Snow-crowned mountains, impressive sights, long roads are newly introduced to you if you are planning a trip to Spiti Valley. Spiti Valley, a whole new hidden world, is located in Himachal Pradesh. It is at an altitude of 12.5K feet from the ground which makes you like more proximity to the sky!

Spiti means, “The middle Land,” as it lies in between India and Tibet borders. And Valley as you know means-surrounded by hills, here those hills are cool, breezing Himalayas. One can reach Spiti in two ways. One through Manali side and another by Shimla side. In this post, we shall discuss the itinerary from Manali.

Spiti from Manali:

By now, you may have got the doubt, why have to choose Manali route over Shimla? Right. Everyone gets that. Some people do the entire circuit like starting from Shimla, visiting Spiti, and ending their trip at Manali. I’ve provided the reasons to choose Manali side over Shimla way.

1. Less distance

If you start your travel from Delhi to Spiti through Manali, you can reach Spiti, like in 2 days. One day to reach Manali and another day to reach Spiti. Whereas, the Shimla side will take three days.

2. Comfortable Mode of Transport

In Shimla side, the altitude increases gradually which can lead to AMS [Altitude sickness]. There is no such problem if you take Manali Side. And you don’t have to travel to strenuous NH05.

3. Accessibility

You can find better accommodation, amenities, and public transport too! It doesn’t mean there are no such things in Shimla side. The number of them and improved are offered in the way via Manali. I think I’ve provided enough reasons to choose Manali side. Let’s dive into the itinerary of Spiti Valley.

Delhi to Spiti Valley via Manali Itinerary:

Day 1: Delhi – Manali

This itinerary includes the very starting point of the travel. So the starting point is in Delhi. It takes around 11 hours to reach Manali by road. It is preferred to take an overnight time. This will leave you with a lot of time to wander.

If you are about to start under daylight, try to start as soon as possible. Roads are too good to travel which will give you a pleasant and calm exposure.

Day 2: Manali – Rohtang Pass – Batal – Kunzum pass – Losar – Spiti valley

Leave Manali as soon as possible. There you need to have the permission to cross the Rohtang pass which can be checked at Gulaba check post. To complete this as soon in the early morning ’cause the traffic increases gradually with tourist vehicles at the check post.

Reach Gramphu by taking a right turn after descending Rohtang Pass. This leads to Spiti Valley. Alert: From here on, you have to pass through a gravel road. A tip: Choose a good rugged vehicle as the ground is rough and uneven. You will be passing some water crossings here. There are around 20-25 in number and some are knee-deep down.

Then you’ll reach Batal, get some food here. There are around 2-3 dhabas here. Food is decent here. If you miss here, you have to travel for another 30 km to get food. So never miss it!

After Batal, you will cross a bridge and then you’ll ascend to Kunzum pass. It is one of the highest motorable mountain passes on the eastern range. Must-visit place in Kunzum pass is the Kunzum Mata temple. Every tourist visits this temple to seek blessing for safe travel. You can here at the temple for some time. It would be perfect for that.

After reaching Losar, a village which is approximately 20 km from Kunzum pass you can find hotels to stay. Losar to Spiti Valley is around 1-hour travel.

You’ve reached the Spiti! There are many things you can do in Spiti. Visiting Monasteries, Trekking, Shopping, Stargazing, Fossil hunting and still many.

You can have a long stay at Kaza, which is a 6-min drive from Spiti Valley.

Day 3: Spiti Valley – Kaza – Langza – Chandratal

Kaza town made like for Tourists. There you can have all the accommodations, amenities, etc. It is plunged in the rich beauty of Spiti. It is picturesque, lush, has crystal clear rivers and green landscapes. Climate during the summer is perfect for tourists to pick.

Leaving Kaza, without shopping would possibly be the biggest mistake. Being mixed with both Indian, and Tibetan cultures, you’ll get a vast collection of stuff to make own. So don’t miss it.

Then reach Langzaa, a village, which is a 1-hour drive from Kaza. There is a large Buddha statue which looking all the Himalayas. So don’t miss to visit that.

Chandratal is the place like heaven for the people who have an interest in photography. There is no better accommodation at this place. But the better and interesting option here to stay is Camping. It will cost you around Rs. 1500 but will leave you a lifetime experience. Do must-visit Chandratal lake.

Day 4: Chandratal – Manali

Cahndrataal to Manali can take a day. You’ll reach Manali by the end of the evening and have a stay at Manali for the night.

Day 5: Manali – Delhi

From Manali to Delhi, as said, you can take the bus or plane. And then reach home!

Important things to know while travelling to Spiti Valley:

  1. You need to have a valid photo proof to travel or to cross Rohtang pass.
  2. Some roads are bad but they aren’t impossible. So get a good and rugged car with better ground clearance. Better take a rented vehicle than yours.
  3. Drive under daylight to reach safely. To do that, start as early as possible.
  4. Check climate conditions before you plan. Also, for some period of time, Rohtang pass closed. Make possible to plan in Summer.
  5. The possibility of getting altitude sickness is high. So, beware of that.
  6. There is a Government hospital, petrol filling station in Kaza. Use them.  Get a full tank before your way back.
  7. Eat full meals at every halt, don’t keep your stomach unfilled/empty. It makes you fatigued. Also, stay hydrated.
  8. The network connectivity is bad in Spiti. But you can find better connectivity in Kaza.
  9. And make sure you have enough money to relish all the moments in Spiti and anywhere.
  10. Never miss the basic thing: Carry the First-aid kit.

Also read: Travelling- Do’s and Dont’s.

Thus we end the post here. I know, by now, you started making plans to visit Spiti. Visit Spiti. Explore Spiti. Enjoy Spiti. Make moments with Spiti. Travel happy and safe! 🙂

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