About the Insta360 ONE R:

Recently released Insta360 ONE R is one of its kind of panoramic sports action camera which offers relatively better and great quality of video in comparison to the very famous series of GoPro cameras. Insta360 ONE R offers much improved 4K video footage and 360-degrees video.

This device can be considered as more user friendly due to its small screen and fewer software issues. A device that can be used to shoot each and every moment of your life be it just walking or hiking or river rafting. This device is a perfect suit for all the users who are looking for their videos to be shot in 4K and 360 degrees. 

Technical Specifications of Insta360 ONE R: Let’s talk about all its specifications in detail.

1) 5.7K 360 degrees and 4K Wide:

This fabulous feature allows it to be transformed from a 360 degrees camera angle to 4K 60 frames per second wide-angle camera. This device has the perfect options and modes to switch and capture easily. High-quality resolution till 5.7K with the installed Dual Lens 360 Degrees with the help of enhanced image processing with AI-Encoded ending algorithms.

2) In-built flow state stabilization:

This helps it to perfectly achieve stabilization the same as the gimbal and with the enhanced scenario detection algorithms, the footage recorded stays perfectly stabilized and steady even in the low lights.  

3) Disappearing selfie stick:

This feature lets you capture your videos easily without the selfies stick actually been recorded and captured in the video. Which is why it is called an invisible selfie stick.

4) Pointing and tracking:

This feature allows the device to tap a voice command while recording and the AI-enhanced algorithms make it perfectly located in the centre room/frame.

5) Slow-motion:

This feature allows it to capture all cinematic and slow mos in the best-stabilized way possible.   

6) Water-Proof:

It is a fully waterproof camera up to 16.4 feet. Perfectly suitable for rains and heavy showers. 

7) Rugged Design:

It is manufactured to be highly durable and its rugged design allows it to safely and efficiently absorb all shocks while recording.

8) Voice-controlled:

This feature allows the user to start the recording or clicking photographs with very simple and genuine voice commands.       

9) 360 degrees touch screen:

This feature in it allows the user to easily swipe the screen with just a few touches on the screen.

10) Perfectly crafted low-light shots:

This feature allows the user to capture great memorable moments even in dim and low light situations. This feature also makes sure that the photos and videos captured are clear, vibrant and natural.     

11) Field of view:

This feature supports a fully spherical field of view with the help of two fisheye lenses. 

Comparison of image quality of Insta360 ONE R with GoPro:

After clicking some pictures from the stabilized footage in both Hero 8 and Insta360 ONE R, it was founded that rendering details of Insta360 are providing a perfect up notch match to GoPro. Also, it was founded that image processing in GoPro can be better than Insta360 ONE R.

Comparison of the battery life of Insta360 ONE R with GoPro:

The Insta360 ONE R comes with a 1150mAH lithium-ion battery which is considered as a slightly less in comparison with Hero 8. It is founded that if longer clips are being recorded the battery may drain in 40 minutes. As its a rechargeable battery, it requires only an hour to charge. Insta30 ONE R is planning to release a double holding capacity battery in the near future. 

Comparison of the audio quality of Insta360 ONE R with GoPro:

The Insta360 One R comes with two in-built microphones as compared to only one in the Hero 8. After recording it was founded that each of them has different tonalities but Insta360 ONE R has a great notch above GoPro. It’s considered that Insta360 One R’s sound is much greater and brighter than GoPro. 

However, GoPro was also better at recognizing environmental sounds compared to Insta360 ONE R. 

Insta360 ONE R provides an option to plug in your own microphone as an accessory. 

Uses of Insta360 ONE R:

  • It can be used while skiing, snow hiking, ice skating
  • It is perfectly waterproof and can also be used underwater till 16 feet
  • Can be also used while cycling, walking, jogging, running and racing

Advantages of Insta360 ONE R:

  • Captures in 4K video quality
  • Huge 24 Megapixel pictures
  • It can also be used to capture raw files
  • It can do live streaming in 4K video quality
  • Great quality of the free capturing video mode 
  • It is a perfect value for money 
  • Enhanced low light capturing
  • It has two in one camera
  • Amazing 4K and 360-degree image and video quality
  • Hugely appreciated for its modular and structural design

Disadvantages of Insta360 ONE R:

  • The android application is not user friendly
  • Disturbance over-saturation of images
  • To connect with an android, a separate adapter is required
  • GoPro image processing can be considered better
  • The screen seems to be smaller
  • Reviews are suggesting certain bugs while launching

Future of Insta360 ONE R:

It provides a solution to various problems and also helps in enhancing an expanding the parameter of recording possibilities, instead of purchasing a separate camera.         

It also seems that it can be upgraded in terms of modular and hardware designs. 

Let’s assume in future cameras would be introduced supporting 8K quality videos, it’s a high possibility that Insta360 ONE R can make such things possible soon.

Average Rating on Amazon for Insta360 ONE R:

Users and reviewers have rated the Insta360 ONE R five out of five stars.

Insta360 ONE R price:

300 USD or 23,000 INR

Release date of Insta360 ONE R:

The Insta360 ONE R can be easily purchased today from various e-commerce platforms.

The standard price of this would be around 299.99 USD, which is undercutting the cost of GoPro Hero.

Product link on Amazon to purchase Insta360 ONE R:

Click here

Product link on the official website to purchase Insta360 ONE R:

Click here

Reviews by users and brands after using the Insta30 ONE R:

The Insta360 ONE R has been highly recommended and reviewed by some of the great names and brands such as The Verge, Digital Trends, Stuff, MUO, Business Insider, Fstoppers, Tech Radar, Tom’ Guide, Forbes, Wired, Dpreview, Digital Camera World.

Verdict on Insta360 ONE R:

As compared to other cameras and the Insta360 itself, it was founded that Insta360 ONE R provides top-notch clarity and succeeds in various areas where failure was expected.

People are still wondering about the future models of Insta360 with higher modular designs.

Concluding it to be a perfect choice for travellers and moto enthusiasts available at the moment.

Buy it NOW on Amazon or Insta360 website. 🙂

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