“The camera is the eye of history. ”

Said Mathew Brady, one of the earliest known American photographers. It is, isn’t it? The ‘eye of history’, every place we visit every bike ride and every underwater adventure we capture, the lens preserves everything. These moments live in our minds, our hearts, and our cameras.

Our decade introduced many spectacular inventions, one of them being the action camera. An action camera takes away the trouble of carrying a DSLR around throughout your trip and gives you that artistic footage that you can shoot with your mobile phones. All this with a light-weight camera, solid with stunning features. Action cameras are a power pack that can shoot extreme sports like diving, skiing, surfing, or even for casual vlogging. 

Best Action Cameras To Look For In 2020:

1.Rectangular style

Rectangular shaped action cameras are the most common of all. These are compatible with all kinds of mounts and used a lot in chest mounts for first-person POV shots. Most rectangular-shaped cameras have a display screen for live view and settings.

GoPro session

2.Bullet style

These cameras are light-weight and perfect for helmet mounts. They have a sleek bullet-shaped body. Although bullet-style cameras do not match up to a standard action camera’s video quality, many new models like the TomTom Bandit are reaching up to it with 4k quality.


-TomTom Bandit

3.Cube style

These cameras are smaller and have a narrower wild of vision than rectangular cameras. Cube cameras are compact and handy. The downside is that they don’t have a display screen. So you will have to connect them to a mobile app or an external display accessory.

– Sony RX0 II

Mini Action Cameras:

The devices have a clip-on or magnetic function, so you need not worry about carrying them everywhere. Their video quality is just slightly lower than standard action cameras. However, they hold waterproof, stabilization, and shockproof abilities. Periscope, bullet, box style cameras are also constructed as mini cameras, some wearable some not. These are small wearable cameras great for casual filming.

– HTC RE Camera

– Drift Compass

Best choices of Action Cameras In 2020:

Insta360 Go

This thumb-sized device weighs 20gms and allows you to shoot 30sec clips. The camera uses AI to choose and edit out the best clips from your videos with its FlashCut auto-editing feature.

The Insta360 Go has a magnetic body so you can mount it easily anywhere. It comes with two magnetic mounts, one wearable, and one hand-held. The camera is splash-proof and not meant to be submerged.

It’s a great option for casual vlogging. The FlowState stabilization gives you super-smooth footage and even provides features like a barrel roll, hyper-lapse, time-lapse and slow-mo.

Price: Around ₹25000

Resolution: 9.2MP

GoPro Hero 8 Black

This model of GoPro is the best one out there. It truly lives up to the company’s reputation with its improved design. GoPro has repositioned its microphone for better sound recording plus it accepts voice commands too!. The new model introduced Timelapse 2.0, Hypersmooth 2.0 and live burst photos.

The GoPro Hero 8 Black allows you to shoot in RAW mode. You can preorder or buy mods including lights, mics and LCD screens. This action camera is the best option for things like causal vlogs and biking to diving. You can take it down to 33ft underwater. One downside is that GoPro does not provide an interchangeable lens anymore, which was a great option if your camera was accident-prone.

Price: Around ₹36500

Resolution: 12MP

 DJI Osmo Action

The DJI Osmo Action is a tough rival to all action cameras. It comes with dual screens and smooth touch screen use. The Rocksteady stabilization smoothens any rocky footage for you. This action camera is built to be submerged down to 11m underwater.

You can buy extra accessories for a better user experience. The lens construction reduces glare and distortion and shoots uncompromised videos even in direct sunlight. You can shoot amazing HD and slow-motion videos and edit your footage in the DJI Mimo App.

Price: Around ₹35000

Resolution: 12MP

Polaroid Cube +

The Polaroid Cube+ is a cube style camera with a 124° wide-angle lens and a built-in rechargeable battery. It’s a lightweight lifestyle action camera designed for non-rugged uses, a great choice for your travel vlogs! The camera allows you to capture 8MP photos with image stabilization and videos in different resolutions. There is no display screen so you will have to download the Cube+ app for a live view. It has a magnetic mounting option, but you will have to buy mounts and other accessories separately since they do not come with the camera. The Cube+ is a weather-proof and splash-proof camera with Wi-Fi and Live Streaming.

Price: Around ₹ 25000


Sony FDR-X3000

The Sony FDR-X300 lets you capture 4k footage with optical stabilization. It has a built-in stereo microphone that has an amazing recording value. It comes with a USB cable, rechargeable battery, attachment buckle, underwater housing, and a startup guide. With its underwater housing seal, we can submerge it to 197ft. You can even add speed and location info with its built-in GPS and Action Cam Movie Creator. It has an impressive video quality even in low-light situations. This handy action camera can be trusted blindly through our old familiarity with Sony, a worthy camera in the market.

Price: Around ₹37000

Resolution: 8.2 Megapixels (approximately)



Mounts are mechanical devices that help you stabilize and protect your camera. They hold your camera and let you attach it to an object or place. Mounts come in various forms such as wearable mounts like chest mounts, head mounts, or waist mounts. You can choose adhesive mounts, suction cup mounts, handgrips, selfie sticks, and much more.


Gimbals are amazing devices that help you stabilize your video and images. If you choose an action camera that has compromised stabilization, you can attach it to a gimbal and you’re good to go.

Waterproof Housing

Advanced cameras like a GoPro might allow you to use your camera underwater without a protective housing, but for other ones, buy a waterproof housing. If your camera is compatible with underwater shooting, you can buy the housing as an extra accessory with the camera itself.


We attach filters for more enhanced and personalized video quality. You can choose filters to alter the exposure and white balance of your footage, these are polarizing and UV filters. Infrared filters can give you a cinematic look. Certain protective filters against dirt, oil, and water are available too.

It’s now time for you to choose your device to capture your travelling quest. Share with us in the comments what is the most memorable trip you have been to!

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By Abhishek Saraswat

Abhishek, popularly known to the world as Himalayan Gypsy is an award-winning travel & street photographer based in India. He is an adventure freak and a digital nomad who likes to document India, its culture, heritage & architecture through his pictures and writes about his experiences on his blog. A banker by profession and a traveler by heart, he has been exploring India since his childhood during family vacations and school picnics which gradually turned into solo trips and guided tours. Today his work is known to the world through his numerous pictures published, featured, and exhibited in various popular magazines like DiscoverIndia, Natgeo Traveller India, Asian Photography Magazine, Chiiz Magazine, Nikon India, Wildlife India, etc.