Interested in knowing more about the heritage of India? Check out our list of all Archaeological Survey Of India Protected Sites In India 2020:

1) Andhra Pradesh:

1. Anantapur:

  • Basavannah Temple
  • Chintalarayaswami Temple
  • Citadel and ruined buildings on the hill
  • Extensive hill-fortress with outlying fortification excluding the fort gate
  • Group of old temples together with adjacent land
  • Group of sculptures
  • Hill Fort
  • Hill Fort and a large wall
  • Hill Fort and buildings therein and the fortifications at foot of hill
  • Large bastion and an old gateway
  • Large dolmen on a rocky hillock
  • Madhavaraya Temple (old Vishnu Temple)
  • Mallikarjuna (Siva) Temple
  • Old Gopuram
  • Old Stamba or lamp pillar in the sub collector’s office compound
  • The outer wall of the Mahalakshmi Temple
  • Palace and two Temples of Rama and Krishna
  • Rameswaraswami Temple
  • Sitatirtham stepped well with the entrance in the form of a bull
  • The Hillfort and northern gateway with inscriptions
  • Virabhadra Temple
  • Watch Tower  also known as Rama’s Bastion


  • Chennakeswaraswami temple
  • Fort
  • Lower Fort and structure
  • Lower Fort, Fort wall, moat, old Fort gateway, old Hanuman temple, old Mandapam
  • Mahal
  • Palliswara Mudaiya Madeya temple
  • Parasuramesvara temple
  • Upper Fort
  • Venkateswara Vishnu temple

3.East Godavari:

  • Bhimeswara temple
  • Bhimeswara temple
  • Buddhist remains at Kodavali
  • Gollingeswara group of temples
  • Monolithic Ganesh Image
  • Mounds containing Buddhist remains such as stupas
  • Rock-cut caves and cisterns and remains of Buddhist Stupas, Chaityas and Viharas (monasteries) on the hill pandavula or pandavakonda


  • Ancient shiva temple with inscription
  • Bhavanarayana temple
  • Fort in ruins
  • Fort-storeyed rock-cut Hindu temple
  • Hill of Nagarjunakonda with the ancient remains
  • Inscribed rock to the west of Dharanikota
  • Kapoteswara temple with the inscriptional monuments within the temple site
  • Reconstructed monuments at Anupu and Nagarjunaklonda hilltop
  • Ruined Buddhist stupa
  • Ruined Buddhist stupa and other remains
  • The Sculptures, carvings, images on the ancient mound
  • The Sculptures, carvings, images or other like objects within the revenue limit


  • The ancient site with the mound marking the Buddhist Stupas in it
  • Bandar Fort
  • Buddhist remains in a mound
  • Buddhist remains of a Stupa on the hill
  • Dutch cemetery
  • Four pillars in the ruined mandapam in Jammidoddi
  • Hillock containing the mound of Buddhist stupas on it
  • Inscribed Pillar and slab in Mallesvarasvami temple
  • Kiratharjuna Pillar on the Indrakilla Hill
  • Mound containing Buddhist remains and ancient village site
  • Rock-cut cave temples on the Hill
  • Sculptures, carvings, images other like objects found in the vicinity of the old Mosque
  • Two rock-cut cave temples on the Indrakila hill known as Akkanna caves Kiratarjuna pillar and slab the Indrakila hill Inscribed pillar and slab in Malleswaraswami temple


  • A prominent granite hillock bearing Asokan inscriptions
  • Gateways and the bastions of the old fort
  • Inscribed boulder bearing Andhra records of 150 A.D.
  • Inscribed stone lying to the east of Shiva temple
  • Mausoleum known as Abdul Wahab Khan’s Tomb and adjoining buildings
  • Nandavaram Temple including the sculpture of Subrahamanya
  • Old Cave Temple
  • Ruined fort and buildings therein except Ramazan masjid
  • The One Asokan inscription, Two early Chalukya inscriptions and One late Chalukya inscriptions
  • Uma-Mahesvaraswami Temple


  • Hill Fort with Ancient buildings therein
  • Krishna Temple in a part of Donka with Gopuram, Kalyanamandapam and Tank
  • Mound known as ‘Bodipati Dibba’
  • Ranganayakula Temple


  • A group of eight rock-cut temples in Bhairavakonda hill
  • Ancient Site
  • Chola Temple
  • Pitikeswara group of temples including Approach road
  • Remalingesvara group of temples


  • Ancient Buddhist site
  • Bhimesvara temple, Mukhalingesvara temple
  • Buddhist remains
  • Eastern portion of Salihundam hill containing Buddhist remains ( A Chaitya and four stupas)
  • Sri Somesvara temple

10.West Godavari:

  • Buddhist monuments
  • Mounds containing Buddhist remains
  • Mounds locally known as Bhimalingadibba
  • The caves and structural stupa of Archaeological interest on Dharmalingesvarasvami hill


  • Agatheswar Swami Temple
  • Ancient Village sites
  • Athirala parasurama temple
  • Bhimeshwara swamy temple
  • Fort , Moat and buildings
  • Fort with enclosed ancient buildings, Madhavaperumal temple
  • Indranadheshwara Swamy temple
  • Kamalasambnashwara Swamy temple
  • Kondarama temple
  • Mukundesvara temple with inscriptions
  • Narasimha temple
  • Old Vishnu temples with inscriptions
  • Raghaveswara swamy temple
  • Remains of the buried Jain temple
  • Saumyanatha temple
  • Sivakesavaswamy temple
  • Sri Kodandarma Swamy temple and adjoining buildings
  • Trikoteswara Swamy temple
  • Vaidhyanadha Swamy temple
  • Vigneswara swamy temple
  • Visvanatha Swamy temple


  • Ancient Buddhist remains and Brahmi inscriptions on the mound
  • Armoury known as Fort and customs office, Bandar Fort customs office, Belfry
  • Bastion No. 2 Lal Bangalow Buruzu
  • Bastion No.1 Beach Ghantki Buruzu
  • Buddhist remains: Rock-cut temple, Large Monastery
  • Buddhist remains: Ruined Mandapa, Stone-built Stupa
  • Buddhist remains: Small Monastery , Brick Chaitya
  • Buddhist remains: Three images
  • Buddhist remains:One image
  • Buddhist remains:Six Images
  • Buddhist remains:Three images and some more images on the hill
  • Gateway to Gopala Darwaja
  • Gateway to Panikiddi
  • Inscribed marble pillar near the Gopala temple
  • Mounds with ancient remains


  • Charminar
  • Golkonda Fort, Fortifications


  • Alampur Temples


  • Ancient Buddhist Mounds locally known as ‘Dhana Dibbalu’
  • Buddhist rock-cut stupas, Dagabas and caves and the ruins of a structural Chaitya with its outbuilding and other Ancient remains on two adjoining hills known as Bojjanna Konda


  • Durga Bhairavakonda having an ancient monument called Durga
  • Ruined Buddhist Monastery at Gurubhaktulakonda
  • The old, Dibbesvarasvamipur temple


  • Ramappa temple
  • Thousand Pillared temple
  • Warangal Fort, Defences and gateways


2) Jammu and Kashmir

  • Akhund Mulla Shah’s Mosque
  • Aliabad Sarai
  • Ancient Fort attributed to Raja Suchet Singh and Samadhi of Queen of Raja Suchet Singh
  • Ancient Gonpa
  • Ancient Monastery & Stupa
  • Ancient Palace
  • Ancient Palace & Shrine
  • Ancient Palaces attributed to Raja Suchet Singh
  • Ancient Site
  • Ancient site of Chakradhar / Semthan
  • Ancient Site, Babour
  • Ancient sites & Remains
  • Ancient Siva Temple
  • Ancient Stupa (Excavated Remains)
  • Ancient Stupa, Chaitya & Monastery
  • Ancient Temple
  • Ancient Temple (Harihara)
  • Ancient Temple Dera, Babour
  • Ancient Temple, Babour
  • Ancient Temples Kala Dera I & II
  • Avantisvara Temple
  • Avantiswami Temple
  • Buddhist Gonpa
  • Buddhist Monasteries
  • Buddhist Monastery
  • Bumzuva Cave and Temple
  • Detha Mandir
  • Devi Bhagwati Temple, Babour
  • Excavated Remains
  • Fort at Akhnoor
  • Gates in the Rampart of the fort
  • Group of Ancient Temples
  • Group of arched terraces / structural complex
  • Group of Temples
  • Hemis Gonpa
  • Hirpur Sarai
  • Kartanda (Sun Temple)
  • Kathi Darwaza
  • Khan Qah of Shah Hamdan
  • Khanpur Sarai
  • Monolithic Shrine
  • Mosque and other ancient remains on the island
  • Mughal Arcade and Spring at Verinag
  • Old Castle (Tsemo Hill)
  • Pandrethan Temple
  • Partapswami Temple
  • Pathar Masjid
  • Remains of Ancient sites (Pambaran)
  • Remains of Ancient Stupa
  • Remains of Ancient Temple
  • Rock carving of Devi riding a lion
  • Rock carving of Sitala, Narada, Brahma & Radha-Krishna
  • Rock cut sculptures
  • Sangeen Darwaza
  • Sankaragaurisvara Temple
  • Sculpture at Drass
  • Shankaracharya Temple
  • Shrine of four Lords Gon-Khang (Tsemo Hill)
  • Stupa
  • Sugandhesa Temple
  • Tomb of Zain-ul-Abedin’s mother
  • Trilochananath Temple
  • Vishesvara and other cave Temple

3) Assam:


  • Cachari ruins, i. A small unfinished dwelling house ii. Baradwari iii. East wall iv. Singh Darwaza v. Temple of Ranahandi and 7 8 two small temples vi. Shan Mandir
  • Siva Temple at Sivatila


  • Idgah
  • Magazine House
  • Moterijhar Temple
  • Panbari Ruins
  • Rangamati Mosque


  • Mahadev Parvat
  • Monument over the grave of Mr. B.J.Stow
  • Paglatek ruins
  • Rousch Monument
  • Sri Suryapahar Ruins
  • Tomb of Lt. Cresswell


  • Ancient Caves /tombs


  • Deoparvat Ruins
  • Monoliths, Kasomari Pathar
  • No.1 Dubarani Archaeological Site
  • Sivadol, Neghriting


  • Ambari
  • Aswakranta Temple
  • Bhairabeswari Temple
  • Carvings, Inscriptions and pillar on the
  • Chandar Marghar
  • Chandrasekhar Temple
  • Chilating Rock Inscription
  • Dirgheswari Ruins
  • Duargaril a Rock inscription
  • Hara Gauri Temple
  • Hayagriva Madhava Temple, Hazo
  • Kanai Boroshi Bowa Rock inscription
  • Karbi Memorial
  • Madan Kamdev
  • Manikarnesvar Temple
  • Na-Math
  • Nazirakhat Ruins
  • Persian Rock Inscription
  • Pingaleswar Ruins
  • Rock-cut figures i. Dancing Bhairava, ii. Figures of Ganesa-2 iii.Figure of Narakasur iv. Four-handed Bhairavi v. Miniature Sikhara Shrine vi. Sivalingas-12, vii. Stone Gateway viii. Two-handed Bhairavi
  • Rock-cut sculptures representing Vishnu Janardan
  • Rudreswar Temple
  • Siddheswar Temple
  • Siva Temple
  • Sri Genesh Temple, Hajo
  • Sri Kameswar Temple
  • Sri Kedar Temple
  • Stone inscription inside the Poa Mecca Mosque
  • Umachal Rock Inscription
  • Umananda Temple Archaeological Site
  • Vaisistha Temple

7.North Cachar hill

  • Rock-cut temple
  • Two inscribed stones

8.North Cachar hills

  • Bolosaon Group monoliths
  • Derebara Group monoliths
  • Khartong Group of monoliths
  • Kobak Group monoliths


  • Ahom Raja’s Palace
  • Devidol, Gaurisagar
  • Devidol, Joysagar
  • Devidol,Sibsagar
  • Eight Cannons of the Ahom period on the bank of the Sibsagar tank, Sibsagar
  • Gaurisagar Tank, Gaurisagar
  • Ghanashyam’s house,Joysagar
  • Golaghar or Magzine House, JoysagarDistrict Sibsagar
  • Group of four Maidams
  • Karengghar of the Ahom Kings, Joysagar
  • Ranghar Pavallions, Joysagar
  • Rangnathdol, Meteka
  • Sivadol, Gaurisagar
  • Sivadol, Joysagar
  • Sivadol, Sibsagar
  • Vishnudol, Gaurisagar
  • Vishnudol, Joysagar
  • Vishnudol,Sibsagar


  • Bordol temple, Bishwanath,
  • Dhandi Ruins
  • Dhandi temple, N.C. Kamdayal,
  • Grave of Lt. Lewis Van Sadan, Bishwanath
  • Grave of Lt. Thomas Kennedy, Bishwanath
  • Masonry remains on the Bamuni Hills, Tezpur
  • Mound and ruins of the stone temple, Dahparbatia,
  • Nandikeswar Dewalaya
  • Rock Inscription on the bank of the Brahmaputra, Tezpur
  • Rock Known as Bishwanath Sivalinga,Bishwanath
  • Rock known as Sakreswar on the Island Umatumani , Bishwanath
  • Ruins, Singri Hill
  • Sculpture at Chummery Compound
  • Sculptures in the Chummery compound, Tezpur
  • Surya image at Golchepa
  • Vaiswanath Temple

11.Tin Sukhia

  • Gun of the Emperor Sher Shah , Sadia
  • Two Swivel guns belonging to the Mughal Nawwara, Sadia


  • Baman Ruins
  • Jorpukhuri Ruins
  • Narikoli Ruins
  • Tamreswar Ruins


  • Ghuguha Doul


  • Bezar Doul
  • Mairamora Doul
  • Raidongia Doul


  • Grave of Bahadur Gaon Burha

16.Karbi Anglong

  • Borgang Rock Inscription
  • Burhagosain Than
  • Metha-long-A
  • Rock-cut Durga at Tilapara
  • Rock-cut Ganesa at Boga Doul
  • Ruins at Sarthe Rangpha
  • Ruins at Sikari Rongpi Gaon


  • Rock Inscription


  • Akashiganga Ruins
  • Devasthan Ruins
  • Dolmens
  • Gachtal Ruins
  • Hatimura Temple
  • Kawaimari Ruins
  • Kenduguri Ruins
  • Matharbari Ruins
  • Maudonga Ruins
  • Mikirati Ruins
  • Na-Nath Ruins
  • Rajbari Group of Temples
  • Ruins of Temple
  • Sankhadevi Ruins
  • Sibpur Ruins
  • Warigadeng Ruins


  • Bileswar Temple

20.North Cacher

  • Rampart Stone Inscription
  • Thanks and Rampart

21.North Lakhimpur

  • Baghar Chukar Doul
  • Gosaipukhuri Ruins
  • Maghnowa Temple


  • Bogi Doul
  • Borpatra Tank
  • Charaideo
  • Devi Doul
  • Fakuwa Doul
  • Gallows site of Piyoli Phukan
  • Golaghar
  • Gorokhiya Doul of Mai Doul
  • Haragouri Doul
  • Jagadhatri Doul
  • Piyali Phukanar Doul
  • Ranganath Doul
  • Siva Doul
  • Thowra Doul
  • Vishnu Doul

4) Arunachal Pradesh

1.Dibang valley

  • Remains in Bishmak Nagar

2.West Kamena

  • Gun of the emperor Sher Shah
  • Ruins
  • Ruins of copper temple
  • Two swivel guns belonging to the Mughal Nawwara

