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Travelling often amasses a lot of trash; single-use plastics, stickers, tickets, receipts, personal use products. Travelling accompanies your backpacks also some plastic products which some of us throw randomly wherever. Packaged food is also packed in plastic which is promptly impactful for the environment.

All the way down even a wrapper is enough to create mountains of plastic.

Zero Waste Travelling - A Vital Guide. 2Travelling the globe and diminishing waste are two objectives retained by countless people.

Zero Waste is a concept with a pretty self-explanatory name. The main goal and principle of Zero Waste Lifestyle are to reduce the amount of trash in your life as much as possible.

We tend to generate a lot of waste while travelling because we want to carry as little items as possible while using as many things as needed. 

Here is a guide for you to make your journey Zero-Waste.


Totes are super versatile bags. You can roll and store them in your main bag and whip it out when you run out of place. This is a much better option than opting for a plastic bag.

Water BottleZero Waste Travelling - A Vital Guide. 3

Doesn’t matter if you’re out and about for one day or a whole month, you will need water. The most minimal waste way to go about doing this is to carry a reusable bottle with you instead of buying a single-use bottle and discarding it.

Thermal bottles can be used for years and these bottles can be easily recycled.

Carry your own cutlery

May it be trying out a new restaurant or eating noodles at a Maggi point, it’s so much better for the environment when you carry your own cutlery such as a spoon, a straw and a fork.

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It is also more hygienic for you since you’re the only one using them. Store these in a small pouch and voila, you’re good to go.

Say No

Whether it’s a street vendor offering you your product in a plastic bag, or it’s a cafe serving your drink with a plastic straw, kindly refuse it so that you do not contribute to the growing landfills.

You can even take a minute or two to ask them to consider eco-friendly options such as a paper bag and paper or metal straws.


Zero Waste Travelling - A Vital Guide. 4

Focus on using less plastic packaging while wrapping up your makeup, toothpaste, soaps, you can definitely try the products with paper packaging that is more precise.

Use disposable products or attempt tin travel kit.

Packaging matters as in the end you will end up throwing the plastic somewhere else.



Eat on plates, not on plastic!

Endeavour local roadway food. Most are easily handy and packaging-free. Avoid extra wrapping papers, napkins, or containers. Take a reusable serviette or small adsorbent towel or fabric that can be utilized in lieu of napkins. Take advantage of plastic-free bottles.

Zero Emissions

Cars are constructed for the benefit of humans.Zero Waste Travelling - A Vital Guide. 5

Try walking most of the time for a small distance.

Walking on the other is beneficial for our own body.

As people see you walking the thought appears within a fraction of seconds, “If that person can walk, so can I”.

Go Paperless

Try E-Tickets from the start of the journey of itself. Avoid paperwork, mostly everyone these days accepts E-tickets. Less advantageous you don’t have to find a printer and it saves paper.

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Pack Re-usable containersZero Waste Travelling - A Vital Guide. 6

Avoid using single-use cups and plastic cutlery.

Flagons, reusable coffee cups and lunch boxes are all easy to procure and can be used frequently.

As growing up we might have used steel containers as tiffins or even water bottles. Storing food in steel containers is much safe.


The very next time you throw plastic in the garbage think of recycling it.

Companies these days will eagerly take the plastic and even pay you if the desired amount of plastic is provided.

If you don’t find a recycle bin, keep the trash with you. Don’t feel disgusted it is your own trash.

Avoid Hotels

While everyone enjoys fresh soaps, shampoos and even a perfect new towel, but with a cost. You can opt for Airbnbs/Hostels/Houses which cost less and save a lot of resources.

Last moment handy tips:

  • Download your ticket rather than printing the copy.
  • Eat till the plate is empty, don’t abandon any stamp.
  • Use electricity sagaciously.
  • Choose reusable water bottles don’t buy, fill them up.
  • Don’t use a plastic straw, you can always use your mouth.
  • Avoid the use of vehicles for a mere short distance.
  • Spread the awareness about #zerowaste.
  • Don’t clutter, it is a hometown of somebody.

Travelling constructs a new you and a new you is all you need for the environment. Use #zerowastetravelling but make sure you implement it. Likes and views will make you trending howbeit try spreading awareness. There are a lot of ways travelling can be a complete zero waste. If you’ve any ideas that we missed out let us know!

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Happy Travelling.

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