Hear Out Hippies, To Female Solo Traveller: Go Solo!

Hear Out Hippies, To Female Solo Traveller: Go Solo! 1

Hear Out Hippies, To Female Solo Traveller: Go Solo! 2

Dedicated to the female solo traveller looking out for inspiration, tips and destination suggestions. You’re at the right blog. Read on!!

To All The Women Wanderers!

‘Never did the world make a queen of a girl who hides in houses and dreams without travelling.’

Roman Payne, The wanderness

This quote states it entirely.

The cosmos belongs to those who dare. To the ones who presume to live their dream. When it comes to females, Cut off the strings attached, Clear out your comfort zones and chase your dreams. Be the solo traveller you always wanted to be.

We are inhabitants of a world where each one among us has a choice of following our dreams. Be it any fantasy of yours. Say, Live in a treehouse or wake up inside a glasshouse facing the sea. If you dared to dream it, you ought to live it.

Likewise, One such electrifying dream is travelling solo. So, What are your thoughts on ‘travelling solo’?. 

Firstly, The thought that pops up in my inner machinations is that it’d be nothing less than of an adventure. In the same vein, the Idea of travelling solo results in feeling a chill and there comes, Oh happy goosebumps. 

Hear Out Hippies, To Female Solo Traveller: Go Solo! 3Note To Women Zippy Hippies:

Above all, To travel solo is to go, explore and discover. Moreover, It surely is going to be a journey towards the discovery of your true self. Go solo, explore and experience. You owe it to self.

On the other hand, In a conservative country like India, where the major botheration is the safety of women. And therefore, pondering on the idea of female solo travellers is ridiculous.

However, That couldn’t stop the women from living their dream. Whilst all these, let’s admit it that when women break free from the chains of fear, self-doubt and from the thought of ‘what would people say’ that ties them up and follow their dreams. Then, they turn out to be the one most admired.

Now, Wanna catch up with some tips for the women who want to live the dream of travelling solo?. So, let’s check this out.

Hear Out Hippies, To Female Solo Traveller: Go Solo! 4Tips For Female Solo Travellers:

Solo female travel tips to keep in mind are:

  • Stay Confident& Cautious: Travel with confidence showing up and today cautious knowing that you’re responsible for your safety.
  • Remain local: While travelling you shouldn’t seem like a foreign body and try to blend in the locality.
  • Bide and be conservative: It’s nice to make friends.keep in mind to be conservative enough and don’t give away too much about yourself.
  • Choose day time to travel: Travelling during daylight time is preferably safe and sure avoids mishappening to an extent.
  • Stay connected and Post updates: be connected with fam or friends while you’re on your exploration journey. Hence updates on social media help to keep you tracked but, Make sure not to post way too lots.
  •  Be an inspiration to female solo travellers: Know that sharing your experiences inspires other women to dare follow their dreams.
  • Keep your documents safe: You alone are in charge of your valuables such as documents. So, make sure you have them kept safe.
  • Have it all researched before you go backpacking: Whilst you head for a journey you might want to have it all researched like the approx. cost, stay, make a list of places you’re up to visit, places to eat and so on.
  • Pack light and necessary: You probably won’t want to get heavy with stuff holding you back and limiting your fun.
  • Keep backup plans: In case you planned out something for a day and it didn’t go as planned say, due to varying weather or so. Do have a backup plan.
  • Do not get wasted, Know your limits: It’s a must to have fun and maybe have a drink or two but, don’t get wasted away and end up in trouble.
  • Embrace each moment: If it’s for the first time that you’re travelling alone chances are you might get a bit nervous. But, trust the journey.
  • Trust your instincts: trust your gut feeling. If something doesn’t feel right, take the needful step at the very moment itself.

Hear Out Hippies, To Female Solo Traveller: Go Solo! 5

Solo Female Travel Destinations In India:

It could be a lot of time taking and filled up with chaos to decide on a spot you wanna head to, Solo. So, here dropping down a list for you based on the kind of place you would like to go to for awestruck fantabulous experience.

So, Let’s look into some desired spots for the female solo traveller. These could be your first-time solo female travel destinations.

  • Can’t say no to Beach, Goa.
  • A history buff? : The ancient village, Hampi.
  • Don’t miss the popular holiday spot, Shimla.
  • Sikkim, experience the Mountain Kingdom.
  • Ladakh, Visit the land of high passes.
  • Won’t get enough of the Himalayan resort town, Nainital.
  • Dare not to miss the hill station in Kerala, Munnar.
  • City of palaces, Mysore.
  • Abode of clouds, Shillong.
  • City of lakes, Udaipur.
  • City at banks of the Ganga, Varanasi.
  • Gateway to Garhwal Himalayas, Rishikesh.

Hear Out Hippies, To Female Solo Traveller: Go Solo! 6Dos and Don’ts.

Coming up next, the Dos and Don’ts for a female solo traveller, being the single woman travelling, you can’t miss this:


  • Dress modestly.
  • Step inside whilst asking for directions.
  • Walk brisk and confident.
  • Program emergency contact no’s into your phone.

Hear Out Hippies, To Female Solo Traveller: Go Solo! 7Dont’s

  • Don’t carry valuables.
  • Do not pack heavy.
  • Avoid travelling alone at dark.
  • Prefer not getting cabs off the street

You won’t want to miss out on those listed above.

Female Travel Blogs: Instagram:

Hear Out Hippies, To Female Solo Traveller: Go Solo! 8

Let’s get some inspiration from the solo female travel blog. So, Go through the listed female travel blogs on Instagram:

She sure is a Shooting Star, Browse through her journey with details of One year of travelling without a home. 

The one who Travels a lot and captures a lot. Head to her for finding out interesting spots and quick tips.

Hear Out Hippies, To Female Solo Traveller: Go Solo! 9

The storyteller who will lead you to her stories through her snaps.

She’s the one to quit her job to follow her dream, to become a travel blogger. And she is one among the famous travel bloggers in India.

A Delhiite (Delhi based) who is fond of thrilling adventures, A globetrotter.

A free word of advice I’d like to give you is: It’s never too late to set out for your dreams. Capture whatever touches your heart, Be it a person or a place. Have them all added in your camera roll? For, All the wanderlust female solo traveller out there.

Travel your heart out. Go solo!! -Chris

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