5) Delhi

  • Ajmeri Gate
  • Alipur Cemetery
  • Anceint Mosque
  • Arab Sarai
  • Ashoka rock Edict
  • Ashoka’a pillar
  • Ashokan Pillar
  • Azim Khan Tomb
  • Badun Gate
  • Bag-i-Alam Gumbad with a Mosque
  • Balban Khan’s Tomb & Jamli Kamali
  • Bandi or Poti ka Gumbad III-280
  • Baoli
  • Baoli at Ghiaspur
  • Baoli known as diving wall locally known as (Candak-ki-baoli)
  • Bara Khamba Cemetry
  • Bara Khamba outside north entrance to shrine
  • Bara Khamba-285
  • Bara Pulah bridge near Nizammudin
  • Baradari Shahpur Jat
  • Bastion, where a wall of Jahan panah meets the wall of Rai Pithora fort.
  • Begampuri Masjid
  • Bijay Mandal, neighbouring domes, buildings and dalan to north of Begumpur
  • Biran-Ka-Gumbad-282
  • Biwi or Dadi-ka-Gumbad-281
  • Bul-Bul-Ki-Kh. No. 256 Shahpur Jat
  • Chauburji
  • Chausath Khamba and tomb of Mirza Nizammudin Aziz-ka-Kokaltash
  • Chor Minar No. 289 Vol III
  • Choti Gunti
  • Delhi fort or Lal Qila, Naubat Khana, Diwan-i-am, Mumtaz Mahal’ Rang Mahal, Baithak,Maseu Burj, diwan-i-Khas’ Moti Masjid, sawan Bhadon ,Shah Burj, Hammam with all surrounding including the gardens, paths, terraces and watercourses.
  • Delhi Gate
  • Enclosure containing the grave of Lt. Edwards and others, murdered in 1857.
  • Enclosure wall with Tomb of Najaf Khan
  • Enlosure containing the tomb of Shah Alam Bahadur Shah, Shah Alam to and Akbar Shah II
  • Eremo Cemetery
  • Flag Staff Tower
  • Fortification Wall Asad Burj, Water gate, Delhi Gate, Lahori Gate, Jahangiri Gate, Chhattra Bazar, Baoli Red Fort, Delhi
  • Fortification walls, Gates, Bastions and Ancient Buildings of Salimgarh Fort
  • Gates and walls of Mubarakpur, Kotla in village Mubarakpur
  • Gateway of Lal kot
  • Gateway of Rai Pithoria’s fort
  • Gateways of Badli-Ki-Sarai
  • Grave of Jahanara Begum
  • Grave of Mirza Jahangir
  • Grave of Mohammed Shah
  • Houz Shamsi with central red stone pavilion situated at Mehrauli in field No. 157-81, 1586-97, 1614 &1624
  • Humayun’s tomb, its platforms, garden, enclosure walls and gateways Khasra No. 258 bounded on the east by Khasra No.180&181&244 of Miri Singh and on west by Kh. No. 268&253 on the north by Khasra No. 266, on the south by Kh No. 245 of Miri Singh & Kh. No.
  • Idgah of Kharehra No. 287, Vol III
  • Inchla Wali Gunti
  • Including the water Bastions at the Northern corner of the wall and also including the dith outside the City wall where this is exposed.
  • Internal buildings 
  • Iron Pillar Hindu
  • Jahaz Mahal
  • Jantar Mantar
  • Kala Gumbad
  • Kali Gumti
  • Kashmeri Gate and portion of the City Wall on either side of the Kashmeri Gate on the side and on the other upto
  • Khair-ul-Manzil
  • Khirkee Masjid
  • Kotla Ferozabad with the remaining walls, bastions and gateways and gardens, the old Mosque, and well and all other ruins buildings it contains.
  • Lakhar wal Gumbad (Tomb)
  • Lal Bangla
  • Lal Darwaza, the northern gate of the outer walls of the Delhi of Shershah.
  • Lal Gumbad
  • Lothian Road Cemetery
  • Makhdum ki Kh. No. 255 Shahpur Jat
  • Mandi Mosque
  • Marble Tomb reputed to be that of Newab BahadurJawid Khan
  • Mazar of Mirza Ghalib
  • Mazar of Sheikh Muhammad Ibrahim Zauq
  • Mosque attached to Mubarak shah Tomb
  • Mosque with the dalans and courtyard and the Bara Gumbaj (the domed entracne to the mosque)
  • Moti Masjid
  • Moti-ki-Masjid
  • Motiyan wala dome Shahpur Jat
  • Mound known as Jaga Bai comprise in part of surve plot no. 167
  • Munda Gumbad
  • Mutiny telegraph Memorial
  • Nai-ka-kot.
  • Neighbouring Bridge
  • Nicholson (Or Kashmeri Gate) Cemetery
  • Nicholson statue and its platform and the surrounding gardens paths and enclosure wall.
  • Nila Gumbad outside the south corner of the enclosure of Humayun’s tomb (Kh. No. 243) bounded on the east by Kh. No. 182, on the west by Humayun’s tomb, on the north by Kh. No. 181 & on the south by Kh. No. 244 of Miri Singh
  • Nili Chhatri or Subz Burz .
  • Nili Mosque
  • Old Baoli immediately to the west of Hindu Rao’s House.
  • Old Lodi Bridge with approaches
  • Old Palace of Bahadur Shah II alias Lal Mahal in Mehrauli
  • Old wall running east from No.4 xi. 2.23 Acres of land surrounding the above monuments and bouded on the North by house of Chhange and Mehra Chand sons of Hansram and house of Uderam, son of Kusha South Ghairmunkan Resta East By village site belonging to
  • Phool Chadar aquduct near Najafgarh Jhil aquduct
  • Portion of City wall near which Brij Jahn Nicholson was mortally Wounded on 14th Sept. , 1857.
  • Portion of the City Wall of Shahajanabad
  • Purana Quila (Inderpat) or Delhi With all its walls Arcades, gateways and Bastions, gardens, the Mosque of Sher Shah . The Sher Mandala and entrances to Subteranean passages.
  • Rajon-ki-Bain with Mosque and Chhatri
  • Rajpur (Mutiny cemetery)
  • Ramp and gateway of Rai Pithora’s Fort
  • Remainig Gateways of Arab Sarai and of Abadi-Bagh-Buhalima
  • Ruined courtyard and its Dalans with the Domed building to the north-west to the No.8
  • Ruined line of walls, bastions & gateways of siri Kh. No. 88, 265 &447 at village Shahpur Jat
  • Sakri Gumti-284
  • Sarai Shahji
  • Sat Narain Bhawan
  • Satpula-III –216
  • Shamsid Tallab together with platform entrance gates.
  • Sheesh Mahal
  • Sher shah’s gate with the adjoinining curon walls and Bastions and the remains of the double line of structure to its front
  • Sikargah Kushak-II -327
  • Siri Mehammadi wali-Kh. No. 14 Shahpur Jat
  • Site of Siege battery Known as the Sammy House Battery bearing the following Inscriptions Battery , Sammy house, Major Remington Tank, RA Commanding armament 89 pounds. To command ground near Mori Bastion.
  • Site of siege Battery with inscription
  • Sunderwala Burj
  • Sunderwala Mahal
  • Sunehri Masjid near Delhi Fort
  • Tefewala Gumbad
  • Thana wala Shahpur Jat
  • The Afsah-walla-ki-Masjid situated outside the west gate of Humayun’s tomb with its dalans and paved court bounded on the east by Humayun’s tomb on the west by Abadi Arab Sarai on the north by road and Khasra No. 252 and on the south by Abadi Arab Sarai
  • The Gate way of Arab Sarai facing East towards the tomb of Humayun
  • The Gate way of Arab Sarai facing North towards Purana Qila
  • The Mosque
  • The Moti Gate of Shershah, Delhi
  • The Old Entrance Gateway of the Garden.
  • The Pirghaib to the north and near Hindu Rao’s House
  • The Punjabi gate in the Roshanara bagh
  • The Qutab Archaeological area as now fenced in, including the Mosque, Iron Pillar, Minar of Qutab-din, unfinished Minar, all colonnads, screen arches, tomb of Altmash, college, buildings of Aluddin, Tomb of Imam Zamin and all carved stones in the above arc
  • The remaining gateways of the old Magazira with their adjoining buildings.
  • The Tomb
  • The tomb of Ferozshah ,Domed Building to the west of No.1 , Dalan between 1&2 , Domed Building & its court to the south of No. 3,,. Dalans and all ruined Buildings to the north of no. 1 and existing upto No.10 , Five Chhatris to the case of No. 1& No.5 ,
  • The tomb of Mohammed Shah known as Mubarak Khan- Ka-Gumbaz
  • Tin Burji Walla Gumbad
  • Tomb and Mosque of Maulana Jamali Kamali
  • Tomb of Adam Khan (Rest House)
  • Tomb of Afsar-wala immediately near to the south of Afsar-wala-ki-Masjid
  • Tomb of Amir Khusro, Ghiaspur
  • Tomb of Atgah Khan
  • Tomb of Bahlol Lodi
  • Tomb of Bhura Khan
  • Tomb of Capt. Mac. Barnatt & others who fall in an attack on Kishanganj
  • Tomb of Darya Khan
  • Tomb of Ghiasuddin Khan
  • Tomb of Ghiyasuddin Tughlaqabad. walls and bastions, gates and cause way including the tomb of Dad Khan
  • Tomb of Khan-i-Khana
  • Tomb of Mirza Muzaffer, Bara Batasha No. 151 Ghiaspur
  • Tomb of Mirza Muzaffer, Chota Batasha No. 153, Ghiaspur
  • Tomb of Mohammed Tughlaqabadshah
  • Tomb of Mubarik in Mubarakpur, Kotla
  • Tomb of Nizamuddin Aulia, Ghiaspur No. 197
  • Tomb of Razia Begum in Mohalla Bulbuli Khana
  • Tomb of Roshanara & Baradari
  • Tomb of Safdarjang (Mirza Muqim Mansur Ali Khan) with all the enclosure walls, gateways, gardens and the mosque on the eastern side of the garden.
  • Tomb of Sheikh Kaburuddin also known as Rakabwala Gumbad in field no.84 min. situated at sarai Shah 31 property of Thoks Shahpur and Adhehini
  • Tomb of Sikander Lodi with its enclosure wall and bastions, gates & compound
  • Tomb of Sultan Ghari
  • Tomb of Usuf-Quttal
  • Tomb with three domes near Rly.Station
  • Tombs of Bade-Khan, and Mubarakpur Kotla, Kotla
  • Tombs of Chote Khan, Mubarakpur
  • Tripolia Gateways
  • Uggar Sain’s Baoli
  • Unknown
  • Unknown tomb Ghiaspur 153,
  • Unknown Tomb in the vicinitty of Jawahar Lal Nehru Stadium
  • Unknown tomb with blue tiles decoration known as Shisha Gumbad
  • Unnamed Mosque
  • Unnamed tomb
  • Wajir pur- ki-Gumbad
  • Wall mosque
  • Wall of Rai Pithora’s fort including gateways and bastions
  • Walls of Lal Kot and Rai Pithora’s fort at the point where they meet together
  • Walls of Lal Kot and Rai Pithora’s fort from Sohan Gate to Adam Khan’s tomb including the ditch where there is an outer wall
  • Walls of old city of Tughlaqabad.
  • Walls of Rai Pithora’s fort and Jahan Panah at the point where they meet together
  • Walls, gate and bastions of Adilabad (Mohammadbad) and causeway leading there to from Tughlaqabad.
  • Walls, gateways bastions and internal buildings of both inner and outer citadels of Tughlaqabad fort

6) Goa

  • British Cemetery at Dona Paula
  • Cabo da Rama Fort
  • Casa da Polvora
  • Cave at Ishwarbhat
  • Cave at Mangueshi
  • Caves at Khandepar
  • Caves at Naroa
  • Caves at Rivona
  • Caves of Aquem
  • Chapel of Our Lady of Monte
  • Chapel of St. Jeronimus
  • Chapel of St. Xavier
  • Chapora Fort
  • Church of Reis Magos
  • Church of St. Peter
  • Convent of St. Monica and Chapel
  • Fort Naroa
  • Fort of Alorna
  • Fort of Sanquelim
  • Fort of Terekhol
  • Fortress of Colvale
  • Frontispices of Sancoale
  • Gate of Rachol Fortress
  • Namazgah
  • Reis Magos Fort
  • Ruins including Tank of the Temple of Mahalsa
  • Ruins of Brahmapuri
  • Ruins of College of St. Populo
  • Ruins of Jain Basti
  • Shri Chandranath Paroda
  • Shri Kamakshi Temple
  • Shri Mahadev Temple
  • Shri Nagesh Temple
  • Shri Saptakoteshwar
  • Site – Ruins of Ramnath Temple
  • Site of Gujir
  • Site of Rock Carving at Pansaimal
  • Site of Rock Carvings of Kazur
  • Site of Ruins of Manguesh Temple
  • Site of Ruins of Shantadurga temple
  • Site of the Temple of Saptakoteshwar
  • Site where the ancient image of Buddha was discovered at Colvale
  • Temples of Saptakoteshwar
  • The Cave at Shigoa
  • The Cave of Sidhanath at Tar Surla
  • The Fort of Marmagoa
  • The Fortress of Khorjuve
  • The Mosque and Tank at Tar Surla
  • The Site of Fortress at St. Estevam
  • The Site of Kaivailya Math at Consua
  • The site of Narayandev at Vichundre

7) West Bengal


  • Ancient Temple
  • Dalmadal Gun and the platform on which it is mounted
  • Gate of Old Fort
  • Gokul Chand Temple
  • Image of Durga slaying Mahisasura under a tree
  • Jore Bangla Temple
  • Jore Mandir
  • Kalachand Temple
  • Lalji Temple
  • Madan Gopal Temple
  • Madan Mohan Temple
  • Malleswar Temple
  • Murali Mohan Temple
  • Nanda Lal Temple
  • Patpur Temple
  • Radha Binod Temple
  • Radha Gobinda Temple
  • Radha Madhab Temple
  • Radha Shyam Temple
  • Rasmancha
  • Rock Inscription of Chandra Varman
  • Saileswar Temple
  • Sareswar Temple
  • Shyam Rai Temple
  • Small sateway of fort
  • Stone chariot
  • Temple of Radha Damodar Jew
  • Temple of Ratneswar
  • Temple of Shyam Sunder
  • Temple site now represented only by a mound
  • Temple site now represented only by a mound and a statue of Surya
  • Temple site now represented only by a mound with an Image of Nandi on it
  • Temple site now represented only by a Mound with statues of Ganesh and Nandi on it
  • Temple site of an old Jain Temple now represented only by a Mound with a Jain statue


  • Temple and Rasmancha (Damodar Temple)
  • Temple of Basuli and the mound together with fourteen other temples near them containing the Linga images of Shiva
  • Temple of Dharmaraj
  • Temple of Radha Binod commonly known as Joydeb
  • Two mounds


  • 1 Bijoy Vaidyanath Temple
  • Ancient mound
  • Ancient site
  • Ancient site and remains of Panduk Rajar Dhipi
  • Giri Gobardhan Temple
  • Gopalji Temple
  • Group of four Ancient Temples
  • Group of temples (12 nos. temples)
  • Jain brick temple known as Sat-Deul
  • Jaleswar Temple
  • Krishna Chandraji Temple
  • Lalji Temple
  • Nava-Kailasha Temple
  • Pancharatna Temple
  • Pratapeswar Siva Temple in Rajbari compound
  • Rameswar Temple
  • Ratneswar Temple
  • Rudreswar Temple
  • Rupeswar Temple
  • Stone Temple
  • Temple of Ichai Ghosh
  • Tomb of Baharam Sakka, Sher Afghan and Nawab Qutabuddin
  • Two ancient temples (joined together)


  • Dupleix Palace(Institute de Chandan Nagar)
  • Dutch Cemetery together with all tombs & monuments contained therein
  • Dutch Memorial monument of Susan Anna Maria
  • Group of temples known as Brindaban Chandra’s Math
  • Haneswari and Vasudev temples
  • Danish Cemetery
  • Minar
  • Mosque
  • Mosque & Tombs
  • Mounds
  • Shrine and Mosque known as Dargah of Zafar Khan Gazi


  • Sri Mayer Ghat


  • Adina Mosque
  • Baisgazi Wall
  • Baraduary Masjid or the Great Golden Mosque
  • Bhita of Chand Sadagar
  • Chamkati Masjid
  • Chika Masjid
  • Dakhil darwaza
  • Eklakhi Mausoleum
  • Firoz Minar
  • Gumti Gateway
  • Gunmant Mosque
  • Kotwali Darwaja
  • Lottan Masjid
  • Lukachuri Gateway
  • Qadam Rasul Mosque
  • Qutub Shahi Masjid
  • Tantipara Masjid
  • Tomb of Fateh Khan
  • Tower
  • Two stone pillars
  • Two tombs in front of Tantipura Masjid


  • John Pierce Tomb
  • Kurambera Fort


  • Bhavaniswar Mandir
  • Char Bangla group of four Siva Mandirs
  • Dutch Cemetery
  • Hazarduari Palace & Imambara (Murshidabad)
  • Imambara, Kella Nezamat
  • Jahan Kosa Gun
  • Mosque
  • Mound known as Barkona Deul Mound
  • Mounds known as the Devil’s Mound and Raja Karna’s Palace
  • Old English Cemetery or Old Residency Burial Ground
  • Residency Cemetery also known as ‘Station Burial ground’
  • South Gate, Kella Nezamat
  • Tomb & Mosque of Murhsid Kuli Khan
  • Tomb of Alivardi Khan & the tomb of Seraj-ud-daullah
  • Tomb of Azimunnisha Begum daughter of Murshid Quli Khan
  • Tomb of Mir Mardan
  • Tomb of Sujauddin
  • Tripolia Gate, Kella Nizamat
  • White Mosque, Kella Nezamat
  • Yellow Mosque, Kella Nezamat


  • Mound known as Bahanpukur Mound or Fort
  • Ruins of Fort
  • Temple


  • Old Temple at Banda

11.24 Parganas(North)

  • 26 Siva Temples
  • Ancient mound known as Barah Mihirer Dhipi also known as Khana Mihirer Dhibi
  • Chandraketu’s Fort
  • Clive’s House Dum Dum known as Barakothi
  • Warren Hasting’s House

12.24 Parganas(South)

  • Jhater Deul Temple


  • Cooch Behar Palace
  • Rajpath Site


  • Tomb of Alexander-Cosma de Koros
  • Tomb of General Llyod

15.Dinajpur (South)

  • Dargah of Shah Ata

16.Dinajpur (West)

  • Mounds


  • Asiatic Society Building
  • Beth-el-Synagogue
  • Currency Building
  • Maghen David Synagogue
  • Metcalfe Hall
  • St. John’s Church (Fabrics of the Church) (final notification not issued)


  • Dharmaraj Temple
  • Navratna Temple Complex
  • Sitala Temples
  • Temples of Bandyopadhyay Family


  • Nil Kuthi Mound

20.Purba Medinipur

  • Tamluk Rajbati

7) Bihar

1- Aurangabad

  • Tomb of Shamsher Khan

2- Bhagalpur

  • Ancient site of Vikramasila Monastery
  • Patalpuri cave and land adjoining Bateshwar cave on the Patharghata hill
  • Rock sculptures
  • Rock Temple

3- Madhubani

  • Remains of ancient fort or Pachrukhi Garh locally known as Raja Bali Ka Garh

4- West Champaran

  • Asoka column
  • Rampart of the fort and Stupa at Nandangarh
  • Ruined fortress at Nandangarh
  • Ruined fortress, Chankigarh
  • Vedic burial mounds
  • Vedic burial mounds

5- East Champaran

  • Asoka column known as Laur pillar
  • Buddhist Stupa
  • Fort ruins, tank and Stupa

6- Gaya

  • Ancient Buddhistic image and other images and sculptures collected underneath a shed
  • Ancient mouds in the hill known as ‘Sobhnath’
  • Ancient mounds in the valley known as “Hasra Kol”
  • Ancient Stupa and other remains locally known as Sujata garh
  • Sculptures of four Hindu deities one on each side of an oblong isolated boulder to the east of the Kauwadol Hill.
  • Sculptures of various Hindu deities carved on the face of an isolated round boulder separated by a distance of 12 feet the south-eastern corner of the Kauwadol Hill.
  • Sculptures of various Hindu deities carved on the northern -eastern faces of some rocks of Kauwadol Hill.
  • Sculptures of various Hindu deities carved on the southern and eastern faces of some rocks and boulders of Kauwadol l
  • Siva temple
  • The area generally known as ‘Garh’
  • The whole of the ancient ruins on which there are a colossal statute of Buddha, a few loose sculptures and thirteen pillars.

7- Jehanabad

  • Ancient Buddhistic image and sculptures collected underneath a shed
  • Ancient monolithic pillar known as Lat
  • Gopi Cave
  • Karan Chaupar Cave
  • Lomas Rishi Cave
  • Sudama Cave
  • Vadathika Cave
  • Vapiyaka Cave
  • Visva Jhopa Cave

8- Muzaffarpur

  • Asokan Column

9- Nalanda

  • All ancient structures and other monuments.
  • All mounds, structures and buildings enclosed in the acquired area
  • Ancient mound
  • Ancient remains known as Garh
  • Remains of the ramparts and the mound commonly known as the ‘Queen’s Palace’ in the Killa
  • Statue of Buddha
  • Tomb of Malik Ibrahim Bayu

10- Unknown

  • All ancient structures and all artificial ancient remains which are situated within a distance of half a mile of the said two ancient cities known as old and new Rajgriha.
  • Walls of the two ancient cities known as old and new Rajgriha

11- Patna

  • Ablution Tank, Mir Ashraf’s Jama Mosque
  • Mounds known as the five stupas or ”Panch Pahari”
  • Remains of wooden foundations and ancient Mauryan walls
  • Sculpture and Images
  • Supposed site of the Palace of Asoka
  • The grove known as “Bulandibagh”
  • The mound or stupa known as “Chhoti Paharai”
  • Tomb of Shah Makhadum Daulat Maneri and Ibrahim Khan

12- Rohtas

  • Rohtasgarh fort
  • Three rock inscriptions (Adjacent to Tara Chandi temple)
  • Tomb of Hasan Shah Suri
  • Tomb of Sher Shah Suri

13- Kaimur

  • Temple of Mundeswari Devi
  • Tomb of Bakhtiar Khan

14- Siwan

  • Ancestral House of Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the First President of India

15- Saran

  • Remains of Ancient city

16- Vaishali

  • Jami mosque
  • Raja Vishal ka Garh
  • Relic Stupa

17- Kishanganj

  • Kanhaiya ji ka mandir

=> Chattisgarh

1- Bastar

  • Ancient sculpture in Danteswari Temple
  • Bhiram Dev Temple
  • Brick mounds
  • Chandraditya Temple
  • Danteswari Temple
  • Ganesh statue
  • Gudiyari Temple
  • Kama Memorial or Urasgattta Post
  • Karli Mahadev Temple
  • Mahadev Temple
  • Mama Bhanja Temple
  • Megalithic site containing urskals
  • Narayan Temple

2- Bilaspur

  • Ajmergarh Fort
  • Brick Temple of Savari
  • Chitturgarh Fort
  • Half ruined temple of Kesava Narayan built of bricks
  • Kanti Deul
  • Kasigarh Fort
  • Kotagrh Fort
  • Kotmi Fort
  • Large Vaishnava Temple
  • Mahadev Temple
  • Malhar Fort
  • Pali inscription on slab of Jasper
  • Pateleswar Mahadev temple including all ancient remains of other temples closeby
  • Remains of a very ancient (Mahadev) temple
  • Remains of Siva temple
  • Sheorinarayana Temple together with ruined temples in the same compound
  • Small Brick Temple (Andaldeo temple)
  • Small Vishnu Temple
  • Temple
  • Temple (Ruined)
  • Whole site around Ratanpur /Ratanpur Fort

3- Durga

  • Ruined Siva Temple
  • Sati Pillars
  • Sita Devi Temple

4- Raipur

  • Bhand Deul
  • Group of temples known as Rajiv Lochan
  • Laxman temple and old sites
  • Mahadev Temple including math of Bairagi and Mandapa
  • Sita known as Sita Baree
  • Temple belonging to Mahantlal Das of Sheorinarayan dedicated to Surya
  • Temple of Ranchandra
  • The area around Sirpur village and the mound to the east of the village

5- Rajnandgon

  • Old Siva temple

6- Sarguja

  • Jogimara Caves
  • Sita bengra caves

=> Daman and Diu

  • Bangli
  • Church of Holy Jesus
  • Fort together with the inside building
  • Fort walls
  • Fortwalls
  • Old Mosque (Jami Masjid)
  • Ruined Church
  • St. Paul’s Church outside fort
  • Structures
  • The Chapel of Our Lady of Rosario
  • The Church of Our Lady of Remedios
  • Tower of Silence

