Towards the South of the central Indian State, about 38 km from Jagdalpur, The Indravati river takes a beautiful 30 Meters/95 Feet horseshoe drop at Chitrakoot.The Chitrakoot Falls - Niagara Falls of India 1

The Chitrakoot Falls is a natural waterfall located to the west of Jagdalpur, in Bastar district in the Indian state of Chhattisgarh on the Indravati River. It is located at a distance of 38 kilometres (24 mi) to the west of Jagdalpur.

Exciting features of Chitrakoot Falls:

Chitrakoot Waterfalls are the largest waterfalls in India.

300 Meter Wide (Often known as Niagara Falls Of India), Chitrakoot Falls are the perfect destination for In-Budget Domestic Travel.

 With the help of local Boatmen, you can experience a Magnificent close view of the falls with smoothing experience of sparkling water sprays.

Best Season and Best Time to visit Chitrakoot Falls

The Chitrakoot Falls - Niagara Falls of India 2If you want to enjoy the wildest forms of the Chitrakoot waterfall then monsoon (July to September) is the best time, when it spreads up to 150 m in wide of brown coloured water.

At the time of sunset, when sunlight drop on the water of Chitrakoot falls – it makes a magnificent environment to see. During summer and winter, it forms a white fall and you can reach towards the falls by boat.

Hindu Beliefs & Chitrakoot

Not only waterfall, but Chitrakoot is also popular due to the Hindu legendary Lord Ram. There are many Hindu spiritual temples and pilgrimage places. And also various Hindu festivals like, Makar Sankranti, Ramnaamvi and Somvati Amavasya are celebrated here with a complete spiritual system.

Accommodation near Chitrakoot

The Chitrakoot Falls - Niagara Falls of India 3
Accommodation View

There are Government Hotel & Resorts at the top of the Falls. One exclusively reserved of PWD employs and VIP while others provide luxury rooms at a minimal cost of Rs. 2000/Night for a double-bedded room. To book these rooms, contact Chhattisgarh Tourism Call Centre on 0771-4066415.

How to reach Chitrakoot?

By Road:

Jagdalpur is a 300km drive from the Capital City Raipur. Frequent AC Buses Runs daily from Bilaspur to Jagdalpur. Chitrakoot lies about 40 km from Jagdalpur.

By Air:

There are three Domestic Nearby Airports one in Jagdalpur itself, other being at Raipur and Vishakhapatnam.

By Train:

Jagdalpur is well linked to Visakhapatnam and very frequent trains are available in between them.

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