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North India is known for its colorful, vibrant, and captivating heritage and culture. Each place has its own beauty and stories to unfold.

Chandigarh Tourism 1One of the places in north India that trace the history of Indian independence is Chandigarh. If you wish to witness one of India’s first modernly planned cities blended with Indian culture, Chandigarh is the place to be.

History of Chandigarh

Chandigarh is a city, district, and union territory and serves as a capital of two neighboring states Punjab and Haryana.

After the partition of India in the year 1947, Punjab was divided into two parts- East Punjab which was a part of India, and west Punjab which became a part of Pakistan.

Punjab’s former capital Lahore too became a part of Pakistan and hence the new Punjab needed a capital.

In 1949, an American architect Albert Mayer was commissioned to create a new city called ‘Chandigarh’ which will serve as a capital for the state of Punjab.

Mayer, along with his partner Mathew Nowicki designed an upper block-based city with plush green spaces. However, post-Mathew’s death in 1950, the work came to a halt as Mayer quit the work.

Chandigarh Tourism 2Succeeding Mayer and Nowicki, an architect names Le Corbusier was commissioned to finish the task. Le Corbusier designed many administration buildings such as the high court, Palace of Assembly, and the secretariat building.

He also designed a layout of the city, divided into sectors hence giving Chandigarh a western touch as opposed to other Indian cities.

On 1 November 1966, another state Haryana, was formed to cater to the Haryanvi speaking population by carving out a portion from the eastern side of Punjab.

Chandigarh, sharing a border of both states, was declared as a union territory and a capital serving both Punjab and Haryana.

Popular Languages of Chandigarh: 

While English is used as an official language, the majority of the population speaks Hindi. Punjabi is the second most widely spoken language in Chandigarh. 

Governor of Chandigarh

The Governor of Chandigarh is Shri V.P. Singh Badnore

Chandigarh on Map:

Chandigarh Tourism

Being the dream city of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Chandigarh is an important part of our Indian history. We bring to you the best places to visit in Chandigarh to make sure your visit is a memorable one.

Top 25 Must-Visit Places To Visit In Chandigarh:

1.Zakir Hussain Rose Garden:

Chandigarh Tourism 3

Located in sector 16 in Chandigarh, Rosegarden is a must-visit place in Chandigarh.

A lush garden blooming with 825 varieties of flowers and 32500 species of trees and medical shrubs.

Spanning across an area of 30 acres, this rose garden is a popular tourist destination among nature enthusiasts.

2.Rock Garden:

Designed and executed by Nek Chand, the former road inspector in Chandigarh, the rock garden in is a huge open-air exhibition that displays sculptures crafted out of industrial and urban waste.

Also known as Nek Chand Rock Garden, this garden was built in the year 1957, it houses about 5000 such sculptures truly representing the essence of ‘best out of waste’.

 3.Sukhna Lake:

Chandigarh Tourism 4

Created in the year 1958, Sukhna is a man-made lake.

A pristine location with clear blue water with a backdrop of Shivalik range, Sukhna lake is a go-to location for morning exercises and a breath of fresh air.

One of the best places in Chandigarh, the best way to enjoy Sukhna Lake is to take a heartwarming boating tour and experience the beauty of this natural abode.   

 4.Pinjore Garden:

Also known as Yadavindra Gardens, this is a Mughal garden built in the 17th century in the city of Pinjore in the Panchkula district in Haryana.

Covering an expanse of over 100 acres this garden is a go-to place to unwind from the hustles of the city.

Tourists from all over the world come to Pinjore gardens to witness the marvels of Mughal creations.

 5.Musical Fountain Show:

A fountain show blended with music is a very popular place among locals as well as tourists. Held every evening at sector 17, you can witness the place comes alive where water fountains dance to the rhythmic music creating a heartwarming and vibrant atmosphere.

6.Government Museum And Art Gallery:

One of the most prominent museums of India that trace the history of Indian partition is this museum in Chandigarh.

Established in the year 1947, this museum houses a collection of paintings, artifacts, and sculptures pertaining to the era of independence.

 7.Shanti Kunj:

Located in sector 16 between the cricket stadium and the rose garden, this is a place away from the hustles of the city hence been aptly named as Shanti Kunj, meaning abode of peace.

A perfect place to end your hectic day with, Shanti Kunj houses a variety of medicinal plants, trees, and shrubs and is divided into 5 segments by a natural stream.

 8.Terraced Garden:

Located in sector 33, the Terraced garden is yet another natural abode that attracts tourists from all over the world.

Established in the year 1979, this garden covers an area of 10 acres and has a lush green landscape with a variety of flowers designed in different levels, in the form of terrace plantations and hence it has been named so.

 9.Thunder Zone:

Just like its name, the Thunder zone amusement and waterpark is the perfect place to have a fun, frenzy, and entertaining day with your family and friends.

Spread over a land of 11 acres, Thunder zone has the most exciting rides in the backdrop of lush landscapes which are perfect for a memorable and exciting day.

 10.Botanical garden:

Home to a plethora of indigenous as well as exotic plant species, botanical garden in Chandigarh is a must-visit for nature enthusiasts.

It comprises two gardens adorned by colorful and alluring plant species allowing you to witness the marvels of nature.