=> Gujarat

1- Ahmedabad

  • Achyut Bibi’s Masjid & Tomb
  • Ahmad Shah’s Tomb
  • Ahmed Shah’s Mosque
  • Alif Khan Mosque
  • Amrutvarshni Vav
  • Ancient Masjid (Mosque)
  • Ancient site at Lothal
  • Ancient Step Well
  • Astodia Gate
  • Baba Lauli’s Masjid
  • Bahlol Khan Gazi’s Mosque
  • Bhadra gate beside Bhadrakali temple
  • Bibiji’s Masjid
  • Brick Minars
  • Dada (Bai ) Harir’s Stepwell
  • Dada Harir’s Mosque & Tomb
  • Dariya Khan’s Tomb
  • Dariya pur Gate
  • Dastur Khan’s Masjid
  • Delhi gate
  • Dutch Tomb
  • Great Mosque
  • Great Tank, Palace & Harem
  • Haibatkhan’s Masjid
  • Inlet to Kankaria Tank
  • Jami Masjid
  • Jami Masjid
  • Jami Masjid
  • Jethabhai’s Stepwell
  • Kalulpur Gate
  • Kazi Masjid
  • Khan Masjid
  • Khan Talav Having Water Let out
  • Kutub. Shah’s Mosque
  • Malav Tank
  • Malik Alam’s Mosque
  • Mansar Talav & Shrines
  • Masjid of Ragusha Pir
  • Mata Bhawani’s Well
  • Muhafiz Khan’s Mosque
  • Nawab Sardar Khan Masjid and outer gate in survey No. 6814.%
  • Nawab Sardar Khan’s Rouza with its compound bearing C.S.No. 6811
  • Panch Kuwa gate
  • Pavilion
  • Premabhai Gate
  • Queen’s Mosque in Sarangpur
  • Raipur Gate
  • Rani Rupavati’s Mosque
  • Rani Sipri’s Mosque & Tomb
  • Rauza of Azam Khan Mauzzam Khan
  • Roza of Baba Ishaq and Bawa Ganj Bhaksh
  • Ruined Building
  • Saiyad Masjid
  • Saiyyad Usman’s Mosque & Tomb
  • Sarangpur Gate
  • Shah Alam’s Tomb with all surrounding buildings in the group
  • Shah Yaqub Masjid
  • Sidi Bashir’s Minar’s & Tomb (Shaking)
  • Sidi Saiyad’s Mosque
  • Small Stone Masjid (Gumle Masjid)
  • Small stone Mosque (Rani Masjid)
  • Teen Darwaja or Tripolia gate
  • The Shahpur Kazi Mohmad Chisti’s Masjid
  • Three gates besides Bhadrakali temple
  • Tomb
  • Tomb of Bibi (Rani ) Rajbai
  • Tomb of Mir Abu Turab
  • Tomb of Mohammed Begarh
  • Tomb of Shaikh Ahmed Khattau Ganj Baksh
  • Tombs (Qutub-i-Alam)
  • Tombs of Queens of Ahmed Shah

2- Amreli

  • Adnath Temple
  • Ancient Site
  • Ancient site Gohilwad Timbo (Mound)
  • Fresco on the wall of Kashivisvanath temple
  • Ganganath Mahadev Temple
  • Two inscriptions of Kandhmard

3- Banaskantha

  • Ancient Shiv Temple
  • Ancient Temple
  • Kapileshwar Mahadev Temple
  • Kumbheshwar Mahadev
  • Mithi Vav
  • Muleshwar Mahadev Temple
  • Step Well
  • Temple No. 2
  • Temple No.1 (near Mahudi)
  • Temple No.1 Near Kandivas
  • Temple No.2
  • Temple No.3
  • Temple No.4
  • Temple No.5
  • Temple No.6
  • Zarolagadh Timbo/Mound

4- Patan

  • Jami Masjid
  • Limboji Mata temple
  • Nilkantheswar Mahadev temple
  • Nilkantheswar Mahadev temple
  • Ruins of Rudra Mahalaya temple
  • Shaikh Farid Tomb
  • Sitamata temple
  • Sivai Mata temple
  • Torana with a Sun image
  • Two small shrines Sanderi Mata temple

5- Bharuch

  • Jami Masjid
  • Kadia Dungar Caves

6- Bhavnagar

  • Alfred High School
  • Ancient site / Mound
  • Ancient site / Mound
  • Ancient Temple
  • Bhav Vilas Citadel
  • Bhavnath Temple
  • Brahm Kund walled city and fort, Gautameshwar Temple, , Saat Sheri (a mountaintop or a mound) along with some of the 9 (Nine) major Shiva temples, The old fort of Sihor with its wall art is worth a visit.
  • Brahmakund
  • Carvings of old Darbargadh
  • Ceiling and Pictures on the wall
  • Darbargarh Vijay Vilas Palace of the Maharajahs, with fine paintings and wood carvings
  • Darbargarh
  • Firangi Deval
  • Ganga Deri
  • Harpiya Timbo
  • Jain temples
  • Mangalsinhji Mahal PalaceMangalsinhji Mahal Palace
  • Minara
  • Nilambagh Palace
  • Satsheri
  • Shiva Temples
  • Talaja Caves

7- Kheda

  • Bhadrakali Mata Stepwell
  • Bhamaria Well
  • Kund & Toran
  • Mahender Desai ni Haveli
  • Mota Todavali Vav
  • Old Homes
  • Old Houses
  • Painted Houses
  • Temple of Galteshwar
  • Tomb of Mubarak Saiyyad
  • Tomb of Saif-ud-din & Nizam-ud-din
  • Vav (Step Well)
  • Vav (Step Well)
  • Vithalbhai Haveli
  • Vori Vav

8- Anand

  • Jami Masjid
  • Stepwell

9- Kachchh

  • Bhadeshwar Temple
  • Bhoovadeshwar Mahadev Temple
  • Bhuvadeshwar mahadev temple
  • Eye No Dero Shiv Temple
  • Gates of Kanthkot
  • Gurudwara
  • Jain Temple
  • Killo-Lakhpat (Fort)
  • Mound of Pabhumath
  • Mound of Shobharel
  • Old Temple
  • Padhargadh
  • Pictures on the wall of Deputy Collector office
  • Prag Mahal Palace, Bhujia Fort, Aina Mahal
  • Puareshwar Temple (At Puargadh NR Lakhedi)
  • Ram Kund
  • Rao Lakha Chhatri
  • Shai Gufao/Caves
  • Shail Gufa (Cave) No.1
  • Shail Gufa No.2
  • Shiva Temple
  • Siva temple
  • Than jagir is old temple in the foothill of Dhinodhar. It is near Nakhatrana
  • Timbo/Mound (Dholavira)
  • Vadimedi (Shaiv Madh) (At Puargadh)

10- Jamnagar

  • Ancient Temple
  • Bhimeshwar Mahadev Temples
  • Bhujia Fort
  • Darbargarh
  • Dharashnvel Temple (Magderu)
  • Dhingeshwar mahadev Temple & Shail Gufao
  • Durvasa Rishi’s Ashram & its site
  • Dwarkadhish Group of temples with its outer compounds SNO. 1607, 1608, 1609.
  • Five Temples
  • Forts NR. Kileshwar
  • Forts r Kileshwar
  • Ganaesh Temple
  • Gandhi fortress & temple in Survey no.106
  • Gokeshwara Mahadev temple
  • Gop (Sun) Temple
  • Guhaditya temple in S.No. 655
  • Inscription of Jama Masjid
  • Jambungalow Palace
  • Junagadhi (Jain) Temple
  • Kalika Mata temple
  • Kankeshvara Mahadeva temple & other shrines
  • Khambhalia Gate
  • Kirthi Sthamb
  • Kotho
  • Kotho (Bhujio)/Rampart
  • Kshatrapa Inscriptions
  • Lakhota Tower
  • Mound (Amra)
  • Mound (Bed)
  • Mound (Lakhabaval)
  • Mound (Modpar)
  • Mound (Muda)
  • Mound (Narmana)
  • Mound (Vasai)
  • Nagarnath Temple
  • Navlakha Temple Also step well called Vikai Vav
  • Navlakha Temple
  • Panothi Temple
  • Pratap Vilas Palace
  • Rampol Gates
  • Rukmini Temple
  • Saun Kansari
  • Shail Gufa of Patan
  • Shani Vav
  • Shiv Temple
  • Stepwell
  • Stone Memorial Inscription & Battlefield
  • Stone Memorial of Bhucharmori Deri & Battlefield
  • Temple of Rama Laxman
  • Two Bhuvaneshwar Temples
  • Vikiya Vav
  • Willingdon Cresent

11- Junagadh

  • Adi Kadi Vav
  • Adikadi Vav
  • Ancient Caves
  • Ancient Jain Temple (Museum Building)
  • Ancient Mound
  • Ancient Temple
  • Ancient Temples
  • Arts & Science College
  • Baba Pyare, Khapra Kodia caves
  • Bauddha Guffa (Caves) of Mandore
  • Bauddha Stoop- Vajir Panat No Kotho
  • Bhairav Jep
  • Bhim Kund
  • Bhimchas
  • Bhimdeval
  • Bibi Masjid
  • Bileshwar Mahadev Temple
  • Bilingual Stone Inscription at Gayatri Temple
  • Boria Buddhistic Monument Lakhamedi & Vadi- Lakhamedi
  • Buddhistic Cave
  • Caves
  • Caves of Hothal Padmani
  • Ceiling of Riyapir Masjid
  • Chadeshwar mahadev Temple
  • Chamunda Mata Temple
  • Chyavan Kund
  • Damodar Kund
  • Datar no Chilo
  • Dhanvantari no Palio
  • Dhigeshwar Mahadev Temple
  • Dhori (Peer) Makbaro
  • Durbar Hall Museum
  • Five Temples
  • Gaumukhi
  • Gorakh Mountain Top (Tuk)
  • Gorakhnath Mahadev
  • Gupta Prayag
  • Gupta Prayag Kund
  • Guru Datatraya
  • Hanumam Dhara
  • Hathi pagla
  • House of smt. Kasturba
  • Idol of Kshetrapal At Vav
  • Jain Temple
  • Jaleshwar mahadev temple
  • Jambuvanti Caves
  • Jami Masjid
  • Jhardeshwar Mahadev Temple
  • Jumma Masjid & /Cannon (Neelam And Kadanal)
  • Jumma Masjid (Mosque)
  • Junagadh city & Jama Masjid
  • Kalika Mata
  • Kalikamata Temple
  • Khimeshwar Mahadev Temple
  • Laskari Vav
  • Mahobat makbaro
  • Maipuri Masjid
  • Makbara o Junagadh f Nagibibi with Bara Saiyed
  • Makbara of Babi raja Before Nawab Mahotabkhanji
  • Makbaro of Hajarat Sash & Tomb of Malik Ayaz
  • Mangaroli Shah Makbaro & Shah Makbaro with Stone Inscription
  • Maqbara Complexes
  • Matri
  • Memorial Stone of Dah Culture
  • Mina Ravali Masjid
  • Mool Prachi
  • Mound of Nagara
  • Mound of Sav
  • Nandeshwar Mahadev
  • Nani Vav-no Shilalekh
  • Narsinh Maheta No Choro
  • Navdurga Temple
  • Navgand Kuo (Well)
  • Nek Mahommad Masjid
  • Panchayatan Mandir
  • Pancheshwar Caves
  • Prachi Kund
  • Ra-Khengar Vav
  • Ranchhod Rayaji Temple with wasterland around the chowk of Mahadeva Temple
  • Raveli Masjid
  • Replica of Ashoka Stone Inscription
  • Rudreshwar
  • Sartanji no Choro
  • Seven Basins of Hot Water (Kunds)
  • Seven Temples/Saat Mandiro
  • Shah Kotho
  • Shamiyana and Ceiling of Jumma Masjid
  • Somnath Temple
  • Stone Inscription at Harshadmata Temple
  • Stone Inscription at Jumma Masjid (H.S.732) (AD 1331-32)
  • Stone Inscription at Kaji Masjid – H.S.902
  • Stone Inscription at Mussaffar Masjid
  • Stone Inscription Near Mota Darwaja
  • Stone Inscription of Bhadrakali Mata
  • Stone Inscription of Ramandlik (Samvat 1507)
  • Stone Inscription of Sultan Ahmed (H.S.905 – 1543)
  • Stone Inscription of Vijeyeshwar Mahadev
  • Stone Inscription of Vijeyeshwar Mahadev
  • Stone Inscription with Mai Gadechi of H.S. 685
  • Stone Inscriptions Near Talav
  • Surya Kund
  • Surya Mandir
  • Surya Mandir and Sapta Mathruka Mandir
  • Suryamandir No.1
  • Suryamandir No.2
  • Talav
  • Temple & Two Inscriptions
  • Two Stone Inscriptions on Jumma Masjid
  • Unknown Site
  • Uperkot Fort( 2 Vavs inside) Jama Masjid also
  • Vejal Kotho
  • Veneshwar Mahadev Temple
  • Veraval Gate
  • Vishnu Temple
  • Wooden Sandal (Paduka) Of Ramchandraji

12- Porbandar

  • House where Mahatma Gandhi was born
  • Old Parsvanath temple

13- Surendranagar

  • Ananteshwara temple
  • Ancient Mound
  • Ancient Site/Mound (Ganesh temple) in village
  • Ancient Vav
  • Ancient Vav at Sharneshwar Temple
  • Caves
  • Chandrisar Talav
  • Chaumukhi Vav
  • Darbargadh
  • Dink Darwajo
  • Ganga Vav
  • Gangavo Kund and Four Temples on it
  • Gramdevi Temple
  • Hawa Mahal
  • Jeen Darwajo
  • Jeenand Kund (Two)
  • Madapol Gates
  • Madha Stepwell
  • Mahda Vav
  • Manava Mama temple
  • Matri Vav
  • Memorial Stone near Cemetery
  • Munibaba Temple
  • Navlakha temple
  • Panchayatan Temple
  • Rajeshwari Gates
  • Ranak Devi’s Temple
  • Rataba Urfe Rajbai Vav
  • Remains of Ancient Gates
  • Sarovar
  • South Gates
  • Sun Temple
  • Sundari Bhavani Temple
  • Tarnetar Temple
  • Temple Near Talav
  • Unknown
  • Vav
  • West Gates

14- Surat

  • Ancient site comprising S.Plot No.535
  • Dargah known as Khawaja Dana Saheb’s Rouza
  • Fateh Burj
  • Old Dutch & Armenian Tombs & Cemetaries
  • Old English Tombs
  • Tomb Koriat Makbaro
  • Tomb of Khawaja Safar Sulemani

15- Valsad

  • Radhakrishna Temple

16- Gandhinagar

  • Ancient Vv Stepwell
  • Rudabai stepwell

17- Panchmahals

  • Ancient Temple
  • Ancient temple no.1
  • Ancient temple no.2
  • Ancient temple no.3
  • Bandh
  • Barrack on Sarriya Vakhariya
  • Bavaman Killa
  • Bhancelu Deru
  • Bhim Chori
  • Chandralekha (Surajkala) Vav
  • Chhatris Thambla Nu Bhoyeru
  • Gadi Kundal Darwaza
  • Gebanshah Vav with Steps
  • Group of temples
  • Iteri Masjid and Building near to it
  • Jai Singh no Mahal
  • Khuneshwar Killa
  • Killa at Shikar bari and Ulan Julan ki Chowki
  • Kund
  • Lila Gumbaj Pase ni Kothi
  • Machi Killa
  • Malik Nagar ni Haveli
  • Malik Sandal Ni Vav
  • Maqbara Mandvi
  • Maqbara Near Kamani Masjid
  • Maratha no Mahal
  • Masjid in Front of Machi Haveli
  • Pavagadh Killa
  • Pavilion on medhi Talav
  • Pavilion South of Jami Masjid
  • Rani no Mahal
  • Sainiki Masjid
  • Sasu Ni Vav
  • Senapati Ni Kothi
  • Shikar Madhi
  • Sindh Mata Ni Vav
  • Stone Bridge
  • Temple with stone Inscription
  • Temple with Three Entrances
  • Underground Water Channel From Bandh to Kasbin Talao
  • Underground Water Channel from Navlakhi Talav to Jamuna Kund
  • Vahu Ni Vav
  • Vandra Masjid
  • Vanzari Vav
  • Zare-e- Zamin

18- Mahesana

  • Aghara Gates
  • Amba Mata Temple
  • Bagwada Gates
  • Chhindia Gates
  • Fatipal Gates
  • Hawa Mahal
  • Khan Sarovar
  • Nagfani Mata Mandir (with idol)
  • Rajgadhi Timbo
  • Shakti Kund
  • Shital Mata Temple
  • Shital Mata Temple
  • Tripalia Gate
  • Vav
  • Vav

19- Rajkot

  • Ancient Vav
  • Caves
  • Caves
  • Caves
  • Darbargadh No Tamrapatro
  • Darbargadh, Green Chowk, Mani Mandir, Wellingdon Secretariat, townscape, Terracotta horses of Poshina villages
  • Jam Tower
  • Kuber Vav
  • Meenal Vav
  • Memorial Stone of Lakha Fulani
  • Mound Dolidhar
  • Old Darbargadh
  • Sankleshwar Mahadev
  • Shail Gufao (Caves)
  • Stone Inscription
  • Stone Inscription at Jadeshwar Mahadev
  • Temples Kuber Vav
  • Vav

20- Vadodara

  • Ancient Site (Excavated)
  • Ancient site of Samshyapura
  • Ancient Talav
  • Fresco Rooms in Bhau Tambekar’s Wada Remove Obstructions Fire Brigade Ladder if possible for Baroda
  • Gateway of Torana
  • Hazira or Qutbuddin Mahmad Khan’s Tomb
  • Hira Gate with S.No. 38, 41, 45, 47 & Ticca No. 102&103.
  • Historic Site S.No. 431,435
  • Indumati Mahal
  • Khanderao Market
  • Kirti Mandir
  • Lal Baug/ Pratap Vilas Palace
  • Laxmi Vilas Palace – Permissions
  • M.S. University
  • Mahudi (Champaneri) Gate & adjacent construction
  • Makarpura Palace
  • Mandvi Gate
  • Maratha palace
  • Microlithic site S.No. 311,12,13 & 298
  • Nandodi Gate with adjacent construction
  • Nazarbaug Palace
  • Nyaya Mandir
  • Ranmukteshwar Temple
  • Saptamukhi Vav
  • Surya Narayan Temple
  • Vadodara Gate & its adjacent construction Hira gate with S.No. 38,41,45,47 & Ticca No. 102 & 103
  • Vadodara Museum and Picture Gallery – exterior
  • Vidyadhar Vav

21- Sabarkantha

  • Kund
  • Ranmalchoki
  • Vav

22- Bhuj

  • Ancient Site (Kotada)

23- Dahod

  • Old Ruined temple of Mahadev

24- Godhra

  • Bawa Man’s Mosque
  • Canatoph of Kevda Masjid
  • Cenatop of Nagina Masjid
  • Citadel walls
  • City Gate
  • City walls at S.E. corner of the citadel going up the hill
  • East and South Bhadra Gates
  • Ek-Minar-ki-Masjid
  • Fort of Pavagad & ruined Hindu temples & Jain temples on the top of Pavagad hills
  • Gate No. 1 Atak Gate (with two gateways)
  • Gate No. 2 (with three gateways) Budhiya gate
  • Gate No. 3 Moti gate Sadanshah-Gate
  • Gate No. 4 with big bastion with cells in the interior.
  • Gate No. 5 Gulan Bulan Gate
  • Gate No. 6 Buland Darwaja
  • Gate No. 7 Makai Gate
  • Gate No. 8 Tarapore Gate
  • Helical Stepped well (With 50 feet space around at pathway 10 feet vide to nearest road.
  • Jami Masjid
  • Kabutarkhana Pavilion
  • Kamani Masjid
  • Kankeshvara Mahadev temple
  • Kevada Masjid
  • Lila Gumbaj
  • Makai Kothar
  • Mandvi or Custom House
  • Mint above Gate No. 4
  • Nagina Masjid
  • Navlakha Kothar
  • Panch-Mahuda-ki-Masjid
  • Patai Rawal’s Palace with tanks
  • Ratnesvara Old temple with sculptures screen
  • Rudra Mahalaya temple
  • Sahar ki Masjid (Bohrani)
  • Sakar Khan’s Dargah
  • Sat Manzil with steps right upto bastions
  • Stepwell
  • Three cells
  • Tomb of Sikandar Shah
  • Tomb with a Brick dome in the centre and small corner domes
  • Walls of fort on top

25- Jamnangar

  • Ancient Temples on the Bank of Chhelser Talav

26- Mehsana

  • Ajpal Kund
  • Amther Mata Temple and Small
  • Hingloji Mata temple
  • Inscription and Arjun Bari Gate
  • Jain Temples
  • Jasmalnathji Mahadev temple
  • Kund
  • Malai Mata temple
  • Old Homes
  • Old Houses
  • Sabha Mandapa (Double Shrines) & the ancient shrines
  • Sun temple, Surya kind with adjoining other temples & loose sculptures
  • Torana

27- Sabarkanta

  • Jain Temples, Shiva & Vishnu Temples, Harishchandra Ki Chouri, Bawadis
  • Vajreshwari temple

=> Haryana

1- Bhiwani

  • Ancient site

2- Faridabad

  • Suraj Kund Masonary

3- Jhajjar

  • Group of Monuments

4- Karnal

  • Cantonment Church Tower
  • European Soldier’s Grave
  • Gateways of Old Mughal Sarai
  • Kushana Stupa known as Jarasandha-ka-Qila

5- Kurushetra

  • Ancient Mound known as Raja Karan ka Quila
  • Nabha House
  • Pathar Masjid
  • Raja Harsh ka Tila
  • Sheikh Chilli’s Tomb

6- Panipat

  • Bab-e-Faiz gate
  • Ebrahim Lodi’s Tomb
  • Kabuli Bagh Mosque with enclosure wall
  • Obelisk, Commemorating Third battle of Panipat

