The Best Indian Restaurants Around The World !

The Best Indian Restaurants Around The World ! 1

In this post, we will explore the Best Indian Restaurants Around The World.

For people living in India, Indian cuisine is not just food, but second nature. Indians are known for their immense love for food. And when it comes to Indian food, it isn’t just for survival; Its pure ecstasy. But for a person outside the country, who has maybe just one​ Indian restaurant nearby, trying the Indian cuisine becomes a lifetime experience. The savoury curries, the “some spicy-some sweet” chutneys, the mouth-watering tandoori dishes and the delicious desserts – the menu is never-ending.

But as they say, the first impression is the last impression. It’s important for a first-timer to eat the best cooked and served Indian dish, which makes them forget about everything and every other cuisine. Not only them but with Indians being a part of the Global community, all around the world, none of them should miss their homeland too badly for a lack of a good scrumptious Indian meal.

Because of this love for Indian food, its very easy to find an​ Indian restaurant ​in every nook of
the world. Although each restaurant has its own specialities and qualities, here is a list (in no
particular order) of the top Indian restaurants, famous for various different and diverse reasons.
But with one thing common in them – A delicious, near to perfect Indian meal, irrespective of
whichever corner of the world you live in.

1. Junoon ​(New York City, USA)

The Best Indian Restaurants Around The World ! 2

Awarded with a Michelin star right away the year it started, ​Junoon​ (which means ​passion​ in
Hindi) lives up to its name. A place owned by famous Chef Vikas Khanna and Restaurateur
Rajesh Bharadwaj, both born and brought up on Indian soil; their passion for fine dining and
Indian cuisine can be seen in their restaurant. With an elegant contemporary style of modernly
interpreted, yet authentic dishes on the menu, they provide with sought after wines and bar
platform for the customers to choose from. Sommeliers are present to advise customers on
which wine would suit well with their choice of dishes. Their aim is to provide a high-end
luxurious experience to their customers.

With a waiting list for three months, this place is frequented not only by locals but also
celebrities and billionaires who love the place and its food and its ambience and services.
Although, according to Vikas, there is no special treatment for celebrity presence. All customers
are served equally well and their time and money are valued equally. The cost for a decent meal
here ranges from 75$ to 150$.

Specialities Include: ​ the Bhut Jolokia Murgh Tikka, Ghosht Chili Murgh Tikka, saffron phirni
are among the must-try dishes of the restaurant.

2. ​Gaggan​ (Bangkok, Thailand)

The Best Indian Restaurants Around The World ! 3

Started by star Indian chef ​Gaggan Anand ​in the year 2010, this high-end restaurant, named
after the chef himself, is consistently among the top restaurants in the world. By the year 2018, it
retained its position of the top restaurant in Thailand and Asia and is on the 5th position in
World’s top 50 restaurants. He earned 2 Thailand Michelin Stars in the year 2018. The highlight
of this restaurant is its ramped version of an extensive menu, balancing Indian Street food with
hyper-modern cooking. Gaggan’s aim is to reimagine the notion of ‘progressive Indian cuisine’.

The 25-course menu is creative in presentation too, as all of them are described by emojis. It
starts off with rapid-fire snacks like the Yoghurt Explosion, and is followed by various different
courses including Indian Sushi, Charcoal Prawn Amritsari and Uni ice cream served in a
miniature cone. At the end of the meal, the guests are presented with a menu containing the
real names of the dishes.

Set in an elegant renovated colonial house, the luxurious restaurant is tucked away from the
city’s mayhem. Service here is relaxed, with a strong line up of cocktails. Although, this
restaurant is going to shut down soon by the year 2020. Hence, rush to this place as soon as
you can and get this experience worth your time and money.

3. Kashmir House (Paris, France)

The Best Indian Restaurants Around The World ! 4

A beautiful blend of Indo-Pak Kashmiri cuisine, this place is not only known for its amazing tasty
dishes but also majorly as being one of the most budget-friendly restaurants. Serving simple but
authentic delicious dishes is in itself their major attraction. Wooden Carving panels and exquisite
furnishings give the restaurant a traditional Indian setting and vibe. The Head Chef aims at
providing exemplary dishes, which include all his expertise and experience mixed with a
thousand different flavours to satisfy each and every craving palette of the guest.

​In-house specialities include: ​Tandoori chicken and Lamb Kashmiri are a beautiful blend of
Indian and Pakistani flavours. So when in Paris for a vacay, drop by this amazing place. I am
sure you won’t be disappointed.

4.  Gymkhana (London, Britain)

The Best Indian Restaurants Around The World ! 5

Gymkhana​ restaurant in London is among the various chains of restaurants being operated by
the same franchise which started in India. Inspired by Indian Gymkhana clubs, the name in itself
personifies a place where high society members dine, drink and play sports.
They serve classic and contemporary Michelin star Indian cuisine to guests, with a strong focus
on ​chatpata​ and boldly spiced sharing dishes. The restaurant is styled as a classic Indian club
with high ceiling fans that hang from a dark-lacquered slatted oak ceiling and cut glass wall
lamps from Jaipur. It got its Michelin Star right back in 2014 itself. Apart from their exceptional
food, the lower floor of Gymkhana comprises of a bar modelled in a 17th century East India
Punch house. Slatted oak wall panelling, silk carpets and buttoned Chesterfield leather love
booths and banquettes set the mood. They specialise in Indian punches, cocktails that fuse
spices with Indian spirit, a long and varied list of gin and tonic, as well as a large collection of
whiskey, absinthe, arracks, etc.

