Travelling: Do's and Dont's 1


Travelling: Do's and Dont's 2

Who doesn’t love that splatter of water near the beach, that amazing wind blowing through your hair, those prepossessing views from the top of the hills and many more alluring experiences?

But babies, with those beautiful memories, comes the possibility of you facing a few problems if you’re not aware of the basic things to keep in mind when you are travelling.

Here we have some of them listed for you.


DO’STravelling: Do's and Dont's 3

  1. Prior to visiting your airport, do check your passport, tickets and necessary documents. Making a separate bag for these would make it much easier.
  2. Plan out a Budget. Carry the amount of cash which you’ll need. Do keep an extra amount of cash for an emergency but do not carry cash in excess amount. Carrying credit and debit cards is also advisable as they are more safe and convenient.
  3. Have a separate lock section in your suitcase or a separate bag for your valuable items like gold ornaments etc.Travelling: Do's and Dont's 4
  4. Learn to speak these basic words in that country’s language, to make having conversations much easier. Words – Hello, Please, Thank you, Sorry and others which  according to you would be helpful
  5. Prior to travelling the desired foreign country, do some research about its culture be it how people talk, what do they eat etc. This would make you more comfortable.


Travelling: Do's and Dont's 5

  1. Do not hurry. Yes, you may be excited about travelling but don’t make the wrong decision.  Do your Research properly about the place you desire to visit and try to save money by booking your tickets a few months before the trip.
  2. Don’t spend too much time in your hotel room. Hotel rooms may be fancy and just like the ideal room, you dream of, Agreed.  But don’t stay there for long. Go out and have fun as much as you can. 
  3. Don’t keep your eyes off from your luggage. Be attentive whenever you’re carrying it.
  4. Don’t visit dangerous or unfamiliar locations especially at night. Planning in advance the places you desire to visit will make it more safe and fun for you.Travelling: Do's and Dont's 6
  5. Don’t tip anywhere and everywhere. You may find giving tips a good gesture but this is not considered appropriate everywhere. Be aware.
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So these were the basic things to remember when you’re travelling, be it Abroad or within your own country. 

Keeping these basic things in check is going to make it a memorable yet amazing tour for you. Have fun! 🙂

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