7- Rohtak

  • Ancient site
  • Shah Jahan-ki-Baoli

8- Gurugram

  • Baoli Ghas Ali Shah
  • Mosque of Ala Vardi Khan

9- Kaithal

  • Ancient Brick Temple including Prachin Shivalaya
  • Theh Polar

10- Fatehabad

  • Ancient site
  • Humaun’s Mosque
  • Lat of Feroz Shah

11- Hissar

  • Ancient site
  • Barsi gate
  • Feroz Shah’s Palace and Tehkhana
  • Gujri Mahal
  • Lat ki Masjid
  • Mound
  • Ruined Quila (Prithviraj Chauhan’s Fort)

12- Mahendragarh

  • Jal Mahal and adjacent land
  • Shah Ibrahim’s Tomb
  • Shah Quli Khan’s Tomb

13- Sonepat

  • Tomb of Khwaja Khizer

=> Himachal Pradesh

1- Chamba district

  • Chamunda Temple

2- Kullu

  • A Miniature stone Shiva temple
  • Hidamba Devi temple
  • Temple of Basheshar Mahadev at Hat
  • Temple of Gauri Shankar with sculptures
  • Temple of Gauri Shankar with sculptures

3- Mandi

  • Ardhnarishwar Temple
  • Barsela Monuments
  • Panchvaktra FTemple
  • Trilokinath Temple

4- Shimla

  • Vice Regal Lodge (Rashtrapati Niwas)

5- Chamba

  • Champavati Temple, Himachal Pradesh
  • Ganesh temple
  • Laxmi (Lakhana) Devi temple
  • Mani Mahesh temple
  • Nar Singh temple
  • Rock sculptures depicting Sita Ram, Hanuman etc.
  • Shri Bajreshwari temple, Badrinath
  • Shri Bansi Gopal temple
  • Shri Chamunda temple
  • Shri Hari Ram temple
  • Shri Laxmi Narian group of temple in Mohalla Hathnala
  • Shri Shakti Devi temple
  • Shri Sita Ram temple in Mohalla Bangota

6- Hamirpur

  • Katoch Palace
  • Narbadeshwar temple including the paintings therein as well as subsidiary shrines within the compound wall

7- Kangra

  • Buddhist stupa known as Bhim-ka-Tila
  • Fort
  • Lord Eligin’s tomb
  • Rock cut temple with sculptures
  • Rock inscription
  • Rock inscription
  • Ruined fort
  • Ruined fort
  • Temple
  • Temple of Baijnath
  • Temple of Sidhnath

8- Lahaul & Spiti

  • Buddhist Monastery
  • Mirkula Devi temple
  • Phoo Gumpha

9- Sirmaur

  • Shiva temple

=> Jharkhand

1- Ranchi

  • Ancient Stone Temple with a small Sivalinga inside
  • Ashokan inscription on the Chandan Shahid hill
  • Asura Sites
  • Asura Sites
  • Asura Sites
  • Asura Sites
  • Asura Sites

2- Santhal Parganas

  • Jamma Masjid
  • Ruins of Baradari buildings with probable underground cells and passage

3- Singhbhum

  • Ancient Mound
  • Benisagar tank and temple remains
  • Site of an old fort

=> Kerala

1- Emakulam

  • Mural paintings (16th – 17th century AD) on the walls of the Mattancherry Palace
  • St. Francis Church

2- Thrissur

  • 29 wooden bracket figures on the outer wall of the Srikoil of the Vishnu temple and other works of art in the same shrine
  • Ariyanur Umbrellas
  • Burial cave
  • Burial cave
  • Burial cave
  • Burial cave
  • Burial cave
  • Kudakkallu Parambu
  • Mural Paintings (16th -17th century AD) on the walls of the Siva Temple
  • Mural paintings (16th-17th cent AD ) on the walls of Ten-Kailasanatha Temple
  • Mural paintings on the walls of Shri Ramaswamy Temple
  • Mural paintings on the walls of Srikoil of the Pallimana Temple
  • Siva Temple
  • Siva temple, Peruvanam

3- Wynad

  • Jain temple

4- Kannur

  • Fort St. Angelo
  • Tellicherry Fort

5- Kasargod

  • Bekal Fort

6- Kollam

  • Remains of old fort

7- Thiruvananthapuram


  • Fort
  • Rock cut cave
  • Temples of Parasurama, Brahma, Siva and Matsya together with adjacent land

8- Palghat

  • Fort (Yakkara Desam)
  • Siva Temple at Netrimangalam

=> Orissa

1- Bolangir

  • Chausatti Jogini temple

2- Cuttack

  • Ancient monuments of Barabati Fortress and the ruins and remains of all ancient edifices, gateways
  • Ancient site at Baneswaranasi
  • Ancient site at Chowdar
  • Bhubaneswar Mahadev temple
  • Churangarh Fort
  • Durga temple
  • Four colossal images in the compound of Jajpur the sub-divisional Officers Quarters, namely :-  Chamunda, Indrani, Kalijuga, Varahi
  • Hill containing many valuable sculptures and images
  • Hill containing many valuable sculptures, images and inscriptions of Buddhistic age
  • Mahimamani Temple
  • Mahratta bridge lacally known as the Atharnulla/Tentulimal bridge
  • Monolith called Chandeswar Pillar
  • Pancha Pandava temple
  • Ruined fortress
  • Ruins of Buddhist temples and images
  • Ruins of the Buddhist temples
  • Simhanatha Mahadeva temple
  • Three Buddhist images

3- Dhenkanal

  • Annakoteswar Temple
  • Bringesvara Mahadeva temple
  • Kapileswar Mahadev Temple
  • Rock-cut Vishnu

4- Ganjam

  • Asoka rock inscriptions at Jaugada
  • Bhima temple
  • Gangadharaswami temple
  • Jagdiswaraswami temple
  • Kunti temple
  • Yudhistra temple

5- Jajpur

  • Ancient Buddhist Site, Langudi Hill
  • Buddhist site (excavated)
  • Dharma Mahakal Temple
  • Jagannath Temple
  • Trilochaneswar Temple
  • Varahanatha Temple

6- Kalahandi

  • Ancient site of Asurgarh fort

7- Keonjhar

  • Paintings on the rock locally known as Ravana Chhaya and other ancient monuments and remains

8- Khurda

  • Ananta Vasudeva Temple
  • Bakeswar temple
  • Chitrakarni temple
  • Jameswar Temple with its minar shrine
  • Lord Lingraj Temple with all the minar temples in the compound namely :-  Amania well, Astamurti, Chandeswar Deb, Gopaluni temple , Ladukeswar temple, Parbati temple, Sabitri Devi temple, Sakreswar temple, Sathidosi temple
  • Maitreswar temple with all the minar temples in the compound
  • Makareswar temple with its minar
  • Markandeswar temple
  • Mukteswar temple with its minar shrines but excluding the Murich Kunda.
  • Papnasini Tank
  • Paramguru temple
  • Parsurameswar temple
  • Raja Rani temple
  • Ram mandir
  • Rock inscription of the edicts of Asoka and the sculpture of elephant
  • Sahasralinga Tank
  • Sari Deul
  • Sidheswar temple
  • Sisiresvara temple
  • Small rock cut cell with a niche and an inscription of Santikara
  • Varahi temple

9- puri

  • All ancient caves, structures and other monuments or remains situated on the Udaygiri and the Khandagiri hills except the temple of Parasnath on the top of the Khandagiri hill and also the temple in front of the Barabhuji and the Trisula Caves
  • Ancient remains inside and outside the rampart
  • Bhaskareswar temple
  • Brahmeswar temple with its minar shrines in the compound
  • Bridge of eighteen openings over the Madhupur stream known as Athara Nala Bridge.
  • Chausath Yogini temple[2] known as Mahamaya temple
  • Daksha Prajapati temple
  • Konark Sun Temple
  • Magheswar temple with its minar shrine
  • Nabakeswar Temple
  • Rameswar Temple
  • Shri Jagannath Temple (built in 1161, Kalinga Architecture stile) and subsidiary shrines.

10- Sambalpur

  • Vikramkhol rock inscriptions

11- Phulbani

  • Paschima Samnatha, Bhubanesvara and Kapilesvara temples
  • Temple of Nilamadhava and Sidheswara

12- Dhekanal

  • Anantsayi Vishnu
  • Chandrasekhar Temple ( Group of Monuments and Ancient Steps )

=> Maharashtra

1- Ahmednagar

  • Ancient site locally known as Ladmod
  • Ancient sites and remains at Daimabad
  • Baleshwar Temple
  • Building known as Farah Bagh
  • Cave and Temple
  • Damri Masjid (within the limits of the Cantonment)
  • Dhokeshwar Caves
  • Five Stone Gates
  • Gate near Niyamat Khan’s Place
  • Hemadpanthi Temple
  • Jain Temple
  • Jarasangh Nagari
  • Kotla of Twelve Imams
  • Mucca Masjid
  • Old Temple
  • Old tomb near Changiz Khan’s palace
  • Salabat Khan’s Tomb
  • Temple of Amriteshwar
  • Temple of Devi
  • Temple of Devi
  • Temple of Laxmi Narayan
  • Temple of Mallikarjuna
  • Temple of Mallikarjuna
  • Temple of Shiva called Naktichedeul
  • Temple of Shiva on the further side of the stream
  • Temple of Siddheshwar Mahadev
  • Temple of Vishnu and Five Ghats attached thereto
  • Tomb of Nizam Ahmedshah
  • Triple-shrined temple of Bhavani

2- Aurangabad

  • Ajanta Caves
  • Ancient Site / Mound
  • Aurangabad Caves
  • Daulatabad Fort & Monument therein (i.e. Chand Minar)
  • Ellora Caves
  • Ghrishneshwar Temple, chattries and other ancient sites
  • Pitalkhora Caves
  • Tomb of Aurangzeb
  • Tomb of Malik Ambar
  • Tomb of Rabia Daurani (Bibi-Ka-Maqbara)

3- Pune

  • Aga Khan Palace Building
  • Ancient Dam with lock and sluice gates
  • Bhuleshwar Mahadeo Temple
  • Cave Temple and inscriptions
  • Cave Temple and Inscriptions
  • Cave Temple of Bhamburda
  • Caves and inscriptions at the Nana Pass (Naneghat)
  • Caves, Temple and inscriptions
  • Caves, Temples and inscriptions
  • Dilawar Khan’s Masjid
  • Dilawar Khan’s tomb
  • Excavations and inscriptions
  • Fort
  • Fort
  • Fort of Shivneri
  • Habshi Gumbaz
  • Lohagad Fort
  • Old Citadel known as Shanwarwada
  • Old European Tombs
  • Small Dargah near Habshi Gumaz

4- Beed

  • Ukkadeshwar Mahadev Temple

5- Buldhana

  • Dharmasala (locally called chhatri)
  • Dharmasala at north-east corner of the town
  • Fifteen temples
  • Gaimukha Temple & Tank
  • Gaimukha Temple No 1 of Daityasudana
  • Lakhuji Jadhavrao’s Samadhi
  • Mosque
  • Mosque
  • Motisamadhi
  • Square Kunda on the East of the Town
  • Temple of Daityasudana
  • Temple of Mahadev
  • Temple of Mahadev
  • Temple of Vishnu, remains of an old building to the east of that temple and remains of small temple
  • Three old temples
  • Two old temples

6- Chandrapur

  • Achaleshwar Temple and another small temple within an enclosure
  • Ancient Temple
  • Enclosure and buildings of the Gond Raja’s Tomb just outside the Achaleshwar gate of the city
  • Fort 
  • Fort Wall
  • Fort Wall
  • Hemadpanthi Temple containing images of Dattatreya, Mahadev and Laxminarayan
  • Lalpeth monoliths consisting of the sixteen colossal stone images (i) Anna Purna,(ii) Bhim,(iii) Fish, (iv),(v) Ganga (vi) (vii) Ganpati (viii) (ix) Hanuman (x) Kali, (xi) (xii) Mahadev, (xiii) Nandi, (xiv) Rawan, (xv) Snake, (xvi) Tortoise
  • Large high known knoll immediately to the east of Bhandranath temple with remains of a temple, with huge stone carved blocks and a figure of Ganapati
  • Mahadev Temple close to the Municipal office
  • Old Bridge
  • Old Hemadpanthi Temple
  • Old Temple of Chandikadevi
  • Old Temple of Mahadev
  • Pandavas caves containing three images
  • Ramdigi temple and Ramdigi pool
  • Remains of an old Fort
  • Temple of Keshavanath
  • Temple of Mahadev
  • Temple of Mahadev
  • Temple of the Mahakali

7- Jalgaon

  • Ancient mound and monument known as ‘Pawar’s Gadhi
  • Ancient site and remains
  • Mahadev Temple
  • Maheswara Temple
  • Mudhai Devi Temple
  • Old Temple of Siddheshwar with three inscription slabs built into its north wall inside
  • Temple of Chandika Devi
  • Temple of Changdev
  • Temple of Devi and Sambha
  • Temple of Nagarjun
  • Temple of Shringar Chavdi

8- Jalna

  • Archaeological site and remains
  • Bhokardan Leni
  • Mahadeva Temple
  • Mahadeva Temple

9- Kolhapur

  • Ambarkhana
  • Ancient site at Brahmapuri
  • Andhra Vav
  • Buddhist Caves
  • Dharma Kothi
  • Kopeshwar Temple
  • Naikinicha Sajja
  • Panhala Fort
  • Tatabandi together with bastions
  • Teen Darwaja
  • Wagh Darwaja

10- Nagpur

  • Ancient Buddhist remains comprising monastery, stupas, Rock-cut inscription etc.
  • Fort
  • Kalimata’s Temple
  • Remains of a very old shrines upon the western side at the end of the Ramtek hill consisting of a portion of porch of a temple and the mutilated image of Trivikrama Avatara of Vishnu
  • Remains of an old fort on the hill
  • Stone Circle
  • Stone Circle
  • Stone Circle
  • Stone Circle
  • Tank and Mandapa opposite to the Dattatreya’s Temple
  • Temple of Mahadev

11- Nanded

  • Brabmanical caves locally known as a Pandavlenas

12- Raigad

  • A precipitous hill near Raigad Fort containing one rock-cut cistern of water. It was formerly used as a Jail for prisoners
  • Ancient Bricks stupa at Elephanta Island
  • Awchitgad
  • Barber’s Mahal
  • Birwadi Fort
  • Buddhist Caves
  • Buruj
  • Cathedral
  • Cave
  • Caves
  • Caves
  • Caves
  • Caves
  • Caves in Survey No. 49 & No. 50
  • Caves Near the Kotali Fort
  • Chandragad
  • Chouburji-Castle or Factory of Cheul
  • Church and Convent of the Augustinians
  • Dadar (Staircase)
  • Elephanta Caves
  • Fort of Raigad
  • Ghereagad or Surgad Fort
  • Ghosalgad Fort
  • Hirakota old Fort
  • Janjira Fort
  • Jesuit Monastery
  • Jijamata’s Samadhi cosisting of four Towers
  • Jijamata’s Wada comprising four dilapidated houses and three wells surrounded by a stone wall
  • Kaman (Arch)
  • Kasa (Kamsa) Fort
  • Khadsamla Caves
  • Kolaba Fort containing
  • Kondane Caves
  • Kotali Fort with two iron guns and one bronze gun
  • Kothi
  • Manik Chawda
  • Mosque
  • Nagothana Bridge
  • Nanisahib’s Palace
  • North Causeway
  • Old Fort
  • Old Fort containing a temple of the God Kangormal and two tanks
  • One Dominican Church and Convent
  • Padmavati Shrine
  • Rajkot
  • Reservoir with Apsaras
  • Sarja Kot
  • Satkhani St. Barbara’s Tower
  • Shrine of Bhawani
  • Shrine of Maruti
  • Shrine of Yashvantadari
  • Songad
  • South causeway
  • St. Francis Xavier’s Chapel
  • Tala Fort
  • Talghar
  • Temple of Bapdeo
  • Temple of Ganapati Panchayatan
  • Temple of Gulabai or Mahishasuri
  • Temple of Kanoba
  • Temple of Mahadeo
  • Thanala Caves
  • Thorlawada
  • Tomb of a Muhammadan saint
  • Tomb of Angre
  • Tombs at Kholkari Najik Ghumaj (Khokari Ghumaj)
  • Two gates-Pota da Mar and Pota da Terra
  • Wada of Dancing Girls

13- Ratnagiri

  • Jaygad Fort
  • Mosque
  • Rock cut Caves (Ganesh Lena Group)
  • Suvarnadurg Fort
  • Vijaydurg Fort

14- Sangli

  • Vijaydurg Fort

15- Satara

  • Buddhist Caves
  • Jhabreshwar Mahadev Temple
  • Old Temple of the River Krishna
  • Panta’s Kot or Got open space

16- Sindhudurg

  • Sindhudurg fort

17- Thane

  • Brahmanical Caves
  • Carved Stones
  • Caves on Burud Hill
  • Fort
  • Fort and old Portuguese remains
  • Mahuli Fort
  • Mound locally known as ” Burud kot”
  • Mound locally known as “Sonar Bhat”
  • Tank by the west side of the road from Umrala village to Bolinj
  • Temple of Ambarnath

18- Akola

  • Akot Gateway, ii Ambar Mahal
  • Balapur Fort
  • Black stone temple of Bhawani
  • Chhatri near Dak Banglow
  • Dahihanda gate of outer city wall
  • Delhi Gateway , iv Large & Two smaller Guns
  • Khirki gate in the outer city wall
  • Mahakali Gateway, vi Mendha Gateway
  • Narnala Fort 
  • Patur Cave (two caves)
  • Shahapur Gateway, viii Sirpur Gateway
  • Small Mosque
  • South-east bastion of the outer city wall together with the adjacent wall on each side, variously known as Panch Burj Hasrath Yab and containing a Persian inscription
  • Tank built to contain Oil & Ghee
  • Tank in front of tomb of Lalkhan

19- Amarawati

  • City wall of Nawab Ismail Khan
  • Dula Gate
  • Gawilgarh Fort ( The walls & the whole area contained by them)
  • Haripura Gate
  • Hauz Katora
  • Jiwanpura Gate
  • Temple of Anandeshwar
  • Tomb ( of Lalkhan)

20- Bhandara

  • All the remains of the circumambulation
  • Ancient mounds on which the modern temple of Jagannath stands
  • Area containing the old remains of two temples consisting of a collection of Massive stones in two separate heaps, one immediately outside Padampur to the north and the other immediately to the south of Ganeshpur
  • Cromlech known as ‘Tillota’ (Frying Pan)
  • Fort
  • Mound known as Hardula-ki-Tekri
  • Remains of the temple close to the south of the village Ganeshpur
  • Remains of the temple locally known as Nath Bawa
  • Remains of the temple to the north of the village
  • Remains of the temple to the north-west of the village

21- Dhulia

  • Ancient site and remains
  • Math
  • Old gateways in the ruined fort and caves
  • Seven Mohammedan Tombs
  • Small Temple on Survey No.141
  • Temple between Durga’s Temple and Math in Survey No 141
  • Temple in front of the above in Survey No. 418
  • Temple of Durga
  • Temple of Shiva
  • Temple of the left side of Shiva’s Temple in Survey No. 418
  • Three Mohammedan Tombs

22- Gadchiroli

  • Fort wall
  • Fortress of Tipagarh
  • Group of Temple
  • Group of twenty cromlechs or Kistvaens
  • Large Temple
  • Old Temple
  • Rock Caves
  • Stone Circle
  • Temple of Bhandareshwar

23- Nasik

  • Temple of Bhandareshwar
  • Hemadpanthi Temple of Mahadeo
  • Hindu Temple
  • Hindu Temple
  • Jain Temple
  • Old Matichi-Gadhi
  • Old Temple
  • Pandev Lena Caves
  • Temple of Aeshwar
  • Temple of Gondeshwar Mahadeo
  • Trimbakeshwar Temple

24- Wardha

  • Fort

25- Yeotmal

  • Hemadpanthi Temple of Mahadeo
  • Hemadpanthi Temple of Shree Mahadeo
  • Mahadeo Temple
  • Mahadeo Temple
  • Mahadeo Temple
  • Temple of Goddess Pandardevi
  • Temple of Kamaleshwar

26- Unknown

  • Taponeshwar

27- Mumbai

  • Monolithic bas relief depicting Siva
  • Whole hill fort of Sion together with all ancient Portuguese remains of buildings situated to the north, east and south-east sides of the hill

28- Mumbai Sunderban

  • Kondivate Caves

29- Mumbai Suburban

  • Buddhist Caves
  • Jogeshwari Caves
  • Mandapeshwara Caves
  • Old Portuguese churches, tower and caves
  • Portuguese Monastery over the cave & the large watch tower on the adjoining hill

