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The seven sisters of North-east India is unexplored heaven on earth. Dense forest, majestic mountains, and a myriad of flora and fauna are a sight to behold.

Mizoram, the easternmost state of our country is a world untouched by commercialization.

We bring to you the best places in Mizoram to make sure you witness the finest of the beauties in this natural abode and head back home with a ton of memories.

History of Mizoram:

Mizoram, also known as the land of Mizos in the northeastern state of India. It is bounded by Myanmar to the east and south, Bangladesh to the west and states Tripura and Assam in the north.

It was earlier known as the Lushai Hills district and was initially a part of Assam during the British Raj. With the implementation of the Northeastern reorganization act 1972, it became a union territory. 

Later in the year 1987, Mizoram was officially declared as the 23rd state in India.  

Popular Languages of Mizoram:

The language spoken in Mizoram is the Mizo language or the Mizo-twang. It is a Kuki-Chin language belonging to the Sino-Tibetan family of languages.

Chief Minister of Mizoram:

The Chief Minister of Mizoram is Mr. Zoramthanga

Governor of Mizoram:

The Governor of Mizoram is Mr. P.S. Sreedharan Pillai

Mizoram on Map:


Mizoram Tourism: 

 Being a hilly state Mizoram offers a wide variety of landscapes, especially known for its caves, people of this region stand above the cultural bars which make the tourist’s experience even better.

We have highlighted the must-visit places that you should consider adding to your list whenever you plan to visit this land of the hill people.

Top 16 Places To Visit In Mizoram:

1.  Aizawl

Pronounced as ‘eye-zole’, Aizawl, is the capital of Mizoram. Aizawl literally means ‘A field of wild cardamom’ a name that originated long back in the 1980s.

One of the oldest and most beautiful places in North India, with its picturesque beauty and elevated regions, Aizawl becomes a city devoid of daily hustle as seen in almost all parts of India.

2.Durtalang Hills

Located in the north of Aizawl, Durtalang hills are famous for its panoramic view of the Durtalang hill station.

Offering rocky trails that are perfect for hiking, Durtalang hills are sure to take your breath away.

3. KV Paradise

Standing as a symbol of love and affection of a husband for his wife, KV paradise can also be called the Taj Mahal of Mizoram, for the pure love it signifies.

Situated at a hilltop in Durtalang, KV Paradise was built in the memory of Mrs. Rosangpui Varte, who died in a car accident in 2001.

A two storey monument housing a memorial and belongings of Mrs. Varte depicting various phases of her life, KV Paradise was built by Mr. Khawlring, her husband, and was completed in the year 2006.

4.Solomon’s Temple

Located in the forested region of Kidron valley, Solomon’s temple is a non-denominational church.

Dr. L.B. Sailo, the founder of the church, saw a vision in his dream to build Solomon’s temple, and the work was commissioned in the year 1966.

Marveled with white marble, This magnanimous church can house about 3000 people at a time and hence a must-visit place for tourists.

5.Vantawng Falls

Located in the Vanva river near Thenzawl, Vantawng falls are a sight to behold. It is named after Vantwanga, a celebrated swimmer in the region.

Amidst the thick green, the mighty Vantawng falls appear like a river white milk from a distance. Usually flocked with tourists, Vantawng falls of Mizoram shouldn’t be missed. 

6. Reiek

Standing at a height of 1600 meters above sea level, Reiek Tiang is one of the highest hills of Mizoram. It is located 29 kilometers away from Aizawl. You can enjoy trekking with the backdrop of lush green Mizo hills. Being non-commercialized, it is a place where you’ll find peace and serenity.

7. Serchipp

Despite being the smallest district in Mizoram, Serchhip has the highest literacy rate among all districts of India. It is the district through which the tropic of cancer passes in the state of Mizoram.

This quaint little town got its name from the numerous citrus tree found in this district. If you’re looking for offbeat destinations and wish to experience the local culture, Serchhip is the place you should head to.

8. Chingpui Thlan

Thlan means a ‘tomb’ and Chingpui Thlan is a stone tomb built in the memory of two lovers. It is said that a woman named Chingpuii was the prettiest in the entire region.

She led a happy life with her husband Kaptluanga but was struck with misery due to the civil war (1877-1880). She was kidnapped and killed, and her husband couldn’t handle the grief and committed suicide.

Later, a stone memorial was built to commemorate their love and affection for each other.

9. Lunglei

Another offbeat and unexplored region of Mizoram, Lunglei is a must-visit for people who enjoy discovering new places.

Explore the nook and crannies of nature in Lunglei in places like the Lunglei rock bridge, the Saza wildlife sanctuary, and enjoy camping under the stars at this awe-inspiring quaint town amidst the Mizo hills.

10. Champhai

A place sure to cast a spell on you and captivate you in its beauty, Champhai looks like a little town from heaven.

