Travelling Insurance: A Requisite Claim Everyone Needs

Travelling Insurance: A Requisite Claim Everyone Needs 1

Travelling is a lot of fun. People belonging in their 80’s also love to travel. Kids are always excited when they hear about any vacation.  But we need to imagine on the other side of the mirror too. Travelling at times can be precarious. We need to think way beyond our ideas. However, travelling also brings in specific uncertainties like medical emergencies, robberies or losses. 

Travelling Insurance: A Requisite Claim Everyone Needs 2A calamity might strike any moment. If you are travelling abroad and you find yourself unhealthy it is difficult to locate a hospital, pay the bills and get prescribed medicines. Thus travel insurance plays an important role. 

Travelling to a new destination is often undergo filled with exhilaration and fun. However, travelling also brings in specific uncertainties like medical emergencies, robberies or losses. When travelling to a strange place, you need an assist system that provides you with a sunshade from sudden emergencies. Hence a need for travel insurance is an obligation.

Travel Insurance is a scheme you acquire that protects you from financial risks and other casualties.  These casualties can be like lost baggage, last-minute trip revocation and medical contingency.

Travel insurance can be arranged at the time of the booking of a voyage. Travel insurance is provided as per need e.g. Individual travel insurance, Family Travel Insurance, Student Suraksha insurance. 

Why is travel insurance a necessity?

Travelling Insurance: A Requisite Claim Everyone Needs 3By applying for travel insurance you essentially covering risks such as a stolen suitcase, trip cancellation, and unexpected medical emergencies. People who love travelling are extremely in love with travel insurance. Nothing is to stress over as everything is managed by the insurance company itself.

A vacation is an investment in your happiness. When that vacation starts with a cancelled flight, lost luggage and another hiccup it creates diversions in happiness. Travel insurance can help us. Travel delay can reimburse you for additional accommodation.

Cost is the top reason why people don’t invest in travel insurance. You already pay thousand for a vacation and spending more can be a bit cheesy. But insurance can be affordable you just have to find a proper match. 

What is Travel Medical Insurance?

Travelling Insurance: A Requisite Claim Everyone Needs 4Travel medical insurance is an insurance package that provides medical coverage while travelling outside your country for a limited period. Travel insurance plays an important role when you are unsure about your medical insurance. 

What does Travel Medical Insurance Cover?

  • Predicament medical care.
  • Expenditure of prescribed medicines.
  • Abrupt surgery and dental operations.
  • Personal accidents

Loss, damage and theft:


Some travel insurance policies shroud the loss of or theft of your chattels while travelling. If claiming for theft, you must file a police report about the theft and get evidence. You may need to provide a list of items over a certain value and pay an extra premium to insure them. In the cases of expensive and easily disposed of items like cameras and laptops, policies may cover only vehement theft or forced entry.

Delayed or Cancelled Flights:

Travelling Insurance: A Requisite Claim Everyone Needs 5Less often flights get delayed or simply you miss your flights. In all the conditions you have to pay extra amount. To make sure you don’t spend any extra money, an insurance plan is all you need. 

Make sure you focus on the “*” :

Before investing in any insurance ensure that you read all the terms and conditions. You have to understand what the policy covers. Furthermore, learn about other travelling plans.

Best Travel Insurance Plans in India:

1.Tata AIG(Travel Guard):

The company provides travel insurance proposals for all travel purposes such as business, leisure or studies. Travel Guard covers accidental death, dental treatment reimbursement, pays for your lost luggage, provides compensation if your flight is delayed. The main 3 plans are Travel Guard, Student Guard and Domestic Guard.

2. Bajaj Allianz(Travel Elite):

Bajaj Allianz offers medical coverage, cover against trip cancellation, cover against loss or delay of baggage. Plans like Individual, Family Plan and Senior citizen plans are provided.

3. Religare(Explore):

Religare(Explore) provides coverage for Inpatient and Outpatient treatment, whilst abroad. Covers costs incurred during emergency evacuation and transportation 

4. ICICI Lombard(International Travel):

ICICI Lombard covers all the medical expenses, including hospitalization cost, covers the cost of dental treatment. Covers cost of lost baggage. The cost will be paid back if the trip cancelled with genuine reasons. 


In some cases, travelling can be hazardous. If we can pay thousands of rupees for just booking a trip why can’t we just add more ascertaining that we remain safe? Travelling insurance benefits us in many of us in many ways. You never know what may come next, rather than expecting the calamity why not prevent it?

Happy Travelling.

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