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 Tirthan Valley is a valley of Himachal Pradesh in Banjar town of Kullu district. The valley got its name from the river ‘Tirthan’ which flows from Tirth. If you are an adventurer or an explorer or a green panther or a combination of all, Tirthan valley is something which you cannot afford to miss. Tirthan valley is a coalesce of day hikes, multi-day treks, relaxation and a perfect destination for those who are looking for an adventurous as well as peaceful holiday.

Tirthan Valley -A Mauktika Of Himachal Pradesh 2

Incised meanders, river built and river-cut terraces, cliffs and steep slopes are the natural features of the Tirthan valley. Also, the pine forests, Cedrus, waterfalls and the hidden hamlets make the valley scenic. Tirthan valley is a part of both Tirthan Wildlife Sanctuary and Great Himalayan National Park which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

How To Reach Tirthan Valley:

By Roadways

Roadways are most suitable to reach Tirthan valley if you are from its neighbouring states like Delhi, Punjab and Haryana as there are regular buses which are arranged by Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation(HPTDC).

 By Railways

The Railway Stations like Ambala and Kiratpur which are near to Tirthan valley are well connected to various cities of the country.

By Airways

Both Indian Airlines and Deccan Airways operate flights to Tirthan valley. Buntar is the nearest airport to Tirthan valley which is around 48 kilometres from the location.

Places to visit in Tirthan valley:

  • The Great Himalayan National Park(GHNP)

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The UNESCO World Heritage Site i.e The Great Himalayan National Park is home to a variety of flora and fauna which is a major attraction to all the green panthers and also for people seeking peace from busy lives of the city. Moreover, you can also experience the diverse culture of the people living there and feel the divine nature.

  • Jalori Pass

Jalori Mountain Pass which is located between towns of Kullu and Shimla is a perfect place for adventure lovers. It has much to offer to all trekkers with an environment for an unusual experience. It further leads to nearby Serolsar lake and Budhi Naagin Temple.

  • Serloskar lake

Serloskar lake is a lake which has perspicuous water located about 5 kilometres from Jalori Pass. It is one of the beautiful gifts of divine nature. Also, the presence of ‘Budhi Naagin temple’ devoted to Goddess Budhi Naagin makes the place better known. There is a belief that the Goddess acts as guardian of the place.

  • Waterfalls

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Waterfalls are something which excites both children and adults. If you are visiting the Tirthan valley either with your family or friends, here are the list of waterfalls that you must visit:

  • Chhoie Waterfall
  • Gaidar Waterfall
  • Rahala Waterfalls
  • Jibhi Waterfall

So, don’t miss out the refreshing sight of these waterfalls located nearby Tirthan valley.

  • Jibhi, Tirthan Valley

If you are looking for accommodation at Tirthan valley, Jibhi, an outlandish place of Himachal Pradesh is something which must be at the top of your list. Moreover, it provides you with an amazing Tirthan view homestay. The fresh air, water lakes and also the magnificent temples make this place worth visiting.

  • Chehni Kothi

Chehni Kothi is a small village located 3 kilometres from Banjar towards Jibhi. The huge tower-like structure built in 17 century makes the place known for its significance. Chehni Kothi is now one of the main attractions of Tirthan valley as it has one of the tallest structures in entire Himachal which is built in the traditional local architecture.

  • Shringa Rishi Temple

Shringa Rishi Temple is dedicated to Shringa Rishi who is the ruling deity of Banjar valley. The three-storied temple gives an amazing view of the valley around.

  • Raghpur Fort

Raghpur Fort, the fort which is now in ruins is about 3 kilometres away from Jalori Pass. All the trek lovers normally visit  Raghpur Fort.

Besides, Sainj and Neuli, Sarchi Village and Lambri Top, Gushaini, Batahad, Pekhri village, Ghiyagi, Sai Ropa, Sojha etc. are other places that must be visited for their beauty which reflect the shades of nature in Tirthan valley. And also the Sangam of Tirthan and Flachan rivers near the village of Gushaini and Sangam of Sainj and Tirthan rivers is something which one cannot afford to miss.

Things To Do In Trithan Valley:

  • Trekking

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For all those who love to go on a long arduous journey, Tirthan valley offers amazing trekking options. Trekking through the places of Tirthan valley will leave you with a cock-a-hoop feeling.

  • Sightseeing

 Sightseeing of Tirthan valley attracts an enormous number of people every year. A tour to Tirthan valley can be planned as a sightseeing tour.

  • Camping

If you want to have an experience that is both exceptional and thrilling then camping is something that you must try at Tirthan valley than staying at Tirthan valley resorts. In fact, camping at Tirthan valley attracts people of all ages.

  • Rappelling

Since Tirthan valley is a place with high mountains and steeps, adventure lovers cannot resist trying Rapppelling at Tirthan valley.

  • Trout Fishing in Tirthan Valley

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Many rivers and streams constitute Tirthan valley that attracts enthusiast sports lovers for trout fishing and also for angling.

 In addition to these, River crossing, Day hiking and Rock climbing, etc. are some other activities to do at Tirthan valley.

Relish The Food Of Trithan Valley:

If you are a gourmet, then Tirthan valley offers you a variety of traditional cuisines that make you irresistible to taste them.

  • Siddu- Siddu is a kind of huge momo that is famous for its taste in Tirthan valley.
  • Kullu Dham- Since Tirthan valley is apart of Kullu district, the dish known as Kullu Dham is equally famous here. It is a seven-course meal untouched by onion or garlic.
  • Rhododendron Chutney
  • Trout fish
  • Organic mutton
  • Seera
  • Chihada
  • Stuffed Bhaturu
  • Lingri Sabji and lingri ka achar
  • Stinging Nettle soup etc. are the local dishes that attract you to Tirthan valley again and again.

Best Time To Visit Trithan Valley:

The best time to visit Tirthan valley is during Spring season i.e between March and June or between October and November. During these times, the hidden beauty of the Tirthan valley comes out leaving a remarkable footprint in your memories. In your free time, for a while, Tirthan valley visit is something that must be planned to have an amazing experience.

So, don’t miss out this pearl(mauktika) of Himachal Pradesh.

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