11.Bougainvillea Garden:

Located in sector 2 in Chandigarh, the bougainvillea garden was established in the year 1976 and is spread across an area of over 20 acres.

Bougainvillea trees shaped in varied designs such as arches, pavilions, and arcades resemble the gorgeous cherry blossom showers and are a sight for sore eyes.

12.Nangal wetlands:

Chandigarh Tourism 5

A small quaint town located at a distance of 100 kilometers from Chandigarh, Nangal is bounded by river Sutlej and magnificent hills.

The artificial Nangal Lake is about 6 kilometers long where about 40,000 migratory birds fly here in winters making this place very popular, especially among bird lovers.

13.Leisure valley:

An eight-kilometer long linear stretch filled with lush greenery, the leisure valley in Chandigarh is often called as the Lungs of the City.

Leisure valley not only adds to the beauty of the city but also helps to keep the city pollution-free.

This long stretch is also referred to as the garland of gardens as it adorns all the gorgeous gardens in the city like a garland.

14.Garden of Fragrance:

Adorned with fragrant flowers and trees, this garden is located in sector 36 and is a landmark attraction in Chandigarh.

Plants such as Mehndi, Raat ki Rani and different varieties of jasmine blooming in this garden ease off all the stress and engulf you in the natural aroma.

15.International Doll Museum:

Established in the year 1958, the international doll museum is a must-visit location in Chandigarh. Housing over 250 different kinds of dolls from various countries like Spain, Russia, Japan, Korea, and many more, this doll museum is one of its kind.

16.Children Traffic Park:

A park where your child can learn the rules of road safety in an entertaining way, the traffic park is located in Sector 23A and is one of the most visited locations in India.

Situated near Shanti Kunj and Rose garden, this park features an ideal archetype of an actual road situation such as roads, bridges, and road bends, allowing children to educate themselves and be responsible citizens tomorrow.

17.Chattbir zoo:

Also known as Mahendra Choudhary Zoological Park, this zoo is home to a variety of animals, birds, and reptiles. Covering an area of 202 acres of land, the highlight of this zoo is the Royal Bengal tiger.

18.Cactus Garden:

Spread over 7 acres of land, the cactus garden is located in sector 5 in Panchkula district in Haryana.

It is also known as the National Cactus and Succulent Botanical Garden and Research Center and houses over 500 different varieties of cacti.

It was established in the year—to protect and preserve endangered species of cactus. 

19.Le Corbusier Center:

Chandigarh Tourism 6

Named after the chief architect who designed the marvelous city of Chandigarh, Le Corbusier center in Chandigarh is the best place to uncover the stories behind the most iconic buildings.

It exhibits the life and work of Le Corbusier where tourists can acquaint themselves with the rich heritage and history of the city.

20.Topiary park:

Located in sector 35, the topiary park was established in the year 1987. It is popular mainly among children and nature-loving folks. This park is a go-to place for picnics and morning jogs among the residents. 

21.Butterfly garden:

Witness the most beautiful of all insects, the butterflies thriving in this beautiful abode in Chandigarh.

The butterfly garden is located in sector 26 is home to over 35 various species of butterflies and is spread over an area of 7 acres adorned with beautiful landscaping that adds to the beauty of the place.

22.   Garden of Silence:

This garden is a meditative place, tucked at the end of Sukhna lake. The garden of silence is an abode of bliss.

The garden features a seated Buddha amidst circular concentric stairs, with a backdrop of the Shivalik range of Himalayas, offering peace and tranquility. 

23.Japanese Garden:

Chandigarh Tourism

A park adorned with beautiful Japanese paintings pagoda towers, water bodies, meditation centers, and Buddha idols, this park lets you get an experience of the Japanese way of life.

24.ISKON Chandīgarh:

A place denoting ardent devotion and the peaceful chanting of Hare Krishna’, ISKCON Temple Chandigarh is one of the most visited ISKCON temples in India.

25.Chrysanthemum  Show-Terraced garden:

Held every year at the Terrace garden in Chandigarh, the Chrysanthemum is one of its kind flowers shows in India. Visited every year by thousands of visitors, this flower show leaves you spellbound with the beauty and variety of different flowers, which you may have never seen before.  

Fairs and Festivals of Chandigarh: 

North India is known for its vibrant, attractive, and colorful way of life. Some of India’s most vibrant festivals come from this region of the country. Chandigarh too brims with life during the festival period.


Resembling Pongal celebrated in the south, Baisakhi is the harvest festival of North India. It usually falls in the month of April every year where people dress up in their traditional attire and celebrate it with folk music and dance.

2.Chrysanthemum show:

The annual flower festival taking place in the terrace garden in Chandigarh is one of its kind. There is a huge influx of visitors to witness a plethora of flowers from different parts of the country.

3.Chandigarh Mango festival:

Mango is known as the king of all fruits and hence the national fruit of our country. Well, it’s obvious that this kind of fruit ought to have a festival of its own!

One of its kind of festivals where people get to showcase their mango produce every year brings a lot of visitors to this city. Many agricultural universities also participate to exhibit the latest hybrids of mangoes.

4.Hola Mohalla:

Hola Mohalla is the traditional Holi celebration in Chandigarh. It is said that Guru Gobind Ji started this festival with the aim of restoring the faith of people in the Khalsa Panth.

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