Insta360 One X Review – Is it really worth it?

Insta360 One X Review - Is it really worth it? 1

In the previous article, we talked about Insta360 ONE R. We will be checking out in detail uses technical specifications, pros and cons, price and giving our final verdict on Insta360 ONE X. It was first released on 9th October 2018 on Amazon or Insta360’s official website for the buyers to purchase it. 

About the Insta360 One X

Insta360 ONE X is also another 360 degrees shooting camera for cinematic shots while editing. These cinematic shots are stunning and can be captured very easily. The ONE X Andriod and the iOS application would help you to easily edit your pictures and ad various musical effects. With the help of this new camera, you can easily capture drifting shots from every direction. 

Uses of Insta360 ONE X

  • Perfectly suited for water sports which are above the surface.
  • Perfectly suited for kayaking, river rafting, ski jet, and swimming.
  • Works perfectly underwater, due to which it is a perfect suit while scuba diving, snorkelling. 
  • It can also be used while snowfall, doing ice skating and ice skating.
  • Can be easily mounted on a bicycle while doing downhill cycling or trekking. 
  • Can also be used to take action shots while running, jogging or simply walking. 
  • It can be easily connected to its android application which is its main unique selling point. 

Technical Specifications of Insta360 ONE X

  • The weight of the product is 90.7 grams
  • Product dimensions would be 2.8 cms x 4.8 cms x 11.5 cms
  • Works on single Lithium Polymer Batteries
  • 256 GB of flash memory size would be installed
  • Insta360 ONE X is compatible with all latest iPhone, OnePlus, Google, etc devices
  • Video quality increased to 5.7K
  • The camera quality of 18MP for clicking amazing pictures
  • Cinematic slow-motion mode
  • Flow-sate stabilization installed
  • Automatically disappearing selfie stick without the need of any gimbal
  • High-speed wifi and Bluetooth connectivity available
  • Dual ultra-wide fisheye lenses

Features of Insta360 ONE X – This is what matters!

It has got tons of new features and many are improved as compared to its predecessor Insta360 ONE. Some of the features are:

  • High-Res Video: New ONE X can shoot up to 6k at 30fps.
  • Super slow motion: It can shoot at either 3K at 100fps or 4K at 50fps.
  • FlowState Stabilization and Direction lock Stabilization
  • Drift Shot
  • Hyperlapse with motion blur: You can create a hyper-lapse in the smartphone app. A hyper-lapse is like a timelapse except the camera is moving.
  • Time Shift: It is a speed ramp effect that lets you switch between high and slow speed motion.
  • HDR Video and Photo
  • Data Overlay: You can overlay speed, altitude, distance, and other data including a map.
  • Free capture: This allows us to “Shoot first and Point later”.
  • Ovecapture videos without stitching
  • No-stitch editing in Adobe Premiere and Insta360 ONE Studio
  • Multiview
  • Raw DNG photo shooting and stitching
  • A new lens design that comes along with smoother stitching
  • Better Low light performance (It is still not that great!)
  • Improved in-camera editing
  • GPS and a new OLED display

Now that’s a whole lot of technical specifications and features and maybe most of you don’t care about that much. So let’s check its Advantages and Disadvantages.

Pros of Insta360 ONE X

  • Insta360 One X Review - Is it really worth it? 2360 degrees feature works perfectly and is amazing
  • A chance to be India’s first 360 degrees real stream camera
  • Stunning resolution
  • It offers excellent image stabilization (all thanks to FlowState Stabilization)
  • Different camera angles while shooting in 360 degrees mode
  • Drift track works perfectly fine
  • The smart tracking feature is a great add on
  • Bullet time feature suits perfectly and silently
  • It’s small design easily makes it portable
  • Regular software updates
  • Matte black housing of camera looks stunning

Cons of Insta360 ONE X

  • The Insta360’s Android and iOS application seems to have technical glitches (might get fixed later with software updates)
  • Compared to GoPro, the battery life of Insta360 ONE X is relatively not that great
  • It is expensive if we compare it with its rivals.
  • Although improved, but it still gives a poor performance in low light.
  • It may be difficult for beginners to use mobile application and camera but you’ll get used to it.

Price of Insta360 ONE X

After comparing to the various website, you can easily get the Insta360 ONE X around ₹30,000 – ₹35,000. The price may differ depending upon different variations in the ONE X. 

Our Verdict on Insta360 ONE X

Potential buyers looking for greater and enhanced video quality while 360 degrees of shooting, this product perfectly suits them. Comparing it with another action camera such as GoPro, it might be a little expensive. There can be a possibility if buyers think to buy an expensive action camera with enhanced add on features than Insta360 ONE X. 

Buy Insta360 ONE X on Amazon!

Buy Insta360 ONE X on Insta360 Store!

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