Health Benefits Associated with Traveling – Mental health

Health Benefits Associated with Traveling - Mental health 1

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow mindedness and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts.” — Mark Twain.

This quote says it all about travelling. The quote simply means that travel is truly an education. It not only opens up your mind and heart but it also helps in gaining a rich experience for the mind and soul. It’s a known fact that travelling has many health benefits, but do we even know what those benefits are? And what changes it brings out in a person when he/she decides to take a break from their routine life or better known as nine to five jobs?

Health Benefits Associated with Traveling - Mental health 2

In today’s cut-throat world, we often lose ourselves to work and our day-to-day routine. At the end of the week, we are so burned out that the first thought that runs at the back of our mind is to get away from all this and take-a-break. It doesn’t matter if the vacation is only a weekend getaway, but the importance of that is very important. Only the thought of travelling someplace different and spending some time away from all the daily hassles brings out a smile on our face. And that’s what travelling does. Even the thought of it is enough for the moment to make us happy.

Ever thought why is that travelling is the first escape thought that runs in our head when we think of our monotonous life? As mentioned earlier, travelling is also known for being therapeutic. The health benefits associated with travelling are numerous.

The most known and discussed ones are here:

  1. Most common and obvious and important health benefit of travelling is Stress Reduction. Travelling has the capacity to take you out of our daily dull boring life into new surroundings, experience and this resets our body and mind.
  2. Even just planning a trip can have an extraordinary effect on the mind. It Boosts Happiness And A Sense Of Relief we attain just from the thought of it. A sense of relief is not just thought alone but also a feeling that we get of not being anxious and worries cause while travelling we leave all our worries out of the window. The only feeling we want is to be happy and enjoy the moment.
  3. When we talk about mental health, the most repeated problem we all come across in today’s generation is Depression. The causes of depression are many and only one solution is not going to end the problem. But living with it is also not the solution. When we feel depressed or low, and we visit are doctors they all suggest and recommend us to try new things, take a break, go out, meet new people, among many other things. When we sum up these solutions one word joins them all and that is travel.
    • While travelling to a new place or a place that we are fond of, meet new people, get into a different routine. This might not be the sole solution or the fact that it will instantly cure your depression but it will lead you to come out of it and will help you take a lighter approach towards yourself and life.
    • According to many psychologists changes in routine, place and work-life to a place that gives new experiences and fresh environment is also beneficial and with all this, it helps the mind to reset, and so does the body.
  4. Meeting new people getting to communicate with them improves Social And Communication Skills.  It also helps in getting to know other people and opens a freeway of socializing with them. Getting to know other culture and tradition is also a mind opener and a lot of fun as you get to see and experience them first hand. By using the most common phrases in the local language of the place you visit not only you get to learn something new but also it can help you relate better with the locals.
  5. What we don’t have today is time. And travelling gives us Time. Either travelling alone, with friends or family, you get to spend some quality time together. Spending some time on ourselves is also very crucial. Today we don’t even have a few minutes to spare on each other, travelling gives us the opportunity to regain that time we lost and get to know ourselves. It helps reflect on our thoughts. So, take a break from all the worries that daily surround us and just helps us relax and take a moment of a deep breath.
  6. When talking on focusing on oneself, travelling helps us–
    • It provides us with real-life education.
    • Boost our confidence.
    • Peace of mind, which we all out in desperate need of.
    • Helps to broaden our horizons.
    • The most important one, we get to create new memories for a lifetime.

So, just take a break, travel, and come back with a bang!

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