Should Women Travel Alone In India? 1

We all have an urge in us to be limitless, to break free of those boundaries and just explore the world. Every once in a while we want to press that pause button on life, open the doors and just run away. Life can get hard ladies, we perfectly understand!

Should Women Travel Alone In India? 2

And although we love the people around us still we crave that “Me” time. Trust us, there is nothing wrong with that.  Moreover, there is no right time to go on that solo trip! Just pack your bags, read this guide and get going!

Is India safe for a solo female traveler?

The answer to this question is a definite yes ladies! Like any other country, you would visit India is clearly safe. But there are some preparations that should be done before you plan your solo trip to India. Among other issues like a large population, dirt, temperatures, and pollution; safety is a concern for women in India.

However, being a woman in India gives you some perks. Firstly, there are special public transport options for women. Additionally, there are separate queues for women at ticket counters. Plus many restaurants have family spaces. And unlike how it is portrayed, Indians do respect women and are ready to help them.

 Tips to travel solo in India:Should Women Travel Alone In India? 3

  • Carry a fully charged mobile phone with you. Having a backup power bank is also great.
  • Buy a local sim card.
  • Don’t get stupidly drunk anywhere. This is a big no for sure.
  • Dress conservatively and comfortably. Be confident.
  • Try to travel more during the day instead of at night time.
  • Make arrangements to be picked from the airport/ station well in advance.
  • Take the address and number of your hostel with you.
  • Learn a few words from the local language. It will help you communicate better and make connections.
  • Study a map to get to know your destination. Understand the major landmarks, this will give you a sense of direction.
  • Travel alone but not lonely. Talk to other travelers and plan some adventures together.
  • Stay at a reasonable hostel. There you may find like-minded travelers and people to mingle with.
  • Keep in touch with people at home. Decide a specific time to communicate every day.
  • Stay a little low-key. Don’t flash expensive jewelry or cameras. This may bring unwanted attention.
  • Remember that it’s okay to be rude. If you feel something is wrong then say so. Just trust your gut feeling.
  • Make conversations with strangers in a public place. And don’t hesitate to shout for help in an odd situation.
  • Also when using public wifi make sure to keep your identity safe. Using a VPN is probably best.
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Remember that it’s okay to get overwhelmed in certain situations. And it’s fine to ask for help if you need it. There will be certain unpleasant situations but the right mindset will get you through everything.

Now that you know these Do’s and Dont’s of traveling alone in India why not start right here.

So these are some of the safest destinations in India for a solo female traveler:

1.Kerala : 

Should Women Travel Alone In India? 4

Known for its beautiful beaches, mountains, and tea plantations Kerala is definitely the place to start your solo trip from. If you love the beaches and be close to nature, then Kerala will definitely live up to your expectations.

One of the best spots in Kerala is the beachside town of Varkala. You can find loads of other travelers and just hang out. The friendly people here will make your experience even smoother.


Should Women Travel Alone In India? 5

Famous for its ruins this place is a World Heritage site. Hampi is a small town in Karnataka but it will surely mesmerize you. It was once the largest and richest human settlement. This town is packed with around 500 ancient monuments, beautiful temples, bustling markets and remains of the Vijaynagar empire.

Though now in ruins Hampi will remind you of the famous stories of Vijaynagar. The magnificence of these ruins and the gorgeous carvings on the temples in Hampi are worth every penny. 


Should Women Travel Alone In India? 6

This home of Bollywood is a must-visit and not because it is one of the bigger cities but there is so much to do there. Mumbai is known as the city which never sleeps, so there is something for everyone to do here be it day or night.

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There are different beaches, the Gateway of India, and a lot of famous places that you can visit. Another cool spot that you can tour close to Mumbai is the Elephanta caves. The vibes and people of this city will leave you in awe. There is a lot to learn and even more to explore.


Should Women Travel Alone In India? 7

Color, culture, and royalty are things you will find in your package deal of Jaipur. This pink city of India is a royal destination. If you have a thing for culture and heritage then Jaipur is just the place for your solo trip. This city is bustling with handicraft markets that will give you a taste of its heritage and give the reason for that shopping spree.

Jaipur is home to a ton of exotic resorts and hotels where you can take time to relax, sit back and enjoy. It’s beautiful palaces, folk culture, cuisine, and art are something that you will love and enjoy.


Should Women Travel Alone In India? 8

Another place to experience the rich culture of India is Varanasi. It is one of the oldest cities in India.  This city is a combo of chaos and calm. Varanasi brings to you the color, vibrancy, and art of India.

And its ghats and chants give your heart the tranquillity it longs for.  Oh! How can we forget the serene boat rides in the river Ganges! All in all, as a solo traveler, this city will bring you both joy and peace.


Should Women Travel Alone In India? 9

If the metropolitans of India feel too overwhelming then Rishikesh will be your perfect escape. Based on the foothills of river Ganga, Rishikesh is the spiritual retreat for every solo traveler. There is a lot to explore in Rishikesh be it yoga, adventure, sports or meditation.

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Plus Rishikesh is super safe for solo female travelers. Do try to visit the ‘ashrams’ here, learn a little bit of yoga, you will have some great memories to cherish for life.

Lastly, all we have to say is India is definitely a safe place for solo women travelers. With a bit of awareness and the right preparations, you will love it even more. So ladies pack your bags and live it all. Take a chance and trust us you won’t be disappointed. Explore, enjoy and learn, India is calling out to you!

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