical check-up camps.

4.Pinjore Heritage Festival

Arranged in the month of December, this festival has a number of full dance performances and competitions.

Located in the Pinjore gardens, this festival is a combination of entertainment and astounding food flavors.

5.Mango Mela

As the name suggests, this is the festival held to enjoy the king of fruits, Mango. It has an exhibition of various types of mangoes, cultural programs, and also various competitions for school students.

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