An enthralling landscape, diverse wildlife and ultimately the divine nature constitute the Jim Corbett National Park. The park is located in Nainital district and Paur Garwal district of Uttarakhand. The park is named after Jim Corbett, a well-known hunter as well as a naturalist. The tourism in Jim Corbett National park is only allowed in the marked areas of the Corbett Tiger Reserve which have spectacular landscape as well as the diverse wildlife. In addition, the presence of the Royal Bengal Tigers in abundance makes the Jim Corbett National Park well known.

How to reach Jim Corbett National Park?

By Roadways

 Ramnagar, a small town situated near Jim Corbett National Park is the headquarters of Corbett Tiger Reserve. The town has a good network of roads that connect the different cities of India.

By Railways

The only nearest railway station to Jim Corbett National Park is Ramnagar. A direct train runs from Delhi to Ramnagar. Otherwise, one can reach Haldwani or Kashipur or Kathgodam and then come to Ramnagar by road.

By Airways

In order to reach Jim Corbett National Park by airways, the nearest domestic airport available is Phoolbagh in Pantnagar, which is 50 kilometres away. Besides, the nearest International airport is in Delhi.

When to visit Jim Corbett National Park?

The Jim Corbett National Park is open to tourists between November to June only as the roads are back to normal condition during this period after the monsoon.

Tourism Zones at Jim Corbett National Park

The tourism zones at the National Park are:

  • Dhikala Zone, Canter Safari Zone

The entry gate to Dhikala Zone is 32 kilometres away from Ramnagar. Here, the safari offered is Canter Safari only. It is situated at the edge of Patli Dun valley, through which the river, Ramganga flows. The western end of the park is dammed to form a reservoir, which is used for sport fishing. The attractions of Dhikala are a rest house that was built a hundred years ago and also the views of the valley. The hotels and resorts available at Dhikala Zone are:

  • Dhikala Forest Lodge
  • Sarapduli Forest Lodge
  • Sultan Forest Lodge
  • Gairal Forest Lodge
  • Khimanauli Forest Lodge
  • Khanda Forest Lodge etc.
  • Bijrani Zone, Jeep Safari Zone

The entry gate to Bijrani Zone is Amdanda Gate. Bijrani Zone is 2 kilometres away from Ramnagar. It will be opened from October to June. The Safari offered here is Jeep Safari or Elephant safari. The hotels and resorts available at Bijrani Zone are:

  • Malani Rest House
  • Bijrani Guest House etc.
  • Jhirna Zone, Jeep Safari Zone

The entry gate to Jhirna Zone is Dhela Gate. It is 15 kilometres away from Ramnagar. Jhirna Zone will be open throughout the year. The safari offered here again is Jeep safari or elephant safari. The hotels and resorts available at Jhirna Zone are:

  • Jhirna Rest House
  • Dhela Zone, Jeep Safari Zone

The entry gate to Dhela Zone is Dhela gate. It is 15 kilometres away from Ramnagar. Even Dhela zone will be open throughout the year.

  • Durga Devi Zone, Jeep Safari Zone

The entry gate to Durga Devi Zone is Durga Devi Gate. It is 28 kilometres away from Ramnagar. Durga Devi zone will be open from November to June.

  • Sitabani Forest Zone(Buffer Zone)

The entry gate to Sitabani Forest Zone is located near Teda village and exit gate is located at Paulgarh gate. It is 4 kilometres away from Ramnagar. It will be open throughout the year. There are also few hotels and resorts run in this zone.

Other attractions at Jim Corbett National Park

  • Treks

Tourists go trekking around the park with the company of a guide.

  • Kalagarh Dam

Kalagarh Dam, located in the south-west of the wildlife sanctuary is one of the best places for bird watching as well as sightseeing.

  • Corbett Falls

Corbett Falls is another attraction at the National Park. It is 25 kilometres away from Ramnagar and furthermore 4 kilometres away from Kaladhungi.

  • Garjiya Devi Temple

Garjiya Devi Temple is located on the banks of the river Kos located nearby Garjiya village at a distance of 14 kilometres away from Ramnagar, Uttarakhand. During the Kartika Purnima, a large number of travellers visit this temple as it is sacred to Garjiya Devi.

Besides, Nainital, Ranikhet, Delhi, Dehradun etc. are other tourist attractions near the National Park.

Activities to do at Jim Corbett National Park

  • Jungle Safari
  • Rappelling
  • Rock climbing
  • Bridge slithering
  • River rafting
  • River crossing
  • Fishing and angling
  • Bird Watching

Also, an episode of Man vs Wild starring Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi with the host Bear Grylls was filmed in this National Park on August 2019. The episode was broadcasted in 180 countries in addition to India.

So, don’t miss out this first wild reserve and oldest National Park of India which is not just attracting the attention of people of our country but also of people worldwide.

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