Ramoji film city has so much to open up one by one. here it goes Crazy about movies? I guess we all are in some or the other way.

And if you possibly are, then you need to put Ramoji Film city, the one certified tourist places in Hyderabad places to be the largest film city by the Guinness world records i.e. Ramoji Film City, spread across a land of 1666 acres giving you the idea of the ultimate fantasy side of the film industry, but which is worth it.

ramoji film city

Ramoji Film city also has to offer lots of adventure rides, like Bungee ejection, zorb fight, high rope course, paintball, sumo suit, etc. organized by Sahas pulse of adventure.

Not only movies but Ramoji Film City also consists of the opportunity of hosting thematic events like a pirate theme, space theme, etc.

Being in Ramoji film city is the ultimate fun in itself. Sometimes you might also encounter a street show as an unexpected treat your eyes.

That’s not all, wedding plans are also one of the hypes given by Ramoji film city, saying about the bride showers, planning out a themed wedding, bachelors party, it can be anything.

How To Reach Ramoji Film City In Hyderabad

There are mainly 3 options that one can opt to go Ramoji film city, as listed below

1. By RTC bus

Take a 24 hr ticket for the RTC bus to go to LB Nagar, which will cost 80 rs. This amount will suffice the to and fro journey for 24 hrs if you catch any bus to get back, this ticket is valid till 24 hrs.

From LB Nagar, direct buses for Ramoji Film city leaves in an interval of every 15 to 20 min. It should take mostly one and a half hours.

2. Direct AC/non-AC buses –

These buses are preferably for those who are opting for single travel or going duo, which takes you directly to Ramoji film city.

For a family trip, this might be a costly catch but still, it’s up to the traveller’s budget.

3. MMTS train then cab/city bus –

Take an MMTS train from either hi-tech city or Borabanda, whichever is comfortable for you and reach FalakNuma which might take roughly 1 hr to reach and from there you can either take a cab or a city bus whichever suits your budget.

Things To See In Ramoji Film City In Hyderabad

ramoji film cityRamoji Film City Hyderabad is a point of interest of fun yet refreshing and liberating experience to cherish ones and thanks to the tons of attractive sites they have to offer which one needs to give an astonishing awe expression too, at least ones. Let’s talk about them one by one.

Talking about the entry ticket, its 900 rs for adults and for children its 700 rs, booking of which can be done online or directly at the counter.

Outside food is not allowed and inside Ramoji film city as there are arrangements of snacks spots which you can hog on as much as you can.

1. Movie Magic Park

If you’re in Ramoji Film city, you’re obviously a movie buzz and this place is not going to fail you in any way. Giving you the peek into different continents with a glimpse of filmy touch and the action studios with the action thrills is sure to get you excited. Don’t forget to be part of the earthquake tremors, free falls, etc to get you all shaken up.

2. Kid’s park

To get your kids to have a piece from the part of the enjoyment in Ramoji Film City, this has to come to the rescue as one of the places to visit in Hyderabad for kids. This has timberland, Enthraller, Thrillville Rides, Wonderville, Ballerina fort, etc is sure to keep your kids engaged.

3. Wings- the bird park

Watching some of the exotic species of birds chirping and with a beautiful waterfall to go with the melody is something that should not be missed as part of the Ramoji Film city tour.

4. Sahas adventure land

As already mentioned above, about Sahas’ adventure land of the Ramoji Film city, this is for someone who is ready to push himself towards some daredevil stunts. This includes zorbing, shooting, high rope courses, archery, and many more.

5. Eureka

Well as much as this sounds a bit historic, so is the monument related to this. This place in Ramoji film Ciy gives an insight into the Mughals times, including the times when Mauryan’s ruled, blend of national and international artefacts.

6. Borasura

Horror lover? This too is got covered in the Ramoji Film City tour. This comes up to be the one thing you can’t be too ready for not be scared, being a part of the evil magician’s bone-chilling phenomenon. Why not give it a good try to this maze of the horror of around 7200 sq. Ft.?

7. Live shows

Even though you’ve watched a lot of movies, serials, series but nothing can be as hooking and satisfying as a live theatre. For naming a few shows, there are wild west stunt shows, the spirit of Ramoji, a variety of street shows, etc.

8. Shoppers’ paradise

Shopping is a must when you want to remember going back to the day when you had one of the amazing tours in Ramoji film city. For that, a beautiful souvenir is a must. You can pay a visit to Meena bazaar, Magic Memorabilia, wild west souvenirs. A plethora of options so hop on!

9. Ecozone

Some rest to eyes is the best thing after going through such a rollercoaster tour. So head out to the greenery which is a part of the Ramoji film city tour. Mesmerized by such beautiful sights and landscapes, this is a gift to the eyes.

Facts About Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad

Knowing about the interesting facts about Ramoji film city, films like Baahubali, Chennai express, etc are one of the films which were in here. Around 2000 films have been shot here, with around 200 films being shot per year.

There are around 500 set locations, over 50 studio floors outdoor locations, etc. At a time, around 20 Hollywood films and around 40 Indian films are shot.

The film city also has a mosque, central jail, playground, airport, railway station, oceans, rivers, market. Etc. depending on the needs of the shoot.

Talking about the big bombs, the huge waterfall of Baahubali, Hrithik’s Krrish movie, Sharukh’s Dilwale, etc. were some of the popular shoots of Ramoji film city.

Best Time To Visit Ramoji Film City

Depending on the humidity, it’s mostly hot, with very less precipitation throughout the year, so the best time to visit Ramoji Film city will be around the winter season i.e. from October to February. This is the time when the weather and time are at its best.

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