With the charming heart-shaped lake, Rih Dil at the center, surrounded by the majestic Myanmar hills, colorful tribes coupled with ancient relics, Champhai will surely spark the wanderlust in you.

11. Saiha

A district at the southern tip of Mizoram, Saiha is located at a height of 729 meters above sea level. The name of the place was original ‘Siaha’, ‘Sia’ meaning elephant and ‘Ha’ meaning tooth- An elephant tooth.

Though eventually, it came to be known as Saiha. When in Saiha, you should visit ‘Palak Dil’ or ‘Pala Tipo’ meaning Swallowing lake in Mizo, which the largest lake in Mizoram.

With rich diversity in flora and fauna, Saiha is a paradise you should definitely visit.  

12. West Phaileng

A quaint village situated amidst lush green and dense forests, West Phaileng is for the travelers who wish to immerse themselves in the local culture and lifestyle.

West Phaileng is in the Mamit District of Mizoram surrounded by thick forest and teak plantations.

13. River Tlawng

Located near the Tamdil Lake, river Tlawng is best for a day out fishing amidst the natural beauty of Mizoram.

14. Tamdil lake

Situated about 85 Kilometer away from Aizawl, this place is made for all fishing aficionados, as this lake is one large thriving fish farm.

15. Hmuifang

A hill station exuding purity and bliss is what Hmuifang is known for. Situated in the heart of the state Mizoram.

Located about 50 kilometers away from Aizawl, Hmuifang hosts a plethora of adventurous and wildlife-related activities.

It is also famous for its festival called ‘Thalfavang Kut’ that showcases the various dances of the state like Cheraw, Sawlakai among others and provides you an unforgettable experience,

16. Phawngpui Peak

A treat for nature and trek lovers out there, Phawngpui peak is the highest peak in Mizoram. Elevated at a height of 2157 meters above sea level near the Myanmar border, the peak oversees a breathtaking landscape full of dense forests and mighty cliffs.

Trekking to the peak of Phawngpui is an adventure beneath the clear sky and the mighty mountains will make you feel exhilarated, awe-inspired, and provide you with tons of memories.

Famous National Parks & Wildlife Sanctuaries In Mizoram:

1.Ngengpui wildlife sanctuary:

Spanning across an area of 110 sq. kilometers, this wildlife sanctuary houses a plethora of wild animals and birds. Owing to its proximity to Cherapunji, this region receives abundant rainfall and hence favorite among tourists and wildlife enthusiasts.   

2.Khwanglung wildlife sanctuary:

Situated in the Lunglei district, this wildlife sanctuary witness the maximum number of visitors making it the highest-grossing national park in Mizoram.

3.Phawngpui national park:

Home to well-known species of leopards, Sambars, barking deer, and langurs, Phawngpui national park also houses the highest peak in Mizoram, making it a must-visit place for trekkers and wildlife enthusiasts.

4.Langtang wildlife sanctuary:

Covering an area of 60 sq. kilometers, Lengteng wildlife sanctuary has an elevation of 400 meters to 2300 meters and is home to several endangered species of animals and exotic birds.

5.Thenzawl deer park:

Witness on the most beautiful animal, dwelling in its grandeur in this deer park of Mizoram. Thousands of visitors flock every year to from India as well as abroad to see this majestic animal up close.  

6.Saza wildlife sanctuary:

Covering an area of 15 sq. kilometers, Saza wildlife sanctuary is also known as ‘bird watcher’s paradise’. This sanctuary is home to various exotic birds, leopards, and deer it is one amongst the favorite places for wildlife photographers.

Fairs & Festivals of Mizoram:

1.Chapchar Kut festival:

The major festival of Mizoram is Chapchar Kut is celebrated in the entire state of Mizoram. With the onset of spring, the Mizos clear land for cultivation using slash and burn agriculture.

People dress up in traditional attire and celebrate it with their traditional dance called Cheraw or Chai.

A colorful festival full of traditional dance and music, Chapchar Kut is celebrated to welcome the spring season. Thousands of local and foreign tourists flock around the spring season to witness this vibrant festival.

 2.Mim Kut Festival

Another harvest festival closely linked to the Chapchar Kut festival is the Mim kut festival. The maize crops sown during Chapchar Kut are harvested during the Mim Kut festival.

Mim kut is also celebrated with traditional dance and music.

 3.Pawl Kut Festival


Another harvest festival, though celebrated with a different belief is the Pawl kut festival.

There is a myth behind this festival. River Tlau, the place where this festival originated is near the Myanmar border in the present day.

During the 18th century, there were severe droughts in this area which lasted for 3 years. The tribes then prayed to the rain god to bring rain.

This resulted in a heavy downpour and a fresh harvest. The tribes decided to offer their first produce to the gods and the ritual is kept since then. Hence the December harvest festival is celebrated by the name of the Pawl Kut festival.  

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