30- Sholapur

  • Aurangzeb’s Fort
  • Covered colonnade ( to the south of the well)
  • Gateway and old Maruti temple with Viragal stones on either side
  • Hemadpanthi Temple of Mahadeo
  • Hemadpanthi Temple of Vithoba
  • Hemadpanthi Well
  • Mahadev Stones
  • Old double-shrined temple
  • Old Fort
  • Old Temple and Viragals or sculptural memorial stones
  • Old Temple of Sarkarvada locally known as Parasnath temple
  • Old Temple of Sri Siddheshwar (enclosed in a paved court)

=> Madhya Pradesh

1- Dhar

  • Bhojshala and Kamal Maula’s Mosque
  • Lat- ki-Masjid

2- Buhanpur

  • Zainabad Sarai and Masjid

3- Shivpuri

  • Town Hall alias Gandhi Bhavan

4- Raisen

  • Fort (including walls gates and other ruins, monuments in the fort)

5- Gwalior

  • Gwalior fort
  • Tomb of Tansen and two mosques

6- Datia

  • Bir Singh Palace

7- Bhopal

  • Kamlapati Mahal

8- Mandla

  • Gond fort called Satkhanda and the tower on Rajghat called Shahburz and the temples therein

9- Amarkantak

  • Karan Temple
  • Siva Temple
  • Temple of Pataleswara

10- Silhara

  • Caves bearing inscriptions of 1 st century AD

11- Budhi Chanderi

  • Jain Temples 1 to 5

12- Chanderi

  • Bada Madarasa
  • Badal Mahal Gateway
  • Battisi Baodi
  • Chanderi Fort
  • Jama Masjid
  • Kati Ghati
  • Koshak Mahal
  • Nizam-ud-din’s Tomb
  • Shahzadi ka Roza

13- Kadwaha

  • Monastery
  • Temples 2 to 7

14- Thubon

  • Loose sculptures

15- Baihar

  • Temples

16- Garhi

  • Fort

17- Kashitola

  • Temple of Koteswara (Mahadeo and Hanuman)

18- Lanji

  • Old Fort

19- Raigarh

  • An old temple within the limits of Piparwara forest village

20- Sonkhar

  • The old fortress which contains 53 images of stone locally known as Sada Bhada

21- Kherat

  • Brick Temples (two)
  • Open Air Museum

22- Ater

  • Fort

23- Ahukhana

  • Ahukhana site and the compound wall, the pavilion and tank

24- Asirgarh

  • Idgah, front wall with open platform
  • Mahadeva temple near the Inspection Bungalow with compound wall
  • The whole fort including all the walls, Sat Darwaza, the mosque and temple inside
  • Tomb of Shah Numa

25- Burhanpur

  • Bibi-Sahib’s Masjid and compound
  • Churiwalon ki Masjid , outside the Itwara Gate, in the Burhanpur city
  • Dome of Adil Shah Faruki
  • Dome of Shah Nawaz Khan
  • Raja’s Chhatri near Bordha Ghat
  • The palace situated in the fort
  • Tomb of Nadir Shah and compound
  • Tomb of Shah Shuja and compound

26- Chowk Mohalla


  • Hammam Khana


27- Mahal Gurara

  • Mahal Gurara palaces or building on both sides of Gurara river and two masonry dams in the river

28- Khajuraho

  • Adinatha Temple
  • Brahma Temple
  • Chausath Yogini Temple
  • Chitragupta or Bharatji’s Temple
  • Chopra or square Tank
  • Colossal statue of Shri Hanuman
  • Devi Jagadambi Temple
  • Duladeo Temple
  • Ghantai Temple
  • Jatakari or Chaturbhuj Temple
  • Javari Temple
  • Kakra Math
  • Kandariya Temple
  • Lakshman Temple
  • Lalguan Mahadeva Temple
  • Mahadeva Temple
  • Matangeswara Temple
  • Nandi Temple
  • Parsvanatha Temple
  • Parvati Temple
  • Santinatha Temple
  • Vamana Temple
  • Varaha Temple
  • Vishvanatha Temple

29- Bachaun

  • Inscription in the fort of Bachhaun

30- Jatkara

  • Temple remains and mounds at Bjiamandal

31- Deogarh

  • Gond Fort

32- Nohta

  • Nohta ( Mahadeva ) Temple

33- Rajnagar

  • Rajnagar Fort

34- Hatta

  • Rangmahal Palace

35- Kanora Bari

  • Temple of Kanora Bari

36- Jatashankar

  • Jata Shankar Fort

37- Raneh

  • Matha at Raneh

38- Kodal

  • Old Temple

39- Kanora

  • The remains of an old sculptured temple built without mortar and attributed to Chandellas

40- Singorgarh

  • A hill Fort

41- Mariadoh

  • Ruined Fort

42- Sakhar

  • Sakhar Temple

43-  Phutera Tank

  • Sculptures at Phutera tank

44- Kundalpur

  • Jain Temples on the Hill: No.1 to No. 58

45- Gujjara

  • Rock inscription of Ashoka

46- Nemawar,

  • Sidheshwar Temple

47- Nemawar

  • Unfinished Temple

48- Mandu

  • Alamgir Gate
  • Ancient Hindu Baodi
  • Andheri Baodi
  • Ashrafi Mahal
  • Baz Bahadur’s Palace
  • Bhagwania Gate
  • Bhangi Gate
  • Caravan Sarai
  • Champa Baodi
  • Chisti Khan’s Mahal
  • Chor Kot
  • Chor Kot Mosque
  • Dai Ki Chhoti Bahan Ka Mahal
  • Dai-ka-Mahal
  • Darya Khan’s Tomb
  • Delhi Gate
  • Dharmashala in the compound of Hoshang’s Tomb
  • Dilawar Khan’s Mosque
  • Ek Khamba Mahal
  • Gada Shah’s Palace
  • Gada Shah’s Shop
  • Gadi Darwaza
  • Hammam
  • Hathi Mahal
  • Hathi Pole Gate
  • Hindola Mahal
  • Hoshang Shah’s Tomb
  • Jahangirpur Gate
  • Jahaz Mahal
  • Jali Mahal
  • Jama Masjid
  • Kapoor Talao and the ruins on its bank
  • Lal Bagh
  • Lal Bungalow
  • Lohani Caves
  • Lohani Gate
  • Mahmud Khilji’s Tomb
  • Malik Mughith’s Mosque
  • Mosque near Sopi Tank
  • Mosque near Tarapur Gate
  • Mosque north-west of Darya Khan’s Tomb
  • Nahar Jharokha
  • Nahar Jharokha compound
  • Nameless Tomb west of Shila Tank
  • Neelkantha (Nilkantheswar)
  • Rampol Gate and the mosque opposite to it
  • Roopmati’s Pavalion
  • Royal Palace in the west of Champa Baodi and Hammam
  • Ruins on the west of Rewa Kund
  • Sat Kothari Caves
  • Somavati Kund
  • Tarapur Gate
  • Taveli Mahal
  • Tomb & Mosque between Chor Kot mosque & Chhappan Mahal
  • Tomb north of Alamgir Gate
  • Tomb north of Darya Khan’s Tomb
  • Tower of Victory
  • Tripolia Gate
  • Ujali Baodi
  • Water Palace

49- Mand

  • Songadh Gate

50- Bagh

  • Buddhist Caves No.1 to 7

51- Sadalpur

  • Water Palace

52- Wasvi

  • Rock-cut Temple

53- Kukkramath

  • Ranmukteshwara Temple

54- Amrol

  • Mahadeva Temple

55- Pawaya

  • Ancient site
  • Tila Monument

56- Antri

  • Tomb of Abul Fazal

57- Unknown

  • Badal Mahal or Hindola Gate
  • Chaturbhuj Temple
  • Ganesha Gate
  • Gwalior or Alamgiri Gate
  • Lakshman Gate
  • Mansingh’s Palace
  • Rock-cut Jaina colossi
  • Sas Bahu Temple
  • Teli-ka-Mandir
  • Urwai Gate

58- Ghauspura

  • Tomb of Mohammad Ghauz

59- Joga

  • Old Mughal Fort

60- Pachmarhi

  • Caves popularly known as Pandav Caves
  • Dorothy deep rock shelter

61- Kalmadi Rasulia and Kishanpur

  • Adamgarh rock shelter with paintings

62- Karian

  • Rock Shelter known as Pulti lane near Sambourne cave

63- Karanpur

  • Statue of a boar (Vishnu Varah), an image of Mahadeo and figures of other Hindu & Jain Gods scattered over four Tumuli and under a Bargad tree
  • Varaha Near Karitalai

64- Karitalai

  • Tortoise & fish hereby known as Kachha & Maccha

65- Tigwa

  • The whole site of Kankali Devi Temple including the Devi temple and ruined temple close to them

66- Bilhari

  • Ladaki -Ka-Tila
  • Tapsi-Math
  • Vishnu-Varaha Temple

67- Garha

  • Madan Mahal on the top of hill upon a large boulder rock

68- Bargaon

  • Temple of Somnath and ruins of several temples

69- Padaria

  • Rock edict of Ashoka (Rupnath)

70- Marha Deori

  • Ruined temple near the sources of Kiyan river

71- Nanhwara

  • Shiva Temple on a carved stone chabutra measuring 10′ x 10’x 4′ and 8 stone Jain image

72- Tewar

  • Karanbel (Tripuri)

73- Bheraghat

  • Temple of Chausath Yogini
  • Temple of Gauri Shankar ancient circular colonnade supported by pillars carved with images of various deities within the Chausath Yogini

74- Panagarh

  • Large effigy of Vishnu Varaha

75- Kakarahata

  • Ancient mound

76- Chaugan Rayotwari

  • Chaugan Rayotwari
  • Sporting Palace by name Dal-Badal

77- Khaddeori

  • Shiva’s Temple

78- Dhamnar

  • Brahmanical Rock-cut Temple
  • Buddhist Caves No. 1 to 51

79- Khor

  • Nau Toran Temple

80- Sondhani

  • Yashodharman’s Pillar of Victory

81- Bhanpura

  • Prehistoric painted rock shelters at Chatarbhuja Nala
  • Prehistoric painted rock shelters at Sita Khardi

82- Mitaoli

  • Ekattarso Mahadeva Temple

83- Padhavali

  • Gadhi
  • Group of temples at Bateshwar
  • Temple

84- Suhania

  • Siva Temple (Locally known as Kakanmath Temple)

85- Naresar

  • Temples No. 1 to 22

86- Mandhata

  • Amleswara alias Mamleshwara group of temples including Kaleshwar Temple
  • Chand Suraj Gateway
  • Chaubis Avtar Temple with its contents
  • Siddeswara or Siddhnath Temple

87- Un

  • Chaubara Dera
  • Jain Temples No. 1 to 3
  • Temple of Nilkantheshwar
  • Temples of Mahakaleswara No.1 & 2

88- Kasrawad

  • Excavated site

89- Raverkhedi

  • An old sarai
  • Brindaban dedicated to the memory of Srimant Baji Rao Peshwa
  • Main gate and remaining portion of Peshwa residence or fortress
  • The Chhatri inside the Sarai

90- Ajaigarh

  • Ajaigarh fort and its remains
  • Two temples ascribed to Gupta period

91- Nachna

  • Chaumukhnath Temple
  • Chaumukhnath Temple

92- Bhojpur

  • Ancient rock engravings
  • Saivite temple

93- Sanchi

  • Buddhist monuments

94- Sonari

  • Buddhist stupa together with the adjacent land

95- Murelkhurd

  • Buddhist stupas

96- Andher

  • Buddhist stupas and remains

97- Satdhara

  • Stupa and other remains

98- Bihyanpura

  • Pre-historic rock shelters with paintings comprising of Tajpura, Bineka, Bhimbetka, Lakhajuar East and Lakhajuar West groups

99- Narsinghgarh

  • Narsinghgarh Fort

100- Keoti

  • Inscription in cave

111- Alhagat

  • Inscriptions

112- Gahira

  • Fresco paintings

113- Gurgi

  • Gurgi & Rehunta remains

114- Barhat

  • Rock shelters with megaliths, monasteries and inscriptions

115- Bamora

  • Temple

116- Deori

  • Fort

117- Dhamoni

  • Fort
  • Rani Mahal
  • Tomb and Mosque of Baljati Shah

118- Eran and Pahlezpur

  • Ancient site

119- Garhpehra

  • All structures in or connected with the Mahal (fort) of the Dangi rulers

120- Gourjhamar

  • Fort

121- Karonda

  • Satgarh
  • Temple of Mahadeo or Mata

122- Khimlasa Fort

  • The walls of the city with gate
  • Tomb of Panj Pirs

123- Khimalasa

  • Old Mosque, Idgah, well, gateway of the fort & Nagina Mahal
  • The walls of the citadel (fort)

124- Pali

  • Temple of Mahadeva

125- Rahatgarh

  • Badal Mahal together with adjacent land
  • Dargah in ruins
  • Dargah of Gulmali Shah & three graves
  • Dohla tank
  • Fort including the monuments inside namely
  • Moti Mahal
  • Ruined Palace
  • Samadhi
  • Shish Mahal
  • Small Mosque
  • Two Gates

126- Bharhut

  • Buddhist remains

127- Bhurma

  • Remains (Shiv Temple)

128- Panguraria

  • Buddhist stupas alongwith Saru-Maru monastic complex

129- Talpura

  • Painted rock shelters, two Buddhist stupas and other remains

130- Ashta

  • Temple of Ashta

131- Ghansor

  • Standing Jain image of Digamber Sect known as Nagababa and the various fragmentary stone images and architectural stone pieces

132- Sohagpur

  • Virath Temple and remains

133- Mahua

  • Large Siva Temple
  • Small Siva Temple

134- Ranod

  • Monastery

135- Surwaya

  • Monastery
  • Open Air Museum
  • Siva Temple
  • Surwaya Gadhi

136- Terahi

  • Mohajamata Temple
  • Torana Gate
  • Monastery

137- Chandrehi

  • Temple & monastery

138- Bhairogarh

  • Ancient mound

139- Undasa

  • Ancient mound (Kumbhar Tekri)
  • Ancient mound (Vaishya Tekri)

140- Bhilsa

  • Bijamandal Mosque
  • Lohanji Hill Capital

141- Badoh

  • Dashavatara Temple
  • Gadarmal Temple
  • Jain Temple

142- Besnagar

  • Ancient site
  • Heliodorous Pillar locally known as Khamb Baba

143- Gyaraspur

  • Athakhamba Temple
  • Bajramath Temple
  • Buddhist stupa
  • Hindola Torans
  • Mala Devi Temple

144- Pathari

  • Bhimagaja
  • Caves

145- Udaygiri

  • Caves No. 1 to 20
  • Ruins of a Gupta temple on hill top

146- Udaypur

  • Bara Khambi
  • Udayeswara or Nilkantheswara Mahadeva Temple

=> Manipur

1- Bishenpur

  • Temple of Vishnu

=> Uttarakhand

1- Chamoli

  • Fort with walls and ruins of dwelling house inside it and with flights of steps
  • Remains of sixteen temples
  • Rock Inscription in Survey Plot No. 89
  • Rudranath temple
  • Trident of iron with a shaft with one ancient and three modern inscriptions
  • Two Temples

2- Uttarkashi

  • Excavated site and Remains

3- Almora

  • Badrinath group of temples
  • Bandeo Temple
  • Chandi-ka-Temple
  • Dandeshwar Temple
  • Grave of a European Soldier
  • Gujardeo Temple
  • Jageshwar Temple
  • Kacheri group of temples
  • Kuber Temple
  • Kutumbari Temple
  • Maniyan group of temples
  • Monuments
  • Mritunjaya group of temples
  • Mritunjaya Temple
  • Nanda Devi or Nau Durga
  • Nava-grah shrine
  • Pyramidal shrine
  • Ratan Deo Shrines
  • Shrine dedicated to Surya
  • Surya Temple

4- Bageshwar

  • Group of ancient temples, consisting of main shrine of Siva and 17 subsidiary shrines
  • Three temples of the Indo-Aryan shikara type known as Lakshmi Narayan, Rakshas Deval and Satya Narayan

5- Champawat

  • Group of Baleshwar Temples
  • Kotwali Chabutra
  • Naula or covered spring attached to the Baleshwar Temples

6- Dehradun

  • Ancient site
  • Kalinga Monuments
  • Temple and images in its vicinity
  • Temple sacred to Mahasu
  • The inscribed rock edicts of Asoka

7- Haridwar

  • Old Cemetery
  • Old Cemetery

8- Nainital

  • Old temple sacred to Sita
  • Remains of ancient buildings locallly identified with Vairatapattana

9- Pithoragarh

  • Patal Bhubaneswar Caves
  • Remains of a few old temples and an inscribed masonry well

10- Udhamsingh Nagar

  • Excavated Site at Dronasagar (only preliminary notification issued)

=> Pondicherry

1- Arikamedu

  • Arikamedu

2- Bahur

  • Mulanathasvami Temple

3- Madagadipattu

  • Siva temple dedicated to Tirukundangudi Mahaswarar also called Odearkoil

4- Nedungadu

  • Siva temple dedicated to Svayambunathaswami of Tantondriyavar

5- Settur

  • Siva temple (Ekmbareswara)

6- Thirubhuvansi

  • Vishnu temple dedicated to Tingalai Sri Varadaraja Perumal

7- Thiruvanaikovil

  • Siva temple dedicated to Sri Panchanatha Iswarer of Sri Vadukiswarar

=> Nagaland

1- Kohima

  • Lt. H. Forbeb’s Grave, Suchima
  • Memorials of Mr. G.H. Damant, Major Cook and Subedar Nurbir Sahi, Khonoma
  • Remains of a fort (Dimapur Ruins), Dimapur
  • Stone Cairn to the memory of Mr. Damant, Kohima

=> Sikkim

1- Forest area of Pemayangtse Monastery

  • Radbentse site of ancient capital of Sikkim

2- Kheochod Phalvi

  • Coronation Throne of Norbugang near Yuksam
  • Dubdi Monastery

=> Tripura

1- North Tripura

  • Sculptures and rock-cut relief of Unakuti Tirtha

2- South Tripura

  • Ancient Site
  • Bhubaneswari Temple
  • Gunavati Groups of Temples
  • Temple of Chaturdasha Devata

=> Meghalaya

1- Bishnupur

  • Temple of Vishnu

2- Jaintia Hills

  • Megalithic bridge known as Thulu-um-wi between Jowai and Jarain
  • Megalithic bridge on the Um-Kumbeh
  • Megalithic bridge on the Um-Nyakaneh
  • Stone memorial of U.Mawthaw – dur-briew
  • Tank

3- East Khasi Hills

  • Manipur Memorial
  • Scott’s Monument
  • Stone memorial of U-Mawthoth-dur

=> Punjab

1- Amritsar

  • Gateway of Mughal Sarai Akbar or Jahangir on the old Delhi and Lahore Road
  • Gateway of the old Sarai Akbar or Jahangir on the old Delhi and Lahore Road
  • Ram Bagh Road
  • Summer Palace of Maharaja Ranjit Singh

2- Jalandhar

  • Mughal Bridge
  • Sarai including gateways
  • Sarai inclulding gateway
  • Theh Gatti (Mound)
  • Tombs of Mohd. Momin and Hazi Jamal

3- Ludhiana

  • Ancient Site

4- Ropar

  • Ancient Buddhist Stupa and site, Sanghol
  • Ancient site near college compound

5- Mohali

  • Mound

6- Taran Taran

  • Kos Minar
  • Kos Minar
  • Mosque
  • Quila

7- Gurdaspur

  • Baradari (generally known as Anarkali)
  • Shamsher Khan’s tomb
  • Takht-e-Akbari
  • Tomb of Sayid Imam Ali Shah, Old Mosque and Boura of Hajrat Pir Shah Hussain

8- Bhatinda

  • Fort

9- Ferozpur

  • Mound known as Mud Fort
  • Saragarhi Memorial

=> Rajasthan

1- Ajmer

  • Adhai Din-ka-Jhonpra
  • Badshahi Haveli
  • Baori on the Ajmer-Jaipur Road
  • Brahma Temple
  • Delhi Gate consisting of one archway
  • Gateway of Taragarh Hill
  • Kos Minar erected by Emperor Akbar
  • Magazine buildings in the Ajmer Fort
  • Mahal Badshahi
  • Marble Pavilions and Balustrade on the Ana Sagar Bandh and the Ruins of the Marble Hamman behind the Ana Sagar Bandh
  • Saheli Bazar Buildings in Daulat Bagh
  • Sarai
  • Tomb of Abdulla Khan and his wife
  • Tomb of Allauddin Khan known as “Sola Thumba”
  • Tripolia Gate

2- Baran

  • Ancient ruins and structural remains
  • Old temples, statues and inscriptions
  • Ruins of temples
  • Temple (12 century)
  • Yupa Pillars

