Jet Lag-Issue, Symptoms & Prevention 1

The travelers who have to travel for their work to different countries, often face the problem of jet lag and it takes some time and maybe some medicines too, to get rid of this problem. This can also affect the productivity of the work. But firstly, let’s talk about Jet lag and how does it occur.

What is the problem of jet lag?

Jet Lag-Issue, Symptoms & Prevention 2

Whenever it comes to travel from one country to another regardless of any reason, the traveler has to face many problems related to the stomach, day fatigue, etc. and among them, the problem of sleep disorder or Insomnia is most common.

These problems are simply known as “Jet lag” when traveling from one country to another especially via airplane or any other air medium.

How Jet lag occurs?

The jet lag mainly occurs due to the difference between the time zones of one or more destination countries. The environment of the country or countries to which we need to travel is quite different. That’s why it is a little bit difficult to accommodate with that environment and the problem of Jet lag can occur. 

Problem of Jet lag

As I stated earlier, among all the problems, the problem of sleeping disorder is the major cause of this. As the time zones of the two countries are different, so it may not be possible for both the countries to have day or night at the same time and which is why the problem of Insomnia can occur.

In simple words, Insomnia is a sleeping disorder condition in which a person fails to get sleep whenever he/she wants.

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How to overcome Jet lag?

Mostly, it takes about a week or two to cope with jet lag. However, in some cases, it requires some medicines to come back to the normal daily routine.

Jet Lag-Issue, Symptoms & Prevention 3

It is not a permanent or a serious problem but, imagine if you need to go for any office work to a different country, then jet lag can affect your productivity of the work and may result in the demotion or kind of something.

But anyway, it is temporary and is a problem for some days.

Tips to avoid Jet lag:-

“Prevention is better than cure” is a well famous idiom and is true to the maximum extent. Therefore, it is better to avoid jet lag than going for its cure. Here are some tips to avoid this problem:-

1. It will be very helpful if we already know the time zone of the destination country to which we have to go. By knowing the time zone we can calculate the day-night difference and can adjust our sleeping time accordingly and can prevent the condition of insomnia in jetlag.

2. If the difference between the native country and the destination country is large (for eg: your native country or the country from where you have to depart has day while there is night in the destination country and vice-versa) then, plan a nap time for 30-40 minutes during the working hours in the destination country, so that it will help to prevent sleep disorder or Insomnia.

3. Stay hydrated and carry water during the journey to avoid any problems related to the stomach.

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4. Also, carry some sleeping pills just in case of a sleeping disorder.

5. Consult with a good doctor if the problem tends to get worst or serious.

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