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The state of Uttar Pradesh is located in Northern India. The entire region shows immense history leading back to ancient ages with places like Agra and Awadh. India has major historical rulers and empires that were established in this state.

The Delhi Sultanate being invaded by Babur and the Mughal Empire being established is an important part of history in this region. 

Beautiful architecture can be seen here such as one of the seven wonders of the world, The Taj Mahal, Fatehpur Sikri, Allahabad Fort, Agra Fort, etc. 

Many famous revolts have also occurred in this state. The revolt of 1857 was one such critical and important revolt that went down in history in present-day places like Meerut, Kanpur, and Lucknow. 

Capital of Uttar Pradesh

The capital of the state of Uttar Pradesh is Lucknow. It is the largest city in the state situated near the Gomti river. 

Chief Minister In Power – Uttar Pradesh  

The Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh is Yogi Adityanath who is a monk, priest, and politician. 

Governor of Uttar Pradesh

Anandiben Patel is the one who is serving as the governor of Uttar Pradesh. She has previously been the chief minister of Gujarat as well.

High Court Location of Uttar Pradesh 

The jurisdiction of the high court is in the Allahabad High Court. 

Uttar Pradesh Tourism 

Uttar Pradesh is known as one of the most populous states in India according to the last available census record. 

However, the amount of people that flock the state in terms of tourism is immensely high.

The Taj Mahal, Varanasi, Mathura which is believed to be the birthplace of Lord Krishna, Kumbh city, Allahabad, etc are the inviting places that bring tourists to the state. 

Of all the foreigners who visit India try to plan out a few days to visit the state for the glorious chance to embrace and see the Taj Mahal and hear the history for themselves. 

Best 50 Places To Visit In The State Of Uttar Pradesh:


The glorious gardens, the Taj Mahal, the street food, are just a few reasons for attracting people and making this place a must-visit.


Most popularly known for the Kumbh Mela. This is the place where the rivers of Ganges, Yamuna, and Saraswati meet and is considered sacred and special.


 Birthplace of Lord Krishna in Hinduism and Neminath of Jainism. 


This is the capital for the state of Uttar Pradesh and has delicious food to offer. There are also several ancient places to visit to understand the history of dynasties and empires and the rulers in India.  


Dharma was first taught by Gautam Buddha here, Also known for the birthplace of Shreyasanath, the eleventh Jain Tirthankar of Jainism.


A city with attractions such as Hari Temple, Ala Hazrat, and Gandhi Udhayan.


 The birthplace of Lord Vishnu’s incarnation Lord Rama. 

8.Dudhwa National Park

Tiger Reserve, Sanctuaries for birds, a unique temple for frogs, Elephant riddles, and Suraj Bhawan Palace are a few attractions of the place. 

9.National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary

Located near the Chambal river, this spans over 5,400 sq. km. and constitutes many animals like the gharial and the red-crowned roof turtle. 


Hastinapur has been mentioned in the texts of the Mahabharata and Puranas. It is located beautifully on the banks of the Ganges. 

11.Fatehpur Sikri

Mughal Empire through Indian history has built many palaces and forts. This place has many important places from ancient Indian history holding a lot of importance to how history has shaped up. 

Buland Darwaza is one of the many historical sites to visit. Buland Darwaza meaning the “Door to Victory”, architecture of Mughal dynasties and built by Akbar, is the highest gateway in the world. 


The fastest-growing city has plans for huge skyscrapers and urbanization. 


A historical place for India as Rani Laxmibai fought against the British with all force as her baby was strapped to her back. 


This is said to be the place where Hinduism was recognized and originated. Also referred to as the City Of Temples where Lord Shiva is said to have taken birth. 


It is the fastest-growing industrial city. Ancient India to Modern India, this place has been a part of both. 


 The Sepoy Mutiny of 1857 and also playing a huge part in the fight for freedom as well as an important element in Mahabharat. 


An important place for Buddhist devotees and worshippers as it is believed that this is where Gautam Buddha attained Parinirvana after death here. 


Best known for carpet industries and a beautiful natural surrounding. 

19.Agra Fort

Agra is a historical fort located in the city of Agra and attracts many visitors and tourists from all over the world.

This is an important part of Indian history as the Mugal Dynasty resided here and has built many other monuments. 


Famous for being the center of the glass making industry and is complimented for the quality of the products here, especially bangles. 


Also known as the Garden of the Merciful. Dayal meaning merciful and Bagh meaning Garden, it is a beautiful place within the province of Uttar Pradesh and has its university (deemed). 


In the district of Mathura, known to be the birthplace of the god Radharani in the Braj region.


One of the major six cities in Buddha’s lifetime, this was once an important city in ancient India. This is located on the banks of river Rapti. 


Known as a Brajvasi region and is said to be the place where Lord Krishna spent most of his childhood according to mythology.


An ancient town with loads of history and has been a part of the town Hastinapur. This town is devoted to the Goddess Ganga and has many temples for worshipping her. 

26.Bara Imambara

Situated in Lucknow, also known as Asfi Mosque was built by the Nawab of Awadh back in 1784. 

27Itimad-ud-daulahs Tomb

The tomb of Itimad Ud Daulah is a sacred one in the city of Agra. It is also called a “Jewel Box”. 