3- Bharatpur

  • Akbar’s Chhatri
  • Ancient fort with its monuments
  • Ancient mound
  • Ancient mound
  • Brahmabad Idgah
  • Chaurasi Khamba temple
  • Colossal image of Yaksha
  • Deeg Bhawan (Palaces)
  • Delhi Gate outside the Bharatpur Fort
  • Fateh Burj near Anah Gate
  • Fort walls including Chowburja gate and approach bridges at the Chowburja and Ashtadhatu gates
  • Islam Shah’s Gate
  • Jahangir’s Gateway
  • Jawahar Burj and Ashtadhatu Gateway inside the Bharatpur Fort
  • Jhajri
  • Kaccha Bag
  • Lal Mahal
  • Lodhi’s Minar
  • Looted gun
  • Marble Jhoola
  • Moat surrounding the Fort wall
  • Saraj Sad-ullah
  • Usa Mandir

4- Bhilwara

  • Ancient temple known as Kaneriki Putali
  • Mahakal and two other temples
  • Rock inscriptions (12 century)
  • Rock Inscriptions within the Parshwanath Temple compound (12 century)

5- Bikaner

  • Bhandasar Jain Temple
  • Jain Temple of Susani Goddess

6- Bundi

  • Ancient mound
  • Ancient mound
  • Wall Paintings of Hardoti School in the palace

7- Banswara

  • Siva temple and ruins

8- Dholpur

  • Babur’s Garden (Charbagh)
  • Jogni-Jogna Temple
  • Shergarh Fort

9- Dausa

  • Ancient mound
  • Ancient mound
  • Ancient mound
  • Ancient mound
  • Banjaron ki Chhatri (containing two pillars similar to railing pillars of Bharhut Stupa)
  • Baori
  • Harsat Mata ka Mandir

10- Jaipur

  • Excavated site
  • Excavated site
  • Jama Masjid
  • Laxmi Narain’s Temple
  • Pundarik ji-ki-Haveli Paintings in a room
  • Sri Jagat Siromani ji temple
  • Sun Temple
  • Temple containing fresco paintings

11- Jaisalmer

  • Ancient site
  • Fort including ancient temples

12- Jhalawar

  • Ancient ruins
  • Ancient ruins
  • Buddhist caves
  • Buddhist caves and pillars
  • Buddhist caves, pillars, idols
  • Caves of Naranjani etc.
  • Old Temples near the Chandrabhaga

13- Jodhpur

  • Fort

14- Kota

  • Siva Temple and two unpublished Gupta inscriptions
  • Temple with inscriptions
  • Temple, fort wall and statues

15- Rajsamand

  • Badshahi Bagh
  • Chetak Samadhi
  • HaldighatiHaldighati
  • Rakta Talai

16- Sikar

  • Harshnath Temple

17- Tonk

  • Ancient mound
  • Ancient mound
  • Ancient mound
  • Bisal Deo ji’s Temple
  • Devapura Barodia mound
  • Excavated site
  • Excavated site
  • Hathi Bhata
  • Inscription
  • Inscription in Fort
  • Kala Pahar Temple
  • Kalyanrai ji’s Temple
  • Laxmi Narainji’s Temple locally known as Gopinathji’s Temple
  • Mand Kila Tal Inscription
  • Old Baories locally known as Hadirani-ka-kund
  • Pipa ji’s Temple
  • Yupa Pillars in Bichpuria Temple

18- Udaipur

  • Ancient Ruins
  • Hawa Mahal known as Roothi Rani Ka Mahal, Veerpura (Jaisamand)
  • Mahal known as Hawa Mahal, Veerpura (Jaisamand)
  • Pratap Smarak, Ruined Palace of Maharana Pratap at Chavand
  • Sas Bahu temples

19- Alvar

  • Ancient remains
  • Ancient site
  • Lal Masjid
  • Shiva temple

20- Chittorgarh

  • Ancient ruins
  • Ancient site and remains together with adjacent area comprised in whole of survey no. 2 : 991, 992, 993, 994/1, 994/3, 995, 996, 997, 998, 999, 1000 and 1002
  • Archaeological sites & ramains
  • Fort of Chittaur as a whole
  • Ghateshwar Temple
  • Hathiwada enclosure with inscription together with adjacent land in survey plot no. 301.
  • Kund
  • Mahanal Temple & Math
  • Shringar Chawri
  • Temple of Ashtamata
  • Temple of Ganesh
  • Temple of Sheshashayan
  • Temple of Shiv and Kund
  • Temple of Trimurti
  • Temple of Vamanavatar known as Narad Temple

21- Dungapur

  • Jain Temple Inscription
  • Somnath Temple

22- Ganganagar

  • Two ancient mounds

23- Hanumangarh

  • Ancient mounds
  • Fort Bhatner
  • Three Ancient mounds

24- Karauli

  • Wall painting in the palaces of Maharaja Gopal Lal

25- Rajasamand

  • Archaeological Sites and Remains
  • Fort of Kumbhalgarh as a whole
  • Ghat with inscriptions pavilions and toranas (together with adjacent area comprised in survey plot No. 344)

26- Sawai Madhopur

  • Jain Temple
  • Persian inscriptions in a Baori
  • Ranthambhor Fort

=> Uttar Pradesh

1- Agra

  • Agra Fort
  • Akbar’s Tomb, gateway and walls round the ground
  • Anguri Bagh
  • Baoli of the Diwan-i-Am Quadrangle
  • Bara Khamba
  • Barah Khamba together with adjoining area comprised in part of survey plot no. 150 as shown in the site plan
  • Carved stone inscription dated A.D. 1605 inside the Delhi gate entrance
  • Chattrie making the site of the Empress Jodhbai’s Tomb
  • Chauburji, of the temporary Burial place of Emperor Babur, together with the Chabutra on which it stands
  • Chini-ka-Rauza including well, tank and kiosk facing the river Yamuna
  • Chitor Gates
  • City wall on the west side of Agra Gate
  • Dakhini darwaza in Mohalla Tajganj
  • Dalans on the east and south sides of the great south gate and domed structure on the west side of the same gate
  • Dhakri-ka-Mahal
  • Diwan-i-Am or Hall of Public Audience
  • Diwan-i-Khas or Private Hall of Audience
  • Double storied Mughal pavilion called Hajeera
  • Drinking fountain in the west enclosure wall of the Taj Garden.
  • Entrance Gateway of Khan-i-Alam Bagh
  • Fatehpur Masjid
  • Fatehpur Sikri
  • Fifty-two bullock well
  • Firoz Khan’s Tomb
  • Galleries beneath the Khas Mahal
  • Gateway at Pul Changa Modi.
  • Gateway in the interior of Tajganj.
  • Great Idgah.
  • Guru-ka-Tal
  • Hon’ble John Russell Colvin’s Tomb.
  • Humayun Masjid
  • Including Akbari Mahal
  • Inner Amar Singh Gate
  • Inner Delhi Gate
  • Inscribed tablet in a piece of the old city wall of Agra (Akbarabad) on the west side of the Mahatma Gandhi road
  • Itibari Khan’s Mosque
  • Itimad-ud-Daula’s Tomb
  • Jagner Fort including the Gwal Baba Temple
  • Jahangir’s Bath
  • Jahangiri Mahal
  • Jami Masjid
  • Jami Masjid
  • Jaswant Singh-ki-Chattri
  • Jhun Jhun Katora
  • Kali Masjid and enclosure wall.
  • Kamal Khan’s Dargah
  • Kanch Mahal, at the southeast corner of Akbar’s Tomb
  • Khan-i-Alam Bagh together with the new tank near the Taj Mahal
  • Khans Gate
  • Khas Mahal or the Aramgah or private hall including the golden pavilions on each side
  • Kiosk and buildings other than the river side kiosk at or near Zohra Bagh
  • Ladies Bazaar attached to the Nagina Masjid
  • Machchi Bhawan or Fish House
  • Maharatta Building impinging on the Nagina Masjid
  • Maqbara called Kala Gumbaz between Chini-ka-Rauza and Bagh Wazir Khan
  • Mariam’s Tomb
  • Mass of rubble and concrete said to contain tombs of Ladli Begum and her two brothers Faizi and Abul Fazl
  • Mehtab Bagh on the river bank, facing the Taj.
  • Mina Masjid
  • Moti Masjid or Pearl Mosque
  • Nagina Masjid
  • Old Delhi Gate of city
  • Old Mughal Aqueduct.
  • Old Tila and Tasu Tila
  • Pahlwan’s Tomb near Cantonment, Gwalior Road
  • Ram Bagh Gateways
  • Ram Bagh Houses, Kiosks, terraces and Katra.
  • Rauza Diwanji Begum and Mosque
  • Roman Catholic Cemetery with all its tombs, Boundary Walls, gateways and gardens
  • Royal Baths
  • Sahelion-ka-Gumbaz No.1
  • Sahelion-ka-Gumbaz No.2
  • Sahelion-ka-Gumbaz No.3
  • Sahelion-ka-Gumbaz No.4
  • Salimgarh
  • Saman Burj with Pachisi Court and surrounding chambers.
  • Sat Kuiya or Seven wells close by Ram Bagh on the Aligarh Road.
  • Shahjahan’s apartment
  • Shish Mahal
  • Sirhi Darwaja facing the inner entrance gate of the Taj.
  • Small Chattri on Agra-Mathura Road.
  • Small mosque situated in the Church Missionary Society’s compound
  • Somnath Gates
  • Statue of Akbar’s House on the Agra-Sikandara Road.
  • Taj and grounds including the Masjid on the west side, the pavilions on the east and west sides of the grounds; great south entrance gateway and great courtyard surrounded by cloisters.
  • Tank near the Fatehpur Masjid
  • Tank Pahlwan near Cantonment, Gwalior road.
  • The village known as Burhia-ka-Tal.
  • Tomb of Mahabat Khan’s Daughter.
  • Tomb of Sadiq Khan
  • Tomb of Salabat Khan
  • Tomb of Sheikh Ibrahim
  • Two gateways and the Mosque in the Jajau Sarai.
  • Well (Baoli) in the Akbari Mahal.
  • Well and flight of steps in the Charbagh.
  • Well at the Taj garden
  • Zohra Bagh and River side Kiosk.

2- Aligarh

  • Ancient site consisting of the remains of an ancient fort and an extensive Khera
  • High isolated conical shaped mound
  • Khera Mound
  • Masjid
  • Monument in memory of the brave men who fell at the hour of victory.
  • Monument near Old Fort
  • Monuments in the memory of Captain Ronald Cameron and other soldiers.
  • Mound, part of which appears to be the remains of a Buddhist stupa or a temple
  • Nagaria Khera
  • Old Garhi or Mud Fort
  • Sahegarh Khera
  • Smaller Mound
  • Tomb of Thomson Simpson

3- Firozabad

  • Idgah
  • Tomb of Fariduddin alias Main Fiddu
  • Tomb of Nasiruddin
  • Tomb of Nizammuddin

4- Gorakhpur

  • A Series of enormous mounds
  • Ancient site covered with mounds of brick ruins and containing an ancient masonry well
  • Extensive Mound
  • Extensive remains of a very large cient city
  • Large and high mound, the ruins of the ancient Domangarh
  • Three high conical mounds of brick which are evidently the ruins of stupas

5- Jaunpur

  • Atala Masjid
  • Cemetery of seven kings of teh Sharqi Dynasty
  • Fort
  • Gateway of Hazrat Chirag-i-Hiud’s Palace
  • Hamam or Turkish Bath in the Old Fort
  • Jhanjhari Masjid
  • Juma Masjid
  • Khalis Mukhalis or Chan Ungli Masjid
  • Khanqah or tombs of Sharqi kings of Jaunpur and the chamber for the royal mourner
  • Lal masjid (Lal Darwaja)
  • Qalich Khan ka Maqbara
  • Rouza of Shah Firoz
  • Sheikh Burhan’s Mosque
  • Stone group of a gigantic lion standing on a small elephant. It is lying on Akbar’s bridge.
  • Tomb of Nawab Ghazi Khan
  • Walls of the old Kankar Fort of Jayachandra

6- Mathura

  • Ahalyaganj Mound
  • Akbari Sarai
  • Ancient sculptures, carvings, images, bas-reliefs, inscriptions, stones and like objects
  • Ancient site
  • Ancient site
  • Ancient Site containing fragments of images
  • Chamunda Tila
  • Extensive site containing a high mound apparently a fort
  • Fortified Sarai with all its walls and gateways
  • Gayatri mound
  • Girdharpur mound
  • Gopal Khera
  • Kankali tila, Jain and Chaubara Mound
  • Kos Minar
  • Mound
  • Palikhera Mound
  • Portions of Katra Mound which are not in the possession of Nazul tenants on which formerly stood a temple of Kehsavadeva which was dismantled and the site utilised for the mosque of Aurangzeb
  • Sati Burz, supposed to commemorate the Sati of the widow of Raja Biharmal of Jaipur erected by her son Raja Bhagwandas in A.D. 1570
  • Site of ancient Pokhar (Pushkarini
  • Small mound locally known as Chavar
  • Temple of Govind Deo
  • Temple of Jugal Kishore
  • Temple of Madan Mohan
  • Temple of Radha Ballabh
  • Two mounds, the second mound is known as Singer Tila

7- Mau

  • Ancient Site

8- Meerut

  • Andhra Court, a high brick fortress supposed to have been built by Mahi
  • Begum’s Palace
  • Cemetery at the junction of Meerut – Delhi Road
  • Cemetery of the Meerut racecourse
  • Roman Catholic Church
  • Tomb of Shah Peer
  • Tombs or Sardhana Cemetery
  • Two mounds (Kheras) named Khorkali and Jalapar

9- Pilibhit

  • Jami Masjid

10- Saharanpur

  • Badshahi Bagh locally known as Badshahi Mahal
  • Khera ki Bandi, Old Cemetery
  • Old British Cemetery, Khata Khedi
  • Old British Cemetery, Saharanpur City

11- Sonbhadra

  • Pakka masonary Fort

12- Varanasi

  • Ancient Buddhist Site known as Cahukhandi stupa
  • Ancient buddhist site of Sarnath, including the Dhamek stupa, Jagat Singh Stupa, the monastery of Major Kitlee and all the monuments excavated by Mr. Certal in 1984-85 with an area of 53.04 acres, including government land measuring 21.94 acres
  • Ancient Mound
  • Cemetery
  • Closed Cemetery
  • Dharahra Mosque (Aurangzeb Mosque )
  • Graves of European Officers
  • Lt. Col. Pogson’s Tomb
  • Mutiny Monuments
  • Observatory of Mansingh
  • Old Ruined Kot (Fortress)
  • Pahlapur inscribed Lat or monolith now standing in the compound of the Queen’s College
  • Remains of a Fine Massive brick fort
  • Tablet on the Treasury Building
  • Telia Nala Buddhist Ruins
  • The whole area to the east of the buddhist site explored by the Archaoelogical department extending upto the limits of the lake named Narokhar
  • Tomb of Lal Khan
  • Two Graves at Old Artilery lines
  • Victoria Memorial

13- Azamgarh

  • Ancient site called Garba-ka-kot or Rajbhar-ka-lot
  • Ancient Site measuring 7acres and 800 links in Khasra No. 384
  • Incribed stone Pillar
  • Monuments of Captains Wilsons and Jones and eleven privated of 13th Infantry
  • Mutiny Monuments
  • Old British Cemetery
  • Tomb of Abhiman

14- Ballia

  • A banya Grove containing traces of ancient building

15- Chandalui

  • Ancient site consisting of ruined fort
  • Khera or Mound representing the ancient Sukalpura
  • Large mound of brick ruins
  • Large rectangular shaped mound
  • Long Mound
  • Small conical mound of ruins called Devi-ka-sthan
  • Three sites with megaliths on the western and north eastern of the hill

16- Deoria

  • Ancient Site
  • Ancient Site
  • Conical Stupa-shaped mound
  • Dih or mound apparently the remains of a Buddhist stupa
  • Extensive mound
  • High square shaped mound
  • Inscribed Monolith of rough grey sand stone remains locally known as ‘Lat’ or ‘Gada’ of Parasram
  • Inscribed stone pillar
  • Long low mound of ruins
  • Two ruined Temples

17- Kushinagar

  • Alofty mound of solid brick work, called deisthan or Rambhar Bhavani
  • Ancient site known as Fazilnagar ka kot
  • Circular shaped mound and the remains of a stupa
  • Large dih or mound
  • Large flat-topped mound of ruins called Jharmatiya
  • Large mound covered with broken bricks and a few statues
  • Mound in eastern extension of the stupa site at S.No.3
  • Mound of brick ruins
  • Mound of Brick ruins called Asmanpur dih
  • Mound of ruins called Sareya

18- Ghazipur

  • Bhitari Gupta-pillar with an inscription of Skanda-Gupta standing in the ruined fort
  • Bridge on the Ganga Nadi
  • Dih or mound of ruins called Suiri-ka-Raj
  • Entire ruined fort enclosure with projecting tower at the corners and numbrows mound
  • Extensive brick-builder
  • High Khera
  • Lord Cornwallis Tomb
  • Mound known as Masaon-Dih
  • Mound of ruins
  • Mound of ruins with remains of temples and other buildings
  • Remains of the Gupta period
  • Stone lat or pillar standing on the Western end of a mound of brick ruins and the capital the pillar lying on the ground closeby.
  • Two statues representing Varaha or the Boar incarnation and Krishan with Gopis

19- Mirzapur

  •  A life sized figure locally known as Sankata Devi
  • Bharasthi Devi remains of a Mediaeval Temple
  • Bhardari Devi ka Pahar containing Asokan inscription
  • British Cemetery
  • British Cemetery
  • British Cemetery
  • Cave called khoh containing two early Kutila inscriptions on the rock inside
  • Durga Khoh
  • Fragments of sculptures, one of which is a Krishnasthambha lying on the bank of the Ganga on a chabutra at the Ramgaya ghat.
  • Iftekhar Khan’s Tomb
  • Inscribed Pillar
  • Inscribed slab
  • Kantil Fort
  • Mound known as Sangram Sahi-ki–Pahari
  • Remains of temple on an island in the bed of the river at Ramgayaghat including two inscribed stones
  • Remains of Three Small Linga Temple circa 1000AD.
  • Ruined Stone Fort Lalitpur
  • Ruins of a Saiva Temple
  • Several caves in the Top Hill

20- Santravidas Nagar

  • British Cemetery

21- Maharajganj

  • Ancient site and archaeological remains

22- Bareilly

  • Ancient Site
  • Begum’s Masjid jor three lofty domes
  • Large obelisk of red sandstone
  • Mound called Chikatia Khera
  • Mound to the south of the tans known as of the Gandhan Sagar and Adisagar
  • Site near Aonla railway station
  • Small hillock called Katari Khera or Kottari Khera
  • Stupa mound
  • Tomb of Hafiz-ul-Mulk Rahmet Khan, the Rohila Chief
  • Tomb of Hermit Shah Dana
  • Two Buddhist mounds close to the Konwaru Tal

23- Bareily

  • Fort
  • Several ancients ruined mounds in which Indo-Scythian coins are found

24- Bijnor

  • Ancient Site
  • Cemetery of Nawab Najib-ud-Daula
  • Fort
  • Jami Masjid
  • Mordhaj also known as Munawar Jar with lofty mound
  • Mosque
  • Mound (Kushan king Vasudeva)
  • Old British Cemetery
  • Old Pathan Fort
  • Pathargarh Fort
  • Portion of the old Palace
  • Tomb of Nawab Najib-ud-Daula
  • Tomb or Nawab Shujat Khan
  • Well

25- Budaun

  • Dargah of Imadul Mulk alias Pisan Hari-ka-Gumbaz dated A.H. 896
  • Jami Masjid
  • Tomb of Makhduman Jahan, the mother of Alaudin Alam
  • Tomb, Mohalla Behrampur, Tomb of Ikhlas Khan

26- Bulandshar

  • Ahirpura mound or lesser temple mound
  • Balai Kot or Upper Fort
  • Khera or mound called Talapatnagari or Myaji Khera
  • Kundanpura mound or the great temple mound
  • Large mound known as Moti Bazaar
  • Lofty mound with a small village perched on the east northeastern side of it.
  • Masonry tank and ancient temple
  • Ruins of an old temple known as Chandrani-ka-Mandir
  • Several large tumuli (Kheras) in and about Ahar.
  • Two cemeteries

27- Etah

  • Extensive Khera
  • Fort
  • Khera Basundara
  • Large Mound
  • Large mound dividing the village into two distinct portions known as Bilsar Pachiya and Bilsar Purva
  • Mound containing ancient relics of the Gupta period
  • Remains of an old temple
  • Ruined Mosque in the old Fort
  • Sita Ramji’s temple
  • Two Mounds together with a statue, ancient sculptures and other antiquarian remains.
  • Tombs of Colonel Gardener and his Begum

