How To Minimize Your Carbon Footprint As A Traveller?

How To Minimize Your Carbon Footprint As A Traveller? 1

Small things matter a lot. Same applies to the emission of carbon dioxide by humans. We just feel like what does my small amount of polluting can affect the whole. Yes, it does affect in the long run. Carbon footprint is something that talks about these emissions. Let us see what is Carbon Footprint.

What is the Carbon footprint?

How To Minimize Your Carbon Footprint As A Traveller? 2It is the total amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere due to human activities directly or indirectly which are equivalent to Carbon Dioxide.

Let us see this in other words; If you travel, be it any mode(not the eco-friendly ones, they are the best!), the engine burns fuel to produce heat energy for combustion. This releases the CO2 into the atmosphere. That means directly or indirectly we are adding CO2 daily into the atmosphere.

By shrinking the personal footprint, a person can limit their lifestyle effect on climate change.

Did you know that the travel sector accounts for around 7% of the global emissions? Yes, it is true. That is why we need to be aware of the carbon footprint of tourism and how to minimise the carbon footprint as a traveller.

How to minimise carbon footprint as a traveller?


  • How To Minimize Your Carbon Footprint As A Traveller? 3Carpooling, combined trips are ways to reduce carbon emission.
  • Using Public transport while travelling.
  • If you use your personal car to travel, make sure it is well-maintained and in its best position.
  • Use less air conditioning while you travel.


  • First things first. Avoid airways. I know this is practically impossible but whenever possible, do avoid. The aviation industry has a major role in producing more CO2 into the atmosphere.
  • One long flight can be the largest part of your total personal footprint.
  • Go for Economy class. First-class can result in nine times more carbon emissions than the economy.


  • Choose hotels that use renewable energy, having energy-efficient equipment.
  • Treat the hotel room as your home, so that you can be careful about stuff.
  • Use reusable products.
  • Turn down the AC, if it isn’t really necessary.


  • How To Minimize Your Carbon Footprint As A Traveller? 4Camping is a great method of low carbon emission and also enjoying the perks of a traveller.
  • This keeps your carbon footprint small. It doesn’t break the budget and it might be exactly what you need to recharge your battery.
  • The camping site in close proximity area not only reduces your footprint but also the transportation too!


  • The more weight you carry, the more you are responsible for carbon emissions.
  • Long-transported imported goods are the reason for the carbon emission, So look the quality and uniqueness not the quantity.


  • Use your own water bottle. Re-fill them.
  • Use your own backpack and use it instead of plastic covers to carry. This way unknowingly you contributed eco-friendly.
  • Straws, Plastic cups, Plastic spoons etc–Carry own spoon and a cup and avoid straws, These are the very easy ways to reduce the plastic, and so are the carbon releases.

Thus we wrap up. We have learned about carbon footprint and how to reduce our contribution to the emissions. So whenever you travel, remember this one thing in your mind, If you really want to reduce emissions, you can definitely find ways to reduce it. Just small steps lead to bigger actions. Happy Travels!

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