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The Goat Village is a beautiful, serene hamlet in the Himalayan ranges of Uttarakhand. This little region is located in the premises of Nag Tibba, the highest peak of lesser Himalayas in Uttarakhand.

The site is the centre for a much-liked trek to Nagtibba. The Goat Village which is located in the laps of lesser Himalayas holds an entire countryside scenery. The village is famous for its restoration of natural beauty. The view of this village is breathtaking and bounds are soul away from the concrete jungles and electronic life.

The Goat Village is a result of the initiative taken by Green People community to maintain sustainability. Green People organisation began this under the name ‘Happy Himalayan Villages’ to promote the protection of nature. Therefore, the Goat Village is an icon of village tourism in Uttarakhand.

In the fields of the village, one can see the shepherd cattling the herd of goats in the morning. The goats go to graze and return in the evening.

Cottages at the Goat Village

There are pretty cottages developed in the village that warmly welcome the tourists and travellers. The cottages of the Goat Village are designed in a way to bring out the simple way of lifestyle. The shelters are made up of wood, mud and local stones with beautiful architecture. 

Guest Access

Although a few basic and luxurious resources are not easily accessible, the village enables to spend a satisfactory time. In fact, moving in search of certain resources from different spots involves fun. At this indigenous village, one has to do a little of chores such as farming for food, dairy and poultry for milk, etc. To provide lighting in the evening, the cottages and paths are lit up with candles, kerosene lamps and solar lamps.

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Getting around

The area around Nag Tibba is a great trekking spot. Amidst lies the heavenly place of the Goat Village in the way of the trek to Nag Tibba. The journey around starts at Pantwari. Pantwari is the base camp for the trek to Nag Tibba.

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How to reach?

  • Airport nearby– Dehradun Airport – 125 km away from the Goat Village
  • Nearest railway station – Dehradun Railway Station
  • Nearest Bus Stand – Nainbaagh- 25 km away from the Goat Village

1) Public Transport: There are taxis operating from Dehradun to Laser Gaon every day as a means of public transport.

2) Self-drive: The route is via Mussourie from Dehradun to Laser Gaon and is roughly 3.5 hours. Fast Route – Dehradun – Mussoorie – Nainbagh – Pantwari – Laser Gaon. From Laser maser Gaun, a 2 km trek to the Goat Village starts.

3) Private car: The hire charges for a private vehicle from Dehradun to Laser Gaon and back is around Rs. 3000 to Rs. 4000.

Packing Tips

goat village, trekking1) Clothing: April to Sept – Cotton clothes with light-weight woollens, Oct to March: Heavy woollen clothing

2) One needs to carry their own towels, soaps and alternative toiletries that will help in less usage of water and cleansing powders. As the trip can be done in two days, carrying one’s own things will also help to avoid inconvenience with daily needs.

3) The Goat Village is lit up by kerosene and solar lamps and there is no electricity. The solar panels offer power for charging phones and alternative necessary equipment. However, please carry a handy flash light/torch with additional batteries.

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4) As one would move around in farms, mud and in the trees and mountains while trekking, do carry insect-repellent ointments, oils or creams to remain protected from allergies.

5) Please carry trekking shoes and water bottles.

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