Specialities include: ​Wild Muntjac Biryani and Absinthe Lassi are said to be worth dying!

Currently, services here are closed due to an unfortunate fire accident last month, but they
promise to be back up and running for all their guests. Follow them on Insta for their latest
updates regarding the incident. Because this place is worth every penny.

5. ​Amal – Armani’s Indian Restaurant ​(Dubai, UAE)

The Best Indian Restaurants Around The World ! 6

Situated in Armani, a lavish 5-star hotel in Dubai, ​Amal ​is the most luxurious and best ​Indian
restaurant ​in Dubai. With a view of the Dubai fountain, this restaurant has beautiful decor,
inspired by Indian and Modern traditions. They focus on time-honoured cooking methods,
signature ingredients, and at serving the most authentic of recipes. This is accompanied by
beautiful Indian music by some very talented musicians there, performing for their guests. All in
all, the whole experience is one hell of a reason to bear that hefty dent on the wallet.

Specialities include: ​ Tandoor dishes and exotic curries are served along with carefully chosen
beverages. Choose the Cheese Chili Basil Kulcha and Zafrani Chicken, one of their
best-recommended dishes.

6. ​Verandah – The Standard’s Indian Restaurant
(Copenhagen, Denmark)

The Best Indian Restaurants Around The World ! 7

A beautiful blend of modern and chic architecture, ​The Verandah​ breaks all stereotypes of an
Indian restaurant​ having flashy lights and traditional decor. From a fancy art deco vibe to a Jazz
club next door, this restaurant has it all. It serves both North and South Indian dishes, in the best
authentic manner. These are accompanied by a variety of cocktails and beverages to choose
from. Guests who were first-timers to this restaurant, highly praise and recommend this place,
and now have become regulars. The service here is excellent and the dishes are correctly
flavoured and blended with Indian spices – no more, no less.

Specialities include: ​The vegetarian tasting menu along with the chicken tikka is worth trying.
Although the menu is a bit less varied, whatever is served, is delicious and top-notch.

7. The Bombay Club (Washington DC, USA)

The Best Indian Restaurants Around The World ! 8

Placed amongst the ​Top 7 Indian restaurants​ around the globe by GQ magazine in 2015, The Bombay Club is known for its fine Indian cuisine, accompanied by apt beverages; as the soothing melody of a piano keeps you company while you eat at peace. Situated near the White House, many of its regulars hold powerful positions in the city and country or are office-bearers working directly with the President of the United States. Former POTUS George Bush was himself a
regular here. Hushed by the power bearing crowd which visits this place, it is an apt location to enjoy lunches and dinners at. As is the custom in Western countries, a good wine completes a delicious meal; hence a wide collection of wines and various other beverages (basically a fully
functional bar) is present at your beck and call.

Specialities include: ​Chilli Spinach Chicken and Vindaloo are immensely loved among the
various other dishes served by this “power-house” restaurant.

8. ​Machan Indian Restaurant​ ​(Melbourne, Australia)

The Best Indian Restaurants Around The World ! 9

One of the most​ budget-friendly Indian restaurants​ around the globe, Machan is known for
serving Indian Cuisine “as-it-is”. No fancy presentations, no fusion addition and deletions. Just
proper, typical, delicious Indian food, served the exact same way it is made back at home. And
that too, on a very reasonable rate, and exemplary service. The menu has a lot of variety and
each dish is prepared with the utmost care and precision. The restaurant is majorly famous for
this consistency itself, in comparison to any other Indian restaurant. This quality has made many
first-time guests, its regulars.

Specialities include: ​Mouth-watering Madras Curry, Chicken Tikka Masala and Biryani will
tantalize your taste buds in the best manner possible without putting a dent in your wallet!

8. ​Premaas Indian Restaurant​ (Singapore)

The Best Indian Restaurants Around The World ! 10

Nicknamed as Singapore’s ​Little India, ​ ​Premaas​ (read as pray-mass) serve some of the most
authentic and spiciest Indian cuisines in the region. A restaurant famous majorly for its Malabar
cuisine (Keralan cuisine), it also serves delicious Punjabi, Tamil and Bengali dishes. They aim at
building flavours and elevating any content or dish they serve. They promise on serving some of
the best Malabaran savouries, prepared like a home-cooked meal, by their skilful master chefs.
Service here is prompt and the place is very much budget-friendly.

Specialities include: ​Fresh, aromatic and flavoured dishes such as ​Sadya​, a full platter of
Keralan dishes, Mutton Dum Biryani, and the chicken roast with Roti/paratha are must-tries. If
food and budget are a priority for your choice Indian restaurant, this place is the destination for

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