28- Etawah

  • Ancient fortress and site
  • Gateway
  • Jami Masjid with its appurtenances
  • Remains of an old Fort

29- Farrukhabad

  • Ancient Site
  • Closed cemetery at all Souls Memorial Church
  • Closed cemetery at British Infantry lines
  • Closed cemetery at Fort
  • Extensive Mound
  • Mosque and Saraia
  • Site of an old Buddhist Vihara, Extensive mound
  • Queen Victoria Memorial
  • Most easterly mound of the isolated tilas
  • Stone and its enclosure marking the place where the late Field Marshall Earl Roberts, P.C.K.G.etc. earned his Victoria Cross at the battle of Kali Nadi in 1857 situated in grave.
  • Tank of Naga called Karevar or Kandayat Tal
  • Tomb of Lt. Col. John Guthrie in the mud fort
  • Tomb of Major Robertson (now Auraiya District, hence Lucknow Circle)
  • Tomb of Mohd. Khan Bangash Nawab
  • Tomb of Nawab Rashid Khan
  • Tomb of Surgeon Thomas Hamilton

30- Ghaziabad

  • Raja Karan ka khera

31- Hathras

  • Monument in the memory of Samuel Anderson Nichterlein
  • Monument near Kilah railway station
  • Monument of Major Robert Naim
  • Mound
  • Mound known as Gohana Khera
  • Remains of an old Hindu temple inside the Dayaram’s fort
  • Small circular mound

32- Jyotibha Phule Nagar

  • Talib Khan’s Tomb
  • Tomb of Abdul Ghafur Shah
  • Tomb of the grand son of Abdul Ghafur Shah and Mosque
  • Well or Baoli known as Bah-ka-Kuan

33- Kannauj

  • Bala Pir Tomb
  • Big Mosque
  • Kachhiriwala tomb
  • Mosque and the tomb of Makhdum Jahanian
  • Mound known as Old Fort
  • Outer gateway
  • Small inner gateway
  • Small mosque west of Bala Pir
  • Tomb of Sergeant, instructor of Musketry James Norfolk
  • Tomb of Sheikh Mohammad Mehdi
  • Unknown Tomb
  • Zanana Gumbad

34- Manipuri

  • Closed cemetery

35- Moradabad

  • Amarpati Khera
  • Ancient Mound
  • Chandesvara Khera
  • Gateway of Karwan Sarai
  • Jami Masjid
  • Khera or Mound reputed to be the ruin or a palace Raja Vena
  • Large Mound
  • Large mound, the site of an ancient temple
  • Mosque of Karwan Sarai
  • Mound
  • Old Fort and its relics

36- Muzaffarnagar

  • Mosque and Tomb of Shah Abdul Razak and his four sons
  • Octagonal Wall
  • Tomb of Diwan Saiyed Mohammad Khan
  • Tomb of Saiyed Saif Khan and his mother
  • Tomb of Saiyed Umar Nur Khan
  • Tomb Saiyed Hussain also called Sayed Chajju Khan

=> Karnataka

1- Shimoga

  • Carved stones near the temple of the Gramadeva

2- Belgaum

  • Group of temples at Halshi, (Suvarneshvara Temple, Ramlingeshwar Temple, Kamaleshvara Temple, Bhu-Varaha Temple and Narasimha Temple )
  • Inscription against the wall of the Panchalingdev temple of the Yadav king Singhana of Devgiri dated Saka 1145
  • Inscription dated Shake 1141 of the time of Ratta Chieftain Kantavirya IV in the old temple of Basava
  • Inscription in the temple of Udachava of Khandahara or Krishna dated Saka 1174
  • Inscription of Sadashivadevaraya of Vijayanagar in the temple of Mallikarjuna
  • Inscriptions
  • Jaina temple of Muktesvara
  • Jumma Masjid
  • Kadamba inscription (Kaliyuga 4289 ) in the temple of Basava
  • Kadamba inscription dated Kaliyuga 4270 and 4283 (Saka 1082) in the temple of Basaveswar
  • Naganatha temple in the Naganath valley (near Shivayogamandir)
  • Old Jain temple outside the Commissariat storeyard
  • Old Jaina temple in the corner of the Commissariat store yard (Kamala Basti)
  • Old Jaina temple in the Jungle
  • Old Kanarese or Telugu Inscriptions about (15th cent. AD ) in the ancient temple of Isvara
  • Ratta inscription (Saka 1009 & 1043) in a Jaina temple
  • Ratta inscription (Saka 1075 ) in the temple of Mahalingesvara
  • Ratta inscription (Saka 1127) in old Jaina Basti
  • Ratta inscription (Saka 1168, fragmentary) in the temple of Narayandev
  • Ratta inscription at the waterfall near the tempel of Somesvara dated Shake 902
  • Ratta inscriptions dated Shake 971 & 1010 and a fragment of another dated Shake 970 in the temple of Ankusesvara
  • Ratta tablet dated Saka 1130 and 1178 in the temple of Brahmadeva
  • Remains of an old Hindu temple near the barracks
  • Ruined temple of perhaps 11th century
  • Safa Masjid
  • Silahara inscriptions (Saka 1078 ) in the temple of Basavesvara
  • Temple known as Bastigudi with four Kadamba inscription, two of which are dated Kaliyuga 4275 (1174 AD)
  • Three groups of Dolmens
  • Two inscriptions dated Shake 797 & 902 in the old Jain temple
  • Two Kadamba inscriptions dated Kaliyuga 4270 & 4272 in the temple of Varah Narasimha
  • Two Ratta inscriptions of Chieftains one of which is dated Saka 1086 in ancient Siva temple
  • Vijayanagara inscription of Krishnadevara (Saka 1436) in Yellamma temple
  • Western Chalukya inscription of Somesvaradeva-II (Saka 997) in the temple of Shankaradeva
  • Western Chalukyan inscription (Saka 1015) in the temple of Banashankari

3- Bijapur

  • Acquaguard with moat
  • Afzul Khan’s Cenotaph
  • Afzul Khan’s wives’ tombs
  • Ain-ul-Mulk’s Tomb
  • Ali I Rouza
  • Ali II Rouza
  • Ali-Shahid Pir’s Masjid
  • All (four) water pavilions
  • All old guns on ramparts and in trophy
  • Ambar Khana
  • Ancient Hindu temple of Sri Dattatreya
  • Andu Masjid
  • Aqueduct running from Bhat Bavdi south-west of Torvi village to Taj Bavdi at Bijapur
  • Asar Mahal
  • Badi Kaman & related arcades to its east and west side as wel as those recently and running on either side of the road from the Badi Kaman to the Mustafa Khan’s Masjid
  • Batulla Khan’s Masjid
  • Bukhari Masjid
  • Chand BavdiChand Bavdi
  • Chhoti Asar Mosque
  • Chinch Didi Masjid
  • Dakhni Idgah
  • Dam of Ramalinga tank, two outlets, massonry water channels running at right angles to the north and adjoining gateway at the extreme east end
  • Dhaiwadi Masjid near Allapur Gate
  • Fortwalls
  • Gagan Mahal
  • Gates & walls of the city & citadels
  • Gol Gumbaz
  • Grave of Aurangzaeb’s wife in Navbagh
  • Green Stone tomb
  • Gumat Baori
  • Haji Hasan Saheb’s tomb
  • Hasan Guljar’s tomb with marble tomb stone near Ramalinga tank
  • Hyder (Ujpli) Buruj
  • Hyder Khan’s tomb
  • Ibrahim I Jami Masjid
  • Ibrahim Rauza
  • Ikhalas Khan’s Mosque
  • Inscriptions
  • Jahan Begum’s Tomb
  • Jalmandir
  • Jod Gumbaj
  • Juma Masjid
  • Kamarkhi Gumbaz
  • Karimuddin’s Mosque
  • Mahal
  • Mahtar Mahal
  • Makka Masjid
  • Masjid
  • Moats of the fort wall
  • Mosque No. 21 (behind Chand bavri)
  • Mosque No.213
  • Mosque No.366
  • Mosque of the Gol Gumbaz
  • Moti Dargah
  • Mubarak Khan’s Mahal
  • Mulla Mosque
  • Mustafa Khan’s Mosque
  • Narasimha Swami Temple
  • Nau Gumbaz
  • Nitya Navari tomb & Masjid near Moti Masjid
  • Old Gate
  • Old Mosque No. 294
  • Ruined gateway with inscriptions slab No. 127
  • Sangath and Nari Mahals
  • Sankaralinga temple including inscriptions
  • Sat Mazli
  • Shah Navaz Khan’s tomb
  • Sikandar Shah’s tomb
  • Small masjid over rectangular dam to the south of (Afsal Khan’s wives’ Tomb
  • Small pavilion in front of Arash mahal
  • Small tomb No. 47
  • Sonheri Masjid
  • Sri Ramadeva temple with its compound wall
  • Stone bearing an Inscription
  • Stone bearing an Inscription
  • Stone bearing an Inscription
  • Tomb No. 22 on the western bank of Chand Bavdi
  • Tomb No. 48
  • Tomb of Pir Shaik Hamid Khadir
  • Water pavilions
  • Water pavilions in S.No. 318
  • Water pavilions to the south-west of the church in the Arquilla
  • Water towers Nos. 61,67,91,114,115,142, 147, 286 and 289
  • Well at Ibrahimpur
  • Yakub Dabuli’s Mosque & Tomb No.204
  • Yusuf’s old Jami Masjid
  • Zanziri or Malik Jahan Begum’s Mosque

4- Dharwad

  • Amritesvara Temple
  • Banashankaridevi Temple
  • Basavannadeva Temple
  • Chandramaulisvara Temple
  • Sankaralinga Temple
  • Two fort gates (inner & outer)

5- Gadag

  • Dodabasappa temple
  • Inscribed memorial stones in a walled enclosure known as Mallayar Katte
  • Jaina Basti
  • Kasivisvesvara Temple
  • Kumbargeri Ishwar
  • Manikesvara temple at Muskinbhanvi
  • Muskin Bhanvi
  • Naganatha near Jaina Temple
  • Nanesvara Temple
  • Saraswati temple
  • Somesvara temple
  • Somesvara temple
  • Stone inscription inside the Shankaralinga temple
  • Temple of Sarvesvara
  • Two inscription stones leaning against the compound wall of the Shankaralinga temple to the left of the main entrance

6- Haveri

  • Galagesvara
  • Kadambesvara Temple
  • Kalamesvara Temple
  • Muktesvara
  • Nagaresvara temple or Aravattu Kambhada Gudi
  • Old Jaina temple on top of a hill locally known as Melgudi
  • Old ruined temple between the fort & tank with two dies of a finely sculptured doorway partly buried in accumulated earth
  • Siddesvara Temple
  • Tarakesvara
  • Temple of Shiva
  • Veerabhadra temple in Hangal Fort
  • Visvesvara temple with two big Dwarapalas & main entrance to the courtyard

7- Uttara Kannada

  • Adike Narayana Devasthan and Virupaksha Devasthana
  • Carved bed-stead of stone existing in a small chamber in the south side of compound of Madhukesvara Temple
  • Chandranatha Basti
  • Chaturmukha Basti
  • Figure of a Tiger opposite the English school
  • Fort
  • Inscriptions
  • Inscriptions in Madhukesvara Temple
  • Inscriptions in the Markandesvara Temple
  • Jettappa Naikana Chandranathesvara Basti
  • Joshi Shankaranarayana Devasthana
  • Kadamba inscription dated Kaliyuga 4292
  • Ketpai Narayana Devasthana
  • King’s seat
  • Lakar Kamati Narayana Devasthana
  • Madhukesvara Temple
  • Narasimha Devasthana
  • Parsvanatheshwar Basti
  • Raghunatha Devasthana
  • Shantappa Naik Tirumala Devasthana
  • Stones (Veeragals)
  • Temple close to King’s seat
  • Three European graves
  • Tombs on the right side of the Manki-Kumta road
  • Vardhamanaswamy Temple
  • Virabhadra Temple

8- Bellary

  • Band tower in Danniak’s enclosure
  • Basement of a Large Ruined building opposite to Muhammadan Mosque and also the Platform Northeast of Dannlak’s enclosure
  • Basement of a Palace (near small underground shrine chamber)
  • Basement of a Palace in Dannaika’s enclosure
  • Basement of King’s Audience Hall
  • Basement of Queen’s Palace in Zanana enclosure
  • Bhima’s Gateway to East of Ganigiti Jain Temple
  • Bhojansala of Pilgrims Feeding Place near the Octagonal Pavilion on the Hampi Road
  • Chnderasekara Temple
  • Domed Gateway to the east of the Citadel
  • Elephant’s Stable and Guards House close to Elephant’s Stable
  • Ganagitte Jaina Temple
  • Group of temples on the Hemakuta hill
  • Guards House in Zenana Enclosure
  • Hazara Ramachandra Temple
  • Jain temple (Parsvanatha) with inscriptions north-east of Elephant’s Stable
  • Kadalekalu Ganesa Temple
  • Large Public Bath or Tank
  • Large Stone Door
  • Large Stone Trough
  • Large Underground Temple
  • Lotus Mahal Pavilion
  • Monolithic Bull
  • Mosque in Dannaik’s enclosure
  • Muhammadan tomb & Dargah on the Road to Hospet from Kamalapuramn
  • Muhammadan watch tower in Dannaik’s Enclosure
  • North watch tower in the Zenana Enclosure
  • Octagonal bath
  • Octagonal water pavilion
  • Old water supply scheme
  • Parvati & Kartikeya Temples
  • Pattabhirama Temple
  • Queen’s Bath
  • Ranga Temple
  • Ruined bulidings of minor importance
  • Ruined car street in front of Hazara Rama Temple
  • Ruined Tank to north-east of Pattabhirama Temple
  • Sasvikal Ganesa Temple
  • Southeast Watch tower in Zenana Enclosre
  • Stone Aqueduct & Small Underground Shrine Chambe
  • Throne Platform
  • Tipu Sultan’s Upper Fort and Citadel and Nagalacheruva
  • Two Pillars and Group of Mortar Wheels Outside Zenana Enclosure
  • Two small Siva Temples with inscriptions to the east of Pattabhirama Temple
  • Vishnupad Temple
  • Walls and Gateways of the Zenana Enclosure
  • Water Pavilion in Zenana Enclosure
  • Water Tower of the city of Vijayanagar

9- Bidar

  • Bahamani tombs
  • Barid Shahi Tombs
  • Bidar Fort
  • Madarsa Mahmud Gawan

10- Gulbarga

  • Ancient excavated site remains of Buddhist Stupa
  • Ancient site
  • Gulbarga fort and great mosque in it
  • Haft Gumbad (Tombs of Firoz Shah)
  • Pre-historic site
  • Pre-historic site

11- Raichur

  • Ancient mound
  • Rock edicts of Asoka

12- Bangalore

  • Fort
  • Old Dungeon fort & gates
  • Pre-Historic Site
  • Pre-Historic Site
  • Tipu Sultan’s Birth Palace
  • Tipu Sultan’s Palace

13- Unknown

  • Adinatha Basti
  • Aghoreshvara Temple
  • Akka Tangi Temple & Ashokan Inscriptions on Emmethammana Gundu
  • Akkana Basti
  • Amrustesvara Temple
  • Ancient Jaina Vestiges
  • Ancient Palace site and Remains
  • Anekala Temple (Shanthinatha Basadi)
  • Ashokan Inscription
  • Ashokan Inscriptions (Rock Edicts)
  • Basti’s and Inscriptions
  • Bherundeshvara Temple
  • Bhimesvara Temple
  • Bhoganandishwara Temple
  • Buchesvara Temple
  • Chandragupta Basti
  • Channakesva Temple
  • Channigaraya Temple (Chennakesava Temple)
  • Chavundaraya Basti
  • Colonel Bailey’s Dungeon
  • Daria Daulat Bagh
  • Devaganga Ponds
  • Dolmen Circle
  • Fort and Dungeons
  • Fort and large masonry elephants
  • Fortress & Temples on the hill
  • Fortress and Renuka Temple
  • Gaurisvara Temple
  • Gomatesvara Statue
  • Gopala Krishnaswami Temple
  • Group of Sati Memorials & Isnidi (Chandi)keswara Temple
  • Gumbaj containing tomb of Tipu Sultan
  • Haider Ali’s Birth Place
  • Hampi Ruins and Ananthasayana Temple
  • Harihareswara Temple
  • Hill, Fort and Ruined Palace
  • Hoysalesvara Temple
  • Inner Courtyard of Chowtar’s Palace at Mudabidri
  • Inscibed Pillar
  • Inscibed Pillar
  • Inscripiton and Jatingi Ramesvara Temple
  • Inscriptions of Ashoka (Rock Edicts)
  • Inscriptions on two Pillars of Panchalingesvara temple
  • Isvara Temple
  • Jaina Basti with Brahmadeva Pillar
  • Jamalabad Fort
  • Juma Masjid
  • Juma Masjid (Masjid-E-Ala)
  • Kaitabhesvara Temple
  • Kalleswara Swami Temple
  • Kalyani Tank
  • Kathale Basti consisting of two small ruined stone built Jaina Mandapas, a little Siva Temple containing a linga and a small Oblong Stone-built Temple
  • Kedaresvara Temple
  • Kesava Temple and Inscription
  • Keshava Temple
  • Kirtinarayana Temple
  • Kolaramma Temple
  • Lakshmi Devi Temple
  • Lakshmikanta Swamy Temple
  • Lakshminarasihmaswamy Temple
  • Lakshminarasimha Temple
  • Lakshminarayana Temple
  • Malik Rihan Darga
  • Malikarjuna Temple
  • Mallikarjuna & Ramesvara Temple
  • Mallikarjuna Temple
  • Mangaladevi Temple
  • Maqbara (Mausoleum of Haider Ali’s Father)
  • Musafirkhana and Honda
  • Nagaresvara and Chennakesava Temple
  • Nambi Narayana Temple
  • Narayanaswamy Temple
  • Obelisk monuments and fort walls near the Breach
  • Onenakesava (Chennakesava) Temple
  • Palace site Outside the Fort
  • Panchakuta Basti
  • Panchlingesvara Temple
  • Parsvanatha Basti
  • Pranavesvara Temple
  • Pre-Historic Site
  • Prehistoric Anthropomorphic Figure
  • Raja’s Seat
  • Ramalingesvara Temple and inscriptions
  • Rameshwara Temple
  • Sadasiva Temple
  • Santhinatha Basti
  • Saraswathy Temple
  • Saraswati Temple
  • Saumyakeshava Temple
  • Seventeen Jaina tombs at Mudabidri
  • Shahji’s Tomb
  • Shivappa Naik’s Fort
  • Sidlu Mallikarjuna Temple
  • Siva’s Temple
  • Somanathaswamy Temple
  • Someshvara Temple
  • Somesvara Temple
  • Soolai Well
  • Spot where Tipu’s Body was found
  • Sri Arkesvara Temple
  • Sri Kanthirava Statue in Narasimha Temple
  • Sri Ranganatha Svami Temple
  • Sri Srikanteshvara Temple
  • Sri Vijayanarayana Temple
  • Stambha in Front of the Kotakeri Jaina Basti
  • Sultan Battery
  • Suryanarayana Temple
  • Temple of Panchalingesvara
  • Temples and Inscriptions
  • Temples and Inscriptions
  • Thomas Inman’s Dungeon
  • Three stone built Jaina Temples standing in a Courtyard with an inscription
  • Tipu’s Palace
  • Trimurthinarayana Temple
  • Tripurantesvara Temple
  • Vaidyeshwara Temple
  • Vidyasankara Temple
  • Virabhadra temple, inscriptions and ancient site
  • Viranarayana Temple

