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Manipur, which is also known as the “Switzerland of the east”, because of its extremely mesmerizing scenic beauty, is located on the eastern frontier of India.


Where is Manipur in India? It shares its borders with Myanmar or Burma on the east, the state of Nagaland on the north, the state of Assam on the west and the state of Mizoram on the south.

Manipur consists of Hills and Valley i.e. the valley is at the centre and is surrounded by hills on all sides.

The hills cover-up around 90% of Manipur with having the highest range in the North which gradually diminishes down towards the South.

History of Manipur

Manipur has come under the influence of the invasion of several different ethnic groups, which have aided in the growth of its civilization.

The Tibeto-Burman or Sino-Tibetan of Manipur, those speaking Meiteis, Naga and Kuki-Chins, reveal a unique South-East Asia personality.

Manipur has been called by various names when it comes to different people from different backgrounds.

To name a few there are names like ‘Poirei Meitei Leipak’ or ‘Kangleipak’ by the indigenous people of Manipur more particularly Meiteis; ‘Kathe’ or ‘Ponnas’ by the Burmese; ‘ Hsiao-Po-lo-mein’ by the Chinese; ‘Cassay’ by the Shans; ‘ Moglai’ by the Cacharis and Bengalis and ‘Mekle’ by the Assamese (as well as to the British in the 18th Century) in the pre-Christian period.

During the reign of king Pamheiba, during the early eighteenth century, the name “Manipur” was coined.

Popular languages of Manipur

manipurEven though the state is pretty small, a population of 1,500,000, mostly locals, speak a language known as Meitei, which is recognized by the government as a language.

There have also been languages like Tangkhur, Lusai, Hmar, etc. for instructions in schools or during examinations.

Another form of language, spoken mostly by the Bishnupuriyan Manipuris, which is a variant of the Eastern Nagari script and makes use of Bengali script is known as the Bishnupriya Manipuri.

Capital of Manipur

Imphal, the city at the central part of the state, is the capital of Manipur.

Chief Minister of Manipur

Nongthombam Biren Singh (N. Biren Singh), who is a formal footballer and journalist, is the current chief minister of Manipur.

Governor of Manipur

Najma Akbar Ali is the present Governor of Manipur

High Court of Manipur

The High Court of Manipur is located at Imphal in the state of Manipur.

Manipur Tourism

Manipur Tourism 1This small state has some extremely eye-catching landscapes, covered with forest, rolling hills, etc to keep you glued.

This place is pleased to offer the touch of classical dance, delicious cuisines and the tour to an impure untouched journey to a place next to tranquillity and sacredness.

Its picturesque view with shimmering lakes and rivers, with its rich tradition and culture, surely makes it suit the coined name “Manipur” which means “the jewelled land”.

13 Best Must-Visit Places In Manipur:

1. Senapati

If one wants to get a cultural insight, with nature’s beauty adding up to the grace, then this seems to be one of the great escapes and places to visit, while in Manipur.

Enjoying the evenings with locals is also a beautiful experience to enjoy while here. Some of the attractions of this place are Dzukou Valley, Yangkhullen, Sadu Chiru Waterfalls, Maram Khullen, etc.

2. Andro

Pottery craftsmanship is one of the attractions for this place. And if you get lucky, you get your hands on pottery and an insight into the history of Andro Gramshang as well.

3. Imphal

Manipur Tourism 2This is an obvious place to visit while you are in Manipur which is one of the tourist places in Northeast India.

Flaunting some beautiful hilltops and the extensive view of surrounding beauty is going to sweep away your heart.

4. Khongjom

The place where revered major genera Paona Brajabashi, fought with British during the time of their reign, with his troops, is this, which is known as Anglo-Manipur war.

This is basically a place of the military but is a famous tourist place. If you’re an Indian patriot then surely this is a must place.

5. Ukhrul

This has one of the most meditative places one can come across. This has the most relaxing scenic beauty and vibe that one can easily stay here for hours.

6. Chandel

A mix of diverse cultural scenarios and one of the best places bestowed with mesmerizing scenes to eyes, it gives you the best of both the world.

While exploring the denser parts, there are also some chances to spot some rare animals and birds too.

7. Thoubal

Manipur Tourism 3This is the place for the trekkers, hence called the trekker’s paradise.

The roads of this place are covered with banyan trees where the local people love planting, having fruit-bearing plants along with the verandah of their houses.

8. Tamenglong

This is a place of attraction for the bird-lovers and is known as the land of hornbills.

The unexplored forests, the waterfalls and the charming lush green vibe is a sure thing to be taken into consideration for enjoying some time.


This is the second largest town in Manipur which is a district founded by the tribal communities. A place which is neither a backward area at all and nor has any language barrier.

10. Kakching

A place of the commercial hub, it is a place to be visited during the Haraoba festival, during which talk about the universe, dressed as deities, theme parks, markets, and many things to offer.

11. Dzukou Valley

Named after the rare Dzukou Lilly, which is found in this region, is a place for nature lovers, with its breathtaking scenery.

12. Leimaram waterfall

The waterfall is always an eye-catching scenery and this waterfall has to offer you not only one but 3 waterfalls to thrice your experience.

13. Bishnupur

This is the pilgrim site of Manipur which is attractive in spiritual and architectural beauty.

Famous National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries in Manipur:

1. Keibul Lamjao National Park

Manipur Tourism 4This national park is located in Bishnupur of Manipur, which is home to the endangered brow-antlered deer or Sangai and acts as a natural refugee for the same.

This is the only place where these unique species can be seen and is the only hope.

Located near the largest freshwater lake i.e. Loktak lake, is also a place with rare and unique fauna.

Animals like Marbled cat, Himalayan black ear, Malayan bear, etc are also seen at times.

2. Khongjaingamba Ching Wildlife Sanctuary

Located in the Chandel district, it is declared as a reserve forest by the sate darbar of Manipur and was redeclared as a wildlife sanctuary is 1989.

The occupants of this sanctuary are some mammalians like stump-tailed macaque, pig-tailed macaque, etc, fishes like Cryptid fish, reptiles like Manipur green snake, pythons, etc.

3. Yangoupokpi-Lokchao wildlife Sanctuary

This is one of the Important Bird Areas, which arbours some of the rarest birds.

Though the population of bird species have been declining because of hunting dor meat and feathers, collection of eggs, etc, thus the status has been upgraded from vulnerable to endangered.

Fairs and Festivals of Manipur:

Manipur Tourism 5These are one of the greatest attractions of Manipur where the festivals are celebrated in a traditional way with traditional performances like Manipuri dance, music and refreshment.

Some of the popular festivals are Yaosang, Cheirouba, Ningol Chakaouba, etc.

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