Do you hate or do not like your  9-5 jobs? Do you wish to travel frequently? Do you want to explore but also don’t want to exhaust your bank balance? there are many proper jobs to fulfil your such wishes.

Let’s explore how can you travel while building your career

  • Flight Attendant

One of the best jobs to earn while travelling is of Flight Attendant for Cabin Crew. Start the job from your country only, explore it first and then try other sectors of the world.

Good speaking skills is one of the requirements to be a cabin crew. Airline stewards regularly work arbitrary hours and can experience troublesome or problematic travellers just as commonplace travel hindrances, for example, stream slack. In any case, as a reward for your diligent work, you’ll acquire free or limited flights for you and close relatives just as the chance to see excellent places over the world.

  • Travel Agent 

With such a great number of travel sites offering client input and surveys, it’s difficult to separate between sentiments of prepared voyagers and one-time guests. Travel agents, then again, are specialists in their industry and can without much of a stretch tell a customer if a specific lodging or region will be a solid match for their demands or interest.

To be a travel agent, you need broad experience venturing to the far corners of the planet. You don’t just have a confirmation or permit to be a locally established trip specialist, yet a few states or districts expect operators to finish enrollment. You have to have great attention to avoid booking mix-ups and you should likewise be an incredible communicator so as to comprehend.

  • Travel Blogger

All those travelling lovers have at least once thought about this career. Though this career is not so stable, it is definitely the most amazing one. A great many individuals around the globe call themselves travel bloggers, yet just a bunch really procure cash with their sites.

Some make their living by blogging and the best travel bloggers pull in six figures yearly earnings. The ones that are effective complete one thing in an unexpected way, they treat travel blogging like work. 

  • Trip Leader

Trip leader is those who have already visited a particular destination. They have contacts on the destination for bookings etc. Working as a backpacking instructor is an adventurous, fun career. It is a job that takes place in the outdoors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the duration of the trip. Trips can last a week, a month, or a quarter of a year. There are both educational, classroom aspects and decision making, leadership aspects to this job. They need to know about ecology, navigation, and weather patterns. They must plan routes, food resupplies, and set itineraries. 

  • Foreign Officer

Getting a well-paid job of travelling is everyone’s wish. You can get it to buy qualifying IFS Exam( Indian foreign services) for India and similarly Foreign Officer Test for other countries. Many employees interact directly with foreign governments and are assigned to new places every few years. To qualify for these positions, you must pass the Foreign Service Officer Test and select a career track within the department. 

  • Au Pair

If you’re responsible and are good with children, this is a great way to see a foreign country and make money. Au pairs live with a host family for childcare and helping children with their homework. They also pick and drop children for after school activities.

  • Tour Guide

As a tour guide, you can travel and the world while sharing your experiences with other travellers. You need to know about the history and all the unknown facts of the destination.  One should know how to manage a large group of people.

You should know about the famous food joints, activities, unexplored places of the destination. 

  • Consultant

Organizations enlist specialists to offer knowledge and guidance to fix complex issues in their business and industry. The primary ability required for counselling is to have specific information in a specific field. 

Travel is vital to this activity since cozy associations with customers are significant for keeping up working organizations.

  • Tourism Officer

Tourism officers work for a range of employers, including public and private destination management organisations, public agencies or partnerships, and local authorities. The role is varied and may include many different types of work. Key areas include marketing, visitor management and the development of tourism products, services and facilities. At more senior levels, your job will involve strategic planning, particularly in local authorities.

You will be travelling to different events and festivals. For various meetings

  • Cruise Ship Worker

It is one of the best jobs where you can travel. Since cruise ships offer almost every service imaginable, there are job opportunities for individuals from all backgrounds. You can be a server in one of the restaurants, a technician, cashier and even a performer in one of the ship’s acts.

Cruise ships depart from ports across the globe including popular destinations such as New York and Hawaii and while you’ll work long hours, you are still given free time to explore the cities on your route.

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By Abhishek Saraswat

Abhishek (@himalayan_gypsy) is a travel photographer and blogger known as Himalayan Gypsy over the internet. Academically from an engineering background and born the Himalayan valley of Dehradun, he found himself in love with nature and ever since he has been on a journey to travel India and showcase the beauty of the country through his pictures, motivating and encouraging people on the go to feel the same and also take responsibilities to conserve our rich heritage, culture and environment. He is a Certified Digital Marketer and a Travel Influencer who is efficient to create visually appealing content for Travel Brands, Property Owners, Cafes and other Product Shoots. He also specializes in running Facebook & Instagram Ad Campaigns for Brand Awareness, Brand Promotion and Online Reputation Management.

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