In this post, we try to answer your questions regarding Isha Yoga Center like how to get there and also we cover the main attractions at the Isha Yoga Center, Coimbatore.

The word ‘Isha’ means the formless source of creation. Isha Foundation is a non-profit spiritual organisation. It was founded by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev in1992. The Isha yoga centre, situated in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu is the headquarters of Isha foundation.

The foundation is run by more than nine million volunteers around the world. The beneficiaries of the yoga programs conducted include normal people, corporate leaders, life-term prisoners of Tamil Nadu prison.

There are two ashrams of Isha, one located in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu and the other in the United States. People come here and dedicate time for their inner growth.

Isha Yoga Foundation Programs:

Image of Sadhguru

Isha is a sacred place for self-transformation where four paths of yoga, kriya(energy), gnana(knowledge), karma(action) and bhakti(devotion) are followed.

The Sanskrit word “yoga” comes from the word “yuj” which means “to unite”. Yoga is a union of the individual with the whole of existence. It is mainly self-realization.

It provides a healthier lifestyle and a higher level of fulfilment through inner engineering(3-7 days). Hatha yoga teacher training program is an extensive exploration of Hatha yoga which involves asanas.

For children between 7 and 14 years of age, Isha conducts program(5-8 days) to improve concentration, memory and health.

How To Reach the Isha Yoga Centre?

The Isha Yoga Center is situated 30 kilometres (20 miles) west of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. It is located on 150 acres of land at the foothills of the Velliangiri Mountains.

Airlines are available to Coimbatore from Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. Train services are available from all major cities in India. There are direct buses from Coimbatore bus stand to Isha. Isha’s travel desk +91 8300083111 is available for 24 hours a day to help you out.

Where to stay at Isha Yoga Centre?

The lovingly designed Isha Cottage area invites guests and visitors at Isha Yoga Center. The interior and furniture make the guest feel cosy. Meeting individual requirements, different types of cottages are available, each equipped with an attached bathroom.

Adiyogi Statue At Isha Yoga Centre:

Adiyogi Statue at Isha Yoga Center, Coimbatore

The Adiyogi statue is a Guinness World Record as the “Largest Bust Sculpture” in the world. Shiva, the First Yogi.

According to Isha, Shiva is not known as a god, but as the “Adiyogi” or the “first yogi” – the originator of yoga and over fifteen thousand years ago, Shiva attained to his full enlightenment and abandoned himself in an intense ecstatic dance upon the Himalayas.

Trimurthi Panel:

Trimurthi panel is a stone sculpture made out of carving a 50-ton granite block. The sculpture symbolises the three different dimensions of Shiva, namely Hara, Rudra and Sadashiva.

They indicate the three chief gunas, namely tamas, rajas and sattva.

Spanda hall:

Spanda Hall at Isha Yoga Center, Coimbatore

The Spanda hall measuring about 64,000 sq.ft is a meditation hall and many programs including residential programs take place here.

Visually striking, with an expansive white marble floor and a free standing pitched roof, the dominating feature of this space is the exquisite wall mural, painted using only natural vegetable dyes and earth extracts, depicting the life of a yogi.

Measuring 140 x 12 ft, this masterpiece of art is the largest of its kind in the world.

Triangle block:

The Triangle block mainly serves the purpose of accommodation. The block is built in the shape of a yantra (a yogic symbol), i.e., a triangle. A community of volunteers called brahmacharies are involved in the purpose of serving. The sacred land of India has been a witness to the lives of countless Siddhas, sages and enlightened beings.

Getting accommodated in such a place is a real blessing. Some sessions in Isha require a stay there. Accommodations are to be booked at least 2 weeks in advance. The Vanaprastha accommodation on the premises was designed to give people with families the opportunity to come and get involved in the rejuvenation process.

Dhyanalinga At Isha Yoga Centre:

Dhyanalinga at Isha Yoga Center, Coimbatore
Source: Isha Foundation

Dhyana in the Sanskrit language means meditation and linga means form. Dhyanalinga is a unique and powerful energy form. It is situated under a pillarless dome structure constructed with 250,000 bricks.

The space around it is exclusively for meditation purposes. It is not based on any religious beliefs and does not require any prayer or ritual.

The Dhyanalinga offers a unique set of activities throughout the year aimed at creating and promoting universal values and religious harmony.

Daily activities include non-lyrical chants, offered by a talented group of singers, originating from various countries and cultures. These chants allow one to become more receptive to the meditative quality of the space.


The Samadhi marks the spot where Viji, Sadhguru’s wife, attained Mahasamadhi. This serene, tranquil space invites one to meditate and experience the energies prevailing there.


Theerthakund at Isha Yoga Center

Theerthakund is a sacred underground water body. It is a deep immersion pool housing linga – an energy source capable of enhancing overall health and wellbeing. A dip in its water serves as a preparatory tool to receive energy from Dhyanalinga.

It is 30 ft deep. As the focal feature of Isha Yoga Center, Dhyanalinga along with the Suryakund (Theerthakund for male devotees) and Chandrakund (Theerthakund for female devotees), is rapidly becoming one of the most sought out locations for those seeking to experience and grow in meditation.

Home School :

Image of Sadhguru

Isha Home School aims at providing quality education in a home-like environment. With its international faculty, the school kindles a child to learn and know, focusing on living skills and life values rather than mere academic pursuits. It makes education a process of discovery and joy. 

Isha Rejuvenation Center:

Isha Rejuvenation Center offers many programs and therapies which include yogic, Ayurvedic and Siddha treatments for deep detoxification and treatment of certain chronic diseases.

The programs offered here activate a dynamic rejuvenation process, aimed at restoring vital life energies necessary for healthy living.

I hope this post answered all your questions about Isha Yoga Centre, Coimbatore. All the best for your stay.

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