Let us review and talk about the next 360-degree vision camera popularly known as Insta360 Go. It is popularly called as the Ant-Man of cameras. It is a very very small action camera weighing around only 18.3 grams.

It can go to every place the big giant cameras cannot go. It captures a huge amount of diverse angles due to its small size. And of course, all thanks to its enhanced AI-powered feature. Insta360 Go was launched somewhat around October 2018.  

Technical Specifications of Insta360 Go

  • Weighs only around 18.1 grams
  • Dimensions: 4.9 cms x 2.1 cms x 1.5 cms
  • The package comes with 1x Lithium-ion battery
  • It is compatible with all iOS and Android devices
  • The aperture of Insta360 Go is F2.1
  • It has a high standard mode for photography and videography with the maximum resolution of 1080p
  • Enhanced quality of Timelapse, Hyperlapse and slow-motion scenes
  • It comes with Insta360’s famous Flowstate Stabilization with 6 axes of gyroscopic stabilization
  • 33 meters of Bluetooth connectivity is provided
  • Insta360 Go is the world’s smallest flow state stabilized action camera
  • IPX4 water-resistant

Uses of Insta360 Go

  • Perfectly suited for water sports which are above the surface.
  • Perfectly suited for kayaking, river rafting, ski jet, and swimming.
  • It works perfectly underwater, due to which it is a perfect suit while scuba diving, snorkelling. 
  • It can also be used while snowfall, doing ice skating and ice skating.
  • It can be easily mounted on a bicycle while doing downhill cycling or trekking. 
  • It can also be used to take action shots while running, jogging or simply walking. 
  • It can be easily connected to its android application which is its main unique selling point. 

Features of Insta360 Go

  • Insta360’s FlowState Stabilization which works well and does wonders.
  • Auto Editing: This means you do not have to edit every single clip out there and get a ready-to-share clip right out of this mini-camera.
  • Hyperlapse
  • Very compact design
  • Comes bundled with magnetic pendant, pivot stand, and sticky base which makes it a good deal to grab.
  • Hands-Free
  • Amazing Slow Motion videos, can shoot up to 100 frames per second.
  • Barrel Roll: It lets you change the rotation of video with just a swipe helping to avoid expensive gimbals and fancy footwork.

Pros of Insta360 Go

  • Stunning videos and photos
  • Highly appreciated for its compact size
  • The battery can last up to 200 clips a day, each clip is 20sec, so a total of 67 minutes which is amazing for a camera this small.
  • Working efficiency is highly increased compared to other cameras
  • Can be directly connected with any iOS and Android device
  • Supports Type C transferring
  • Amazing automatic editing skills and tools
  • Feature of it being water-resistant is highly appreciated by its users
  • Charging efficiency of the case is increased by 2.5 per cent as compared to others
  • Regular software updates for Insta360 Go is provided 
  • One year of manufacturing warranty is provided

Cons of Insta360 Go 

  • Living viewing is not possible
  • Due to its small size, it can be lost or dropped easily (But it also is a + point).
  • It does not have any expandable storage as compared to other devices
  • Can be a little bit expensive

Price of Insta360 Go

The approximate price of this camera would be somewhere around USD 199.99 to USD 220.99 USD. Which sometimes compared to GoPro can also be higher or lower.

Our Verdict on Insta360 Go

An amazing marvel of technology setting the span of human attention between 15 to 30 seconds. This product is greatly fascinating to all its users and the camera market out there. It is very easy to use. It has many advanced features compared to other action cameras.

Seeing Insta360 Go’s excellent capturing and shooting qualities, it has made its way towards becoming a favourite of all users. This camera is highly recommended for people using this in crowded hustling cities regularly. Considering its small size, we would personally recommend it. 

Rating of Insta360 Go

Considering the rating from Amazon, it has received around two out of five stars.

Link to purchase Insta360 Go through Amazon

Link to purchase Insta360 Go from Insta360

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