28.Dashashwamedh Ghat

The Vishwanath Temple is at proximity here, and it is referred to as the main ghat in Varanasi and has a mythological aspect to it as they believe Brahma and Shiva created it. 

29.Akbar’s Tomb

This is located on the outskirts of Agra and visited by many tourists as a historical place to visit.

It is 1 km away from the tomb of his wife Sikandra. Located near the Mathura Highway, this is an ancient structure built and completed by Jehangir (Akbar’s son).


Near the Bareilly Division in Uttar Pradesh, also known as the land of flutes, this is a beautiful region. 

The climate here is very pleasant with clear, windy skies.


An important place in Hindu mythology as it is believed that Lord Rama’s sons Luv and Kush were born here. It is situated in the Kanpur district. 

32Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary

Located in the Unnao district, this bird sanctuary is one of the many wetlands of the Northern districts of India. This sanctuary protects the species of 250 birds. 

33.Dewa Sharif

A place in Dewa which has the famous shrine of Haji Waris Ali Shah. 


Also referred to as Naimisha is a sacred forest mentioned in the Puranic as well as Mahabharata and Ramayana. 

It is situated along the Gomti river. 

35.Triveni Sangam

This is where the three rivers confluence, the Ganga, Yamuna, and Saraswati. It is considered to be extremely sacred if one takes a bath in this river to wash away his sins. 

36.Mahakaleshwar Temple

A Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and is known to be one of the most sacred temples in the region of Ujjain in Uttar Pradesh. 

37.Jawahar Planetarium

Located in the city of Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh, situated beside the Anand Bhawan which is the abode of the Nehru-Gandhi family. 

38.Allahabad Public Library 

Situated at Prayagarj in Alfred Park. 


Kaushambi was the capital of 16 kingdoms in ancient India. The closest airport is Prayagraj. Also known as the biggest library in the state. 


Also known as the indestructible banyan tree, is a sacred fig that is believed to be important to Hindu mythology. 

In Hindu mythology, it is also believed that Lord Rama, Laxman, and Sita have rested under the shade of this. 


This is a historical and cultural region. A hilly region also is known very intricately because of Jhansi which is the biggest city in this region. A beautiful region but has been facing drought problems recently.


Located on the banks of the river Betwa and the Lalitpur hills. The name means, “The fort of the Gods”, Deo meaning God and gadh meaning fort. 


Famous for its textiles and leather industries, Kanpur is the 12th most populous city in India.

Near the Ganga river, it is an important port for trade. The world’s first woolen mill was built here, known as Lall Imli. 


Named during the reign of Shah Jahan under the name of Sayyid Muzzafar Khan. 

45.Kaanch Mahal

Architecture leads back to the Mugal Dynasty and is situated near Akbar’s Tomb in Agra. A beautiful mansion which is called the Kaanch Mahal for a reason. 


Close to Varanasi and Mirzapur, this has several temples and has its own stories of history in the region. The town is situated on the banks of the river Ganga. 


Believed to be a sacred ancient place because in Hindu mythology it is said that Lord Rama, Laxman and Sita have stayed here for 11 and a half years of their 14 years of exile here. 

48.Fort of Unchagaon

Situated in the province near Moradabad, it is not just a weekend getaway but also a beautiful heritage site. 


Loni is a lesser-known town near Ghaziabad and is known to be home to many ancient forts. This fort is believed to be 500 years and holds the historical backstory of Hindu mythology. 


As the name suggests, this serene ghat is a popular location for people to visit. It is believed to give extreme calmness and peaceful surroundings. It is lined along the Mandakini river. 

Famous Clothing Of Uttar Pradesh

The people of Uttar Pradesh can be seen wearing a variety of clothes that feature western as well as native Indian styles.

Colorful draped clothes such as saris for women and dhoti and lungis for men are quite very popular in the state. 

Famous Dance Of The State- Kathak

Kathak is a classical dance form and is widely famous in the state of Uttar Pradesh. There are a really old tradition and culture following the classical dance form of Kathak.

Kathak which is a very delicate and elegant form of classical dancing in India originated from the state of Uttar Pradesh and has seen a very popular growth of the form all over the world.

Indians especially proudly call this form a beautiful form that they love doing. 

One of the 8 different classical dance forms from India, Kathak is known as an elegant form where the movement of the foot on rhythm with beautiful belts of beads called Ghungroos are worn to make sound along to the music.

Moreover, beautiful hand movements and body movements make it even harder and equally mesmerizing to watch. 

There are three Gharanas for this dance form which originated from Jaipur, Lucknow, and Banaras each showcasing different yet similar movements and styles of the classical dance form which is found to be originated from Uttar Pradesh. 

Famous Food Of Uttar Pradesh

uttar pradesh tourism

There are many famous and delicious food options when it comes to the state of Uttar Pradesh.

For instance, from poori and aloo ki sabzi, aloo, methi, palak paratha, moong dal kachori, and of course the statewide famous delicacy which is widely appreciated as breakfast meal- bedai and aloo sabzi. 

Fairs And Festivals In Uttar Pradesh

Thes festivals of the state of Uttar Pradesh are widely celebrated about wildlife, nature, human life, and ancient traditions.

Some of these festivals are Kumbh mela, Magh Mela, Kampil fair, Ardh Kumbh Mela, Ramnavmi Mela, Deepawali, Janmashtami, Ram Barat, Krishna Leela, Kartik Poornima, and so many more. 

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