14- Bagalkot

  • A temple of Galaganatha group (1)
  • A temple of Galaganatha group (2)
  • A temple of Galaganatha group (3)
  • A temple of Galaganatha group (4)
  • A temple of Galaganatha group (5)
  • Ambiger Gudi (1)
  • Ambiger Gudi (2)
  • Badiger Gudi
  • Basavanna
  • Bhutanatha group of temple on the east margin of the tank
  • Bile Gudi
  • Boyar Gudi
  • Chandrashekara temple near Sangamesvara temple
  • Charantimath (Murphadryavargudi)
  • Charantimath (Murphadryavargudi)
  • Desayar Gudi
  • Dolmen on the south side of the road leading from the village to Badami about a mile to west
  • Dolmens
  • Galaganath temple
  • Galaganatha Temple
  • Gardi Gudi
  • Gauder Gudi (1)
  • Gauder Gudi (2)
  • Gauder Ishvar Gudi
  • Great Durga Temple
  • Great temple of Virupaksha
  • Group of temples on the north side of the Lake towards east end
  • Hermitage in the natural cavern to the east of the lake
  • Huchimalli Gudi
  • Inscriptions
  • Inscriptions
  • Inscriptions
  • Ishavarlinga (1) (Ishavarlinga Complex)
  • Ishavarlinga (2) ( Ishavarlinga Complex)
  • Ishavarlinga (3) (Ishavarlinga Complex)
  • Ishavarlinga (no local name)
  • Ishvara Temple
  • Jaina & Vaishnava caves
  • Jaina temple about 300 m west of the village
  • Jaina temple of Meguti
  • Jambulinga Temple
  • Jyotirlinga temple
  • Kadasiddesvara Temple
  • Kalika Bhavani temple
  • Karegudi
  • Kashi Visvesvara Temple
  • Kontigudi
  • Lakulisha temple immediately behind Bhutanatha group containing a nude seated image in the shrine
  • Large seated image in a natural cavern under the cliff to the south-east of the Bhutanatha temples (Kostharaya cave)
  • Maddingudi (Basavanna 1)
  • Maddingudi (Basavanna 2)
  • Matha or hall without a shrine
  • Mena Basti (Jaina cave)
  • Monolithic stone pillar bearing inscriptions
  • Narayanadeva temple
  • No name but forms part of Veniyargudi
  • No name close to Virabhadra Devar temple
  • North fort and temple
  • Old Jaina temple known as Ratnatraya Basti
  • Old Temple (now partly buried ) to the right side of the main entrance to the modern Banashankari temple
  • Old Temple with adjacent ancient structures, gateways to the left side of the entrance to the modern Banashankari temple
  • Rachi Gudi
  • Ramalinga temple
  • Ramesvara temple
  • Ravana Phadi (Brahmanical Cave)
  • Rock shelter (Shidlapadi cave)
  • Sculptures on the rock behind the Bhutanatha group of temples
  • Siva temple on the east of the river
  • Small temple to south-west of the Great Durga temple
  • South fort & the old gun
  • Tank with colonades at Banashankari temple
  • Temple (in field 1 or 285)
  • Temple (on the north of Durga temple )
  • Temple (Siva) with a large Nandi in the hall
  • Temple adjoining Konti Gudi known as Saranga Gudi
  • Temple adjoining Konti Gudi on west side & inscription tablet within the temple
  • Temple and adjoining smaller buildings in Survey No 66 known as Jyotirlinga
  • Temple close to temple of Ladkhan
  • Temple in Survey No. 270 ( Huchchappayya matha )
  • Temple in the fileds at north-west corner of the village
  • Temple of Ladkhan
  • Temple of Mallikarjuna
  • Temple of Papanatha
  • Temple of Sangamesvara
  • Temple on the knoll under the bastion of the northern fort
  • Trayambakesvara temple (black marble Isvarlinga)
  • Two- storeyed Jaina temple and cave on the hill under Meguti
  • Veerabhadra Devar Temple
  • Veniavar Gudi
  • Veniavar Gudi (2)
  • Veniavar Gudi (3)
  • Veniyar Gudi (1)
  • Virupaksha temple
  • Whole lenghth of the remains of the ancient Chalukyuan city walls including moat, walls and all ancient gates and all ancient dams forming the western boundary of Bhutanatha tank
  • Yoginarayan temple

15- Mysore

  • Kalesvara Temple
  • Somesvara Temple

16- Hassan

  • Inscription

17- Chikkamagaluru

  • Fragmentary Western Chalukyan inscription (Saka 992) in the temple of Virabhadradev

18- Udupi

  • Ananthapadmanabha temple with ancient ‘Dalans’ in ruins around
  • Chaturmukha Temple (Basti)
  • Great Manastambha at Hariyangadi (otherwise called Haliyangadi
  • Jaina statue of Gomateswara

19- Dakshina kannada

  • Krishna Temple
  • Linga Temple near Narsimha Statue Badavilinga Temple
  • Narasimha Statue

20- Chikkaballapur

  • Achyutaraya (Triuvengalantha) Temple
  • Fort Gateway on the Talarighattu Road
  • Inscribed Vishnu Temple near Vitthala Temple
  • Jain Temple on the hillside close to Vishnu Temple
  • King’s Balance
  • Mandapa in a Field close to Talarigattu Road
  • Old Siva Temple on the north-east side of Vittala Temple
  • Raghunatha Swami Temple
  • Ruined Gateway with lofty pillars to the west of Vittala Temple
  • Ruined Tank adjoining the Soolai Bazaar
  • Two Storeyed Mandapa
  • Vishnu Temple No.I close to north end of Soolai Bazaar
  • Vishnu Temple No.II close to the last
  • Vishnu Temple No.III facing South Gateway of Vittala Temple
  • Vitthala Temple

=> Tamil Nadu

1- Chennai

  • Arsenal
  • Big Warehouse
  • Chaplian’s House
  • Clive’s House
  • David Yale And Joseph Hynmer’s Tomb
  • Garrison Engineer’s Depot
  • Guard Room
  • King’s Barrack
  • Last House On The Left Of ‘Snob’s Alley
  • Nursing Sister’s House
  • Old British Infantry Officer’s Mess
  • Old Town Wall
  • Rampart, Gates, Bastion, Ravilions With Vaulted Chambers And Water Cisterns Underneath: Moat And Defence Walls All Round With Glacis To The Extent Of The Existing Barbed Wire Fence.
  • St. Mary’s Church
  • Wellesley’s House

2- Thiruvallur

  • Fort And Cemetry

3- Vellore

  • Adjoining Building To The Masjid And Two Ponds.
  • Choleswara Temple
  • Delhi Gate
  • Fort
  • Jain Sculpture And Inscription
  • Jalkanteswara Temple
  • Konar Temple
  • Mashid And Two Ponds In The West Of The Citadel
  • Monolithic Rock Cut Temple
  • North Eastern Corner Of The Outer Rampart Of The Old Fort At Arcot
  • Old Mosque In The Fort
  • Ranganatha Temple
  • Rock Inscription On The Right Flank Of The Sholinghur Tank
  • Rock, Sculptures & Caves
  • Somanatha Temple
  • Subramanya Temple
  • The Cannon

4- Tiruvannamalai

  • Prehistoric Site

5- Salem

  • Fort And Temple On The Hill
  • Remains Of Fort With Building Thereon

6- Coimbatore

  • Mandapakkadu (Structure With Mound)
  • Muruganathasvami Temple
  • Prehistoric Site (Known as Pandava Graves)

7- Dharamapuri

  • Chennaraya Perumal Temple Together With Adjecent Lands
  • Hill Fort

8- Perambalur

  • Megalithic Cists and Cairns

9- Karur

  • Head Sluice Periavoikal Nattuvoikal
  • Korangunatha Temple
  • Rock(Kulithalai)

10- Nagapattinam

  • Excavated remains and buddhist vihara and temple , pallananesvaram
  • Inscribed Stone
  • Ramapada Mandapam
  • Town Gateway

11- Unknown

  • Inscription
  • Large Siva Temple (Apathsahaesvara )
  • Rock Shelter In Amanarmalai Or Samanar Malai
  • Satyagirisvara Temple
  • Satyagirisvara Temple
  • The Tank In Front Of It

12- Thanjavur

  • Airavatesvara Temple
  • Big Cannon (Rajagopaol Cannon) In The First Rampart And The Bastions In Ts No 608 Of Ward Iii
  • Schwartz (Christ) Church
  • Sivaganga Little Fort Enclosing The Big Temple

13- Madurai

  • Alagarmalai Cavern With Panchapandava Beds Midway Between Algarmallai And Kidampatti
  • Cavern With Panchapandava Beds On The Wester Slope Of The Hills And Similar Beds
  • Jain Statues Rock Incription And Panchapandava Beds On The Hill
  • Panchapandava Bed, Jain Statues, And Brahmi And Vatteluttu (Malai Inscription On The Panchapandar)
  • Rock –Cut Bas Relief Of Jain Images With Inscription In Samanar Malai
  • Rock –Cut Cave And Inscription
  • Rock Cut Bas Relief And Beds And A Mutilated Jain Stone Image
  • Rock Cut Beds Under Natural

14- Dindigul

  • Cave In Sitharmalai
  • Dolmens
  • Dolmens Near Machur
  • Dolmens Near Machur Reserved Forest
  • Dolmens Near Palamalai
  • Dolmens Near Talayar River On Top Of The Hill

15- Tirunelveli

  • Ancient Site
  • Bhaktavatsala Temple
  • Two rock cut temples with inscriptions in Varunachimalai
  • Valisvara Temple

16- Kanyakumari

  • Bhagavati Temple and Jaina-bas Relief
  • Parthasarathi and Krishna Temples
  • Rock amidst sea where Swami Vivekananda meditated
  • Rock cut Cave temple
  • Vattakkottai fort

17- Virudhunagar

  • Apatsaheyeswara Temple
  • Tirumalai Nayaka Palace

18- Cuddalore

  • Nithisvarasvami Temple

19- Dindigal

  • Fort On Rock

20- Erode

  • Jain Temple
  • Sugrisvara Temple And Tank

21- Kanchipuram

    • Arjuna’s Penance
    • Arjuna’s Ratha
    • Bhima’s Ratha
    • Cairns at The Foot Of Perambair Hills.
    • Chromlechs
    • Dharmaraja ‘S Ratha
    • Dharmaraja Rock Cut Throne
    • Dharmesvara Temple
    • Dhenupurisvara Temple
    • Dolmen Intact
    • Dolostva Mandapa
    • Draupadi’s Bath
    • Draupathi Ratha
    • Eight Stone Images On A Masonary Platform Known As The Seven Pidaris
    • Group of cairns
    • Group of cairns
    • Group of cairns
    • Group of Cairns and Cists
    • Huge Stone Figures Of The Lion, Elephant , And A Bull
    • Iravatanesvara Temple
    • Jvaraharesvara Temple
    • Kailasanatha Temple
    • Kotikal Mandapa
    • Krishna Mandapam
    • Krishna’s Butter Ball
    • Large Unfinished Rock Sculpture Similar To Arjuna’s Penance
    • Lesser Siva Temple(Kanthalingesvasatemple)
    • Mahishamardini Rock Cut Mandapa
    • Mahishasura Rock Standing In The Sea To The North Of Shore Temple
    • Matangesvara Temple
    • Megalithic cirns With Stone Circles and Sarvophagi
    • Megalithic cist
    • Megalithic Cists
    • Megalithic cists and cairns
    • Megalithic cists and cairns (survey no.222)


  • Megalithic cists and cairns (survey nos. 111 & 116)


  • Megalithic cists and cairns Bounded With Stone Circles
  • Megalithic cists and cairns in Virgin State.
  • Megalithic cists and cairns intact with Stone Circles.
  • Megalithic cists and cairns with stone circles on the hill.
  • Megalithic cists Circumscribed by Stone Circles
  • Megalithic Grave Yard
  • Muktesvara Temple
  • Mukundanayanar Temple
  • Munkudmisvara Temple
  • Nityakalyanasvami Temple
  • Olakkanesvara Temple
  • Orukkal Mandapam
  • Pirvatanesvara Temple
  • Rayagopuram(Unfinished)
  • Rock Cut Ganesha Temple
  • Rock Cut Sculpture, Representing The Group Of Elephants, Monkey And Peacock
  • Rock Cut Shiva Temple With Three Lingas
  • Rock Cut Varaha Temple Containing Varaha And Vamana Incarnation Of Vishnu
  • Ruined Dutch Fort And Cemetery
  • Sahadeva’s Ratha
  • Shore Temple
  • Small Monbolithic Temple Known As Valayankuttai Ratha
  • Stone Sculpture Representing The Group Of Elephants, Monkeys
  • Tiger-Headed Rock Cut Temple
  • Tirupulisvara Temple
  • Triple Celled Rock-Cut Shrine With Gopi’s Churn Infront Of It
  • Two Inscribed Rocks
  • Two Rock Cut Temples At North East Corner Of The Koneri Pallam Tank
  • Two Small Monolithic Temples Known As Pidari Amman Ratha
  • Two Small-Carved Rocks To The South Of The Shore Temple.
  • Two Unfinished Excavations Near The Light House
  • Unfinished Excavations Near Triple Celled Rock Cut Shrine
  • Unfinished Excavations South Of Draupadi Rath
  • Unfinished Ratha And Stone Couch
  • Unfinished Rock Cut Cave Temple North Of Krishna Mandapa
  • Urn Burial and Megalithic Site
  • Urn burials
  • Vaikunta Perumal Temple
  • Vaikuntaperumal Temple
  • Venkatesaperumal Temple

22- Namakkal

  • Hill Fort
  • Sri Ranganatha Swamy And Sri Narasimha Swamy Temple

23- Perambalur

  • Brihadisvara Temple
  • Fort
  • Jain Statue Built Of Granite
  • Jain Statue Called Paluppar
  • Shamshkhan’s Mosque
  • Siva Temple

24- Pudukkottai

  • Agastisvara Temple
  • Amman Koil (Melaikadambar Koil And The Siva Temple To Its West)
  • Amman Shrine
  • Balasubrahmanya Temple
  • Bhumisvara Temple
  • Cairns and Urns
  • Cholisvaramudaiyar Temple
  • Dolmens
  • Dolmens (Known As Kurangupattarai)
  • Dolmens and Ayyanar Images
  • Dolmens and Cairns
  • Dolmens and Urns
  • Dolmens in Annavasal Vattam
  • Eight Natural Caverns, Jain Idols And Inscriptions In Kudagumalai, Aladiperumal Paraika
  • Group of Dolmens
  • Idols In The Southern Bund Of Teppakulam Or Urani
  • Jain Idol, Two Durga Idol, One Vishnu Idol And Inscribed Stone Slab
  • Jain Idols And Remains Of The Jain Temple
  • Jain Image And The Inscription To The South Of It On The Summit Of The Sadayaparai
  • Jain Image And The Surrounding Temple Site Locally Called Mottai Pillayar Koil
  • Jain Image In Waterspread Of Pudukulam
  • Jain Image, Stone Lion And Foundations Of A Jain Temple
  • Jain Mound, Jain Images, Other Idols And Lion Pillars
  • Jain Temple
  • Jain Temple Site
  • Jain Tirthangara Idol
  • Jain Tirthankara Ayyanar And Devi Idols
  • Jain Tirthankara Idol And Relics Of Old Jain Temple
  • Jain Tirthankara Image
  • Jain Tirthankara Image
  • Jain Tirthankara Image ,Remains Of The Temple ,Ganesa Image ,Nandi With Inscriptions
  • Jain Tirthankara Image And Inscribed Stone
  • Jain Tirthankara Image And Inscribed Stone
  • Jain Tirthankara Image Seated On Apedestal To The East Of The BundJaina Image
  • Jaina Thirthankara Image
  • Kailasanatha Temple
  • Kalabhamudaiyar Temple
  • Kalasakkadu Burial Site
  • Menandar Pillayar Temple
  • Muchukundesvara Temple 
  • Musical Inscription
  • Muvar Koil With Surrounding Sub-Shrines Stone Enclosures Etc.,
  • Natural Cavern Called Andarmatam
  • Natural Cavern With Drip Line On The Western Side Of The Kudumiyanmalai
  • Natural Cavern With Stone Beds And Brahmi And Old Tamil Inscriptions Called Eladipattam
  • Prehistoric Burial Site
  • Prehistoric Burial Site
  • Prehistoric Burial Site (Known as Kurangapattarai)
  • Prehistoric Burial Site, Stone Circle, and Menhirs
  • Prehistoric Dolmens
  • Rajendracholisvara Temple
  • Remains Of Aivar Koil
  • Remains Of Structural Temples And Antiquities
  • Rock-Cut Jain Temple
  • Rock-Cut Shrine Called Melakkoil With Mandapa In Front
  • Rock-Cut Shrine Of Pushpavanesvara
  • Rock-Cut Siva Cave-Temple, Hall Of Hundred Pillared Mandapam Or Car Mandapam With Wheels In Front Part Of The Plinth
  • Rock-Cut Siva Shrine
  • Rock-Cut Siva Temple
  • Rock-Cut Vishnu Shrine
  • Rock-Cut Vishnu Temple
  • Ruined Jaina Temple
  • Ruined Siva Temple
  • Sanctum Of Siva Temple
  • Sarangadesvara (Also Known As Tiruvagnisvara) Temple
  • Sikkanathaswamy Temple
  • Siva (Valamadisvara) Temple
  • Siva And Pillayar Temple
  • Siva Temple
  • Siva Temple (Agatisvara Temple)
  • Siva Temple And Lion Pillar
  • Siva Temple On The Western Bund Of Enadikulam
  • Soundararaja Perumal Temple
  • Stone And Brick Fort
  • Stone Idols Of Ganesa And Anjaneya
  • Stone Idols Of Vishnu And Devi And Siva Temple
  • Stone Sluice With Nandipottan’s
  • Sundaresvara Temple With Sub-Shrines
  • Tiruperumanadar Temple
  • Tiruvilangudy Siva Temple
  • Two Jain Tirthankara Images In A Coconut Plantation
  • Two Lion Pillars In The Vahana Mandapam Of The Subrahmanya Temple
  • Two Rock-Cut Siva Shrines On The Eastern And Southern Slopes Of The Hill
  • Uttamadanisvara Temple
  • Uttamanathaswamy Temple
  • Vijayalayacholisvaram And The Group Of Sub-Shrines Around It
  • Vishnu And Sridevi Idols
  • Vishnu Idol
  • Vishnu Temple
  • Whole Cave With Two Jain Figures Carved On The Rock Over It And Damaged Inscription
  • Whole Of Minakshi Sundaresvara Temple And The Inscribed Stone In The Front Mandapam

25- Sivaganga

  • Boulder Stone Bed And Brahmi Inscriptions On The Hill And Rock-Cut Temple With Inscription At The Foot Of The Hill

26- Teni

  • Karuppannasvami Tock And Jain Sculpture

27- Tiruchchirappalli

  • Fort Gateway
  • Path Leading To The Site In Front Of The Lower Cave; Path Leading To The Upper Cave;
  • Rock Fort, Lower Cave;
  • Site In Front Of The Lower Cave; Upper Cave.
  • Siva Temple (Erumbisvara Temple)

28- Thiruvannamalai

  • Chandramouliswara Temple
  • Jain Temple
  • Natural Cavern Known As Virupakshi Cuha & Skandashram And Path Leading From Ramnasharam.
  • Rock Cut Caves
  • Rock Cut Caves, Sculptures And Inscriptions.
  • Rock Cut Temple And Sculptures
  • Rock-Cut Shrine
  • Svayambunathar Temple

29- Villupuram

  • 24 Jain Figure In Two Rows, A Standing Nude Figure, Two Fragments Of A Sitting Figure And Two Inscritpions On Tirunathankunru
  • Alagiya Narasimha Perumal Temple
  • Brahmapurisvara Temple
  • Fortress Comprising Of Hill Fort On The Rajagiri, The Inner And Lower Fort And Lines Of The Fortification Connecting Rajagiri, Krishnagiri And Chakkilidrug (Or) St. George’s Mountain Hills.
  • Megalithic Cairns and Stone Circles
  • Megalithic Stone Circles
  • Minor And Lower Forts With Structures Like Inner Fort, Venugopala Temple. A Granary, A Gymnasium, Kalyanamahal, Stables, Barracks, Idols Of Kamalakanni Amman And Hanuman Etc.
  • Old Jail Near The Pondy Gate And Two Persian Inscriptions On The Outer Face Of The Two Last Bastions
  • Outside The Fort-Pattabhirama Temple And 12 Pillared Mandapa
  • Pallava Rock-Cut Shrine
  • Patalisvara Temple
  • Rock Cut Pallava Temple
  • Rock Cut Shrine
  • Saad-At-Ullah Khan Mosque With Persian Inscriptions, Inscription In Perian In Pond Gate
  • Talagiriswara Temple And A Cave Containing An Image Of Durga And Pallava Inscription
  • Two Granaries, A Magazine, A Flag Staff, Temples Of Ranganatha And Kamalakkani Amman, A Big Cannon, A Sacrificial Slab, The Audience Hall On The Rajagiri And The Treasury
  • Two Granaries, Well For Storing Of Ghee, Well For Storing Oil, Two Temples And An Audience Hall On The Krishnagiri.
  • Urn Burial Site
  • Venkararamana Temple With Inscription In Tamil, Prisoners Well (Ab)
  • Vinnamparai Rock Containing Pallava Inscriptions

30- Nagapattinam

  • Kambarmedu

31- Tiruvallur

  • Cairn Site
  • Megalithic Cairns with bounding Stone Circles.
  • Megalithic Cists
  • Megalithic Cists and Cairns
  • Megalithic cists and cairns with Bounding Stone Circles.
  • Prehistoric Settlement Site (Megalithic Period)
  • Urn Burials
  • Virgin Group Containing many Burrows.

32- Tiruvannamalai

  • Megalithic cists and cairns
  • Megalithic cists 

33- Turicorin

  • Prehistoric Site

34- Nilagiri

  • Group of sculptured dolmens

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